July 2008
By Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Over the past few months we have been undergoing a process of gradual particle acceleration.
This particle acceleration is a natural dynamic of physics that exists at the quantum level. It is this exchange that creates a faster momentum, pulsing between the fission and fusion that exists between the antiparticle and particle mass. To understand this level of our Ascension process, remember that we are merging our Particle magnetic-female principle selves with our Anti-particle electric-male principle selves into a merged non-charged field at the zero point. This merging of our particles into the Zero Point is an event that is happening at every level and layer of our hologram, at the personal level, Planetary level, Universal level and so forth.

The Living Breath of God

The best way to begin to understand this process is to compare it to the Living Breath of God Source that is the Law of All Creation. All of the Universal creation emulates the In-Breath and Out-breath emanating from the Center point of All Union, the God Source. As we are made in the image of God, we are also emulating this principle of the Law. Take a moment to feel this as a guided visualization. As you take a deep inhaling breath, this is the In-breath of God, breathing in the God Particle principle of the Universe. As you hold your breath, or the space between the breath, this is the still point or zero point of God, where all is emanated and originally sourced from. As you exhale, this is the Out-breath of God, exhaling the Anti-particle principle of the Universal creational field. As you Inhale and Exhale consciously following the movement of your breath, you will be able to note that this is the fission and fusion movement that exists between the particle and antiparticle relationship of our Universe. It is this relationship that manifests into a particle form such as our physical bodies, as we experience it in this density. As the fission and fusion exchange is accelerated, it changes the pulsing momentum and the charge of the frequency field it is creating. It is also important to note that our Creation, our Universal Hologram through the process of this fission and fusion, is like a light switch turning on and off perpetually. We are able to experience form creation through the principles of the Living Breath of God Source, perpetually breathing in and out, or turning on and off between the particle and anti-particle mass. This is the process of alchemy that manifests form as we experience it.

And this is exactly what is being radically altered on our planet and within our bodies right now.

Core Magnetic Field Change

This is changing the atmospheric layer of the planet’s magnetic field, as well as the magnetic tone resonance that emanates from the inner core of our planet. As above, So below. Science understands this core resonance tone as the Schumann Resonance. Both of these levels of the planet’s magnetic structure are tied to how the frequency code instruction set is relayed into every level of our holographic blueprint. This instruction set is the base code of how our hologram is written, similar to how a computer programmer writes html code to create an internet page or program. This means the core architecture of our planet, the core foundation of the principles of matter as it manifests, is being altered and changed.

This has created another larger shift in the magnetic pole positions and the true north position that is used by GPS Satellites and Aircraft for navigation. We will see these functions failing or not working well in the near future, such as in our auto navigation systems and technology which is tied to GPS satellite transmissions.

This also includes changes impacting our brain neural net transmissions, such as our personal identity matrix level, as well as how we think and recall memories.  How our DNA structure actually operates, as well as how the particles are actually condensed into appearing as a manifested physical form. This is our gravitational pull, the Earth’s force of gravity. Needless to say this is a huge change we are undergoing.

So let’s talk more about the dynamics of this changing magnetic field, as there is quite a lot that we will continue to experience as a result of this change. From the Guardian perspective this has reached a level of critical mass on the planet and we will have many more human beings being influenced by and experiencing these changes directly.

Summer Solstice Transmission

The Summer Solstice transmission during June was a momentous event that has stabilized a different ratio of particle charge to the magnetic field layer, within our planetary ionosphere. The ionosphere is the uppermost part of the planet’s atmosphere, distinguished because it is ionized by solar radiation. The ionization levels depend primarily on the Sun and its activity. The amount of ionization in the ionosphere varies greatly with the amount of radiation received from the sun. We have recently had unprecedented massive solar flare activity and this is the associated release of charged particles into the solar wind, which reaches the Earth and interacts with its geomagnetic field. Ionization is the physical process of converting an atom or molecule into an ion, by adding or removing charged particles such as electrons or other ions.

Remember that charged particles or particle polarization is what creates the illusion of duality and of separative identity within the dynamics of our hologram. Additionally as we undergo changes in the ratio of electrons to protons as a result of this magnetic change, the particle polarization will lose its charge and effectively become neutral. This is the Zero Point effect of no charge or no polarity and its alignment, that we are preparing for during this Ascension Cycle.

A note about Electrons and Protons. A body has an electric charge when that body has more or fewer electrons than are required to balance the positive charge of the nuclei. When there is an excess of electrons, the object is said to be negatively charged. When there are fewer electrons than protons, the object is said to be positively charged. When the number of electrons and the number of protons are equal, their charges cancel each other out and the object is said to be electrically neutral.

So let’s recap to remember that as we are healing the polarity existing within our body, it is represented as an Electrical male principle, right side, and a Magnetic female principle, left side field, which have operated separately. This has created a perception of duality and the illusion of separation. We are now entering a new territory with these changing magnetic fields that are beginning to merge us into the possibility of the Zero Point Neutral Field. This is the spiritual goal of our Ascension Plan, biological ascension merging us into the neutral fields of our completion”as divine beings, embodying the Cosmic Christ Intelligences. The God Matrix energy at the Center of All Creation exists at the physics particle level as a Zero Point Field.

Choppy Magnetics

This brings us to our Guardians who had an interesting commentary on this. They mention that previously the inner magnetic core of the planet used to have a resonant magnetic wave, which reverberated out from the core in a consistent unbroken frequency tone, like a long humming sound. This tone is the Schumann Resonance. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonance

They describe the previous magnetic sound wave was emanating from the earth core as a solid line like this: ____________________________________________.

Now they say the magnetic tone is starting to flash in sequence to the fission-fusion event merging between the anti-particle and particle mass. From their perspective this is giving us a new magnetic quality tone which is like this:
________ _______ ________ ________ _______ ________.

They mention this magnetic change is why it may feel like you are walking along your pathway and then experience a sensation of falling into an energetic density hole. They call this an experience of choppy magnetics, similarl to a boat experiencing choppy waves while in the sea. As you keep moving forward it seems to smooth out again for a time, until you have a sensory experience like you have fallen into another energetic hole. Also it is compared to having the experience of the Push-pull, Push–pull of the energies. Often times it can feel discombobulating as your orientation to space/time has shifted, while you were dropped into the in-between spaces. Such things as memory recall may have lapses, like forgetting what you were doing momentarily, while having incongruency in communications with others and disruption in communications are common.

Ego Wiring Short Out

This brings us to another recent observation while in 3D fields of perception that is quite surreal. Those persons still operating at solely the Ego consciousness, rely primarily on the personality level that exists within the first three layers of the lightbody or chakras. If the being is disconnected from its soul matrix, or has had no interest in developing itself spiritually and energetically, you may start to witness its ego program starting to short circuit. This is usually witnessed in a person unable to communicate coherently or even logically, as if they are speaking one thing and doing another. They get caught in a binary thought processing, such as Its Black, No Its White and they are not even aware that what they have just expressed makes absolutely no sense at all. Also aberrant outbursts of anger or anxiety, inappropriately expressed in a purely reactionary moment, while acting like it never happened is also becoming more common. This is the way the body is letting out suppressed or repressed emotional energy.

What you are witnessing here is that the being’s energy field is completely incongruent with the expression of the ego’s conditioned programming. The ego is rapidly losing its linear coherence. It’s so deeply unconscious for many who are still firmly entrenched in the 3D energy field, that they are not aware they are operating on auto pilot from a buried or unhealed trauma pattern. As mentioned several times this year, 2008 is marking a period of much more intensified frequency exposure that is creating more stress on the brain, neural net and the central nervous system. Neurological impairments, cranial nerve issues, brain chemistry imbalances and their related disorders, will be more common disease patterns showing up in the masses. Slowing down, giving your body the necessary rest and recovery, meditation and supplementation will allay these symptoms. Please listen to your body and take care of yourself when you are heeded.


Also conversely we are experiencing a critical mass where finally many of our friends and family are recognizing we have some important knowledge to impart. Over the years after receiving much eye rolling and comments about our current sanity level, many of these members of our family are starting to acknowledge we actually knew what we were talking about. As in, What was that you said again? This is something we have been hearing from others. It has been a time of verification and appreciation, to have people you never thought would get it, join the evolution party. For the most part this has been a beautiful testament to our faith and that much of the hardest work or parts of our process are completing. The support we have asked for is finally starting to arrive. How fulfilling it is to begin to experience reciprocal relationships with more people who are actually engaging with this level of seeing you! As an Ascension Wayshower, you can now appreciate all that you really signed up for.

The Un-Identity

As explained, all of these magnetic shifts are changing the global brain, not to mention our own personal experience of our identity. Since the March Equinox Activation we have been undergoing another level of personality dissolution and physical body adjustment. This was dissolving membranes that literally held together our intelligence fields, operating within our ego’s personality program that were enmeshed with our physical body. Literally the placement of these intelligences within our lightbody and physical body has moved. The Guardians mention this activation and change was markedly different, as it has had a new quality in the way it’s being processed physically. This was more direct in focusing on clearing the material forces that synthesize within the physical-elemental body itself. Generally we had done a lot of clearing work in the spiritual levels of the lightbody and now we have met a clearing and ego dissolution, as it had existed within the physical elemental vehicle.

To add to this, many of us while undergoing this level of dismantle at the physical-material level that comprises our elemental body, are also undergoing a huge initiation. The Guardians mention during this summer many of us are undergoing a walk-in process that is much more accelerated than that of a frequency initiation. Since it’s so intense it is happening in gradual layers, seemingly for most it is needing to be completed by this September. This feels like your God Self and Higher Self, or forces you have yet to identify have commandeered and taken over the direction of your body.

What used to be known as your personal goals, plans, strategies and future visions by and large have fallen by the wayside. Ideas of who you may think you are and where you are going, change like you change your underwear. You wonder if you have become one of those people you used to view as unstable and flakey. For many now the bottom line is you are on hiatus and need to be more sequestered and quiet, to integrate this new level of your being. It is the time to have hyper-awareness in the now moment, while utilizing non-attached receptivity to all that appears in your path. (see last month’s Non-attached Receptivity). You are seemingly given a finite amount of energy to use to maintain your basic storefront structure, and the rest seems to depleted at the end of the day like a deflated tire. Many of us need to slow down and take time off during this month of July specifically.  This is a huge process underway now, so please do not resist it or think something is wrong with you. Accept and accept some more. Your core identity, everything that you were is being reconfigured and realigned to support your true self. Just walk the path of what is in front of you, that is all that is required now.

Also it is important to note that our 3D physical body is heavily permeated with the existence of layer upon layer of mind programs. As such, for many heavily entrenched in their ego identity, the physical body will perish without its belief system operating within its core ego structure. This level of being will have the most difficulty in the coming times. This is why we are witnessing and will continue to witness the Ego Wiring Short out. The physical body has been genetically modified and intricately manipulated to be intertwined with our physical sense of a 3D self-identity. And this identity has been mostly entrenched in survival patterning, instinctual reactions and fear programs.

As we straddle the two worlds, this area within us may be triggered into experiencing anxiety or fears. Try to connect to your physical self, let yourself know all is well and let the pattern be revealed and released through the physical location of your body. This level of clearing is very physical and talking to your physical body, by asking it what it needs and honoring all its doing for you is helpful. Physical body care, being in nature, soaking in mineral tubs, and all forms of loving care should be on your to do list.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path! We are here as One!

Love, Lisa Renee