Ascension Library
Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
Temple of Loving Kindness
Connect with your Heart and practice Loving Kindness every day!
Love Yourself
PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love.

Quickstep PDD: is a Guardian Mentor Assisted Healing Program for Chronic Physical Pain, Spiritual Disconnection or Energetic Disease. This evening, for the first time, we are first utilizing this Hieros Gamos template for our group meditation purposes. The architecture of this system is a Holy Trinity united as ONE to weave all component parts back into wholistic unity. We address the Holy Mother to heal pain, pain that is held in our bodies, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. We then address Holy Father to heal disconnection from any body part or parts of our multidimensional selves, and then to complete our trinity - we address Holy Christos , the Sun of Mother and Father God - to heal all disease patterns held as memories of the bodies, genetically or ancestrally.

Welcome back and now, this evening, we will be working with a Guardian Mentor assisted healing program called Quick Step PDD which is a program for chronic physical pain, spiritual disconnection or energetic disease. For this evening, for the first time, we are utilizing this, which is a Hieros Gamos template, for our evening and group meditation purpose.

The architecture of this system is a Holy Trinity united as one to weave all component parts back into holistic unity.

Tonight we address Holy Mother to heal pain, pain that is held in our bodies physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. We then address Holy Father to heal disconnection from any body part or parts of our multidimensional selves. Then to complete our Trinity we address the Holy Christos the Son of Mother and Father God, to heal all disease patterns held as memories within the bodies, either genetically or ancestrally.

Tonight, as you dedicate the system alignment to your highest expression in the eternal light of inner Christos. Know that you can revisit this treatment again and apply it to family, loved ones, pets and even planetary fields.

As we move through each of the items, addressing each one, follow your inner guidance. Keep focused on your breath and allow whatever guidance, information, memories or awareness surface. Allow it to flow easily. Ss we move through each item, if it feels personally resonant, allow for any awareness to surface as an observer.

As we amplify our group field this evening to reconnect or administer correction to the energy light body template as God would have it be.
For chronic pain certain sequences may be repeated or returned to several times within a quick step session. Integration time may be necessary as this is an ongoing sleep state program. It is purposed for in depth ancestral, karmic and miasmatic etheric surgery and healing enabling the current self to connect directly to its own inner spiritual source light.

So let us prepare for our meditation.

Beloved God, open all channels light. Clear all light fibers to be fully connected and the resonant with the living light code.

We call upon our group avatar God selves, the Guardians, our Aurora families and the Guardian Mentor Band, those that serve the star seed identities and Krystal Star. Beloveds, align to the Law of One to work together in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony.

Breathing in Spirit of Christ


Prepare for meditation.

Beloved God. Holy Mother. Holy Father. And Holy Christos.

Please open all channels of Light. Clear all Light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Living Light Code.

We call upon our Group Avatar Christ Self, our Guardian Families, the Aurora Host Families, and the Guardian Mentor Band. Those serving the Krystal Star Matrix aligned to the Law of One Mission. Beloveds, may we work together in the highest capacity of exchange of God’s Infinite Light, Love and Power in Divine Right Order and Harmony.

Prepare to connect to your inner core. Bring your focus and attention to your inner core, and Spiritual Light. With your hand on your heart, declare your intention to resolve authority issues and defer your ego to serve the Eternal Light of God and Oneness.

My declaration of intention is to serve my highest Source. I commit to serve my highest power fully, completely and totally.

Now intend to activate and amplify your core shield, your 12th dimensional field and hub. From within your 12 D shield, create the hub handshake with Unity Intelligence and Krystal Star. I am Unity.

Taking a breath and feeling into your heart. Imagine sending a ball of white Light from your heart. Sending that stream of white Light, moving out into the boundary of your personal space. Perform your boundary test, pushing out with an exhale breath to the complete four corners or room of your space.

Through the boundary test state: I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

Intend to put the Trinity field of the GSF triad in the entire energy of your home space.

Now as we open our Group Field into our Group Krystal vortex. Beloveds, we open into the full expansion of celestial Christ Force. Please grid our space and session entirely in the Eternal God Light. We now command that which is the Transharmonic Pillar and Gateway to manifest, lockdown and extending to protect our entire Krystal Group Field.

We wish to align and be purified as the clear Light vessel of God’s Law, God’s Love, God’s Light and God’s Power in the world. We claim our life dedicated to the Living Eternal Spirit.

As we breathe in and relax your body. Relax your mind.

As we bring our attention to the Spirits of Christ.

Beloved God, we intend to create the internal house for the Spirit of Christ to reside within our heart, mind and body, in all ways. In perfect alignment to the Universal Law of One. In perfect alignment to the Law of Structures. In divine alignment to my highest expression and spiritual purpose as God, Sovereign, Free. Please help me to build my internal house in so that the Christ Spirit may reside within me.

Beloved God, I request in my heart and prayer to create a house for Christ, and to purify my mind, body and heart for the Spirit of Christ. Further, we request to dismantle the houses of ego, and to evict the Imposter Spirits and replace them with the Houses of Christ. I state my authority and intention to be of service to God, and to build a strong relationship with my inner spiritual Light and Christos.

Subconscious Mind Krystic Bonfire


Prepare for meditation.

We call upon our Krystal Star and Aurora Families, the Mother Arc amplifier. Beloveds, we welcome you and thank you for your support, protection and foundation, for each and every being representing our Group field.

As we dial up.

Beloved God in pure love, open all channels of Light. Clear all Light fibers to be connected and resonant with the Living Light code.

As we call upon our Group Avatar God Selves, the Guardian Mentor Band, Krystal Star Matrix aligned to the Law of One Mission. Beloveds, may we work together in the highest capacity of exchange of God’s infinite Light, Love and Power in Divine right order and harmony.

We command this space as sacred in the name of God, and consecrated to the service of the One Source Light.

Now let us connect to our inner spiritual core: My declaration is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power fully, completely and totally.

Activate your inner spirit and core 12th dimensional shield. Intend now to connect directly with Unity Intelligence of the Krystal Star.

As you bring your focus in your heart, prepare your boundary test in your personal home space. Commanding your space with: I am God. I am Sovereign. And I am Free.

As you place your attention on your personal platinum pillar of Light. Stay contained in your own personal shield. Intend to amplify your personal shield of liquid plasmic Light. Spend a few moments focusing on that feeling as the plasmic Light fills your body.

As we open the Group field. Beloveds, may we grid this space entirely in the Eternal God Light. Holy Mother please amplify our Transharmonic Pillar to manifest, anchoring down, extending, encompassing to protect our entire Group Krystal field.

May the grace and essence of our pure divine presence re-weave our bodies into unified, pure white Light.

Beloved Guardians of God Force, please assist each being’s integration process in Divine perfection and the sequence of God’s perfect will for each and every being.

Our intention this evening is to break the bondage of the subconscious mind and its control over the body, to free the core spirit to unite with God’s Holy Spirits and the Spirit of Christ in love, peace and harmony.

Focus on your heart and chest to ignite the Christos heart flame within your being. Intend to release and clear the subconscious mind aspects which inflict negative ego, inflict mental bondage in some part of your spiritual and energetic being.

We will first take three deep breaths. As you say inwardly to yourself, “Relax now.” Taking a deep inhale. Stay focused on your breath. As you exhale say to yourself, “I am relaxed now.”

Clear Attachments to Consciousness Traps


In this meditation we will address the attachments to our ego personality filter that may skew our perception and connect us to consciousness traps. There are spaces that are used as consciousness traps, which are used to keep a person's consciousness stuck like a hamster on a wheel, going in circles and not moving anywhere. They feel machined, artificial, sharp. May feel or sound tinny like aluminum foil.

When one is active in the pursuit and dedication of expanding one's consciousness, knowing these consciousness traps do exist, you can avoid them. To dismantle consciousness traps, we will need to ask ourselves what we are attached to and what we may still blame others for, as a result of our condition in this material world.

We now set our intention to know our unconscious attachments and to release ourselves from any consciousness traps that have been set to bind us to enslavement.

Prepare for meditation.

Beloved Holy Presence of God. May we open all channels of Light, clearing all Light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Eternal Living Light code.

Prepare to connect to your inner core. As you declare your intention from your heart to resolve any authority issues and defer your ego to serve God and Oneness.

My declaration of intent is to serve my God Source. I commit to serve my Highest Power fully, completely and totally.

Intend to activate your inner spirit and core shield. Amplify your 12th dimensional shield. From within your own 12th dimensional hub, intend to create the handshake with Unity Intelligence and Krystal Star. Taking a nice, deep breath into your heart, exhaling out the breath through your heart, sending it out into your space moving counterclockwise. Set your boundary test: I am God. I am Sovereign. I am free.

We call upon our Beloved Holy Mother Arc. We call upon our Beloved Holy Father Arc and the Aurora families to connect with the re-animator forces of Aurora.

Beloveds, all aspects of the mirrored reflection of Krystal Kaleidoscope, may we support the re-encryption of our cellular bodies and their spiritual energetic memories to be remade in God's holy image.

All personal and group body guidance teams and ascension teams, may the inner God's spirit of each and every being utilize only what is required in Divine perfection of God's plan and God's will. For those new with us, please provide the sequence levels required to activate each being into their God Spirit Light Bodies in Divine harmony and in the Divine grace of God.

Now let us bring our full attention to the process of reconnection. The process of reconnecting every single part of your body to be aligned and directly connected with God Spirit.

Beloved God self, please open all spiritual energetic communication links between God, mental bodies and body parts. Imagine your direct connection with God. Feel the presence of unconditional love surrounding you, filling you. Every cell and pore of your body is feeling the deep warmth, comfort and peace, in a soft blanket of unconditional love, kindness, feeling completely, safe, secure, loved and protected.

Bring your awareness to sense the omnipresent loving feeling of God as with you now. Inside you now, all around you now. Bring to your mind and start to place the deeper connections which penetrate all aspects of your body to be fully saturated by this feeling of being in love and peace with the Holy omnipresence. Connect your deeper feeling with this Holy Presence. Sense its connection with Christ. Feel the presence of Christ consciousness. Feel the presence of love, wisdom, compassion, transmitting from feeling at one with Christ Sophia.

See your inner male and inner female inside your body. Call upon an image of your inner male and female, unified inside your heart. See them holding hands as one being, wearing the wedded garment, the white robes of Holy Presence. Feel the connection of this unified male and female, sending unconditional love to your Monadic Spirit. Sense this connection of inner Christ Sophia uniting with you, throughout all of your Monadic lifetimes.

See the unconditional love moving as a pink golden light, moving through all perfect peace and love. Through the Monadic identities that unite all histories into a golden fabric woven throughout time. See the Monad family awakening into the realization of peace. Awakening into the higher consciousness of perfect peace and love.

As the Monad family becomes as one, now see the unconditional love from the Monadic spirit body remembering the soul. Connecting deeply to the soul. Remembering to be the parent to the soul. Loving the soul back into Oneness. The Monad extending the hand to the lower dimensions of the soul, reaching out to unify and bless the soul.

Alpha/Omega Clearing


Welcome back as we prepare for our group meditation. Taking a nice deep breath within your own still point, that area between the rib cage connecting into the deep core self, God self, feeling your whole body relax, allowing every cell and fiber of your being surrender to that which is God source, God light , commanding your space within your own internal intention through, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

For those of us that work with the 12D shield, feeling yourself in that light, going to now open, Beloved God please open all channels of light, as we clear all light fibers to be fully connected, fully resonant with the living light code as we call upon our group Avatar self, the Guardian races, the Aurora races and Andromedan councils those serving our starseed identity matrix, those families aligned to unity, to the Law of One mission beloveds we ask to collaborate together in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light, love and power in divine right order and harmony.

As you close your eyes a moment place your attention on your personal platinum pillar of light, your personal shield, stay connected in your personal shield, imagine and intend seeing yourself filled with that 12 dimensional liquid silver light, see the feedline of energy still connected all the way into the 12th dimensional frequency portal, spend a few moments focusing on that feeling, the 12th dimensional energy has a cool kind and menthol, like a cool feeling as it fills your body. Some of us have ignited the blue flame energies within us and so as we anchor the blue flame as well, those that feel the blue energy within and also connected into their diamond ray or silver shield were now going to open our group field through our Transharmonic pillar beloveds we ask to open through the Krystal technology, the cosmic and celestial Christ force of Platinum light, grid our space entirely in that 12th dimensional pale silver light we command the Transharmonic pillar and that which is connected to the 13th gate of our blue flame family. Beloveds manifest and lockdown extending and protecting our group field through North-South East-West-Earth-Sky and Heart we direct the corners sealed in the light of unity and wholeness impenetrable and invincible we ask Aurora to anchor our space in sacred service to the Law of One of which we serve.

And tonight as in our group container which is a part of our web community as well as those beloved beings that are joining with us this evening, we are working with an energetic and spiritual clearing to bring cohesion, balance to the bodies, so we ask that each individual Avatar self, each beings personal genetic technicians and ascension teams to support each individual being in fulfilling our spiritual clearing and space command in accordance with God's natural laws we ask the Guardian councils overlight and the Blue Ray family to overlight our Law of One container and mission to be merged into the highest capacity of God's infinite light and to prepare our bodies physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for our service mission work in alignment to God's service. As we set our group intentional field we dedicate to the Law of One and that which stewards the divine plan in human sovereignty and unity.

As we set forth that which is our own individual spiritual clearing to bring cohesion, balance to each of us again as beings, as members of our family of light it is our bodies that bring the light and the truth to where ever we choose to be in universes and through this spiritual clearing intention is inspired through the Guardian races we fully ask all of our individual and group teams of our spiritual forces of living light to help support us with that task of self-actualization and alignment to the highest spiritual purposes of our own personal power and actualization in God's light.

We ask that all new technologies that are coming into the planet that have never been able to be accessed before to be fully and completely circuited to allow us to accomplish the massive amount of work and discipline that needs be accomplished in the here and now. We ask that all coding DNA and matrices that assist us fully and completely to align to our actualization into the next higher state of our evolution or as well as our actualization of our God process to be fully transmitted and supported at individual and in our group container level.

We ask that any transmission or code that is needed for each individual from each of the step downs between novice and to the advanced levels we asked that the variety of all purposes be assisted from the many different levels that are represented in our unity and diversity field in the levels of our beingness here and now. Again, with each beings distinct personal vibration, we ask that each being be fully and completely cleared of any vibration that is attached to their aura or physical body that disrupts any organic patterns of thinking, behaving and physical functioning.

We ask to address any unseen force or seen force to regain full and complete sovereign freedom and control of the personal life stream to correct and align into full harmony all mental, spiritual and physical levels of being we ask that the advancements of the Avatar and all layers of the soul intelligence and levels of that matrix to be continued in advancement with perfect alignment for each being.

Physical Health Upgrade


We're going to set the space, and as we do we call upon our Guardian Teams, our Councils of Greater God self, the Evolution support teams for the Starseed Identity Matrix, those beloved defenders and families aligned to the Law of One mission, to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of God's Infinite Light, Infinite Love and Infinite Power in Divine right order and harmony. As we set our space, individually, I ask that you put yourself in your own shield, those of you that work with the 12th dimensional shield, please fortify and activate that individually, and those that are not fully versed in the 12D shield, just see yourself completely immersed in a platinum field of light, circular, protecting your entire body, your entire aura and we're going to again command, through the sovereign freedom, that which is connected to Unity consciousness...I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free...feel that shield protecting you, supporting you and connecting you into your infinite God Source.

Now as we open our group field, as we open our group consciousness field and we ask our beloveds, opening in our counterclockwise motion in to the full expansion of the Celestial Force of One Light. Beloveds grid this space entirely and at this time through the Aquaferion Matrix, that which is Unity consciousness, as One, we call Beloved God to anchor this space in perfect Divine Harmony and to open all channels of Light to be breathed as One through the breath of God itself. We command our space entirely in the Sovereign Freedom of One.

Beloveds, again as we contain within our group field, it's very much like all of our group bodies are in a container and when we create a field like this many times we are able to accomplish many things that are very positive for our spiritual enlightenment, again that which is only resonant to the highest God purposes, and through that which you command through your inner being...I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free...all else will fall away, all that is unnecessary or unneeded.

As we are working with the improved health upgrade, this is like installing a new program and blueprint overlay upon your existing blueprint. That which is aligning to the God consciousness and purity of the divinity of the core that you are, the truth that you are. Allowing yourself to fully relax, and for the group we will hold the statement, as the objective of this instillation of this improved health upgrade and program to run in all multidimensional identities, in all parallel lives, when in alignment and appropriate. And we ask that each of the energies be fully completed within the trinitized form that we command here and now. We ask that the God Source, and the higher self spiritual councils automatically check each requested adjustment for each individual in our collective body this evening. As we state the command, you can repeat that command internally in your own mind, saying it in your own words either out loud or internally or you can just listen to my voice. Do what is guided and what feels right for you. We will begin now.

Improve my general vitality and all energies within all simultaneous dimensions

Increase the immunity of my local body, my local incarnation and improve my ability to resist infection

Eliminate all microbial infection throughout my body

Eliminate all toxin, poison, heavy metal, and drug from my physical body

Remove or transmute all negative imprints

Remove and transmute all implants

Remove these imprints at an appropriate pace that is most beneficial for my health and development

Increase the harmony and communication efficiency of all my body parts

I ask that every part of my body communicate with each other and I send gratitude to all of my body parts

Activate fully the Now state of mind and witness consciousness

Connect me directly to God's vital life force required for my optimum health

Increase the energetic flow through my meridians, chakras, and pranic tube

Please perform Axiatonal Alignment of all of my meridians, chakras and pranic tube

Please synchronize my energy bodies to be optimally functioning and efficient

Allow the perfection of my Endocrine system's ability to produce, distribute and assimilate hormones

Please seal all energy leaks or siphons, seal any harmful portals open in my body

Optimize the level of Oxygen within all my bodies parts

Brain Integration Treatment


Prepare for meditation

We set our intention here to be fully connected and protected in the external light, the internal light of One.

Bringing the congruence of both the body and the inner light into oneness and unity.

We ask beloved God to open all channel so light and to clear all light fibers to be fully connected and resonate to the living light code.

We set our space fully connecting to your own 12th dimensional cylindrical platinum pillar of light.

For a moment, please reinforce that cylinder of your protection, your personal body and energy being fully contained in that platinum pillar of crystalline light.

Close your eyes and place your attention on your personal pillar and person shield, staying contained in that filed.

See yourself fully filled with that spinning silver light and the feed line of energy fully connected into the 12th dimension vortex Krystal consciousness.

Allowing your body to be sustained an nourished within your own light source.

We are going to open our group field.

We intend our dimensional vortex to open into the celestial Christ force.

We ask our space to be gridded fully in that celestial crystalline force of platinum light.

We ask our friends, the beloved Aurora, the Guardian forces, the God force, the Avatar consciousness to fully lock down our field as we command this space fully through I am God, I am sovereign, I am free, to that which is only directed through unity, through God consciousness and the divine plan.

As we begin an installation of this command, we ask that those aligned in the Law of One mission to work together in the highest capacity of exchange of Gods infinite light source.

We ask each beings individual guardians, guides, medical teams, the ascension teams that support each being individually and collectively in this field.

We open that space and ask that each beings perfect attunement to the galactic surgeons for medical assistance, spiritual and light body assistance which connects them into their higher Good intelligence and Avatar consciousness.

We ask the Avatar aspects of ourself, both as an individual and collective being body, to return all that belongs to us .

Return all energies, parts of bodies, the etheric crystals information, jewels, wings, the energies and part of bodies that fully belong to each of us. We ask them to be returned now to the rightful owner in the name of God in self sovereignty.

We herein command into presence to that which is in service to the infinite stream of light.

We call back now all that is the self sovereign and right as each being

As we open to the self sovereign God power and ignite and resurrect that passion and inspiration of the source within us, every cell and pour of our being and body.

We now set the intention fully of reharmonizing our nervous system .

Upgrading and harmonizing our brain waves.

We ask for those systems of both our nervous system and brain to be attuned into the new global brain of the unification patter and that which supports each beings personal perfection of God actualization, self realization into the Goddom, ully experiencing and connecting into the infinite source and through the sovereign right of each beings protection, support and connection to God to be fully fortified and nourished in that connection.

Beloveds, please offer the stabilization of the parasympathetic system.

As we allow the atomic nerves balance and stabilization of both, the three layers of our nervous system, understanding all is in the power of three, the trinity and the trintized form.

We bring the atomic nervous system, that which controls our body’s function and our brain function to be brought into stabilization.

Beloveds, please stabilize the parasympathetic system.

The parasympathetic nervous system brings deep relaxation to the body. It the nervous system that is responsible for when we are relaxed, when we meditate, when we feel that warmth spreading through our body before we go to sleep, that is the parasympathetic nervous system.

We ask for any disturbance in that system, which usually comes for shock, anxiety and trauma in our life, to be removed, released and cleared from its impact on our body, on our nervous system and on our parasympathetic system.

Please stabilize and bring balance and activate the parasympathetic system to its optimum and perfect functioning within our nervous system functions.

Christ Archetype Healing 


lets take a nice deep breath as we prepare for meditation.

We will be focusing and letting your body relax.

Closing your eyes, feeling the stillness from your core, letting the waves from you inner core light extend to relax your body, relax your mind, relax your emotions.

Allowing your body to be fully relaxed.

Now, as you are comfortable, breathing easily, may we start our group meditation.

Beloved God, please open all channels of the eternal living Light.

Clear all light fibers of my soul, my monad, my God spirit, fully connected, fully resonant with the living light code.

As we set our space, we call upon our group God spirit and Avatar, the Guardians serving the One, our Aurora families and those that serve the starseed and indigo identities aligned to the Law of One Christ mission, beloveds, may we exchange together in the highest capacity of Gods infinite light, love and power in its divine right order and harmony.

For those of us that are new to the 12 D shield in creating the expanding 12D hub, just as you close your eyes quickly reinforce your seal around your body. Feeling yourself incased literally a hermetic seal of platinum crystalline osculating light. Allow that light to flood your cells, your pours, your energy being completely running the osculating pale silver light, platinum light of the Christ consciousness.

Some of us may see the inner hub spinning, meaning that as we connect to the 12D field of the Krystal consciousness the earth frequency of that consciousness will also generate and you may feel the spinning of that field.

Allow that spinning to extend to your place of residence where you are listening to this meditation. Extend that field into the entire space of where you are in this moment now. Protecting the space, expanding the space.

Only allowing that which is I am God, I am sovereign, I am free and that of which is the cosmic sovereign law of God is invited in this space.

As we spend a few moments focusing on the sensation of the platinum and pale light moving through your body in the external or around you may feel the the Aurora, the pastel energies, within the body moving in a beautiful dance of that light within and without. Moving in and moving out through your body.

Feel yourself sustained and nourished as this is breathing in and breathing out. Allowing that force of frequency, that God force of light, sustain and nourish you.

As we now open our group field and our group crystalline unity field, we open into the Celestial God force. We set our space entirely in the Christ force as we command the transharmonic pillar and Mother to manifest and hold down our pillar, extending and protecting our 12D group field.

We seal the corners.

We call upon on the elementals of Aurora to be our pillars of light through North South East West, through the Earth, and through the Sky, and our own heart we direct all aspects of these corners to be sealed in the intention and the eternal light of God through unity and Oneness as we are inpenetratable and invincible in God spirit.

We ask our families to anchor our space in sacred service to the Law of One and service to God as which we commit to our service now.

As we open our group field, we invite the God forces aligned to the Law of One and Krystal and Christ mission, to work together now in the highest capacity of unity and Oneness.

As we state that which is our intention of open architecture of unification in God spirit light, in the internal infinite light of God, in the love and power of God itself.

We command this space in divine right order and harmony to prepare for our meditation. To prepare our beings and our body, both as individual and in our collective field to be fully aligned and resonate into our God actualization and our service mission.

As we now call for cosmic Mother, the God aspect of the mother of all. As we connect with the Mother presence we hold the intention now that we are going to recalibrate and bring into our divine heart the Diamond Sun Heart. The true sun and star of our inner core and being.

For a moment place your mental focus in the inner chamber or your heart.

Feel yourself sinking deeper through the layers of your heart, almost as if you are laying down and you are falling backward through the dimensions. You are moving deeper and deeper into the layers of your multidimensional heart.

From the deepest layers of your heart complex, see a perfect crystalline diamond glowing from the inner heart chamber.

Etheric Body Rewiring 


Now we start with our meditation. So again, find a comfortable space and taking some nice deep breaths. As we call upon our group Avatar Self, Guardian races, our families that serve the One, the Aurora as well as our personal God Self council, those that serve the starseed identities aligned to the Law of One mission. Beloveds we ask to work in exchange together for the highest capacity of God's infinite light, infinite love and infinite power, in divine right order and harmony. For those of us that are familiar with the 12 dimensional shield, again do a quick reinforcement of your 12D the shield. Imagining that platinum light spark, amplifying your pillar of platinum light around you. As you expand out you may see the four pillars of Aurora, again anchoring outside of your shield or within your shield.

For those of us that are new to the 12D shield, again just see yourself with the six-pointed star, Merkaba star in the center of your brain. Allow that star to drop through your tailbone, as it hits the bottom of your Earth chakra, generally as you inhale you'll feel the platinum light emerging in creating a pillar around you. Again your intention is to connect to the Crystaline Christ Body, 12 dimensional pale silver light and allow that consciousness and light to permeate every cell and pore of your being. See yourself fully saturated in the platinum shield and field of crystaline pale silver light, through about a foot or so beneath you, allowing a pillar to grow to about 4 feet above your head. Again as you feel yourself encompassed in your personal pillar of light, connecting to and bringing your Merkaba star from beneath your feet, inhaling it up again through your center column. Letting it move all the way through your center column, out your crown, all the way to the top of your pillar, and sending it all the way through. To a blue star in the distance or to Andromeda, which again is our ascension host, all the way, that's your multidimensional grounding cord. Again so each of us fully focused in our inner energies, fully contained in our 12 dimensional pillar or shield.

We are going to open a group vortex now, as we open counterclockwise we move into the full expansion of the celestial Cosmic Christ Force of platinum light. Again as we set our spin accordingly we ask the Guardians as we call to anchor lock and seal our hologram, we command the Transharmonic Pillar and the Mother Arc energy, through the Transharmonic Pillar to manifest and lockdown, protecting our entire group field. And we direct the four corners and four pillars of Aurora to be sealed in the light of unity and oneness. We asked our Aurora families to anchor and host are space, sacred and in service to the Law of One, and that which again fully holds the intention of Ascension. We ask all of the Guardian Council's and beings here with us this evening, again our personal genetic technicians and ascension teams, to work together in the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light, love and power. And again to prepare our bodies at all levels for our spiritual and service mission work, in complete divine harmony and balance.

Again as you come into the connection with your inner self, feeling from inside your core, ask your body about.. if it's an aligned polarity. What we're going to be working with this evening is corrections, and working with understanding how to make the corrections on your own. So at this time in your own inner mind as your feeling yourself fully contained in your own pillar of light, make the mental command correct polarity. Again many of us have reversal polarities from the systems that are going haywire on the planet at this time. We bring ourselves into full alignment of unity, correct polarity. And again as you connect with your body start to communicate with your physical being, your physical body, your inner child. Taking nice deep breaths, relaxing your entire body, your entire being.

Again repeating in your own mind, that allowing to readiness, to be open, to be receptive. We are going to enhance and deepen our meditation. As we go from the outer to the inner, from the inner we're going beyond the inner to the outer. The integration of the past, the present, and the future, we're going beyond space and time, in the transcendent state of the I am. I am with One. Know with all of your heart all of your being all of your soul that you are able, you are ready you are deserving, you are fully committed and you are neutral. As you open yourself to see it and believe it and expect it, to imagine it into reality as we emerge and ascend together. Again tune into your energy, tune into your body. Ask your body to increase your feeling perception, ask your body to increase its intuition and it's creativity. Ask your body to release thinking and dependence on the mental body. Again hold neutrality, no judgment, no criticism. Know that you are fearless, you are body less, you are timeless. Know that you have the power to sort through all possible issues. Bring the feeling of self-confidence and trust in your own inner spirit and in your own inner being.

And as we connect to that inner self, we want to open in your body in your inner child, all pathways of communication in which your body communicates with God and spirit. So again as you connect with your body, and as you connect with your inner child, intend open all pathways of communication with God. Where you feel a particular body part that is tense or constricted, take your focus in your mind to that body part, to that organ no matter what that particular part of you is. As you feel a constriction or resistance in that part of your body, tell your mind to open the pathway of that body part to communicate with God. Again we honor and love and cherish with gratitude, all that our body does for us, all that our body serves on our spiritual truth, our spiritual expression. And we open the body to communicate with the spinal cord.

We open the body to open it's communication with the brain.
We open the body to open its expression with the soul.
We open the body to open its expression with the Oversoul.
We open the body to open its expression with God.

Again all aspects of intelligence, open all pathways of communication through which the body communicates.

As you open those lines of communication, and now connecting to your etheric body. This is an exact replica of your physical manifestation. So in your inner vision as you allow yourself to connect to your blueprint body, what's known as your etheric body. See that exact replica of you literally move out from the right side of your body. Like seeing your entire self, another holographic image of you inside your body, but stepping out to the right and standing right next to you. Then move yourself at 180° angle so you can physically view this body, as if you're standing face-to-face with each other. First of all smile and say hello, and let yourself know that you're going to be doing some corrections in your body.

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