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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.
Unity is Trustworthiness
We must build Trustworthiness in order to create Unity!
Spiritual Maturity
To stop the dark from manipulating your energy and influencing your body, you have to stop it in its tracks and in all ways refuse its authority or control over your being in every way. To stop it one must identify it, locate it, and terminate it from accessing in your mind, emotions, body and spirit.

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Introduction CD

Dear ES Family!

Welcome! This forum is a manifestation of my intention to serve a need that creates and builds resources for an Ascending Community.

Nothing has weighed as heavy on my heart as hearing over and over again how people feel isolated, alone, and afraid with no person they feel they can safely speak to about their personal awakening process. This is a natural biological process and when we comprehend this fact it eradicates the fear associated with it.

I encourage you to share about yourself (when you are ready), to share your Ascension knowledge and what has supported you during your personal process. Practice sharing the New Energy language with others, the Light Language of the Heart. This is Your Space, a Safe Haven of which to speak your language.

Remember to love and honor each other's value and the interconnectedness of which we ALL share. Here we represent the Unity within Diversity by bringing together the common thread. Allow and Accept, Always Speak Compassion.

Honor your Discernment FIRST. However, some ideas:

Introduce yourself and where you are in a demographic area. Consider creating a group meditation circle or Ascension Intention Healing Circle in your area. 

Start your day with an Ascension Chat or Phone Call. Consider creating a partnership to help set your Ascension intention or a daily Invocation to grow your soul. Use this time to help you focus your mind to stay steady in the light (present in NOW), utilize one of the available meditations on the site (i.e. 12D shield), amplify your personal power, to direct mutual energies for service, or to just hold space for each other to share experiences.

Share your healing knowledge or other services you feel that you can offer to those with an Ascending consciousness. Please do not Spam, be personal and respectful to our sacred space. For those that are required to travel for Spiritual Service work or Ascension Grid work, consider offering your "couch" or sharing helpful information about your region.

Remember that you are an Ascension forerunner. You represent the future of the human species. You are holding incredibly valuable knowledge that can greatly help assist another AND evolve the whole Universe. Shine your Light and Truth fearlessly into the world!

We are in this together!


Let the Rain of Krystal Blessings Fall!

Lisa Renee


© 2007 Lisa Renee, www.EnergeticSynthesis.com

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