Introductory Articles
Getting acquainted with Ascension terms, these articles help to make it understandable.
Clear your Mind
Without developing Self Awareness and ego discipline, the untamed Negative Ego is exploited by Mind Control.
Unity is Trustworthiness
We must build Trustworthiness in order to create Unity!
Ascension Tools
These are beginner exercises, clearing techniques, and focusing tools that are a part of the ES Ascension Toolkit to help you learn foundation exercises to better develop self mastery skills.
ES Core Triad
Build your spiritual house for your highest consciousness. Practice the ES Core Triad Daily.
Love the Earth
PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE - Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings.

"When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to synergy, interdependence, and deep respect. Both parties make decisions and choices that become based on what is ethically right, what is best for all involved, and what is valued most highly." --Blaine Lee

Dear ES Community, 

It has been clear that the spiritual and consciousness communities are extremely challenged with confusion derived from the variety of unchecked and uncleared negative ego behaviors when “spiritual” people are speaking in “new age” terms and concepts.  These negative ego behaviors are usually entwined with low ethical conduct which damages building trust between people in order to communicate transparently and honestly about a variety of topics. This is not a subject that can be addressed lightly and requires deep reflective thought, as well, as a commitment to hold accountability to circumstances and the behaviors that each of us choose to demonstrate every day. 

These types of situations which bring “group discordance” may also bring major learning opportunities for all of us to help identify ways that we can improve building trust in group and community dynamics, while developing better interrelationship abilities and conflict resolution skills. 

Trust is everything. Without comprehending the necessity of building trust and consistent trustworthy behaviors, the entire foundation of community structure will crumble and those of the group that contribute a great amount of time and energy to help create spiritual community, will cease to do so. It is important to understand the “divide and conquer” agendas that operate in unconscious ways that will attack spiritual groups, spiritual communities or compromise relationships that are building trust - as a direct strategy of destroying any kind of group cohesion or organization. 

This is why I am spending a lot of time now to discuss components of Trust, Building Trust, and how to recognize behaviors and communications that allow trust and the attribute of “trustworthiness” to be modeled and cultivated within spiritual communities and our personal responsibility in those interactions. 

When one chooses controlling behavior, applies force or harm, or superimpose their personal will upon another person, group or circumstance, they become consensual with the impostor spirit which will greatly exaggerate negative ego behaviors, triggering impulsive instinctual reactions which greatly increase confusion and dark manipulation. 

Q. I wonder if you could please speak a little bit about krystic qualities/characteristics of male and female. As we are working on the HG sacred union within, I think many of us would like some more clarity on what this may look like. Beyond the gender distortions, what does a monad embodied female or male on earth "look like". I know everyone is an individual, but I feel some general outlines may be helpful. Thank you SO much for all you are and for all you do. 

A. Thank you! This is a fantastic question and certainly worth sharing dialogue to explore how we each can make productive movement forward into this direction in cultivating trustworthy behaviors within ourselves and within all of the relationships we are interconnected and interacting. In studying the Law of One Practices, the Relationship Mastery Guidelines, Self Awareness Guidelines and GSF Behaviors one will find the key note of BUILDING TRUSTWORTHINESS within these qualities. This helps us establish patterns to which we can learn to develop more skill with compassionate communication, discerning ego judgments from exercising personal choice and discernment, and learning how to create more enjoyable trustworthy relationships that are productive and harmonious.

I have no direct experience with studies of Non-Violent Communication, as these skills are natural to me. However, I find that NVC is extremely helpful in their basic philosophy which resembles Krystic signature. The emphasis from their perspective is similar however, without incorporating the spiritual consciousness development model that is connected to these values. The NVC baseline is an agreement to a shared humanitarian philosophy. That humanitarian philosophy (perception) is assumed as an agreement to exist as the core characteristics inherent in all human beings:

  • All human beings share the basic same needs
  • Our world offers sufficient resources for meeting everyone's basic needs
  • All actions are attempts to meet needs
  • Feelings point to needs being met or unmet
  • All human beings have the capacity for compassion
  • Human beings enjoy giving and being acknowledged (valued) for who they are
  • Human beings meet needs through many interdependent relationships
  • Human beings change and transform
  • Choice is internal
  • The most direct path to peace is through self-connection ( i.e. consciousness development)

This life philosophy is met with focused intentions to express communication and behaviors with an open heart which is congruent with these VALUES:

  • Open-Hearted Living
  • Self-compassion
  • Expressing from the heart
  • Receiving with compassion
  • Prioritizing connection
  • Moving beyond "right" and "wrong" to using needs-based assessments
  • Choice, Responsibility, Peace
  • Taking responsibility for our feelings
  • Taking responsibility for our actions
  • Living in peace with unmet needs ( acceptance)
  • Increasing capacity for meeting needs
  • Increasing capacity for meeting the present moment
  • Sharing Power and Resources (Partnership)
  • Caring equally for everyone’s needs ( Group consciousness)
  • Using force minimally and to protect (defend) rather than to superimpose beliefs, punish, or get what we want without mutual agreement

Krystic qualities have also been described in the GSF Behaviors from the ES Guardian Perspective, as the antidote to AD ego behavior resulting from mind control programming and lack of knowledge and self-awareness. To establish mental discipline in order to cultivate and develop more of GSF or Krystic qualities here are the suggested tools:

Many more human beings have been inducted into the Ascension process and are now enduring the intense levels of personal dismantling. All we had a lifestyle built around is being challenged to the very core of our existence and this can feel hurtful. We are forced to adapt to the moment to moment changing terrain impacting our life. Everything is in the now moment. When our core existence is challenged during such immense levels of transformation, we may feel the magnification of the smallest issue be amplified so that it feels like a life or death matter. This may feel scary, we can feel threatened by being forced to change. This is why knowing these changes are critical for our evolution and trying to surrender to them without fighting it, lashing out or becoming angry will make the process easier. Greater acceptance is required now, learning how to surrender is a daily practice.  Problems we used to obsess about or believe they were a “big deal”, are losing their importance in our lives. There is something so much larger happening here.  There is nothing to hold onto any longer. We must become less attached to things and be willing to “let go” of spiritually bankrupt values in order to survive the transformation required to become more balanced with our own sense being a true human being. So what does it mean for us to be in alignment to the God Source and Law of One, which is the same as asking; what does it mean to be a true humanitarian?

Beginning to explore what this means is that each of us have a requirement to place an internal and external dialogue to explore the profound change that this places on our own personal values and personal lifestyle. What we value, what we place importance upon is undergoing fundamental changes because it has to change. That fundamental change is requiring us to be Reeducated to Value All Human life, and to promote All living things for a true humanity to be restored to this planet. 

What is needed here of which we could all learn and improve upon together - is a reawakening and a re-commitment to the basic values of human existence - the standards of ethical behavior that define and "make or break" the character of a human being. This concept is intrinsic to the Law of One Practices and their Principles, of which this website materials are based, however we could expand on the detail of what these guidelines are and how to practice them in daily life.

All of the world's spiritual traditions have been rooted in ancient and eternal wisdom-at the fundamental level before they became misguided through the lens of the negative ego distortions sourcing from the Negative Alien Agenda, the core Universal teachings in ALL spiritual traditions have been based in the GOLDEN RULE. The Golden Rule and discovering the ethical standard it places upon us in our life has much to teach us all.  This has a deep and enduring knowledge to impart to us at every level in societal structures and this helps us to learn how we can be the best we can be. As we learn to better understand how to be in group consciousness, how to participate with others and access the Unity intelligence of the Christos (Krystal) consciousness, our task is to find harmony and peace within ourselves and with each other.

The Golden Rule is the most essential basis for the modern concept of human rights, in which each individual has a right to just treatment, and a reciprocal responsibility to ensure justice for others.

The Golden Rule is an ethical code, or moral truth that essentially states :

One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

It is commonly referred to as "Do unto others".

This concept describes a or "two-way", relationship between one's self and others that involves both sides equally, and in a mutual benefit or win-win fashion.

The Golden Rule is a principle of ONENESS or UNITY and can be explained from the perspective of psychology, philosophy, sociology, and religion and spirituality. This is why it is such a powerful statement and principle to live one’s life. It is a Universal Language. With psychology, it can be explained as involving a person that empathizes with others. Philosophically, it involves a person perceiving their neighbor as also a part of the self or the I. Sociologically, this principle is applied between individuals, between groups, and also between individuals and groups. (For example, a person living by this rule treats all people with this consideration, not just members of his or her in-group, as this practice defies bias made through race, religion, countries or genetics. All Religions originally on this planet are stemming from some portion of Universal Truth as a part of their teaching of values to society. The Golden Rule is an integral part of the history of this concept of ethical values and ethical conduct to develop principles of one’s personal character as well to engender a connection to the overall, such as develop a connection to family, a connection to community, a connection to the planet. Thus it further develops our innate desire to be a part of the whole and answer to our social responsibilities.  

The Noble Eightfold Path is a foundation guideline of which may help one to delineate a way to discipline the mind and accelerate personal focus to a direct alignment to the Unity Source Field. This is a Quick Map to lead you into experiencing spiritual support pronto. This guideline is a core practice that is developed for the newly initiated and leads all the way to the advanced meditator.

Acquired factors 1. Superior Right Knowledge 2. Superior Right Liberation

Wisdom (Third Triad Practice)
1. Right understanding
2. Right intention

Ethical conduct (Second triad Practice)
3. Right speech
4. Right action
5. Right livelihood

Meditation (First Triad Practice)
6. Right effort
7. Right mindfulness
8. Right meditation

FIRST TRIAD: MEDITATION: Being newly awakened, the first triad to focus upon is building your spiritual house by laying the base foundation. To begin to build your spiritual house, the commitment is to the Meditation practice with a focus on Right Effort (discipline your will and be consistent), Right Mindfulness (take the ego out of the driver seat and clear fear programs), and Right Meditation (how this is achieved). This first step is generally when a person is working within the soul, the  4-5-6D lightbody functions and anchoring that frequency quotient fully into the physical body. The majority of humanity is at this frequency level now. A consistent and true desire to align with your soul will yield great results very quickly in the new energy. At this stage one is involved with ego dismantling and identifying deceptions and deceptive people in how they influence and stunt one's spiritual growth and advancement on the spiritual path. One will experience a significant burst of transformational energies, assigned guidance and inner change if you commit to this as a lifestyle to serve God and meditate daily. The 12 D practice is an excellent technique to lay your foundational meditation practice. View the 12D Video Here.

SECOND TRIAD: ETHICAL CONDUCT: When you have mastered the first level foundation practice, then move onto the second triad. Apply Ethical Conduct as the core life principle to add to your Meditation practice. As you spiritually evolve being ethical is not an effort any longer, it just becomes organic to everything you naturally already are. Since there is no fear controlling you, choices are made to encourage life force to be available for everyone. Introduce the principle to assimilate Right Speech (speaking compassionately for all life), Right Action (surrendering to divine order rather than reacting to human order), Right Livelihood (based on inner alignment and not a fear based manipulation to make money). As you meditate or reflect on what these three principles of Ethical Conduct mean to you, you will naturally attract clear and loving support to manifest their essence into your life. One may want to focus on the Law of One practices and exercise them daily to develop strong moral character based upon these behaviors as a way of life. 

THIRD TRIAD: WISDOM: For the advanced spiritual initiate, in many cases this level appears where energetic stewardship by default (leadership assigned by Source) starts to become apparent in the outward manifestation. The third triad is assimilating Wisdom into the other core practices. By now all the other practices are a complete lifestyle and no effort is required or existing to direct energy. All exists in the Now moment. Spiritual consciousness becomes defined as the least effort is learned to maximize the sphere of Gods Influential Light into the World. Right Intention becomes developed as a part of being fully in service and in devotion to Gods Living Light. Right Understanding is then made clear to dissolve all errors in perception that had once created ego fear and self deception. Right knowledge is the gift given which includes that true knowledge is the act of being harmless to all beings. (Knowledge without God consciousness is black magic and creates karmic imbalances of pain and suffering in the world) This true knowledge then gives the being Ultimate Liberation, as death, pain and suffering all become meaningless in the overall picture. Right Liberation is a complete and abiding peace, experiencing your direct safety and connection is At One with God Source. Unity becomes the natural state of being.

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