Where Can I Start?
The following is important information and steps to introduce you to the ES material and provide tools to utilize right away!
Clear your Mind
Without developing Self Awareness and ego discipline, the untamed Negative Ego is exploited by Mind Control.
Krystal Aegis
Sometimes we need some help getting ourselves back to clarity and balance. Krystal Aegis is a Self study Guardian support program to clear out negative energies.
Love the Earth
PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE - Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings.
Dark Night of the Soul
These phases of spiritual development are unavoidable, as the Ego Death must occur for resurrection of the spiritual body and mind. All must enter the Dark Night of the Soul or spiritual crisis, perhaps many times during the cyclical process of evolution during the spiritual ascension process. The planet is undergoing a global level of the Dark Night of the Planetary Collective Soul during the Ascension Cycle.
Quieting the Mind
Meditation is the skill of focusing 100% of your energy and attention in one specific area in the present moment.

It is important to be able to identify abusers, liars, predators and psychopaths as people traumatized by terrible pain, soul fragmentation and spiritual disconnection. When people are utterly controlled by negative ego dysfunction and have no impulse control and they live in self-deception. A person who is deceiving themselves has no other alternative but to deceive others because they have little to no clarity.

As we build better and practical ways of discerning trustworthiness and competency, we also gain confidence to build stronger intuition in such matters, where the checklist is not required. As is made clear here in these checklists, the more severe the Negative Ego dysfunction the more potentially disconnected the person is from their heart, intuition, self-awareness and spiritual source. This immediately gives one a gauge to measure what level a person can be trusted, no matter what words they may be speaking.

In the severe stages of Narcissism and Psychopathy, the veneer of seduction, charisma and “mimicry” of empathic reactions that are geared for manipulation to serve one’s egocentric needs, and can be seen much more clearly over time. It is very common for people that base their leadership or authority on controlling behaviors and tyrannical principles, to aggressively manipulate others by creating a façade of charisma from mimicking what they have found people want to hear from their wounded ego parts. (see Leadership Vs. Tyranny)

Many people do not want to hear or know the truth; they want to be lulled to sleep by fantasy delusions. Megalomaniacs that thrive on taking power and having control over others, are master manipulators of telling people lies based on what they want to hear or believe.

This is the tough part. We have to ask if we are able to seek the honest factual truth of behavioral interactions or have people feed us lies that are flattering or comfortable for our wounded ego parts.

Otherwise we reinforce the delusion in the person/circumstance and we become enablers, allowing them to continue to perpetrate deceptions in the group through their own self-deception. Promoting and enabling delusions leads to pathological thinking and spreads a fabricated reality through “false impressions”. This false impression is the spin on perceptions that are designed to serve the agenda of the ego, narcissistic or psychopath.

Again, it is important to be able to identify abusers, liars, predators and psychopaths as people traumatized by terrible pain, Soul Fragmentation and spiritual disconnection. When people are utterly controlled by negative ego dysfunction and have no impulse control and they live in self-deception. A person who is deceiving themselves has no other alternative but to deceive others because they have little to no clarity. Why would we trust resources and give value to the words spoken in the skewed theories of a person/group/family member/organization that is a repeatedly demonstrated as a massive ego with behaviors that are abusive, predatorial or deceptive?

Controlling Behavior

Controlling Behavior runs the gamut in wounded personalities of people that have low self-esteem, fear based thoughts and when these fears are left unchecked, this need to control others may progress into narcissistic and Psychopathic behaviors. One important point to understand about controlling behavior is that it will always lead to some form of psychological or Emotional Manipulation which promotes deception and lying.

The need to assert Control over others leads to levels of perpetuating forms of Manipulation. The Manipulation of others leads to varying degrees of Deception and Lying. Control + Manipulation = Deception/Lying.

There is no part of this equation that can be in consent with Krystic forces or god spirit, so this is an imperative piece to master within the self.

What is Lying?

A Lie is simply defined:

  • To make a statement that one knows to be false, especially with the intention to deceive and manipulate for personal gain.
  • To intentionally give a false impression.
  • Any circumstance is meant to give a false impression that may be favorable to one’s personal gain or personal agenda.
  • Self-deceptive people can appear to believe they are telling the truth, however without clarity beyond egocentric behavior, they are unable to tell the truth consistently and are untrustworthy.

Common Deception Techniques with Lying

Different Deception techniques that involve Lying:


To invent or perpetrate a false story with the intent to deceive or mislead. This story may be pathologically believed or exaggerated in its importance from lack of clarity and discernment. Conversely the disinformation and discredit agenda is to make the information lack credibility, to ridicule or diminish its quality. This will be attempted publically, if the person feels threatened, or as such, the NAA seeks to damage the character credibility through humiliation and ridicule based on control and tyrannical principles. (i.e. bully, victim, etc.)Confuse: to employ tactics to divert attention from the real issue, to argue and create dissent specifically with intent to confuse the issue, confuse the group, or deliberately use ambiguity or doublespeak in order to deceive or mislead. This is many times shows up as, “do not look here, let me confuse you to stay focused on minutiae of unrelated details, or divert energy and attention to me and my agenda”.


To change the subject of discussion or inquiry in order to avoid the truth (for example, one might pretend to be offended in order to stop a conversation about one's questionable actions). Also a egocentric personality may have a hard time not being the center of attention and will act in ways to derail focus of a person, or group, in order to gain attention, accolades or approval. Persons with Guru Complex may potentially use the “derailing” technique to divert attention to them. This is to gain followers, friends and feel influential through the use of false friend flattery and other types of seductive and charismatic communications. Guru types can act like a salesman that promotes themselves.

A Lie of Omission

Lies of Omission are the most insidious, most pervasive, and most common lie that is perpetuated on the entire planet. Commonly, those who use this type of lie have tricked themselves into believing that to intentionally remain silent when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up, is not a lie at all. This is used as a tactic to generate false impressions, to promote something that appears to be something that it is really not. This human frailty of lies of Omission is 100% responsible for the Negative Alien Agenda and its Archontic Deception promoting psychopaths as leaders which influence the population, thriving on planet earth. The anti-dote to Lies of Omission, is to speak the honest truth to the people around you in the best way you are capable.

Common Manipulation Techniques

What are some of the most common Manipulation techniques?

LYING: It is important to notice that people will frequently lie about things; maybe it seems to be a “little white lie” or is very ambiguous with what they are saying. They may exaggerate to make something seem what it is really not. This is so that you question your own ability to remember the facts and to lean towards trusting what the manipulator is saying even when it’s a lie. When one is dealing with a master manipulator it is useful to take notes or even record the conversation in so that you memorialize what has been said, as well as make it available to others around you in so that there are witnesses to the event. It is important to not allow a manipulator and Controller type person to have any direct authoritative power that is not seen or accountable to others.

GUILT TRIPS: Most everyone knows what it feels like to be guilt tripped by another person; usually we learn this behavior early from a family member. However, many manipulators are advanced with clever guilt trips when a person is open hearted and Compassionate. Generally it’s about making you feel bad or sorry for something that may not even be something you did or are responsible for. Open hearted and caring, giving people have to remember our feelings and our energies matter too. Many times what you can give is not enough so a guilt trip is to tell you what a bad person you are because you did not give the manipulator what they wanted, when they wanted it. I have found many times if I do not jump when someone else says jump, they will lay on a guilt trip with some kind of manipulation. This happens a lot in the spiritual communities.

BEING VAGUE TO CONFUSE: It is obvious that many techniques of manipulation are sneaky and underhanded. The manipulator may communicate in confusing terms and unclear manners that are hard to follow or understand. They may be passive-aggressive or aligning colleagues or friends into an agenda against you. In this example, in every way attempt to communicate openly, transparently, and as honestly as it’s possible to all that may be involved. This method to create confusion and doubt happens in the hidden whispering of gossip and triangulation, usually manipulations like this are behind the scenes or in the shadows. Bring the facts to the light and speak clearly and transparently, tell the manipulator to take a hike. Bring awareness to the importance of engendering open communications between people that are required to build trust.

PRETENDING TO WANT TO HELP: This is a big issue in any group, community or organizational setting. Certainly this is a painful issue we have dealt with here in the ES community. Manipulators and control freaks actually like to pretend to be helpful even though that is not really their real motivation. What they really want is a sense of control over something or access to someone. It may be that there is some power trip, status or personal goal that is believed can be achieved by pretending to be helpful to someone else. Many times these people create a lot of destruction and extra work in the guise of” being helpful”. Then when the person/organization who is supposed to be receiving the help is getting a bunch of extra problems, the person uses guilt trips to say how unappreciated and undervalued they really are. Open communication and assessment of qualifications and emotional maturity are a must in any organization which concerns a group.

NO ACCOUNTABILITY: When we understand how manipulation works, we want to discern the situation or person for Accountability. Manipulators will always blame others for their misdeeds, bad behavior or misfortune. If they are progressed to Narcissism, they may believe they are perfect and beyond reproach. Stopping the blaming game of manipulators is the key to preventing this kind of deception to take hold. If a person starts with shameless blaming or making it your fault when its clearly not, do not be intimidated and tell the truth.

DOUBLESPEAK: Manipulators like to take any statement that has been said and turn it around or twist its meaning in order to use it against you. Usually with manipulators that are good with Doublespeak the conversation will be mixed with ambiguous and confusing language that together when it all adds up does not make any logical sense. Many times it’s a lot of words, with no meaning or substance. Sometimes a part of it may make sense but the rest of the conversation has no connection to what has been said. Doublespeak is a lack of coherence, the person may come off as intelligent using certain words, but they are either confused or attempting to confuse others away from seeing the truth. You may have listened to this person talk for an hour, and have no idea what the point really was in the conversation. This may also happen a lot in relationships with close emotional bonds and will effectively destroy the trust and intimacy between people. When we use private or vulnerable issues and we use as a weapon for Doublespeak, it is emotionally damaging. Speaking what you mean and expressing clear, accurate words, is extremely important. Say what you mean and do what you say.

PSYCHIC VAMPIRE: A psychic vampire is a person who drain others energies and may intentionally drain any positive energy or happiness in another. Manipulation tactics to make a generally happy person feel bad or to take their energy away, the vampire will use condescending or belittling behavior. They may use intimidation and bullying to make another feel unsafe, or completely dependent on them. Generally these people put others on edge, where one feels they must walk on egg shells to not upset this person, or get their wrath. You may not know what sets them off at any moment. If you notice the energy wither away whenever a certain person walks into the room, you should protect yourself and amplify your 12D shield.(See Emotional Manipulation)

Creating healthy boundaries and being able to exist in one’s space where one can breathe easy, relax and feel comfortable to be themselves, is everyone’s right. Many times as loving and krystic beings we forget to take care of ourselves in the face of demanding, controlling or manipulating people. This is an important time to take care of oneself and to note that this controlling and manipulating phenomena will increase in the environment due to fear, insecurity and confusion in the masses. Many people are having emotional traumas and tantrums as they revert into childlike behavior. The dark forces take advantage of that vulnerability in people whom have not made an effort to understand and clear their Negative Ego. These people are prime motivation for dark force manipulationthat comes with a person that has bad habits of emotional manipulation. As you become aware of how Emotional Manipulation works, pay attention to stop all manipulating behaviors in yourself. This is critical at this time.With a Loving heart, Lisa

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