Introductory Articles
Getting acquainted with Ascension terms, these articles help to make it understandable.
Clear your Mind
Without developing Self Awareness and ego discipline, the untamed Negative Ego is exploited by Mind Control.
Unity is Trustworthiness
We must build Trustworthiness in order to create Unity!
Ascension Tools
These are beginner exercises, clearing techniques, and focusing tools that are a part of the ES Ascension Toolkit to help you learn foundation exercises to better develop self mastery skills.
ES Core Triad
Build your spiritual house for your highest consciousness. Practice the ES Core Triad Daily.
Love the Earth
PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE - Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings.

These intense times during the Ascension cycle requires accelerated clearing of old and dense energies from our bodies and the planet. This is required in order to access the higher reality fields that are now being exposed to the Earth. These higher reality fields are carried here in a concentrated energetic structure referred to as the “Frequency Hubs”. These are anchored into this dimensional plane creating energetic portal windows in various demographic locations on the planet. These "ascending hubs" were specifically placed on energetic planetary vortices in a type of concentric circled geometric pattern. They appear similar in appearance as to “crop circles” a phenomena that we have been familiarized with over the past few years. These hubs provide frequency to be stationed to stabilize the planet’s grid from interference while allowing accelerated frequency transmission to humans in an unprecedented format.

These energetic Frequency Hubs begin an entirely new level of Earth experience and response. These Hubs are an array of extremely concentrated high vibrating energies that also allow access to life forms (i.e. Et's)  never before present to this reality. One purpose of these new Frequency Hubs is to energetically sustain the Lightworkers (Indigos and various soul groups) on the Ascension mission to expedite their next evolution level.

Soul Groups are beginning to assemble and recognize each other to support the connection to the new Frequency Hubs and to further activate cellular memory. There are three main streams of Blue Ray souls emerging in what has been referred to as “Indigo Typing”. Together these Blue Ray Souls create the Indigo Shield to support the planet body to help her move the earth kingdoms into the Ascension. There are also Platinum Indigo's that are here to recode the 12D string harmonics into the planet field in order to recreate the Organic Christ Consciousness Grid, a group 12 D shield. 

The Guardians make reference in more detail of the Indigo Types and that each of these Indigo Types have specific expertise in a certain area of the Ascension process. The Frequency Hubs better facilitate the frequency required for cellular activation to occur to access this particular information in the Indigo’s emotional/heart centers and its cognitive functioning. Many of these Indigo’s will be further activated and recruited for more visible roles in the world. Indigo's have come to help the planet undergo the Ascension process, and act as an energetic acupuncture point to re-code frequency and work with the planetary grids. This is the lightbody function as when an Indigo becomes awakened, many are working with the planetary grids whether they are aware of that fact or not.

In closing, rest assured that if you ask for guidance and participate with your ascension process, your path will be revealed to you very “directly.” Divine order works within a “Need to Know” basis. We may not get every detail sorted out, as we cannot control it through our ego will. However one must learn to participate and have a desire to learn how to connect with themselves, their inner spirit, or they will experience suffering. This is to gently nudge everyone to make the changes required and learn how to transform with our ascending planet. 

Everyone can learn to create and contribute to the higher Frequency Hubs on the planet. Through learning the 12D shield, one is not only strengthening and protecting their personal aura, they are contributing to the planet consciously by participating directly with the raising of frequency to unity consciousness. 

At this time there is incredible gratitude and expanded support for us in the multidimensional realms. We thank you for being a part of these incredible times of the Earth’s Revolution to Free Evolution!



"The Love that you withhold is the pain that you carry - from lifetime to lifetime..." ~the Andromedans to Alex Collier

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