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June 2021

Solar Coding, Crystal Body and DNA

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

As we move through the eclipse season and into the Summer Solstice, the Sun is receiving a

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 6786

Ascension is the divine birthright of all living souls on this planet and as promised by the Christos Founders of the Emerald Covenant serving the Law of One, it is open and available to everyone irrespective of any belief system or religious affiliation. The Christos Mission is based upon honoring the free will of every individual consciousness to choose the course of action that is believed to be the best experience for them, while offering information that supports the comprehension of the mechanics of planetary ascension along with the spiritual laws governing consciousness.


Featured Newsletters

We are nearing a time of more visible and tangible changes for the planet and for the collective consciousness of humanity
Timelines Shift
We are nearing a time of more visible and tangible changes for the planet and for the collective consciousness of humanity
For those of us who are able to participate consciously in this process, these changes are very encouraging, even as the workload feels like it is increasing. For those who are not able to consciously participate, they will be participating none-the-less.
The frequency impact of the unity source code is rippling throughout the multiple dimensional fields.
Reclaiming The Christos Body
The frequency impact of the unity source code is rippling throughout the multiple dimensional fields.
Dead energy spaces or phantom matrices are separate areas where the massive layers of the consciousness fields that make up timelines and other spaces, are unable to exchange or circulate with the source code frequency.
A large Universal Gate structure coming into view in our Solar System
A large Universal Gate structure coming into view in our Solar System
Over the last several weeks, I have been aware of a large Universal Gate structure coming into view in our Solar System, which appears as a massive wheel with spiral spokes coming out from its center hub. It has recently become clear that this architecture is related to the Consciousness Corridors.
An increased opportunity to break through our amnesiac barriers and memory wiping
Historical Timeline Trigger Events
An increased opportunity to break through our amnesiac barriers and memory wiping
This month we have an increased opportunity to break through our amnesiac barriers and memory wiping, to regain personal knowledge that connects us with the truth of our own experience, at individual, collective and galactic levels. Our higher spiritual identity exists beyond the energy reversals and siphoning machinery that generates the false AI timelines in the descending matrix.
The consciousness within our Solar System is undergoing its own level of solar initiation.
Spiritual Sun Behind the Sun
The consciousness within our Solar System is undergoing its own level of solar initiation.
A solar flare is a burst of light, radiation and intelligent energy, which erupts from the sun’s magnetic atmosphere. Solar flares affect all layers of the solar atmosphere, when the plasma is heated into millions of kelvins the flares produce radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum at all wavelengths.
This is a time to examine anything that keeps us from living in alignment to our values.
Poverty Consciousness
This is a time to examine anything that keeps us from living in alignment to our values.
In the coming years there will be opportunities for trustworthy people to rise to leadership to help lay the groundwork to co-create global humanitarian based systems.
The consciousness body of the earth has evolved beyond 3D frequencies, opening up new future timelines in higher dimensions.
Separation of Worlds
The consciousness body of the earth has evolved beyond 3D frequencies, opening up new future timelines in higher dimensions.
In the structure of Harmonic Universes there are two timelines per dimensional octave. So within the structure of the Harmonic Universe of 3D earth, called the First Density, consciousness exists within three dimensions that manifest into six timelines. From now on these six timelines are being hijacked by the NAA and inorganically pushed to manifest in the lowest third dimensional frequencies, through artificial intelligence technology. Because the consciousness body of the earth plane has organically evolved to run higher than 3D frequencies, the only way to keep circulating these lower forces into the earth grid is through forced inorganic and artificial means.
The entire World Collective Soul is undergoing a deep alchemy process to reawaken its spiritual essence inside of its material body.
The Song of Christos Sophia
The entire World Collective Soul is undergoing a deep alchemy process to reawaken its spiritual essence inside of its material body.
This renovation springs forth the essence of the original creator's exhaling breath to animate and inspirit its life force within the cells of earthly matter and elemental forces. Inside the process of material creation there are many worlds of forces that are potentially used to shape intention and consciousness blueprint. These intentions are what bring forth into the external manifest what we see with our eyes as material substance. The material substance coexists within many combined forces, such as energy fields of elemental thoughtforms enmeshed with geometric symbols.
As we are ending cycles within cycles, from planetary to galactic rounds, working hard to recover memory records of what has happened in these cycles.
The Golden Gate
As we are ending cycles within cycles, from planetary to galactic rounds, working hard to recover memory records of what has happened in these cycles.
Collecting memory record is a process, somewhat like building a multidimensional puzzle with many pieces still missing. Recently we have picked up a few more pieces, uncovering yet another example of NAA manipulation of our time matrix, aimed at preventing us from knowing who we truly are. This is balanced with new support in the form of activations, bringing new substances in to assist with the healing process.
Hieros Gamos is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with Divinity (the Inner Spirit) and the Unification between all life expressions.
The Hieros Gamos
Hieros Gamos is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with Divinity (the Inner Spirit) and the Unification between all life expressions.
From the Guardian perspective, Spiritual Ascension comprises the Science of the Spirit, encompassing the entire creational mechanics of how spirit and matter travel throughout time and space. At certain levels of frequency conjunction within the spiral of time, access is possible to new templates and therefore embodiments. The planet has reached that axis in time. Hieros Gamos is the sacrament that represents “sacred marriage” at the individual level, to the relationship level, to the group level as a part of spiritual ascension, moving through the spiralling staircase of time to experience unification with (or marry) all aspects of God. When we marry God through this sacrament, Christ returns.
There is so much activity going on in the fields with interplanetary "shocks", electrical peaks and geomagnetic storms
Purging Archontic Deception
There is so much activity going on in the fields with interplanetary "shocks", electrical peaks and geomagnetic storms
This is a time of being exposed to proverbial shocks and literal electrical shocks, as the Universal "lighting rod" moves us into the next stage of spiritual activation. Our bodies may feel like a live wire, the electrical stimulation just pulsing and tingling through our nerve endings. Some of these shocking waves may come in behaviors that form from perceived betrayals or relationship conflicts; this is to surface previous hidden issues that have not yet been "seen". To see something that was hidden when it was always in front of you, yet, was being perceived differently, can be greatly alarming. Yet, the empowerment and wisdom is in recognizing the object, event or being for what it really is, when it is newly perceived in this changing energetic terrain.
Our lower energy centers are shifting. Through the reconfiguration of these lower energy centers, known as the 1st Chakra, 2nd Chakra and 3rd Chakra, we can feel their color wave spectrum changing frequency.
Dissolving Chakra Membrane
Our lower energy centers are shifting. Through the reconfiguration of these lower energy centers, known as the 1st Chakra, 2nd Chakra and 3rd Chakra, we can feel their color wave spectrum changing frequency.
The lower Chakras used to be etheric cones that were non-physical membranes, located in the top layer of our Lightbody. The main energy centers are still present, yet are being elevated to run vital forces throughout our lower body glands, organs and meridians. The chakra cones will eventually become absorbed into the higher consciousness aspects of the body and reconfigured completely.
We are entering the next evolution stage in the planetary consciousness fields as a result from the bifurcation in the time fields
Magnum Opus
We are entering the next evolution stage in the planetary consciousness fields as a result from the bifurcation in the time fields
This is the split occurring between timelines which govern humanities continued evolution and direction on the earth plane as we move into future time. This is like a galactic superhighway access into the planetary architecture that acts similarly as an interdimensional routing network. This galactic network has allowed rapid soul transiting and dispersing of collective consciousness that is finally able to be elevated out of lower realms and moved into higher evolutionary pathways.
Specific organs have a two hour time period when the Qi (energy) is at its peak in that meridian.
Gallbladder Meridian
Specific organs have a two hour time period when the Qi (energy) is at its peak in that meridian.
Factors to consider with gallbladder dysfunction include diets high in processed carbs, hydrogenated & trans fats, fried foods, fructose and dairy; hormonal imbalances, obesity, hypochlorhydria, insufficient water intake, food sensitivities, genetic pre-disposition and constant runny nose, which often indicates a need for bile salts.

RecalibrationFebruary 2013

By Lisa Renee 

Dear Ascending Family,

The process of the externalization of the Krystal Star frequency into matter, as its mathematical proportions come into alignment with the core planetary architecture, has begun.  Our body consciousness is experiencing displaced time, as we are very slowly folding into the upward spiral that is created when the time membranes dissolve. These time membranes are levels of the blueprint in the planetary architecture that exist within the multiple dimensional layers that are synonymous with time and space. They are membranes that kept energy separate in dimensional containers, which are also timelines, many of which are dissolving into non-differentiated energy units back into the planetary body essence.  This means that certain time and space containers, which include past or future timelines are ceasing to exist as they did before. This is the meaning behind the funeral phrase, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. As time and space cease to exist as we have known it in the past, this may have many different impacts on your body, mind and spirit consciousness. The implication and impact to our multidimensional bodies are vast and this requires that we undergo a Recalibration process, to be in alignment with our inner source presence. This also is a Recalibration process that is required within the planetary body itself, as well as the interface of our energetic relationship with the planetary body. Every being will have a unique transition with that occurrence, and the waves of this Recalibration process have begun for many of us now.


The recalibration occurrence for the planetary body is in proportion to the Krystal Current energetic flow held within the Krystal frequency buffer field. These are the Krystal Star Spires and its network that were placed into the planetary brain and key points in its consciousness layers, the planetary aura and its demographic area stargate system. The gradual flow of the Krystal Current is being circulated throughout multiple layers of the complex planetary neural and nadial network. The combined frequency tones that generate the Krystal Current, called inter-dimensional resonators, make up the merkabic geometry patterns of the Krystal Star. These sets of merkabic geometries hold mathematical patterns that reset the entire planetary grid structure into trinitized energy formats. This must happen slowly and gradually to support the transition of all biological life on earth as safely as possible.  Many of us are the planetary acupuncture points of frequency and as our body resonates to these new frequency tone patterns, we are undergoing a major biological upgrade.  The recalibration process to the Krystal current has begun a series of extremely deep cellular changes that impact our bodies dramatically.

Generating Cycle

At this time our planet begins a newly seeded Ascension timeline enhanced with massive creative and destructive forces, which is a part of beginning the natural cycle required to move to the next phase of planetary evolution.  In order to begin the cycle of generating the balanced forces required to build these new creations, we will experience the destruction of the old paradigm and its structures. This will be observed in every possible permutation of our existence, our personal lives and the world at large. Many bloated governments and corporatocracies will not be able to exploit groups of people in the ways that made them hugely financially successful in the past.  The material platforms that made it possible energetically are starting to dissolve and these structures will sink along with it. More people will decide to find their courage and solidarity to finally join with each other to find better resolutions beyond these controller structures. This is a part of the inspiration of humanities spirit influencing group consciousness and community awareness that generates the momentum to solve the serious issues that humanity faces. This means many more potentially shocking revelations are to come to the masses, which require looking behind the controller façade to see what has been hidden. This forces human transformation into a forward progression amidst the chaos of these crumbling structures. As the momentum of great change accelerates it requires both adaptability and flexibility to let go of the past behaviors, beliefs and patterns. The spirit has the intelligence to know which pathway to follow, while the undisciplined ego mind may lockdown in fear creating confusion. We are experiencing both a death cycle and birth cycle simultaneously, that is propelling us forward into the next platform of our spiritual growth. This is a time of generating new energetic structures and new material structures on the planet, that are based in the balance of the trinity between energies.

Some of us are feeling an incredible relief from recent changes that free us up to move and explore in other directions.  Many heavy burdens have been lifted from the past, yet many of us are standing in front of a massive change of nothingness.  We can feel the shifting sands, while at the same time there may be a sensation of vast nothingness before you.  This is the process of becoming empty and is not to be feared. This change includes a deep recalibration of our bodies which may be intensely physical, mental or emotional. These changes can be embraced or feared, depending on one’s willingness to adapt and will dictate the intensity of the experience we have moving forward.

Inner Alchemy

Ancient wisdom texts have long spoken about the essential Trinity of Energies which are required to sustain human life and how they define our cycles of relationship to the planet and Cosmos. The attainment of Inner Alchemy between this internal trinity of energies is what leads to the embodiment of our inner spiritual light, the Krystal or Cosmic Christ Consciousness. These energies work within a Trinity of Unity. When we bring our being into inner energetic balance, only then, we are naturally capable of its inner alchemy.  Our recalibration process is including the eventual inner alchemy of these forces that are newly present on the earth. Therefore the events in December 2012 have made this process of inner alchemy possible for humanity for the first time on this planet.  Ancient Esoteric studies have given pieces of this wisdom throughout many rigorous studies, exercises, meditations, and many years of devoted discipline to achieve alchemy. In many cases these techniques and principles were studied in secrecy for many lifetimes to finally achieve spiritual liberation. Our planetary consciousness cycle is requiring that we move from the esoteric doctrine, that which is hidden, to the exoteric doctrine or that which is made public.  As such the reflection in the macrocosm will show more of our inner to the outer world and we will observe this in others in our environment.  We will see what things are really made of. Less will remain hidden and humanity will begin to realize the larger picture that interconnects all relationships and is the causation of events.

Previous alchemy studies would attempt to use external substances, objects, elixir or medicines to activate the inner alchemical process from outer stimuli. Some of the history of this outer alchemy process came at an expense, in which damage was incurred that distorted the original DNA pattern.  

The real inner alchemy is recognizing that by working with the energies that are already present in the human body, this is the organic alchemy process of our spirit, as opposed to using any substance from outside of the body.

This Inner Alchemy is becoming possible at this time as a natural part of the biological process of Spiritual Ascension.  With this the human body becomes the holy sepulcher, which houses the Trinity of Energies that cultivates superior health and balance between the body, emotions, mind and spirit. When perfect energetic balance or the kinship of the three unites, through the inner alchemy between these energies, all aspects of the multidimensional being return to the Oneness. Ultimately as we return to the primordial Unity of the God Source, we are then resurrected into our eternal body through the Eternal Light of God.

Internal Trinity or Three Treasures

At the end of the cycle in December our planet began to receive the Quintessence of the Universal Mother, the Cosmic Aether element, which is the substance that sparks and animates the terrestrial matter of elemental life alchemically. This Cosmic Aether is transmuting the base elements of our earth, as well as the elementals of our fleshly body. The application of Mother’s Quintessence to the DNA elements of physical matter is the beginning of the alchemical rising of the Inner Christos. There are tangible externalizations as the result of this element being introduced to the planetary energy body, which had not been introduced before. The Quintessence is alchemically changing the Internal Trinity of energies and how these energies reside within the human body and flesh. Most of us did not have these energies or qualities cultivated or developed from this last cycle, which was defined as vampirism and consumptive modeling. During this time our bodies are undergoing many changes in order to accommodate this internal trinity of energies, which eventually lead to our inner energetic balance and thus, sacred union.

The Internal Trinity or Three Treasures consist of Vital Essence (Jing), Breath-Life force (Qi), and God Spirit (Shen).  

  • Jing 精 "nutritive essence, essence; refined, perfected; extract; spirit; demon; sperm, seed"
  • Qi 氣 "vitality, energy, force; air, vapor; breath; current; vigor; attitude"
  • Shen 神 "spirit, soul, intelligence, god, deity, monad; supernatural being"

Internal Trinity Becomes One

To balance and unify the internal trinity of energies it is necessary to focus on Unity in one’s life and in one’s body. When we see Unity, it is when we conduct our life through understanding that we are interconnected with all things in every way.  The Internal Trinity of energies makes up all life, and everything that exists. Each of us is able to understand and practice this inner alchemy on our own, by following the guidance of balancing our inner spiritual energies. As we inquire to the areas where we can bring balance between these energies, we are guided to get rid of harmful blockages so that the body’s energetic balance can be restored.  Many of us have blockages or leakages in one or all of these internal energies. We are entering a time where these blockages will require being cleared, to generate our newly sustained body built through the nourishing balance of these energies.  The Mother’s Quintessence is accelerating and supporting this process in our fleshly bodies through the activation of the internal trinity of energies. In turn the Krystal current tones are re-encrypting the elemental record of the fleshly body systems. It is the time to become aware of these energies as consciously operating the intelligence in one’s body.

The Vital Essence, Jing corresponds to the energies of the physical body. The conserving of jing essence in the body is heavily focused on the capacity of the actual internal alchemy process. If we abuse our physical body and leak our energies, then internal alchemy is not possible.  The natural laws are one of conservation, so as we conserve and use our physical energies efficiently and wisely, it nourishes the other two energy relationships. This is why many of us during the spiritual ascension process will find ourselves silent, still, sleeping or conserving physical energy. Our bodies, muscles and parts need to learn how to become extremely relaxed to allow the inner energies to move throughout the body systems.  This essence is stored in the kidneys and relates to the etheric imprint that carries our DNA record and stores its karmic history in our blood. When we are stressed out, using addictive substances, getting little rest or sleep, abusing our sexual life, our bodily essence is quickly drained. As we seek balance within our body, we balance our vital essence contained in the body and this supports the Internal Trinity of energies. When we discipline ourselves to bring balance to our body and relaxation to our mind, clear negative ego, the Spirit o Shen takes over its functions through the jing body essence, and this is highly desirable.

The Breath-Life Force or Qi is defined as the natural energy of the universe and can be found in everything. It is that which animates the movement of a form. Qi has many different colors and frequency levels which determine its energetic quality. However, as we consciously participate with obtaining a positive flow of Qi in our body, this life force flows through the body in paths moving to each individual organ, and throughout the many layers of the physical body matrix. We can build or gather Qi, life force though breath-work, chakra focus, mental concentration, group intention, martial arts or meditation. By understanding its color, rhythm and flow one can gather or direct life force Qi for positive effects. As we become more in tune with the energy flow and colors around us, we do not push against the flow. Therefore, we sustain much more life force for our use. We cease to require energies from other things. As we learn to sustain our inner life force, we evolve to undergo biological spiritual expansion of embodying these colored Qi energies and their frequencies.  If we leak or deplete ourselves of life force we stagnate and constrict our multidimensional bodies into blockages. These blockages are then used by negative forces, which cleave on to harvest those dense energies. In the beginning stages of kundalini awakening we are interconnected to the lower levels of Planetary Qi, which is a finite energy source. As we balance the internal trinity we expand to the Universal Qi and our light body is nourished by cosmic energies. The quality and frequency of the Life Force becomes increasingly more high and refined, as the quality of Krystal current life force is a much more refined and a higher frequency than the lower base tone energies of first phase planetary Kundalini. Through being in balance with the movement of Qi, life force, not using force, ridding oneself of parasites and leakages, the Spirit/Shen takes over its functions in the multidimensional body. Having given the Spirit/Shen full control over all aspects of the multidimensional bodies, physical, emotional, and mental is the pathway to full inner alchemy and spiritual liberation.  

The God Spirit, Shen is the Original Spirit of the body. We define original spirit in order to establish there are possessing lower spirits that can attach to the human body and attempt to control it. The goal is to establish single, One Spirit occupancy within the body. This is one’s Original God Spirit. At this time we can acknowledge that all that happens in the body is ultimately sourcing from the relationship we have to our God Spirit. If we do not know ourselves then we do not know our Original Spirit. One cannot know God Spirit until knowing themselves, through becoming self-aware. Through meditation, prayer and heart focused inspiration we can become conscious of our original God Spirit or Shen.  Our Spirit access is through our heart, comprises our nervous system and when embodied resides in the seat of our being, the Hara complex. The balance and health of our Original Spirit in matter relies on the balance of the body essence and life force. One of the three cannot exist without the other. Our spirit energies are an intelligence that comprises many complex levels of our multidimensional being.  Our God Spirit energies descending into our body are ultimately the meaning of consciousness. The consciousness intelligence of our original spirit overrides the lower ego mental body.  We embody consciousness at the varying levels when we embody our spirit body intelligence at various levels. The embodiment of our One God Spirit intelligence bodies is a biological energetic expansion and evolution process called Spiritual Ascension. This means our auric body and its energies expand to encompass more layers of the Planetary, Galactic and Universal fields of multidimensional consciousness until achieving Oneness. The process of Spiritual Ascension is the natural and organic process of biological evolution for every living thing. This opportunity has returned to this planet through the Krystal Hosting and begins a cycle of planetary and human bodily transmutation.   

Reconnecting Body Parts to One God Spirit

Additionally our physical body parts can have varying degrees of embodied spiritual intelligence. Ultimately our goal is to reconnect every body part, every organ, every gland and all cellular tissue to be reconnected fully to our One God Spirit energies. These energies are intelligent and will change the function of our body parts. The body parts have increased functions when being fully operated by our original spirit and through holding higher dimensional frequencies.  Much of this is unknown to current science at this time. We are undergoing a change in our physical body parts that will manifest many different anomalies to the medical system.  Many body parts and organs were not operating as they were designed to function because of alien machinery and alien implants.  These inorganic energies and their imprints and residue will continue to require clearing and re-encryption through the Krystal Host to be able to run the internal trinity of energies properly. Some of us have begun this process now through the recalibration of physical reconnections, which are deeply impacting layers of the following bodily matrices:

  • The Skeletal, Cranium and Bone Matrix
  • The Muscle and Ligament Matrix
  • The Circulatory and Lymphatic System Matrix
  • The Organ and Endocrine System Matrix
  • The Immunity Matrix and Blood Chemistry Matrix
  • The Brain Systems and Central Nervous System Matrices
  • Epidermal layers, Skin, Hair and Nails

These layers are all ultimately associated to energetic intelligence held within our One God Spirit body.  

It is suggested to request One God Spirit to reconnect all body parts and body intelligence matrices to the control of your Original Spirit.

This will begin to activate the inner alchemy process. When we reach inner energetic balance to unify the internal trinity of energies our Spirit or Monad, will take over the functions of these matrices to correct the systems they operate. All of these bodily energetic matrices have been impacted or damaged by alien machinery.  Once we are aligned our spiritual intelligence will re-pattern and override these inorganic energies to correction through reconnection and re-encryption. Depending on one’s unique energetic signature and ascension pathway, will determine how involved one will be in order to observe and carry out this process. Starseeds that are ascension prototypes and building bodily templates will have a much more detailed regime than another person without that mission. This group may have been undergoing dramatic or specific health regimes to begin the bodily recalibration process at this time, through cleansing, purification, fasting, sleeping, session or body work.

Some of us may experience this physical reconnection and recalibration in more detail in the coming months. The Krystal tone pattern is a trinitized wave format which overrides the bi-polar geometries and reversal energy systems in our bodies and the planet.  The internal trinity of energies becomes Unity or Oneness. 

The Main Elements Organ Soul

The God Spirit is both a singular concept and a plural concept to describe its energetic reality.  In a plural concept of our God Spirit, our bodily organs are a part of that spirit yet each has their own soul. Each Organ’s Soul has a purpose, intelligence and function to contribute to the overall whole of a healthy and balanced body. When a body part cannot contribute its purpose it can also become depressed. When it’s depressed or blocked it can become sick.  All living things desire to be in their highest creative expression of spirit, even one’s bodily organs. This means there is a spiritual-energetic intelligence that can be communicated with, as a part of your body functions and organ systems. This will become increasingly obvious as we evolve in this future cycle. Each soul blueprint of the main organs also hold an imprint of the elemental instruction set to activate that particular DNA code element in the body. So this means that the organs health and happiness will contribute its energetic intelligence to build, activate and merge the elemental base of the chemical lens existing in the DNA of your body.

Through the Cosmic Aether returning to the earth, Mother’s Quintessence, the base elemental consciousness units are undergoing transmutation. This is a long term process of change. This means the elemental consciousness units on the earth, and the elemental units that make up our own physical body, are undergoing transformation. The re-encryption process of the elemental consciousness units are being overseen by the Aurora Host Projects. The Aurora elemental consciousness units are a part of the re-encryption of the base elementals on planet to ensure the Spiritual Ascension timeline manifests.  The elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth and now Cosmic Aether are the consciousness units that make up the elemental physical body and the body substance of the earth. This transmutation of elements is required to activate many new levels of spirit and soul essence into embodied physical matter. This is akin to the reanimation of souls in a way we had not existed with previously. One such change is realizing our body parts have a soul intelligence of their own, that is a part of our original spirit self.

These body organ tissues are directly animated by the Elemental substance and undergo process of transmutation to hold the Soul intelligence, as well as the internal trinity of energies pattern.  These biological upgrades are beginning now to be experienced as deep changes in our bodily organs and blood. This is a part of the inner alchemy also being experienced by bringing the elementals in our body into unity with each other. We can directly communicate with the intelligence of the Soul of our main organs to bridge their reconnection, as well as ask them what they may need from us.

The Heart Soul (Fire) – communicates and links to the God Spirit, is the ruler of the body and controls the balance between all of the other organ systems and the hormonal systems.  When we reach into the quiet place of the heart, we commune with God Spirit and receive guidance. When we are centered in our heart with quiet awareness and loving kindness, harmony is created in our being at all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In this way we affect our own well-being and positively influence the well-being of all around us. If we take a look at the doctrines of Confucius, the guidelines are: do not will, do not strive, do not be inflexible, do not be egotistical, do not be self-righteous, do not expect things, and do not force things. We see that the art of nourishing the heart had already been fully understood during the ancient times. Even though the Ancient Masters never said much about medicine, they certainly understood how to nourish the heart soul. The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body, thousands of times stronger than that produced by the brain. The energy field generated by the heart permeates every cell and acts as a unifying frequency for the entire body, its energetic counterpart is the Small Intestine.

The Kidney Soul (Water) – the repository for circulating vital essence and the center which manages the bodily fluids. If not following the heart/spirit but controlled by the mind, the kidney becomes gripped in fear. Intense or prolonged fear, the emotion associated with the kidney, will cause injury to the kidney soul. The other way around, a physical deficiency of kidney essence can cause a disposition for panic attacks and fearful behavior. A society that promotes sexual addiction and fear is designed to remove the personal will power by first stealing the kidney soul essence from the unaware person. Once the kidney has relinquished its control over the bodily essence from fear, addiction sets into the energetic center. Which is the path to control the heart and nervous system, and possess the soul. Clearing fear and addictions greatly support the kidney soul, whose energetic counterpart is the Urinary Bladder.

The Spleen Soul (Earth) – The Spleen has been impaled with an alien crucifixion implant and is undergoing rehabilitation in order to function in its true soul. It holds the earth element and its function is relevant to the liberation of planet earth. The Spleen’s higher function is to infuse our blood with spiritual light, the tones of our Krystal keys. As our blood purifies, the heart, soul and body are purified into the House of God, where Christ can dwell.  When healthy and functioning, the spleen soul purifies the blood of miasma and karmic record. It is the piercing of Christ body with the Spear of Destiny that recorded this alien implant in the spleen.  It symbolizes the tainting of the blood of Christ to a destiny of karmic redemption. Those who wanted to control the World as False Gods, control the laws of God governing humanity, were to defile this symbolic artifact through bloodlust ritual.  Continued bloodshed on the earth maintained the crucifixion of the Christ, specifically through the spleen implant, which existed as the redemptive vehicle for others karmic actions on earth.  This meant the perpetrator of karmic transgressions would superimpose his will upon others by recording it in their blood. This superimposed manipulation of others energies is ending on earth now, through the return to rightful owner. All is recorded in the body and the spleen.  Within the spleen exists the map of the elemental body, which is the blueprint of our etheric body. The spleen tells the pancreas what the stomach is required to digest, and its counterpart is the Stomach.

The Lungs Soul (Aether) - All bodily life force has its physical origin in the lung. If the lung's Qi is clear, then there is not a single type of life force in the body that will not flow along smoothly. The large intestine is the bowel associated with the lung. Both the lungs and large intestine will harbor grief or blockages from a refusal to let go of the past, or from regrets or pain. Both bodily areas will harbor ancestral attachments that have remained as unresolved emotional conflicts. Resolving these emotional conflicts, primarily grief and sadness will free the Lung Soul.  To move forward into transformation with the ease of feeling supported by Spirit requires the development of the ease of the breath.  Taking deep abdominal breaths opens the Lungs Soul gateway to support embodied knowing and the ability to move on from deep and painful patterns.  When the Lung Soul energies are not protected with appropriate boundaries it produces an extreme sensitivity to outer influences on a psychic level. This is an example of understanding breathing room and the requirement of the personal space. As an example without enough breathing room, other people’s negativity gets in without awareness and creates bodily disturbances such as digestive upsets, headache, etc.  Without creating boundaries to protect the Lung Soul, breathing room, this creates the feeling of being invaded and overwhelmed by people and events. Taking the time to create breathing room, personal space, breath work, meditation and quiet time will support the protection and development of the Lung Soul, whose energetic counterpart is the Large Intestine.

The Liver Soul (Air) - The liver is the organ that is in charge of storing and reading the blood. If a person moves around in a waking state, then the blood is distributed throughout the body, if a person rests the blood returns to the liver. The Liver Soul is the seat of the spiritual purpose and it gives the ability to discern our path, stay clear in our direction and be true to ourselves. When the Liver Soul is disturbed people often feel angry and experience life as one injustice after another. When the spiritual purpose is not being expressed, the Liver will become depressed. Heavy ancestral karmic patterns left unresolved are attached to the seat of spiritual purpose, which resides in the Liver Soul. Anger outbursts are poison and dry up the liver and the blood. Ancestral clearing and releasing fragments and attachments, relieve the Liver Soul of burden. It is crucial to clear the body and mind of toxic substances and to recognize alcohol and mind altering drugs as the potent soul disturbing influences they are. Letting go of these self-destructive behaviors such as anger and doing liver cleansing with herbs are extremely potent ways to heal. The Livers counterpart is the Gallbladder.

All of the Organ Souls are female principle energy and desire to work with their counterpart organ first. This is to create the balance of itself and its higher functions, as manifested in pairs of opposite energies. All creation is based on gender pairing and it is the same for our bodily organ system. As we balance our internal energies we are bringing sacred marriage between our own bodily organs. Our body is recalibrating to come into balance between the gender pairs. We are entering a time where the emphasis of sacred union is now upon the internal body parts.

Troubled Grids

As many of us are experiencing deep internal change from these frequency shifts, there are the external contingents that are resisting these changes by refusing to adapt. These are the usual divide and conquer tactics of the negative alien agenda to continue to split apart the energetic balancing of gender pairs. These groups are clearly hostile when it comes to having to give up this piece. Controlling sexuality through the gender distortions and enforcing these schism through abuse, have yielded them control over the planet and humanity. In certain areas use of alien technology to disrupt the energy field, create EMF and other frequency disturbances have been aggressive used. Setting your calm and protective space with 12D shielding will bring support in these areas.

Disruptions in the Michael-Mary harnesses and their related grid networks, such as what is referred to as Cathar lines has been troubled with conflicts in the planetary body.  These Ley-lines hold embedded traumatic memories that are relevant to the distortions in the hologram of the KING and QUEEN archetypes and the sacred marriage between the masculine and feminine energies. Many unrevealed histories of unresolved war trauma and their genocide between humanity and the planetary invasion were used to split apart sacred marriage, defile the Mother and Christ consciousness and promote sexual misery programs to the human race. These are the old Vesica Pisces programs using bi-polar geometry attached to the Jesus/Magdalene, Michael/Mary, Cathar/Essene lines, the fleur di lis implants leading to Quebec and Calgary, as well as the Roselines and St. Michael lines in the UK. These areas have been surfacing painful memories of planetary trauma into the energy field, which include spiritual-energetic fragments, attachments and soul bodies. These are the causation memories of the many historical events, which led to the mutation of the female and male union and their archetypal identities due to multiple tragic events. The energetic result may cause sympathies to the gender or sex organs if we are sensitive, and are a part of these lineages or feel connected to these archetypes. Many people and entities have been erupted from out of these spaces.

  • Michael-Mary black heart circuitry in Calgary
  • St. Michael lines in South-west and Gloucestershire, UK
  • Fleur Di Lis Network on Cathar line, Quebec to So. France
  • Rose line N. Scotland to S. Britain

May we hold our heartfelt prayers of the Krystal Current and Mother’s Pure Divine Love, to free all beings into the eternal light, that have been sacrificed on these gridlines in order to enforce these gender distortions.  Through these histories of pain, may we witness them to the One Truth to absolve all beings of this burden. May we hold the truth in our heart, the knowing that we are returning to energetic balance. We are uniting our masculine and feminine in the divine perfection made possible through the return of the Krystal Star. May the perfection of these Blessings of God-Sovereign-Free be sent to all of these beloved beings, now.

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart path! May your body be recalibrated into the Eternal Living Light!

Love, Lisa

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