1. Clear Personality Influences

  1. 1.Now Self
  2. Other Selves
  3. Collective Mind
  4. Ancestral/Genetic
  5. Attachments
  6. Fragments
  7. All Combinations
  8. Mind Slides
  9. Obfuscator
  10. Mind Control
  11. Inorganic
  12. Replace Organic

2. Other Selves Integration Package

  1. I AM in Gratitude for All of my Relationships. I Accept that I have Created them.
  2. I AM willing to Accept Love and support from Others and the Universe.
  3. I AM Clearing all Pain from Past Relationship patterns gracefully and easily.
  4. I AM Resolving all Emotional Conflicts with God’s Grace and understanding.
  5. I AM Willing to Learn all Lessons from Painful Experiences by Unconditionally Forgiving Myself and Others.
  6. I AM nourished in my relationships with Others.
  7. I AM willing to allow Others to Love me and be Close to Me.
  8. I AM willing for Others to See how Beautiful and Attractive I AM.
  9. I AM Loved for my Authenticity. I express my Authenticity with Others and my Partner.
  10. I AM in Love and Appreciation for myself and my Partner. Our Relationship becomes Perfect as we become Perfect.
  11. I AM Fully Committed and Devoted to my Spiritual Marriage and Sacred Union.
  12. I AM in Sacred Marriage. My Partner and I serve God’s plan together and share our Love with the World.
  13. I AM Kindness. I treat myself with Kindness and Respect. I treat my Partner with Kindness and Respect.
  14. I AM Forgiveness. I Express Unconditional Forgiveness and Forgetfulness to myself and the People who have Hurt or Harmed me.
  15. I AM in a Relationship that brings me Joy and Comfort in every way.
  16. I AM sharing myself Intimately with my Partner, deeper and deeper every day. I surrender to Love my Partner, Intimately and Passionately as my Immortal Beloved.
  17. I AM Congratulating myself and my Partner for All of our Accomplishments.
  18. I AM Accountable towards my Partner and Speak my Truth Harmlessly.
  19. I AM Sharing more Love and Affection verbally and physically with my Partner, with every passing day.
  20. I AM the Path of Light and Choose the Highest Expression for my relationship.
  21. I AM in Love with my body. I AM in Love with my Partner’s body.
  22. I AM in Gratitude for my Bodies to express Divine Love and Sacred Union.. I dedicate my Love as a Sacred Prayer made to Serve God.


3. Instructions

  1. Say this verbal Affirmation 3 times at several intervals during your day. If more than one Affirmation has been given, rotate them in the sequence given.
  2. Meditate with the coded Affirmation, and infuse it within your heart chakra.
  3. Write the Affirmation on paper and post it in your daily living area, work space or mirror. Look at it often. Intend to induct the integration package into your energy field. (For a minimum of 21 days)
  4. Ask Guidance to view any Mind Control Obstacles to your Integration Package, and further, to release, memory, pain and constructs blocking your body, mind, emotions and spirit from its highest purposes.
  5. When you feel process is complete, Thank and Release Guidance invited into your session to support healing Integration Package.
  6. Sleep state will generate Integration Package for the Other Selves. Set this intention before bedtime.

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