Introductory Articles
Getting acquainted with Ascension terms, these articles help to make it understandable.
Clear your Mind
Without developing Self Awareness and ego discipline, the untamed Negative Ego is exploited by Mind Control.
Unity is Trustworthiness
We must build Trustworthiness in order to create Unity!
Ascension Tools
These are beginner exercises, clearing techniques, and focusing tools that are a part of the ES Ascension Toolkit to help you learn foundation exercises to better develop self mastery skills.
ES Core Triad
Build your spiritual house for your highest consciousness. Practice the ES Core Triad Daily.
Love the Earth
PRACTICE FOUR: LOVE EARTH AND NATURE - Loving the Earth and all her creations, the kingdoms of nature, plants, animals and mineral, which are all alive, conscious and intelligent energy beings.

Dear Family,

Thank you for your continued presence and support of our energetic experiment with the Guardian Races, those represenitng the One Spirit.

As we come to our first anniversary, our group project is now a toddler and much more strengthened by your continued support. We have been growing the " baby" into a strong adult and we have met with a milestone today.

Our Guardian Project was birthed as a direct response to the trigger timeline event of 9/11/2001. This "event" was a trigger designed by the controllers to sway the global collective consciousness to maintain the OLD Global Human Agreement of the Polarity Experiment. ( The Old Atlantian Program from the last Aeon Cycle)

We have stood up to be counted, petitioned for our Ascension and to represent Freedom, Soveriegnty and Liberation for all Human Beings.

Please listen to the audio as you feel guided:

ES Birthday 9/11/08

Love in All ways,

Lisa and The Guardians

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