Ascension Library
Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
Temple of Loving Kindness
Connect with your Heart and practice Loving Kindness every day!
Love Yourself
PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love.

Q. Revealing a Reptilian agenda for the English monarchy?

A. I am on a need to know basis. While walking into the mysteries of god, I had no idea that this is what many of these larger issues as they reveal themselves, would look like. I have been given the opportunity to look at the larger pieces in the architecture of the planet, while looking at the breadcrumbs that piece into these larger systems. Doing session and remote grid work, shows many of these histories and their energetic signatures which can be "read." Everything has an energy signature and can be recalled from the consciousness fields and the timelines. This is the way to coherently see how these patterns function and who operates them. I have had not an iota of interest in political systems, or governances, to say the least.  I am a celestial being and would rather get on a star ship than learn about this level existing in the political arena. This topic is about as uninteresting personally as I could imagine. Clearly, if all of a sudden in the last few months, I am being asked to step up into a role of support (clearing miasm and syphilis from Tudor bloodlines) within these particular issues of monarch timelines, it would lead us to believe as we become aware of this, that there is a purpose for that awareness and knowledge. We are starting to see the “web of deceit” that has been woven at every possible level in order to control human intelligence and evolution from naturally moving into the destiny of the divine embodied soul. That has been the most mind blowing part of this discovery, to see how incredibly detailed and orchestrated this control has been. How random it may have appeared that Henry VIII was slaughtering most all monks in Europe during his reign, I had no idea he had done that until coming into the awareness of seeing it happen in the time fields. He was orchestrated by Draconians controlling the Vatican to go and steal all of the light bearers money, possessions, value, wisdom, texts, books, and to destroy and kill them all.

Q. It’s very hard to stay in neutral towards the dark? How to stay neutral? 

A. It’s literally like the light is getting turned on in the dark closet. Everything in the dark closet was always inside there hiding, we just did not see it with the light off. We don’t want to look at it with the light on, but it’s important we look at it and stop denying what is in our own closet. We must stop judgement and be able to look at things neutrally in order to get beyond limitations.  This is the way to our liberation in understanding the truth, having an accurate perception of what has actually happened to us. This is why I am such a proponent in understanding the Multidimensional anatomy because these are the doorways so you can experience the energetic reality as a Multidimensional self.  We have been programmed over and over again as an ego which is a finite intelligence energy matrix. We are not finite we are infinite, at some point, one gets beyond concept and living as a multidimensional being in a multidimensional reality. When experiencing it directly, then the study is not of such use anymore. In the earlier stages we start out having to wrestle and retrain our ego mind, sublimating its desire impulses, in order to connect into higher impulses of our spiritual intelligence. Getting over the egos control over our identity is how we get to neutral. I feel that understanding the multidimensional anatomy structure is hugely important to getting us there on the pathway.

Q. What kind of work are many of us doing in our sleep because I often feel that I have been on a 12hr overnight shift?

A. What many of us have been doing, is absolutely working at sleep state in other dimensions. There is a lot of change in the fields, such as the dissolving and destruction of false matrices and timelines, and their related distortions and dead light miasma.  There is a tremendous amount of reconfiguration within astral plane at the soul body level, the 456D levels where there has been astral plane recycling and heavy duty enslavement architecture. These are the areas the extraterrestrials installed the false ascension matrix, the false white light. These astral dimensions were future probabilities of timelines of the human race. Controllers had gone into all these levels of future depending on where our consciousness was rolling through the time fields and set up all these machined (Inorganic) holographic constructs, mirrors, reality illusions (façade), you name it, to make us think that is the plane we would go, in the afterlife, or at the end of the cycle, the rapture.  There was (is) simultaneously, various levels of inner plane support on the planet, to make us believe that was our next timeline and evolution direction. Beings existing in the lower dimensions, the astral plane and the ascended masters, many beings in other dimensions also experienced the alien deception. There are many beings unknowingly accessing that part of that astral plane, such as psychics, channels, other spiritual beings and guides that bring forth information that the controllers have planted to create the prophecy of the end times.

Q. Question about the shadow process of feeling shame and unworthiness more than ever?

A. When we're talking about continual collapsing of these consciousness fields, intersections occur as a result of this that have an impact to our changing consciousness, or sense of self.  There are mind control programs such as the cycle perpetuated between the VICTIM and VICTIMIZER which is designed to cellularly embed energies of unworthiness, shame and guilt. Predator and Controller forces propagate these energies as a type of bio-warfare into the masses as a means of controlling them. These are implants that have been in place with many lightworkers to fuel persecution via victimization or victimhood. It’s very common that any time we are going to be expanded into a new level of our spiritual evolution, into a higher frequency, there is an equal amount of resistance that comes in like gangbusters. Certain implants or accumulated negative emotions (that remain un-cleared) will broadcast particular feelings and emotional states in your body. Once an implant or dysfunctional pattern is recognized it is able to be removed. Being able to dis identify with this as part of your real identity, is the number one and most important action one can take. The first thing in looking at these patterns is realizing they are “recorded programs” and implants within your consciousness. The next step is to not identify these programs as the real YOU. These are constructs of ego distortion and mental dysfunction. Relable these thoughts and reassign their value to your mind. The suggested mantra is to declare your intention fully that you are God-Sovereign-Free. (GSF) The three frequencies around this intention are extremely powerful in repelling negative thoughts or attack energies. Set your intention that nothing less than the GSF field is around you, and that the unworthiness and shame are programs that are being used to control you from moving into the next level of your wisdom and spiritual intelligence. Because of the intensity of the polarized energy amplification, ( a result we are sensing from the collapsing time fields), and because so many of us are being accelerated into a new level and being implanted with distractions such as this, this “shadow” process is extremely common and you are not alone with this.

Q. I had a horrible experience in astral, this huge machine looking tech transformer entered my room; the g force effect on my energetic body, was terrifying and deeply ungrounding. This form of technology sent out a huge probe and scanned the entire front and back of my body. I was terrified I was going to be penetrated by this probe but it seemed more like a scan. Can you help me understand what this was?

A. I am sorry this was scary. I have seen these and actually what I was aware of working with these transformers on the astral plane is that we have been preparing and reconfiguring the astral layers to be able to handle the energetic exchange for when the phase lock occurs.  One of the realities or holographic tanks that was at risk, was the astral plane because of the level of distortion, during February mostly, when I was working on it, there was  a complete clean up going on, consciousness being rehabilitated, it was really like trudging through the mud. It was very dirty work and what I was aware of is we were building levels of transformers designed to buffer in these astral layers so certain field levels would not collapse. It was like buffer fields were being generated by these particular transformers in the astral plane. When I feel this for you, I don’t feel anything negative implanted here. I actually feel that there was a check in on your body and that because we are being accelerated really fast, there was like a portal opening coming in from astral and in through a temporary portal opening in and out of there fast, that wasn't there before and this was so other entities and light family members that were here and helping us to get this layer of the astral reconfigured. The false matrices, false navel webbing, in the astral must be removed from our bodies that impact our direct connection.  I feel like your light families or team was attempting to see your energetic matrix so they could give you any bio encodements you need as we go through the Andromedan exchange and galactic core phase lock. A lot of us have been working on our bodies or have our teams working on our bodies, as an etheric surgery, and that is what I feel in that situation, by them scanning you, they are able to study it and figure out in terms of upgrades, that would make your body more functioning at the level it must embody. In my experiences no one really knows what this is going to take, we are all working together in consciousness on many different dimensions to experience this event of ascension. (Source: QA, April 2008)

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