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Law of One
The Law of One is practiced by the Advanced Races that promote Self-Responsibility and accountability in our Universal Time Matrix through the comprehension of the energetic interconnection that exists between all living things. The Law of One expresses and acknowledges the interconnection, value and interdependence of the spirit and Consciousness that animates all things. This is the path to GSF.

The planet and those sensing this shift transpiring now may experience intermittent flushes of fear, visions of phantom death or uncertainty in our future direction, all of which may feel unnerving. This is a time to remember we are safe in our connection while remaining vigilant at staying within our spiritual center, making the adjustments to stabilize our inner core, as we continue to ride through these choppy waters. Many changes, alterations, dismantling, initiations, endings and beginnings are all happening at the same time. What is occurring is beyond mental comprehension and awe inspiring to witness as the perfection of the Universe is revealing itself through the rebalancing of energetic polarity.

That which is the accurate energetic resonance of one's consciousness intention will truly attract to its matched vibration while that which is dissonant will fully repel itself away. What quality of vibrational thoughts we hold in our entire being will return as an amplified blessing or painful backlash, depending on the inner integrity and authenticity of the being's totality of spoken words, actions and behaviors. This makes power struggles over others, living pretentiously, continual siphoning of others energies for one’s selfish motivation, much harder to accomplish in this changed terrain of the Krystal Star Host.

However, this forces self-responsibility, energetic accountability for one's belief systems and matching the integrity of actions based thereon. We must speak words in congruence with how we are really feeling and thinking or we will experience a backlash in some way.

We are learning how to develop more self honesty as we embody greater energetic integrity by living more transparently.

In physical matter, and within our own bodies, during this time we may feel this stretching and splitting apart sensation which may feel very harsh to our emotional body and heart space. Because the nature of the ego mind is mostly connected to the false light architecture (dishonesty), what is occurring is similar to the disintegration of the inner ego structures and its impostor spirit from continuing to block the spiritual-energetic truth. This is activating many people into spiritual initiation to align into their highest expression resonant to that energetic state of heart based being. There is a pushing and pulling between the lower mind internal structures and the higher heart intelligence which for come people, may feel like an internal and external war over the mind and body consciousness.

The bifurcation of timelines is changing the reality bubbles and as they are pushing and pulling apart space-time, where we all coexist, this may bring upon an Inner Armageddon sensation or relative phantom death experience to the former identity.

During this phantom death experience we are presented with choices to move into higher integrity alignment to be reborn into a new spiritual energy. These choices may be difficult. However, they serve to empower your being to live more authentically by seeing the truth of what is really going on. In order to live honestly, we have to see the truth in the matter and have an accurate assessment of the surroundings.

Since we deal with issues of polarity every day, how do we most effectively deal with the situation? When ego polarity is extremely amplified it magnifies issues of separation from ourselves and God Source, and this separation from others is what creates negative ego issues of judgment, conflict and dishonesty. As we feed negative ego programs we become enmeshed in a delusion of false light that is created from our lower mental projections. These programs tell us to lie and deceive because everyone else around us is also lying and deceiving. This is a trap being set to ensnare us into terrible suffering at a great spiritual cost. 

These false light programs are used by archontic entities that trap us inside our own mind delusions which make us feel very disconnected and unhappy. These delusions manifest as pretense and distractions, those people or circumstances which are being used to suck our energy and make us unproductive and spiritually stagnant.

To be effective one must generally agree that one must first find that place of inner light, unity and commit to live within integrity inside ourselves. Living within integrity is to embody what we say, to live as we represent ourselves through behaviors, words and actions. This is an action of self-honesty.

To accomplish this one must dedicate to self-integrate back into the God Source consciousness; to reflect the Source attributes and this is our personal level of responsibility to spiritual maturity. This is the first point of spiritual alignment in choosing one's authority first and foremost as represented as the direct connection to the Eternal God Source.

If that is not understood, nor acted upon by the free will of the being, this is the fundamental block of actualizing one's inner integrity to be aligned to the God Source or Higher Power.

The most common block is that self-delusion which propagates a state of denial at facing inner conflicts or external problems. When we continually ignore our personal ego issues and conflicts, when we refuse to look at what is happening all around us, we distort our inner and outer energetic integrity. We become a part of the collective consciousness that is speaking and living in deception and dishonesty, thus, we bring those energies magnified into our lives.  

If we choose the authority of God Source and its spirit Christos, but reflect actions and beliefs of the false light of negative ego, we remain in suffering and spiritual-energetic stagnation. In this state of stagnation we are confused and feel abandoned.

To learn how to embody inner integrity that is aligned naturally with one's inner source light, we must behave and model Krystic behavior in the highest expression that we may dedicate ourselves. The more heart based alignment and congruency we demonstrate with our actions, words and behaviors, the more aligned we become to our inner source. When the inner spiritual balance is achieved through accessing the right words, right action and right behaviors, we exist in total peace and contentment. The basic understanding is to strive for this spiritual goal of modeling and behaving within energetic integrity in all circumstances which is the key to aligning to higher purpose and truth.

As one dedicates to improve inner and outer energetic integrity, one greatly restores personal energetic discernment. This skill guides us to reeducate our mind to release and choose truthful heart based motivations for all things in one's life.

As we choose to model integrity we drop pretense and we begin to live transparently and speak honestly with others. As we find the courage to be honest in every area of our lives, we are rebirthing ourselves to recover our true purpose, to live as the divine blueprint of who we really are.  

Choose to be honest and fair in all of your relations, communicating sincerely and compassionately, practicing forgiveness. There is no other person that can make the world around you honest, until you choose to live your life in honesty. 

This week monitor yourself and choose to improve your self-honesty through:

  • Be honest and fair to all people and with exchanges in your life
  • Compassionately communicate to others with sincerity
  • Practice forgiveness towards those who have hurt or abandoned you.

(Source: Revealing the Impostor, November 2013)

Today's Reflection

"True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it is not haphazard and superficial. It comes to see that an edifice that produces beggars needs restructuring."~Martin Luther King, Jr. 


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