Dear Family,

Beginning this Sunday, February 3, and ongoing on future Sundays, we will be holding together a weekly silent 12 D meditation time, for one half hour, starting at 10 am Pacific time, 1 pm Eastern time, 6 pm GMT.

This meditation is an opportunity for us to come together as a community within our group 12 D field, to establish the energetic field of the community as a whole, and for each individual to draw strength and sustenance from our group vortex. Our group focused intent will energize the blueprint field of the ES Community mission which is to anchor the Energetic Reality of One, ( The Law of One)  here and now for all beings on the Earth!

The procedure is simply to establish and reinforce your own 12 D pillar, and in the same way we have done in teleconferences, while within your pillar step inside the group vortex that we create together, tuning in to the group field, and then remain there in meditation. The purpose is simply to strengthen the community field, receive inflows from the Guardians into that field as we strengthen our group "handshake", and individually receive the blessings and support of the community energetic. Abundance, Wellness, Empowerment and Liberation for All!

This is a silent meditation that we each will do at choice, in our own spaces connecting on the inner planes.

Deep Blessings to our Family in the Light!