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Through the Commitment of Building the Integrity of the Spiritual House ( Body) there are some areas to participate consciously with in order to be able to know what needs to be healed. When we become clear and apply conscious awareness - we can remove the confusion and then the obfuscation that is created by the dark/negative forces.

Take this level of information at your own pace. When reviewing ES monthly teleclasses from June 2009 to current it is important you complete the meditation treatments given at the end of each class. Since November 2009 our planet has been massively accelerated in a mind control and “aura” harness technology. These treatments are designed to release the “ enslavement harness” and the collective mental programs that are a part of the mass consciousness. We are shifting our physical bodies from 3D vibration where the frequency fences are to higher vibrating structures. We are building these structures and when the body can attune to them you are able to be shifted to them and released of these “ harnesses”. This is why we are giving you this information, please have patience and know this is designed to shift core cellular structures and remove cellular memory imbeds, it is more than just “ absorbing information”.

Complete Step One through Step Four.

Continual Daily Use: Use ES Core Triad Practices

Step Five:

Build and strengthen your Krystal Aegis Diamond Breastplate (KADB) through the April 2013 Meditation here.

Build and strengthen the KADB with running 144 harmonics through the September 2013 Meditation here.

Introduction to start to re-educate the way you mentally think about the nature of reality by learning about a new evolutionary and historical context, taking in only that which resonates truly with your own heart. This is how one begins to learn how to think differently ( reprogram the mind)  in order to be freed of hidden mind control programs. Go at your own pace and allow processing time. Systematically go through one Monthly Ascension Teleclass and companion Meditation Treatment ( as included at the end of the class) and one Psychic Self Defense Class weekly or bi-weekly.

Love, Lisa

Daily Protocal – Core ES Practices

Core daily techniques to use in building your “spiritual house”

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Introductory Handbook

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Learning Material – Monthly Class Material

Jan 2009 – Redeemer to Revealer, resigning from mind control

June 2009 – Current – All monthly Classes in order – Important to do each meditation in order also.

Psychic Self Defense Series

Audio Classes One through Nine with practice techniques

YouTube Ascension Classes

Watch Ascension Classes as you feel guided when you need an visual tool rather than an audio class.

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