When we understand how fear is created in the body, it is helpful in releasing the grip of anxiety and fear patterns. This is some basic information of how the body physiology is affected by fear and trauma and how that is exploited by dark forces.

Hardware: Three Brains
Our biology has three distinctly different processors of energy and information, or brains. We are aware of our thoughts and emotions, but we are less aware of what the survival brain is doing, and how this is affecting the way we feel. 

The survival brain is the one that takes your hand off the stove, before the other two brains realize that you have burned your hand. It is incredibly fast at responding to what is happening in our environment, in order to keep the body safe. It’s like each human body comes with a pre-loaded software program that says keep this body alive. So what is going on in the lower brain, below conscious radar?

Software: Survival programs
The lower brain basically runs in three modes: relaxed, fight-flight, and freeze. Again to keep it very simple, using a stoplight as a model. (from Stephen Porges, Poly-vagal Theory).

When we are in green, we are relaxed our heart and respiration are slow, we can digest our food, we can nap, we enjoy being with loved ones, can relate to them. The moment the lower brain feels there is danger; it moves the biology into yellow. The vagus nerve shuts down all the organs below the diaphragm, and speeds up the ones above the diaphragm. We get an immediate increase of available energy, or superhuman strength, enough to lift a small car off of a child. This is an amazing thing the body can do in a split second. Our bodies were designed to do this for very brief periods. We don’t want to get stuck in yellow, where we cannot digest our food, we cannot sleep, and we cannot enjoy our loved ones or relate to them. There are usually two reasons we get stuck in fight-flight. We are living in an unsafe situation, and the accurate assessment is that we are in danger. Or two, we have an unresolved trauma from the past, which the lower brain feels is happening now, in the present moment.

Being in the Red zone is rarer. This is where the lower brain perceives that the body is not going to survive the experience and shuts it down. The body becomes immobilized to play dead, anesthetized to minimize suffering, and the consciousness often leaves the body, or is disassociated from it. Again, this is an amazing biological accomplishment in a split second. We see this with high impacts, with early and chronic abuse, such as SRA, and in war and torture. The eyes are vacant, the voice is monotone, and the body is lifelessly still, meaning there is no
fidgeting or normal movement in the body. 

Since our human family is now living in the yellow zone so much of the time, let’s look more closely at the spectrum of yellow, and the difference between fight and flight. We are looking at increasing levels of activation in the nervous system. On a scale of 1-10, we can have low-level activation, which is a feeling of unease on the flight side and irritability on the fight side. In the mid-range, we have anxiety on the flight side and anger on the fight side. At the high end we have rage and panic, getting closer to threshold, where the body switches into red or freeze. In a “blind rage” often a person can’t remember what they did. 

Creating Conditions
The issue about the survival brain is that we cannot fake it out. If we want to relax, we actually have to create the conditions for the physiology to move into green. If we live with a predator, if we work under a predator, if we do not have our basics needs met, we are going to be in yellow. So part of being able to clear fear, is to make choices that help the brain and nervous system feel safe. So on a 3D level, we have to make healthy choices about what is safe, if we are having anxiety.

Implicit Memory
Current estimates are that the lower brain is taking in about 40,000 data bits per moment. This is far too much material to push into our conscious awareness. We get an estimated 25-35 of these data bits registering on a conscious level. This is what we refer to as the hard drive of our unconscious mind. It is recording everything. This is called implicit memory, rather than explicit, or conscious memory. The hard drive records past threats, in a special category, so that if a similar cluster of data bits arise that were present when something bad happened, we get the
jump on it, and go into the yellow zone more quickly. 

Shaping of Collective
It is easy to see how an understanding of implicit memory, can be manipulated by those who would like to keep people in fear, keep our physiology in the yellow zone. In yellow we are less able to respond to the present moment, our awareness gets collapsed into looking for what is going wrong, we no longer see beauty, feel comfort, or experience balance in life. Just look at media: news, movies and television, to assess where mainstream is trying to set our nervous systems, at the higher levels of stress, 6-7-8? The culture of yellow has been in the making for a
long while. 

Traumatic memory
A woman who was sexually assaulted in a cedar room, may develop an aversion to the smell of cedar without making the connection. Whenever she smells cedar, the survival brain will shift her into yellow, as a precaution. She will become anxious, and depending on her choices, will seek comfort in safe people or places, or self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, and maybe pick someone up in a bar. Until this trauma is cleared from the hard drive, these triggers interfere with her ability respond to the now moment. Trauma is not in the event, it is in the nervous system. The trauma memory will keep showing up in the present, until it is cleared.

In a similar way, the NAA may imbed implicit-memory data-packets from past cataclysms in our current timeline, playing on our implicit-memory to create anxiety in the masses. This works, because we have no memory of those events, so who could possibly figure it out? The cellular memory of an exploding planet can be elicited, at the end of the cycle, without the masses knowing where their anxiety of cataclysm is coming from. In the ego personality matrix of 1D-2D-3D, this is the game played in the nervous system, using the lower aspects of the brain, to trigger a survival reaction. Until we are able to clear fear, which often means clearing trauma, we are susceptible to triggers from implicit-memory packets.

Soul and Monad
As we move into the soul matrix, (4D-5D-6D) fears have less influence, and even less in the monadic matrix, (7D-8D-9D). Now that the transtime continuum is opening access into other timelines and dimensions that were not previously available to us, people who have been living in the soul or monad, may find themselves feeling triggered. They may be dealing with new implicit-memory packets from parallel and other universal timelines. Rather than feeling like we are losing ground, and have lost our centers, we are actually just hitting larger chunks of the trauma memories from further out.

During Stress, Back to the Basics
This information is shared from the perspective that being better informed gives us more choices in how to respond. When we find ourselves stressed out, tending to basic needs, creating safety and sanity really helps. We have noticed with the galactic crew, that sometimes we skip over the basics, and want to make everything about the higher energies. There are times when we have to reassure the body, by creating the conditions for it to feel safe again. Once we are out of the yellow zone and not reacting, we can then choose the best course of action.

We hope that this information about the three brains and the stop-light zones will shed some light on what is happening when our nervous systems are getting jacked up. Why this can feel so visceral. During times of stress, if you are anxious slow down, drop in and ask what just happened? What was the trigger? If you can’t connect it to something conscious, consider that it is connected to implicit-memory, a data packet from a future or past timeline that just got triggered. Treat it the same way, still clearing fear, pain and trauma from the hard drive.

Dark Forces and Possession
It is important to understand that living in fear makes us susceptible to dark forces and possession. If we are not living in the green zone, or at least returning to green after trips into low to mid-range yellow, we are at higher risk of being manipulated with by outside forces. If we can be fully present, we can assess what is coming at us. If 20%, 40% of our awareness is hijacked by danger signals from a past timeline, bleeding into the present moment, we are less able to assess our current situation.

Dark Arts: We have seen lots of folks come in to ES, opening up and growing their light body quickly, without understanding how to close doors to interference. Some of the younger ones may still try to party, ripping holes in their aura, or not be 100% in their ethics, or have some other vulnerability. As their light body becomes more visible, changes in color, they become targets for dark forces. When they experience being attacked, then it begins to hit home, that they have to change their lifestyles, and be 100% congruent to what they align with. Once they get some firsthand experiences with negative forces, they naturally want to grow stronger, in order to avoid psychic attack. This can be a sobering time, in understanding the larger context on earth, and seems to be a natural part of the process.

Possession: In our experience the majority of people who experience dark possession have had significant trauma. They may have been living in the yellow zone since birth, or for lifetimes, without any real sense of safety. Often they have not had a physiological experience of being relaxed in the green zone. They don’t know what safety feels like, so do not know how to choose safety in where they spend time, or who they spend time with. Instead they assume
everyone is unsafe, that’s just life, and unknowingly leave the doors open to even more dark interference.In this case, they may need to work in clearing the ego personality matrix for a while. To learn how to cultivate the green zone and to begin to spend more time there. It is a total reorientation process, to stabilize the body and nervous system. Once that is in place, then the nervous system can accurately feel again, without everything being mixed with pain and suffering. This is a type of stabilization work, and is building the foundation. We are seeing more and more of this in many people in the world. So let’s have some extra love and compassion for these folks. It is very hard for them to work the tools and pick up the larger context, when their perceptions have been narrowed into the survival range, and their nervous systems are completely and habitually jacked up.

Higher Sensory Perception
The information above is focused on the 3D experience of our brain and nervous system. But the nervous system is plugged in to every dimension. As we expand into higher dimensions of conscious awareness, our physical bodies experience sensory and motor program changes. The lower brain is less involved in running physical survival programs, as safety is found through our inner connection to God Source. It is through the nervous system that Higher Sensory Perceptions come online. This helps to free the automatic reactions that have been programmed into the lower brain from previous trauma experiences. 

It is an intense learning curve to understand how trauma is a tool used by some to intentionally fragment people, in order to disrupt soul and monadic embodiments. With the recent Ascension frequencies and the changing of the Laws, we are able to clear trauma more quickly now, as there is more safety for us to be who we truly are. Now that you better understand the physiology of fear, let’s move on to learn some quick tools on how you can change gears in the way you think.

(Thank you Paige for compiling this information)

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