Unity is Trustworthiness
We must build Trustworthiness in order to create Unity!
Planetary Stewardship
Spiritual Maturity is developed through the desire to know the inner self (or God Self) in combination with the concentrated discipline of the mental and emotional state such as with Meditation and healing Negative Ego fears. Which when practiced consistently will generate a development in the heart that provides a natural sense for the ethical standard of conducting one’s life.
Service to Others
PRACTICE FIVE: SERVICE TO OTHERS – Upon firmly loving yourself and honoring your path while you amplify the energies of being in service to others, the more joy, harmony and fulfillment is brought into your life.
Spiritual Maturity
To stop the dark from manipulating your energy and influencing your body, you have to stop it in its tracks and in all ways refuse its authority or control over your being in every way. To stop it one must identify it, locate it, and terminate it from accessing in your mind, emotions, body and spirit.

Today is Friday, July 4 of 2014.  In noting lots of change today, setting the space fully, as we start to set our space and field consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of God and Christ.  

Beloved holy presence of God, holy and divine presence of Mother,
It was five years ago today that the holy presence of our Mother was re-seated, 
re-strung and reintroduced into our planet in the form of her Mother Arc, 
the first ray of causation in our Universe, 
the Cosmic Triad that represents the seed, the womb, 
the God seed of our creation 
which is the holiest presence of our Divine Holy Mother.  

Today I recognize and acknowledge in my heart, in my mind and body, as we set this space in alignment to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of God and Christ, 
we again recognize and bring to the forefront of our consciousness with clarity, 
our relationship to the Divine and Holy Mother presence.

Beloved Holy Mother, please open all channels of light.  
Please align us directly into your heart, to your Sophianic body, to your Sophianic wisdom, which has been in the process of returning to this planet, to this Earth, to this consciousness which we again hold open our minds, our flesh, our body, our heart
to be a sacred and divine vessel for the love of the Holy Mother presence 
as divine presence of God would have it be.  

Please open all of our channels, all of our fibers, all of our heart, 
the etheric nadis and all of the soul structures, 
to be fully connected, fully resonant with our Holy Divine Mother presence.  
Holy Divine Mother, we open this session in service to you, in service to the Law of One, and we call upon our beloved Guardian families, our beloved Krystal Star families, 
those aligned to the Law of One and into the reclamation of Christ 
and into the reclamation of our Divine and Holy presence of Mother.  

Beloveds please join us now in this moment 
to strengthen our field, 
to open our communications
to help us transition into the highest capacity of exchange 
of being in full resonant connection with our Holy presence of Mother. 

Holy Mother, in the divine right order and harmony 
please reveal to us your heart
your presence
your Sophianic body 
and its content of Cathar in its wisdom.  
From all aspects of our genetic future and past lineages 
we open into the Essene lineage of the 12 Tribes, 
the 12-12 which is a part of the sacred knowledge of the Essene and Cathar races 
as the Holy Mother presence deepens her Ray, her vibration, her knowledge,
her wisdom through the Sophianic correction of the wisdom of this planet. 
We recognize that wisdom in the form of the Aqua Blue Ray 
and that which extends into Trans-time, to the Mother of multiple Universes 
the Aurora Rays, the plasmic radiant light of the Christ consciousness 
of the Godhead of which the Mother is directly a part.

Beloved Holy presence of Mother, 
may our body, our being, our mind, our template be updated 
both as individual beings in this moment of the Now self
through all of the other selves so that we are across time 
and into the collective body of which we are a part here and now.  

We ask beloved God and Mother 
please renew our heart 
please renew our love 
please renew our trust in the divine spirit of the presence of omni-love 
throughout the Universes.  

Dear Ascending Family,

During certain periods of time, there are sequences in the time field which influence the instruction sets in the collective energy fields (consciousness) of the planet. When we unify as a group we have extra accumulative consciousness power which can be gathered and applied for the intention of service to the earth, as well as to serve the highest expression of our spiritual being.

Thus we have a powerful intention when working to diffuse the ARMAGEDDON software programs, such as War, Pestilence and Cataclysm fears, or many other fear programs which can be interchanged as they are similar control programs used on the earth to suppress consciousness. If you are guided to participate with the group intention it is a powerful to dedicate your prayer and intention to a specific issue, such as; friends and family, a group of people, (such as children) or a demographic land area, an earth kingdom (plants or animals) that you personally feel a direct connection towards. You will be able to direct God Guardian forces to that person, place or planetary position.

At this time it is suggested to reflect and gather our group consciousness light to be of service to humanity for Planetary Freedom and Planetary Peace.

We dedicate our Group Prayers to the Middle East, the 10th Stargate areas of the Golden Eagle Grid which are heavily influenced by War, Genocide and rampant killing agendas to spread into other parts of the earth. These Middle East areas included are the uprisings in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and its relationship to Israel as the 2nd Inner World Stargate. Where there are weaknesses in the energetic field of the planet, these areas of religious conflict are the most vulnerable to these types of hatred attacks. These weakened areas in the planetary grid are vulnerable to the propagation of the Armageddon (911) agendas. 

In the United States the most vulnerable area related to the current civil war crisis in Syria around the use of Chemical Weapons is the North Eastern Seaboard of North America. We dedicate our prayers of strength, endurance and protection for the people living on the North Eastern Seaboard of the United States, the Middle East and other weakened areas that may be targeted for exploitation for the Armageddon agenda. 

(To see a general guideline of the weak areas run east and west straight line from Iraq and Iran and follow the equator, one will see the East Coast and Japan as a part of the weakened areas.)


I offer you Peace. I offer you Love. I offer you Friendship. I see your Beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in You. Let's work together for unity and love. ~Gandhi

Come let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, that we may walk the paths of the Most High. And we shall beat our swords into plough-shares, and our spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation—neither shall they learn war any more. And none shall be afraid, for the mouth of the Lord of Hosts has spoken. ~Jewish Prayer for Peace

May you be at peace, May your heart remain open. May you awaken to the light of your own true nature. May you be healed, May you be a source of healing for all beings. ~Tibetan Prayer

May all beings everywhere plagued with sufferings of body and mind quickly be freed from their illnesses. May those frightened cease to be afraid, and may those bound be free. May the powerless find power, and may people think of befriending one another. May those who find themselves in trackless, fearful wildernesses—the children, the aged, the unprotected---be guarded by beneficent celestials, and may they swiftly attain Buddhahood. ~Buddhist Prayer

O God, lead us from the unreal to the Real,
O God, lead us from darkness to light.
O God, lead us from death to immortality.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti unto all. ~Hindu Peace Prayer

We pray to God to eradicate all the misery in the world: that understanding triumph over ignorance, that generosity triumph over indifference, that trust triumph over contempt, and that truth triumph over falsehood.~Zoroastrian Prayer



O Almighty Sun, whose light clears away all clouds, We take refuge in you. Guide of all people, God of all deities, Lord of all angels, We pray you to dispel the mists of illusion from the hearts of the nations, And lift their lives by your all-sufficient power, Your ever shining light, your everlasting life, Your heavenly joy and your perfect peace. ~Sufi Prayer

Although the people living across the ocean surrounding us, I believe, are all our brothers and sisters, why are there constant troubles in this world? Why do winds and waves rise in the ocean surrounding us? I only earnestly wish that the wind will soon puff away all the clouds which are hanging over the tops of the mountains. ~Jainist Peace Prayer

Father, Mother, God, Thank you for your presence during the hard and mean days.For then we have you to lean upon.Thank you for your presence during the bright and sunny days,for then we can share that which we have with those who have less.And thank you for your presence during the Holy Days, for then we are able to celebrate you and our families and our friends.For those who have no voice,we ask you to speak. For those who feel unworthy, we ask you to pour your love out in waterfalls of tenderness.For those who live in pain,we ask you to bathe them in the river of your healing.For those who are lonely, we ask you to keep them company.For those who are depressed,we ask you to shower upon them the light of hope. Dear Creator, You, the borderless sea of substance, we ask you to give to all the world that which we need most—Peace. ~Maya Angelou

Almighty God, the Great Thumb we cannot evade to tie any knot; the Roaring Thunder that splits mighty trees: the all-seeing Lord up on high who sees even the footprints of an antelope on a rock mass here on Earth. You are the one who does not hesitate to respond to our call. You are the cornerstone of peace.~Native African Peace Prayer

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