Es Community Outreach Project- The Group Avatar of Ascension

“A New Value System for the New Earth

The Guardians have began the introduction of the next levels of the ES Community Project, An Global outreach project called “ The Group Avatar of Ascension”.

This project is to establish the group energetic reality template as an “ Avatar of Ascension” in service to the human species and this planet. It is based on establishing a new value system and guidelines as the transition project before we, as humans, are actually living these principles every day as an energetic reality. These principles are in harmony with the Natural Universal Laws of God in Oneness. As a race of beings, we have been a part of a Universal divine plan to synthesize all polarities in order to create the levels of completion needed to achieve perfection of a “ new race” of humans. These “completed” humans are the crowning achievement of eons of time evolving through the Universal Time matrices. We are the Ascension Forerunners, the Starseeds, The Indigo races who have volunteered to lay the foundation and be the example by remembering what it is to become and exist in form as a “ completed” human. Many of these “ forerunners” have volunteered to have intensely polarized experiences to glean the alchemy necessary to give birth to the new “ human”. Through the comprehension that all events have divine perfection in their purposes, and through community and group support to acknowledge and recognize these levels of being with love and forgiveness, we have forged the metal inside to become the polished diamond within.

Through the Umbrella of Understanding All is One, The Avatar of Ascension is a conduit, proponent and example of Unity in Diversity. Through the Global Outreach Model, each and every Spiritual and Light Leader through whatever lens of perception and divine puzzle piece they are contributing to the world, will participate in “The Group Avatar of Ascension” by recognizing the “Law of One” as the common thread that unites All Things. And through this “ thread” our Group Avatar Unity will be recognized first and foremost as the most important part of our mutual purpose in God interconnectedness, while honoring and respecting each and every one’s individual right to personal spiritual belief without judgment or value assigned.

The Human Race as a whole has been prevented from attaining Universal knowledge through its own mass levels of suppressed consciousness frequency. Consciousness and frequency are suppressed and distorted through ego consciousness and through living out of alignment with the Natural laws of God. In this last dark cycle of evolution, the human race is still operating as an “organism” at war with itself, as such the human is unable to attain and access the levels of Universal Logos, The Laws of God as One. The Ascension Cycle allows opportunity for quantum leaps of consciousness to those who accept and are ready to graduate from the 3D Earth Classroom. The Group Avatar of Ascension promotes and lives the energetic intention of harmony with all life, life-forms, and ways of being while understanding we are incarnated in the current state of the planetary polarization of 3D human ego consciousness. This calls for synthesis of All through the energetic principles of One. As we individually and as a group hold the vision, intention and energies of living in harmony with the Law of One, we will grow as a species to the spiritual maturity to the revelation of God Within and receive the Keys to the Kingdom. This Knowledge is Power and the True God Power will not be received without the spiritual and vibrational development that synthesizes all polarities. Through the Synthesis of polarity we will attain the highest virtues of the Completed God Human.

We are able to strengthen, grow and evolve our “Group Avatar of Ascension” in the first phases through:

Declaring your intention to be the human representation on Earth of the Group Avatar of Ascension.

Consciously connecting to the Cosmic Triad ( or Cosmic Monad) to exchange and provide group energetic resource to copartner with our Group Avatar of Ascension “grid”.

Anchoring and holding this intention with your 12 D Pillar in your demographic location, house, office and community.

If you are a group leader, to establish your group energetic events or community with this intended spiritual link up included in your group efforts.( Suggest: Stating your command in the Voice of God as connected to represent the Group Avatar for Humanities Ascension. )

Promoting the Law of One and the Universal Frequency of Love in Unity vibrational consciousness.

Utilizing the principle of “Collaboration through Synthesis” and not directly through an implication or endorsement to a non resonating system, energetic organization or management structure. Protect spiritual integrity and preserve your right to energetic resonance through discernment while empowering others to make personal choices aligned to them. Educate yourself and your group on the pitfalls of spiritual ego and negative ego consciousness that uses “judgment”. This is the understanding all paths lead to the One, it is each individuals right to choose.

Begin to intention or gather community, via internet, web-linking, and in personal community to support those resonating to explore and exchange with these new value systems and ways of living. This the continuance of supporting resources of an Ascending community. Larger events and collaborations will be the next phases of project growth.

In loving service, Lisa


Note: As a community steward, I must state my current state of energetic physical being. I have been holding the fort with extremely long hours and near burn out phases. My economic and energetic resources to maintain this site and administrative factors is not currently sustainable and will need to change to a sustainable model for me to continue. As much as I have ideas and ways to support this project and many others, there is only one of me and my physical self is giving out. I am entrusting this to you, our community, to establish ideas, ways to use integral promotion for group empowerment and to extrapolate profound meaning in your contribution to such project if it is of interest to you. Currently our goal is to create and manifest sustainability of this community environment, and of the resources so this is able to be a vision that manifests. One way to do this is to hold a group intention of increasing memberships, or visualizing resources supporting this community and its purposes.

I have asked the Guardians for all methods of support in order to continue. I have known I would not be able to maintain my pace but have done so in order to lay the foundational work of ES. I am explaining this to you, the community so that you understand the times you may sense energetic “lapses” or my personal unavailability. The time, energy and cost is beyond the ability of one woman and a limited team. ( and to which those beloved beings I am eternally grateful) I do feel this is the birth pangs of transition and hold optimistic visions of abundant resources for us all in our creative purposes moving forward.

Blessings and Thank you!