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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
Temple of Loving Kindness
Connect with your Heart and practice Loving Kindness every day!
Love Yourself
PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love.

Q. Since we have dominion over the dark, when will we have dominion over our own bodies and minds?

A. This is definitely a sentiment that is shared among the seasoned galactic Polarity Integrator that has been really working under cover for a really long time in an anonymous way, without acknowledgement for working with these energies. That is a good question. Honestly, in terms of what this is going to look like, I am still on the heels of processing this awareness of the phantom matrix being severed and removed from the embodiment of having to carry the burden in my light self. What this person is referring to, is that there are so many distortions that have been placed on our sacred geometries and patterns, there are a lot of symbols that are used to enslave us that we don’t know about, as example, the crucifixion, the peace symbol, the infinity symbol to a certain to degree, there are a lot of symbols, geometries that are a part of the esoteric and light wisdom that have been distorted for reversal technology so a lot of us that have worked in bringing the esoteric information back into the planet, discovered that when we were working with these systems, that they were distorted from what they were originally designed to do. They were not working anymore and we had to be creative in attempting to work with that energy (in overrides) without the ways we knew how to at one point in our history.  I would say, that right now the fact that we are having this awareness of dark shadow phantom spaces are being disconnected from ascension timeline, and what that means exactly I don’t know but personally for those of us that are galactic beings stewarding the plan, and holding space for planet, that this will make our lives a bit easier because truly what it means for me is that I can feel my focus is all about the Ascension b timeline and not about the PI work anymore.

Q. What is happening with Polarity Integrator (PI) contract in light of new changes and how will these manifest for those with these contracts?

A. Most of my experience is observing myself and others that have PI contracts, that this group goes through a lot of physical issues and symptoms. Some of us process emotionally, the ascension energies, some of us physically, and there are those that can be down for the count doing massive levels of transmutative work. My feeling is that this release of the burden of holding the phantom energy and attempting to heal and integrate it, will let our physical body have some relief, hopefully to experience a body that is more pleasant and balanced to exist within. Many of us that are healers that are working on this level, have been quite frustrated by a lot of pain they underwent in the process. It is hard to be a facilitator, healer or spiritual guide when you are going through the physical ascension problems all the time and people are looking at you like, “what the heck is the matter with you??” Most people will not comprehend if you say, that you are down today because you are processing planetary field energies and were stationed somewhere by your Christ self to move beings through. It has been very challenging for that group and why I have been so passionate about supporting that level of intelligence because I had not seen too many levels of understanding why certain beings go through such difficult situations around that.

Q. Right leg or right knee problems: Is that part of clearing something?

A. There is a patriarchal ancestral clearing that is happening now and it impacts some people this way. I feel this has to do with leaving the masculine energy as we come into the feminine energies and that is what the creational forces are, the right side is having a sympathetic resonance and the knee cap is emotionally connected to ‘moving forward’ . There are smaller energy centers around the back knee caps. The human plight is usually the inability to move forward or to fear change. We are leaving the patriarchy ( the right side body) and moving into the future to embody our feminine energies to achieve inner balance with our own creation forces, that of our real parent, The Mother principle, and the Father Principle. We are becoming the Christ Child, a being of perfect balance and unity. Try to release the blockage by releasing your fears of moving forward into the unknown. (source: QA, Sept. 2007)

Q. Is this going to continue to be this bumpy all the way to 2012, yikes!

A. Well, this is why we are having these discussions and Ascension classes as it is important to not to have fear or negativity, but have context of understanding what is happening in human evolution at this time. The way it’s been described is that it is a stair step fashion and higher more refined frequency will be introduced to this planet and the reverse will also happen. We will observe ascending and descending places on the planet, by areas weighted frequencies. Once we get to a level in participation with our own experience, you will feel a force field around you. One will see beings in descending matrices and we will see both pockets of higher frequency and dense ones. Since we are moving from human order to divine order, we need to develop greater adaptability and flexibility when meeting life challenges. By staying present as an observer and getting out of the way, letting go, shielding and participating with your ascension process, you will be taken care of. As you develop inner serenity and become reliant on the inner terrain as your true reality, you start to detach from judging what is happening on external. There is a real opportunity to achieve liberation and experience emotional and mental freedom at this time.  Its all about clearing mind control and allowing your inner light to guide your heart and being. (Source, QA, Sept. 2007)


Q. Are there purposes for particular countries as a whole to bring the ascension process? A lot of info comes out of a limited amount of countries, especially the USA. Are there particular tribes, masters, guides focused on one country?

A. In terms of particular countries, the guardians have said that about the USA at this time, that the torch is being given to the north American continent. As this is all the divine plan of splitting the reality structures, the splitting of frequencies, and what is happening to us in USA, both economically and politically - is that splitting apart. This is the amplification of polarities.  We are watching a part of our ascension process that is working on a karmic level between the history of bloodlines and genetic lineages. Political lines are also drawn in ancient genetic lines at this time. Being on that level to bring ascension energies in here first, there are vortices around the planet and key power spots. Around key power spots there are (indigo) beings genetically encoded with that particular energetic lineage to support that area of the earth. Kauai is a 12d portal access and power spot. Many of us are here as guardians of the earth to incarnate, (in training) to bring 12d pillar frequencies and build portals and set them up in certain spaces that we are called to be, all over the planet. This stabilizes areas of the planet that are chaotic in the field. Where areas are energetically stabilized they are also stabilized, politically, economically and socially. Energetic upheavals, weather and climatic anomalies also appear in weaker gridlines of the planetary body, when naturally occurring, and when being manipulated by outside technology. (Source QA, Sept. 2007)


Q. Is it possible that we are not always in agreement or contract to that which we experience as suffering or struggle?

A. That is a complex and deep question. In my experience, the answer is yes. There were many of us from star nations that came to incarnate into human biology to bring resurrection codes and to host a species into it’s higher evolution. It’s no secret there are energies not in alignment to giving that higher knowledge freely to the human race and so there are those of us here that endeavor to hold that energetic space and ascending code to be made available for others. As more people awaken, more people have the possibility of understanding their liberation in terms of being liberated from suffering and fear on this planet. It’s possible that when we have struggle, many of us have not been trained in Psychic Self Defense and there are resistance energies or targeting energies that will create obstacles in that person’s spiritual growth. Personally, I have witnessed the superimposition of karmic burdens on the back of human beings that is done purposely because the extradimensional being/entity doing so, feels it is elite and superior.  When this happens it is done through deception and trickery in the astral planes, such as through complex technology and alien implants. When a being is being deceived, implanted, mind controlled and used to work in servitude for another, and it is repeatedly used with the karmic loads that the “higher” dimensional being controls, this does not appear to be consensual, but a blatant abuse of natural laws. The natural laws (organic light source) are which that allow and protect the right of each being to contact its own direct inner creator energies. This does not happen freely on the earth. (Source: QA, Sept. 2007)


Q. Is the frequency in our cells and brains being raised up and reordered causing us to take naps and feel ungrounded?

A. Yes. The frequency changes result in brain upgrades and the neural net which causes a conflict between the operating hemispheres in our brain, making us feel tired. The brain chemistry and the brain waves that we were used to having when we were “awake” and “asleep” are shifting frequencies. This changes what is called the circadian rhythm, the natural biorhythm and movement of our body in respect to planetary energies, such as when we are awake and when we are asleep. Sometimes the brain is operating with brain waves that the body remembers used to be when we were in a sleep state.  The Schumann resonance of earth is changing and what we were used to had a certain phasing, this had a certain rhythm to it. The global brain, the magnetic field of earth is changing. Our interface and connection to the earth, our sleep state, our grounding mechanism is starting to change also, so many of us are feeling this disorientation during this time. We may require cycles of lots of sleep. (Source: QA, Sept  2007)

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