This series of information has been compiled with the purpose of bringing a variety of tools to achieve increased self-awareness, and to improve inner energetic balance through multidimensional body integration. The emphasis with all of these workshops, tools, and exercises is to learn how to increase personal self-awareness through the multidimensional body system model. There is a tremendous amount of information below with core support practices to build integration within your basic FOUR BODY layered system. Integration and negative ego awareness comes from being in balance with oneself and establishing the right relationship to “self” (Therefore establishing the right relationship to God Source) The more balanced and integrated we are, the better we are able to connect and embody our spiritual bodies.

Induction techniques and template encoding (genetic updates through schematics and technique) are about 20% of the process of establishing light body integration and the inner energetic balance required to achieve Higher Self Alignment. The other 80% is putting what you know into practice and living from right alignment and in harmony with your inner source light. Remember that God Consciousness is 100% of EVERYTHING, it transcends linear technique and thought. When one sets intention with a daily spiritual practice and the discipline to be aligned with the inner core self, when one asks God/Krystal consciousness for intervention, one will receive the information one needs to know in the priority one needs to know it. (The ES Core Triad is the suggested daily spiritual practice) Alignment to God/Krystal consciousness is about the re-harmonization of the “self”. When we are in harmony with ourselves we are in harmony with the environment. When this inner balance occurs in the spiritually embodied individual, that person is then is capable to get access to the higher intelligence fields. When we choose to live outside of 3D ego programs and allow our inner spirit to be the authority which governs our actions and behaviors, one ceases to be mind controlled at the level the general masses are operating. When we free our mind and heal our emotional wounds, it is the roadmap to sovereignty, freedom and inner peace.

Remember that Energetic Balance Accesses Spiritual Genius

Achieving energetic balance is the goal at every level of one’s inner and outer being in order to maximize the genius present within each and every one of us. Every one of us has a genius living inside of our body. That genius is the creative expression of the unlimited potential of your spiritual or soul expression. As you become more adept at Higher Sensory Perception you will open more neurological circuits that allow an exchange between your brain and your spiritual intelligence. This intelligence is unlimited and can accomplish things your mind would never imagine or dream of. Be aware of clearing limited or destructive belief systems stemming from mind control and open your heart to the genius of your soul. The spiritual soul intelligence communicates with your body non-linearly; it is an energetic spiral. So learning to feel, develop sensory ability and put your ego mind aside, will open you to new levels of intelligence possibility. Find your spiritual genius and shine it into the world!

This series of Energetic Self Mastery Tools are provided to progress forward with the HGS and find greater ease at every level of one’s personal life. Please take what you resonate with and discard the rest.


Powerpoint download

I have included the Introduction on Energetic Self Mastery workshop which takes you through the FOUR BODY SYSTEM and gives bullet points of guided exercise for bringing awareness to balance and integrate the multi-body system. This is the beginning information to work with your multi-body system to bring multidimensional body awareness. This May 2010 workshop is from the Quester conference in Calgary and has this powerpoint presentation and the filmed class available on youtube. It is suggested to watch the class and go through the power point presentation together.

MULTIDIMENSIONAL ORIENTATION: Recognizing where one is primarily orientated in our bodies helps us to communicate between those bodies and become more integrated between all of the multi-dimensional selves. This brings improved self-awareness to personally develop the inner clarity required for accurate and clear Higher Sensory Perception (HSP).

Which bodies do you primarily energetically station within (Identify with as a self) and which bodies are you neglecting? Where can you achieve better balance between all of your bodies for improved communication and integration of the selves? Ask to communicate with each of these bodies directly and to link all communication centers between these levels of intelligence.

Physical/Environmental – Keynotes: Sensual and highly responsive to touch, taste and external stimulation. Enjoying the tasting of foods and other culinary sensations, food and drink (consumption) , the smell of aromas and fragrances, physical affection or touch, like massage or body work, sexuality and physical fitness, such as sports, hiking and being in nature. When extreme external stimulus is required it is usually an adrenaline response for the person to feel “alive” again and find the creative energies within. Planetary enslavement has exacerbated this physical addiction imbalance in most people.

Mental/ Social – Keynotes: Highly responsive to synergy of sharing and/or discovering mental and intellectual concepts, learning, discussions and dialogues. Communication and to be heard. Receiving and giving feedback. May be a loner and isolated from the lack of emotional and spiritual development ( when difficult relating to others harmoniously) or desire communal and group setting for continual discussion. May be over reliant on logic and linear proof to verify reality experiences that form mental and social belief systems.

Emotional/Instinctual – Keynotes: Responsive to the waves and sensations of the emotional bodies, in its lower form, otherwise known as the pain body which stimulates the 2D instinctual body. This instinctual body is a lower vibration of the emotional sensory experience. The instinctual body is not a real emotional body, its drawn from desires and addictions created from emotional body and soul body damage. The instinctual body operates in astral plane delusions and fantasies. The instinctual body will influence or block higher sensory perception when excessive fear is operating in the person. The higher emotional body is the heart chakra and higher vibrational sensory experiences. The real emotional body connects to a force of pure love and this “love” can be felt and experienced as a force that pervades the senses and not something that is “activated” through an object of desire. Highly responsive to sounds, tones and music.

Spiritual/Energetic – Keynotes: Responsive to the quality of energies, environmental forces, and the world of energetic frequencies, innate awareness of energy both in the self and the environment. When sensitive to energies one will be more sensitive to others, because the feeling of another is apparent when energetic awareness is a part of the sensory perception experience. Attunement to energies allows better self-awareness through the responsiveness of how one’s personal energies impact others and the environment. When sensitive to energies and intelligent fields one organically wants to be harmless to life, harmless to others. This is the understanding of the Golden Rule, to treat others how you would like to be treated, as it is recognized and revealed that we are all connected.


  1. ACCEPTANCE: Learn to practice acceptance and adaptability to where you find yourself in your life right now. Believe in a Higher Power and a purpose greater than your Self. Be willing to choose something else and invite other possibilities into your life. Let go of needing to be right, needing to be hurt and accept the circumstances and people involved, right where they are now.
  2. ARCHETYPES OF DRAMA: Deepening the awareness and observation of our self as we identify the archetypes and characters that run around in our mental ideas and personality that we show the world. These characters are the key players in creating your emotional drama reactions and their sabotaging behavior patterns. We can especially use the HGS Collective Mind pages to identify, locate and remove and repair (ILRR) obsolete and harmful archetypes of drama and trauma, from running our lives in our present, past and future. Get them out of the driver’s seat of the negative ego and hand the authority over to your Avatar Christ self. Resign from the mind control matrix by forfeiting the archetypes of drama as a governing authority over your identity.
  3. ATTENTION : Where do you focus your attention? Where you focus your attention is what you make your priority. Mastering your focus is mastering your freedom. Meditation is the skill of focusing 100% of your energy and attention in one specific area in the present moment. How long can you sustain your focused attention in one area through meditation?
  4. COMPASSIONATE WITNESS : Through the sustained state of the neutral observer one becomes the point of god’s light dispensed as loving compassion through your body and into the world and towards others. The Power of Compassion is directed naturally by the intelligent design of God’s Living Essence when embodied in a human that has achieved a neutral observer mode. This living essence heals bodies, changes timelines (elevates outcomes), reveals deception, activates light-body, retrieves soul fragments and connects to the Universal Mind’s Pure Genius in order to resolve all energetic conflict between parties. Intelligently designed to create Unification, its core essence seeks to resolve, reconcile, rehabilitate and harmonize.
  5. CONFRONT BELIEFS: When we are distressed or embroiled in emotional conflicts with others or within circumstances, confront the belief that is creating the pain or distress inside you. What is the thought or belief that is limiting, destructive or creating pain in you? Confront that thought and its belief now. How do you react and feel towards that thought? Is that thought absolutely the factual truth and are you being completely honest with yourself? Who are you if you decide to give up this thought? What thought can you replace that is truly empowering you to move away from that pain and choose something else?
  6. EMOTIONAL BALANCE: Ask to inquire on the inner study of your emotions. The state of one’s emotions determine what kind of experience we are having. It is us that determines the quality of our relationships and the quality of our life by the emotions we are feeling. Our emotions and their lower drives are extremely powerful forces in our lives. Our unresolved emotional conflicts and their fears will keep us from doing the things we love and sabotage our spiritual growth. Our spiritual growth is directly related to our emotional balance. This is why ascension is 99% emotional healing. One must resolve emotional conflicts, wounds, inner fears and pain in order to grow the self-awareness required to become conscious to participate with the spiritual bodies. The soul is the true emotional body, to recover her we must heal her.
  7. FORGIVENESS: To forgive another person or circumstance is the most generous thing one can do for yourself. When we forgive others for perceived transgressions it frees us from the bonds, entanglements and cords which manifest painful patterns such as judgments, resentments, and anger. Forgiving yourself is the most important action one can take to clearing self-sabotaging bonds of victimhood and their painful wounds
  8. GRATITUDE: Be sure to pay attention to those things in your life that you are grateful for. Give thanks in your heart and verbally to others. When you learn to give your mind a new interpretation of your reality, you begin to see an entirely different world. With this practice of giving gratitude for our lives, we become aware of our personal stories, point of view, emotional states and our power to create. Giving gratitude creates happiness in our heart.
  9. NEUTRAL: Practice finding the impeccability to align fully with your words, thoughts, emotions and deeds. Find the point of power in every circumstance by finding the neutral place of observation. Practice neutral when communicating with other people and pay attention to strong opinions or judgments that may surface. It is you that will pay heavily for those strong opinions or judgments. Find neutrality to learn integrity within the self.
  10. QUIET THE MIND: Stopping the Internal Dialogue. Developing a skills set of directed focus along with quieting the mind to stop the incessant chatter of internal dialogue is required for self-awareness and inner spiritual connection. Can you be a listener rather than a talker? Stop, listen and determine what the message, sensations and feelings mean to you from being internally and externally in complete silence. The Universe is speaking to you in the silence through subtle sensations. What is it saying to you?
  11. RECOVERING PERSONAL POWER: Our personal power is to choose our inner resonance and act upon our guidance regardless what others think or say. We have an extraordinary amount of it at our disposal based upon the choices we make in our perception and the attitudes that we have at every moment. Unfortunately without self-awareness or clarity of purpose, we unknowingly waste our energies and personal power on self-sabotaging agreements. Bring your awareness to every word that comes out of your mouth, and every thought in your mind. Be aware of the congruency of living in alignment to the words you speak. If one learns to be in their personal power and truth, this state of being will teach one to see clearly the agreements that others live by as well. Being in your personal power means that you allow others to choose to be in their personal power also.
  12. SPHERE OF INFLUENCE: This is to pay attention to the impact of one’s personal energies, auric field and body upon others and the environment. As your spiritual growth and bodies expand consciousness, your sphere of influence in the world will also expand. Observe the impact of your light bodies, frequency upon the environment, nature, animals, and other people. As you sense these energetic impacts one may work with these energies to step them down or step them up in natural harmony with the environment. As you become in harmony with the environment, one can become transparent to the group energies which allows the self-organized source light to naturally harmonize the environment and others around you. This brings forth a peaceful, loving and compassionate state of being, as the natural sphere of your influence upon the world.


(Inner Balance, Spiritual Centering, Finding Peace within)


Our Responsibility is to Align with Our Spiritual Core (20 minutes 26 seconds)

These are my Introduction to Ascension audio files. Listen to all audio tracks – As a suggested tool for a daily exercise spiritual practice or particular healing objective.













Shifting Mental Pain with Interpretation Analysis

In order to clear and shift mind control and negative thoughts from running one’s life, one must identify them as the symptoms of the planetary and personal consciousness evolution. This time on earth, more than any other time in human history, is an incredible push towards consciousness participation for humanity to regain spiritual liberation. Liberation is free from the effects of negative thoughts and free from emotional suffering. Each time you shift an emotional response from anger or judgment to love, joy, gratitude, and acceptance, you are doing global service work at a personal level.

There is an attitude of interpreting life that will bring you inner peace, calmness, joy, happiness, unconditional love, equanimity regardless of what is going on in your life and the outside world. There is another attitude of interpreting life that will make you feel upset, angry, irritable, impatient, moody, emotional, unstable, and depressed. These are two examples of choices one can make at every moment when interpreting our life experiences. Neither of these emotional states have anything to do with what is actually going on in your life or in the environment. It has everything to do with how one is interpreting one’s life.

Every chronic state of mental pain that is generated through anger, fear, or worry is an opportunity for one to see the places where love, forgiveness and self-acceptance is required to heal. This pain or fear shows us the areas we need to transcend in order to evolve from beyond the ego’s mental control over our lives, and into being guided by the higher intelligence of our inner spirit. As long as we resist the inner work necessary to clear fear attitudes and their pain responses, we remain spiritually stagnant. When we hit cycles of spiritual stagnation, we will feel immense pain or discomfort that will force us to address that pain in order to be liberated from it. Spiritual development is not always comfortable, and many of us are going beyond our comfort zone at this time, in order to progress to the next level that our spiritual self is demanding from us. If there is spiritual stagnation present, one will be pushed hard to transform. This is a byproduct of spiritual ascension on our planet and that discomfort shows the pathway to developing and refining the path of liberation, which is only found by following your inner spirit.

The Higher Spiritual Intelligence necessitates that we only have preferences by releasing control to the outcome of events in lives. This is a process of surrendering and known by the phrase, Let Go and Let God. If we become attached to a person, place or thing, or the outcome, manipulation and interference is a byproduct of that attachment. Attachment is an ego control mechanism based in deep fear. If we are attached to something and it is creating spiritual stagnation, that object will be removed from our lives so we can refocus ourselves back on the inner spirit. This is also why practicing having “preferences” over ego attachment will be a much easier process, with less emotional pain. If we get the lesson the first time, the lesson does not have to be repeated.

Inner peace is a state of mind that accepts the current state of circumstances as it is, without judgment. When faced with adversity one looks for the opportunity to learn its lesson, in order to move past old recurring patterns. This expands our consciousness as we transcend previous limitations. When we move through our fears and perceived limitations we gain incredible amounts of personal power through enhanced self-esteem. When we know we have the power of our spirit within us, we know we are cared for and that things in our life will work out.

We all have the power of our eternal spirit within us to guide us and keep us safe. The 12D shield process is the beginning of which allows us to begin a deeper communication link with this aspect of ourselves. However we must learn to remove fear and mental bondage in order to be liberated from its control over the body. The body must be prepared to embody the spiritual light, and with that fear programs and negative thoughts must be removed.

As one feels guided, if mental programs have been difficult to control, here is an exercise provided below to bring them to one’s surface awareness. As we acknowledge these thoughts as stemming from negative ego, similar to facing the ghosts that have been haunting the shadows of our mind, we can see the ghost for what it is. When we face it clearly, revealing it from its hidden shadows, its power is diminished and it ceases to have the ability to terrorize us.

Shadows are only powerful when they remain hidden and buried, as the shadow masquerades in falsity that uses fear to torment us with lies. Be brave to reveal them and place them to face your real spiritual self. The Eternal Self, as I am God I am Sovereign, I am Free!

Our personal sovereignty awaits us through the release of fears by applying personal responsibility to our thoughts and emotions. Choose your authority now, knowing that you are a God, Sovereign, Free Being.

Describe your total responsibility for the Fear (and any of your physical imbalances)

Describe the addictions, obsessions and negative thoughts you will stop NOW:

Describe your spiritual connection to the universe:

Describe the Behaviors you will start:

Describe the Behaviors you will stop:

Describe your process of detachment:

When feeling mentally overwhelmed, return to read what you have written. Review the responsibility you agreed to have and the commitment you have made to your self to be liberated from the bondage of the mind. Continue to practice now moment awareness and many other tools available on our website. 

During this time let the world unfold and reveal its pathway without pushing to attempt to figure it all out. Allow things to be what they are, allow people to be where they are at. When personal expectations are shattered from having attachments, practice the skill of allowing. Allow it to be the way that it is. Relax, Let Go and Allow.

May these times bring peace to reside deeply in our heart.

 Radical Forgiveness in Breathwork (Clear Rackets)

We are continuing to be repositioned and shifted so that our energy bodies (and our consciousness) are congruently aligned in the new timeline architecture as well as the "new energy foundation" moving forward. This planet is undergoing a continual momentous change with some pinnacle energies coming online this December 21st. As we continually undergo "micro-adjustments" in just about every area of our inner person and lifestyle - we are witnessing more of the patterns and phenomena of our past cellular memories surface. These memories are both ancient and recently personal, they are stemming both from our "multiple" self-experiences (the many human incarnation experiences of the same patterns) and that which have defined us to accept the belief that we are a part of the human race having an experience on the planet Earth. As a species we have many concepts or archetypes we believe to be true that define our human identity. These are being challenged deeply now. All of these patterns are being refined during this time to give us the opportunity to see what we need to change or heal inside ourselves. This is a time where we must learn to create our "new" reality from an entirely new palette of color, an entirely new way of thinking and being in this world.

As you pay attention to these old patterns you may begin to see them as repeated patterns of memory embeds that influence your thoughts and feelings. Their unresolved distortions deeply impact our mental, emotional and social aspects at so many different levels, which can potentially create dysfunctional imbalances. These mental and emotional imbalances within simultaneous create deep energetic imbalances and blockages within our energy body and aura. The mental games and control programs that are run by our unconscious self, those larger behavior patterns that are set by and accepted by mass society are coming into blaring review at this time. We have to see who and what is running a "racket" into the mental body of our unconscious mind and allowing its fear to be programmed into our emotional body.

A "racket" is a corrupt mental program running in our conscious or unconscious self that justifies itself into being to protect the psyche from its deepest and darkest fears. It is very tricky and manipulative. However we are being able to clearly "see" these "rackets" running as the "new energy foundation" will not tolerate nor support them. Running rackets are the antithesis to embodying personal integrity, and in order to be congruent with the core essence and the nature of our true self, we have to be fully disposed of these "rackets".

This is a time of "Reality Check" so that we can see what damage has been done and take stock of what we have left to process so we can live by and speak in the deepest truth and integrity that we are capable. Blind spots in our awareness or the perception we hold of others that keep us in denial and living inside the deceptive "psychological defense programs" (or these mental rackets) cannot continue. We are being rid of layers of drama, trauma and defense mechanisms that we have operated as a part of "being human". As the first part of the Ascension Wayshower’s we are doing this clearing in depth now. It may show up as a part of healing the larger macrocosm or healing something in your personal life, however its mechanism is the same. All of humanity is subject to running these mental "racket" programs. This process can be painful as it requires you give it all up at the "Altar", nothing is held back, nothing is sugar coated, nothing is veiled from your ability to see or live by the "truth" as you know it. All we need to do is drop any resistance and let the circumstance "self correct" as we participate by witnessing the pattern as it is being shifted or completely dissolved. (It is also dissolving the membranes that create energetic separation inside of us, so that we can be more " whole" within and therefore also be more "whole" in our interaction with others. ) This can be intense for us so taking the necessary "time out" and being gentle and forgiving in these circumstances is the practice of being in self energetic mastery.

The aggression of the controller’s agenda will reach a new level of amplification. This amplification will be especially with the "Victim- Victimizer" software. We may have been already sensing the quality of this chaos and disruption in the external worldscape. We have been heartbroken with recent events highlighting the massacre of small children, here in the United States, as well as recent events of slashing school children in China. Additionally on December 13th, it was the Seventy Five year anniversary of a quarter million people massacred and genitals mutilated in the Rape of Nanking, the invasion of China by the Japanese. These memories are extremely painful, coupled with the recent events which bring to the surface the extremely dark energy around Holocaust, massacres, and blood ritual.

If this has deeply impacted you - taking care of yourself and working your mental healing tools to maintain compassionate yet neutral association with these events is critical to be relieved of suffering. Try to defer pain to understand this may be the larger "macrocosm event" influencing your body and stay vigilant to keep your mental and emotional body clear. Send love, forgiveness and prayers of peace when you can. Apply daily meditation to relax the mind and body. Be aware of the necessity of practicing forgiveness to heal your life as it is very important to continue to move forward. Many times our physical body and energy bodies will reach intense levels of inner pressure. (this is the merging alignment of the higher light bodies into the physical flesh) This is in order to catalyze the alchemical shift that is required to explode that damaged cellular memory out of the body and clear it from the genetic material. In some rough moments it can feel as if you are being squeezed through "cheesecloth".

This is a time for radical forgiveness towards yourself and others. With the following we provide a helpful exercise for those moments when mental rackets or triggers propel a state of negative thoughts. Stay calm and breathe.


Breath in and slow down your body by applying breath. Take in a deep inhale four counts, hold in four counts, Exhale four counts. Do this for 4-8 counts until you feel totally out of your mind programs and in your full “presence” of breath. The NOW presence. The goal here is getting you OUT of your mind program and into your PRESENCE. This can happen when you apply breath. Your mind has to release. Reprogramming is most effective when done outside of the mind, when you are engaged in the “observer” mode of your full present consciousness.

Now Invocate:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience _________________.

( Min 3 sets, then do or work with the breathing exercise again if you feel you have lost “now” moment presence- for a total set of nine commands for each item chosen)

You choose the item you feel is most pressing for each “set” of the exercise. You may want to alternate daily or work on one issue you know is pressing consecutively for 21 days until you feel emotionally freed from the memory or pattern. You can choose. Some sample suggestions:

  1. Lack of Self Love or Acceptance.
  2. Lack of personal power or fear
  3. Entities and people sucking my life force.
  4. Self-doubt and worry


Many people are undergoing extreme internal and external chaos during the frequency shift and the resulting changes it imposes on one’s lifestyle. The forces of transformation are chaotic and confusing to an unprepared mind and body. For those that are called to awaken, the Ascension cycle imposes the dismantling of previous ego identities and their predisposition to create the condition of stressful and imbalanced lifestyles. When we are stagnant in our life, running a treadmill of repeated patterns, these patterns repeat over and over, and that oppresses and suppresses our consciousness growth. This makes a human being feel truly unhappy and isolated from connection and meaning. Being stagnant in our identity, routine and daily schedule, also suppresses our personal development. When we commit to use tools for personal development, we may learn how to regain our true humanity and find value in the principles of expanding and protecting life force. Expanding and protecting Life force is the energetic currency of the coming times, and too many of us have prostituted our life force for material things that have no value to the soul. This stagnation of the soul, promotes anti-life values and spiritual oppression. This oppression weighs even heavier on a burdened mind, and therefore a burdened body. A burdened body and cluttered mind becomes unhappy, disconnected, chaotic and then sick. Sickness of the Spirit-Soul stems from the Sickness of the mind.

When a mind is gripped in sickness from its burdens that it does not release or let go, its many results are:

  • Obsessions
  • Ruminating
  • Panic Attacks/Fear
  • Delusions (thinking about hypothetical situations over and over)
  • Confusion
  • Pathologies erupt to cope with reality
  • Addictions and substance abuse

Like many challenges in life, letting go of negative emotions, negative thoughts and clearing your mind is much easier said than done. However with consistency, tools and practice, anyone can learn to clear their mind and let go of mental obsessions in a way that works for you personally. This takes some dedication to devote to one’s desire to want to have peace in one’s life, no matter what the external circumstances.

Personal anger and blame is not productive for anyone that is unhappy with some person, or circumstance in their life. To empower oneself, one must take responsibility for their emotions, thought forms and their interactions with others. Without personal responsibility one’s life will descend into a spiral of pain, suffering, with excuses made for promoting negative behaviors. The person this hurts the most is the person generating the negative thoughts. No matter how much you are angered by someone else, that person is not nearly as impacted by your generated hate thought form than yourself. This is an action of self sabotage. Stopping the cycle is imperative to learning how to revalue oneself, revalue others and live a life that one can achieve a sense of inner peace and calm. From the inner calm which can be generated from a clear and calm mind, one can be present in the moment to enjoy what life has to offer right now. As you open to be in the now moment, one opens themselves to a multitude of opportunities that would not be seen nor perceived with a cluttered and confused mind. The more confusion, the more chaos, the more internal pain one will experience in themselves. All of us can stop this destructive cycle in our lives now.

Be Here Now

This is called mindfulness in Buddhist tradition, which is the understanding of training one’s mind to become fully present in the moment. It is a type of meditation to immerse yourself fully present in any activity that shows up in front of you. It involves slowing down and focusing on one thing, the thing that is present and in front of you now. If that thing is an activity, fully immerse yourself in that activity happening now.


The best thing one can do to clear one’s mind when having trouble removing an obsession or rumination is to change focus. Bring a positive activity into your life to change focus, through exercise, chi gong, reading a book, listening to music, playing with a child. Take a break from stress and worry by refocusing yourself to be fully present to another activity.

Breath Work

Retraining our nervous system and reprogramming our mind, is entirely possible through the application of breath work. If quieting your mind has become extremely difficult throughout the changing energetic terrain of the external ascension landscape, change your inner landscape by releasing your mind lock through this suggested breath work tool.


Consistent meditation practice is helpful in training an undisciplined and cluttered mind. Meditation can be applied in many different techniques, and is helpful for facilitating forgiveness and letting go of negativity in many forms. In the early stages of developing meditation skill, sit and relax and learn to observe thoughts passing through without having attachment to them. Once you notice the “thought” pattern, let it go and bring your focus back to the now moment.

Try Emotionally Cathartic Writing

When one feels bursting at the seams from inner frustration, and the mind is anxious, it may be helpful to try to express all thoughts and feelings on paper. Writing them out may help one to be able to let them go and release them. Through journal writing or self-inquiry, one can delve deeper into the topic that is creating the mental anxiety. This way it allows for an examination of emotions and may allow inner epiphanies to become clearer, allowing for better emotional conflict resolution. When you are open to allow different alternatives to be received as potential resolutions, this allows the mind to shift out of its anxious pattern. Shifting out of these patterns is called cognitive restructuring, which resets brain synapse firing. Changing thoughts changes your brain chemistry, allowing new creative resolutions to old problems and making shifting out of old patterns possible.

Unraveling old behaviors can be extremely humbling and give one the sense of the true immense force that exists within the emotional body. It is important to witness them and try not to be overwhelmed or consumed by them. Here is a little exercise to assist in regards to closure and acceptance on all past patterns or circumstances. It is extremely helpful to give voice to what may be unresolved conflicts in your mind from being unexpressed and unacknowledged.

For each person or circumstance, Here are the questions to ask yourself and write out completely:

  1. List all resentments
  2. List all regrets
  3. Write all unsaid or undelivered communications
  4. Anything you would have wanted to acknowledge that person or circumstance but did not. When it feels complete, burn or shred the paper and Invocate out loud:

I address my Greater God Self for Final Release and Disposition:

Please witness my Declaration of Power:

I resolve any and all vows and agreements that I have taken, anyone in this body has taken, and anyone within my genetic lineage has taken pertaining to:

Any vow of Illusion, Separation and Disharmony. Remove and Clear All Negative Implants, Ancestral patterning, Genetic patterning, improper karmic attachments to my ( Insert Name of Person), known or unknown to me.

I claim my Divine Inheritance and Self Sovereign God Power NOW!

I now declare these vows and agreements as null and void in this incarnation and all incarnations across space and time, all parallel realities, parallel universes, alternate realities, alternate universes, all planetary systems, all source systems, all dimensions and the Void.

My Beloved Spirit, please release all structures, devices, entities, orientations or effects associated with these vows and agreement. NOW!

In deep love and gratitude, Thank you!

I hope these tools prove to be supportive in the commitment to clear your mind and achieve inner peace.

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