Unity Consciousness
PRACTICE ONE: UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS Practice Unity Consciousness and One is directly reflecting the image of God’s Love, and is eternally protected. Be At One with All, as One is All with God.
Love Nature
PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE - Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 03:15pm
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Lisa Renee  


Ascension Q&A with Lisa Renee

Please note there's a different format this month.

This is the ES Teleconference monthly series to discuss the monthly newsletter theme and to better comprehend our current planetary dynamics related to the Ascension Timeline.

Please be aware that due to the current events and upcoming planetary shifts, our format for this month has changed. As a result of these major changes, there will not be a monthly Q&A or meditation. The downloadable video serves as our monthly class.

This month we are offering an 144 minute video class that is broken down into Three parts for downloading directly to your desktop. We also have included the audio of the video update as a separate file for greater ease of listening.  

This is an end of the year Guardian update discussing the upcoming shifts and changes occurring in the Universal to planetary architecture, as well as the potential impacts of the conjunction made between Jupiter and Saturn that is occurring on the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020.

Thank you and we hope that you enjoy the Webcast Update that discusses the December activations for the Code of the Golden Dawn or Angelic Human Gold Sun DNA transmission! From all of us in the ES Community, we wish you the Happiest of Holidays and many blessings to you and your family.

May Love, Joy and Perfect Peace ring throughout our hearts and souls!


This class is free for Energetic Synthesis members (blue site). Current ES community members can freely access the class and post questions in advance here. ES Foundations members this month do have access to this class.

Thank you.


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Wed Apr 21 @ 3:15PM -
Ascension Q&A Teleconference Class
Wed May 19 @ 3:15PM -
Ascension Q&A Teleconference Class

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