Building the Spiritual House
Sample Foundational System

This is your suggested meditation treatment system to strengthen your personal Auric Field and integrate your Lightbodies. These are spiritual meditations to clear and activate your auric system from energetic imbalances. It is designed to SET THE FOUNDATION of your energetic core so that further corrections and reprogramming is easier to set in with new positive alignments. Build your core and then physical ailments start to heal thereby personal control of your mental and emotional behavior into harmonious forms is organic and natural. The companion to this meditation treatment system is mental body techniques to refocus negative or obsessive thoughts throughout the day. Use your tools and please be patient!

Complete Spiritual Homework Instructions
Build Aura Strength from Manipulation/Obfuscation

Basic Step One: In the AM or DAILY – 12 D shield Process – Core practice can be immediate once you have attuned and anchored the frequency and shield into your aura. Create your Personal CONTAINER FIRST!!

Basic Step Two: PM Before Bedtime – Work with the Core Fear Removal Programs Spend time and listen to the below tracks. Do Tracks below as much as you feel you need to.

Spend time and listen to the below audio tracks. Do these as much as you feel you need to.

Clear Fear Intro

Core Fear Removal

  • Establish connection with Higher Self/Guides to move out old fear programs, and clear implants in your energy field template
  • Start first with general fears being rooted out. Request them and remove them in your personal voice command (you request it outloud).
  • Then move to more specific fears that you know create limitation. The more specific your request the better as you work with this technique.
  • Establish Sleep State programming to continue these clearings with your Guidance as you are sleeping.

Basic Step Three: Rotate all 6 Meditation treatments as listed BELOW as adjunct to basic foundation of your 12 D Shield as your personal containment field.

  1. Umbilicus reset
  2. Health Upgrade
  3. Alpha Omega Clearing
  4. Etheric Body Rewiring
  5. Christ Archetypal Healing
  6. Brain Integration

Basic Step Four: AUDIO CLASS – Listen to Psychic Self Defense Class 1 Intro Audio –At your convenience

Psychic Self Defense Class 1

Meditation Summary List

With the meditation treatments that are denoted "Heavy Duty" (HD**) you may want to check inner guidance before you start and ensure you have enough time and space to re-integrate your self so you do not feel groggy. First time may put out in deep REM state, and then subsequent clearings will feel "really good". Test your tolerance levels (i.e. first time do it on weekends when you can sleep in, not on a day you have to be "on"). Also I have supplied a sample spiritual homework instruction template as a sample to follow for those of us inspired to do the "in depth" spiritual house-cleaning at this time.

1) Umbilicus reset meditation 39.51 minutes (HD**)

Resetting of the Soul Incarnation Transduction Sequence by observing the current 3D birth agreement and cutting of the original umbilicus cord from your mother’s womb. Clearing Astral and Ancestral birth imprints and other birth trauma at the exact moment of birth.

2) Physical health upgrade 30 minutes

A Physical Health Upgrade program treatment. This is designed to strengthen the core of the physical body itself and to build the stability, strength and foundation of your physical body as you undergo the expansion into the Ascension energies. Suggested use when feeling immune compromised, exhausted or tired from external chaos or when you have been triggered into health related “fear” programs when undergoing ascension symptoms. Remember we are moving a carbon based biology into a silicate based biology, and that requires transmutation! ( 30min)

3) Alpha/Omega clearing 40.48 minutes (HD**)

Heavy and in depth Alpha to Omega Zip Core Clearing when you have more time for sleep integration and recovery ( A “ZIP” clearing is referred to as a “ A-Z”, top to bottom, bottom to top, internal to external, external to internal, 12 Bodies, etc. You do not want to ask for ZIP clearing unless you have time and space to integrate the opening of “zip” clearing files) Release entrapment or obfuscator cords of complex soul or entity bindings ( de-possessions) and assign new gatekeepers for Ascension in Cosmic Christ ( Eternal) Intelligences. Harmonic imprints reinstalled to all layers of 12 primary seed codes of DNA ladder. Protection and cloaking strengthening through the Golden Fleece Buffers ( 8D Monad and 14D fields admin by RA Family) . Remove victim victimizer archetypes and related matrices from the cellular memory sourcing from ancient battles within the history of this Universal Time Matrix. Establish Independent divine right choice of each being to ensure ”Single Soul Occupancy” if so in divine right order and harmony. ( release Indigo 3 or split soul contracts if it is so in right timing)

4) Etheric Body Rewiring 48.17 minutes (HD**)

Learn how to view and sense your personal etheric (electromagnetic) body by administering an inner scan and energy clearing for the entire etheric body and its blueprint. Includes a emphasis to clear and upgrade the function of the neurological and nadis system, brain impulse receivers and release related energy blockages or implanted structures. This is a personal tool to learn inner body scanning of your auric field and how to shift energy blockages and their constrictions in order to return life force back into the proper channels to expand and revitalize the body. Blocked energy is frozen crystallized light which appears as “black or grey” spots or etheric artifacts, such as implants in your energy body. Blocked energy attracts parasites, vampires and blocks life force from nourishing your organs, glands and body system. Learn to sense these blocks, obstacles, implants and have the power to clear and release them from impacting your personal energy field thus improving your life force strength. Once you are adept with your own personal energy field, this technique can be applied to those stewarded in your care, such as children , pets, and family members.

5) Christ Archetype Healing 33:38 minutes (HD**)

This treatment is designed to bring to the human collective unconscious polarity archetypes in the planetary body to the surface of your personal conscious awareness in order to witness them neutrally and release them from impacting your unconscious mental body. This is designed to release collective human miasmatic imprints influencing your body, as well as 7D Violet Flame recoding – in order to clear crucifixion patterns in the human belief systems. Polarity integration and healing between the Cosmic Christ intelligences ( Living Light) archetypal patterns and the Judas/Betrayer ( Dead Light) archetypal patterns that are lodged in the mind control pattern of organized religions that propagate savior-martyr and crucifixion-salvation models. These religious doctrines are models that are complete on our planet and are still used to control the masses into the belief of old energy collective thought patterns of the “sinner and savior”. Intend to clear old beliefs of archetypes involving the pain and suffering of the Christ Intelligence, to a state of Unity, Freedom and Atonement with God Spirit.

6) Brain Integration Treatment 20 minutes

Brain balancing treatment to connect with the three levels of the Central Nervous System to integrate the hemispheres of the brain into a unified processing pattern. Reset Limbic system, Cingulate gyrus from obsessive or repetitive mental thought patterns. Activate proper Vagus nerve connection from the spinal column and into the pineal and central brain to improve functioning and resistance to mind control.


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