Introduction Audio
Hieros Gamos is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with Divinity (the Inner Spirit) and the Unification between all life expressions and its levels of opposite.
Required Reading
Much of this knowledge has been esoteric and hidden for centuries in many Mystery School teachings and Ancient Wisdom philosophies that carried down this knowledge through certain blood lineages.
ES Core Triad
Build the spiritual house for your highest consciousness. Practice ES Core Triad Daily to build spiritual strength.
Spiritual Maturity
To stop the dark from manipulating your energy and influencing your body, you have to stop it in its tracks and in all ways refuse its authority or control over your being in every way. To stop it one must identify it, locate it, and terminate it from accessing in your mind, emotions, body and spirit.

On this page you will find the complete HGS Calibration Manual. The HGS Calibration process is required for effective HGS Session work in both the Client and Facilitator relationship. It is always suggested to develop a focused skill set with the ES Core Triad practices before moving on to prepare for the HGS session foundation and begin with the HGS Calibration procedure. The HGS is a living consciousness energy field and an attunement to that field will yield the highest quality of experience with the maximum spiritual support. The importance of the physical body and inner core being congruently aligned and stabilized cannot be underestimated in effective and rapid clearing in future HGS session work. Please be patient with the calibration procedures when getting acclimated to this HGS template system. Please be complete with each calibration step before continuing to the HGS Session Template, Multidimensional Body Connections through either the relationship made with a HGS Certified Mentor, HGS (ES) facilitator or performing the HGS session on yourself. At this time the Guardian host is releasing the first phase of the HGS manual to the public with only the HGS calibration procedure. It is suggested to integrate these HGS materials and develop clarity and focus with the calibration procedure to prepare for the future release of the entire HGS session template to the public. When the future release is made and the foundations and the HGS calibration have been completed, use of the entire HGS session template will expedite efficient, rapid clearing results to a multitude of issues impacting the multidimensional bodies.

When this template is calibrated and entrained within your aura, your stabilized field in balanced alignment will progress much faster with the use of this system in continued session work. Some people will already have these energetic entrainments and others will be required to further complete these calibration steps for seven days or more to be able to move to the next level of the HGS template energy session work. One must honor the pace your body is willing and able to move through these energetic corrections and upgrades. It may be wise to contact a HGS Certified Mentor to help you calibrate to move through the energetic processes.  Please be patient as this process sets the foundation of strength that allows energetic and spiritual support at maximum levels. These steps are required to determine the stability of your physical body and if it is required to have specific physical reconnections in order to smoothly initiate, absorb and integrate with the spiritual healing frequencies. All of these spiritual frequencies are sourced from one’s personal spiritual bodies, as they are being returned to the physical embodiment process of Ascension. 

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