Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world. When the collective fields shift in this way, it means there has been a frequency shift in the collective agreement that impacts the overall consciousness evolution on the planet, therefore, the Timelines Shift.
We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth. As we clear false and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming, AI Implants and Mind Control in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the Seven Higher Heavens.
Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.

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aoathumb1The latest energetic shift developing for our Ascension Biologies that I am witnessing for some of us now, is that the elemental physical body is getting upgraded at the subatomic and molecular level. This subatomic level of our elemental-physical body blueprint commences at the first layer of our "core manifestation template". This "template" is the 1st dimensional layer that consciousness utilizes to manifest in the physical worlds. Also, this first layer is at the 1st Dimensional level of the Earth plane and its energies (Chi) are synthesized and transmitted through our bodies via our Root Chakra or 1st Chakra. Those ready to receive these new elemental encryptions are starting the process of being released from the old energy structures (this includes the timelines of its cellular record in our bodies) that existed in the 1st dimensional level and being reorganized with new elementals, new divine particles from the 12 D Blueprint levels of the future planet Earth.

Lifting Your Veil: Surviving the Ascension Process
April 2007

My Goodness, could there be any more energies for us to dive into and handle over this last month? How is the Ascension family all doing? I had several titles for this article and could barely decide which one was most appropriate as the energies are so "all over the place". We have had just about all we could handle plus the "kitchen sink" thrown in at us! The Mercury station went direct, (thank god!) then came the lunar eclipse, the solar eclipse and the spring equinox all bringing us through a momentous crescendo of pulsing, pushing and pulling washing machine type of swirling about energies. I am still standing upright after the "vertigo" energies of March and I am here to tell about it! (What reality am I in?)



All of these incredible combinations have pushed many people and circumstances to boiling points, through major life upheavals and some of them have been quite challenging. So this particular timeline is about huge completions, doors slamming shut, beyond the deepest depth of internalized changes, and our simultaneous rebirth into the new world while we prepare for our grand debut. It is all just about ready to be kicked off for our anticipated "show time" which as a cycle began last month. (Reminder: YOU ARE on a soul mission and on the brink of a creative breakthrough into a new reality! Just in case you forgot in the purple haze of the last serving of the energetic 144 course meal dished out by the Universe!)

It's actually all very exciting, but given what we've just been through with the Mercury-Eclipse- Equinox arrangement, we need to be particularly careful because many people are still a bit shell-shocked from all the barrage influx of energies. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Some things are ending rather abruptly and you may not see why immediately, but have faith and trust that something is moving you into your new energy space. Currently the sparks are flying as the situations that are coming to an end may have had some harsh edges to it. However, don't let yourself get engulfed in the flames... the fires can be put out quickly when you nurture yourself and others with unconditional love and compassion. There is much we are letting go of. Please do know that you are on course.

Polarity Conflicts

The Astrology and its energy impacts is yet another shift of intense energy that is catalyzing humanities progress into one of the increasing polarity spirals. Our downward or upward spiral of personal evolution will again be exponentially increased by these recent forces. For those of us more consciously interacting with these forces, it will be apparent this is serving to propel us to our soul destiny. This influx of energy is amplifying these spirals creating an ever increasing polarity junction between the 3D and Multidimensional (MD) fields of possible realities.

I have been witnessing the latest stages of our delineation during this frequency split and observing that it has created amplification in the outward perception of polarities. I have been witnessing a lot of humans in the old 3D programs like "us vs. them" and it must be "this way or the highway" or it's "wrong". Over the last month in these intense astro-energy conjunctions, these old patterns have been surfacing in the factions within the classic types of polarity struggle.

The Council has mentioned this will be highly problematic for us at this level of reality (and ongoing) and it's important to not let it suck you into its grand illusion. The ego loves a story and it's the tiniest of fine lines to navigate this evolutionary time in order to be clear and integrated with our new Multidimensionality. Stay out of the story by maintaining a state of engaged detachment and observation.

Ultimately when you are inquiring within to ask the inner discernment questions, you must be positioned to surrender it ALL at the Altar of your Heart. This opens to allow the Super-conscious Genius of your Higher Self to guide you in each moment. How can we judge this process in another? We must be more tolerant and accepting of each other during these unique times. We each have such a perfectly orchestrated purpose that we are contributing to the One Divine Source.

A Rock and a Hard Place!

We have felt incredibly dense, compressed and compacted this last month. I would say "smooshed" is a good word to describe it. Rest assured it's a temporary cycle, the Guardians have discussed many reasons as to why we are feeling such physical density as we actually "drop" this density from our bodies. One interesting note the Councils mentioned to me is that the planetary fields have been in a sustained state of concentrated magnetism since early March. (They spoke of how the Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) move substance into manifestation and the fact this process of EMF movement is changing rapidly on the planet right now) They gave preparations as to say we would feel like we were being squeezed within a very small space, akin to being in a birthing canal right before we are being born into the world. This birthing pain is in the middle of contraction and is exactly where we find ourselves now. More self care and rest is needed from this constriction as when it occurs like this in our physical bodies as it leaves us more vulnerable to negative elementals, thought-forms and other lower vibration phenomena. All we can do to keep ourselves "expanded" and relaxed is critical. It is very important to do your daily spiritual housecleaning now and I highly recommend an "Ascension Treatment Invocation" and your 12D Divine Light Shield as your daily spiritual vitamin to keep you fortified.

New Earth Element Encryption

The latest energetic shift developing for our Ascension Biologies that I am witnessing for some of us now, is that the elemental physical body is getting upgraded at the subatomic and molecular level. This subatomic level of our elemental-physical body blueprint commences at the first layer of our "core manifestation template". This "template" is the 1st dimensional layer that consciousness utilizes to manifest in the physical worlds. Also, this first layer is at the 1st Dimensional level of the Earth plane and its energies (Chi) are synthesized and transmitted through our bodies via our Root Chakra or 1st Chakra. Those ready to receive these new elemental encryptions are starting the process of being released from the old energy structures (this includes the timelines of its cellular record in our bodies) that existed in the 1st dimensional level and being reorganized with new elementals, new divine particles from the 12 D Blueprint levels of the future planet Earth.

I have described this Multidimensional Intersection and encryption event in more detail in the below planetary alert article at the bottom of this article, dated March 11, 2007. We are still processing the effects of this event and we will feel much more integrated and settled in April. However, this has created a host of unusual physical symptoms (most heavily reported in the first three weeks of March) that I want to share with any of you that may be transiting through physical changes.

  • Feeling heavy toxicity moving through your body.
  • Heaviness in your digestive area and liver as they are working overtime to process these energies.
  • Weight gain in the lower abdomen and mid section.
  • Skin breakouts, rashes and pimples
  • Inner Ear activity, congestion, fluids, ringing and strange sounds.
  • Unusual "smells" or odors coming from your physical body. Most common is a burning type of smell, or "smoky" smell. Your body is burning off density molecularly.
  • Feeling pregnant type of symptoms.
  • Sleeping and needing to lay down way more than usual.
  • Vertigo, spins and some time space disorientation.
  • Entities, tricksters and astral "surreal" like dreams and scenarios showing up.
  • Many have had the bout of Respiratory Flu to keep you down to rest and integrate the spiritual work of your energy selves.

This is a good time to purify yourself in all means necessary and as you feel guided. Spring cleaning and physical detoxing may need to be placed on your to-do list. Rest, Drink, Breathe and Expand in all ways you can!

Multidimensional Intersection

Transcript - Planetary Alert - March 11, 2007

I wanted to get an alert across because the last few days we have been going through some rather intense information energy exchanges. I want to share this for those of you that have those particular soul agreements and are very much feeling the intensity of the early March activations. So, apparently we have had another timeline grid dissolution! What The Sirian Council has shown me is that through each of our universes in terms of the three dimensions, in each of the three dimensional octaves of spectrum (The 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions) we have six time continuums. And so in the third dimension we actually have two separate time continuums except when we go through what's known as a Stellar Bridge or Intersection between the timelines of which we are doing now at this time (during the Ascension Cycle) as we move into the multidimensional fields of reality.

Before I go on I will say that most of the beings that are actually going to comprehend what I am talking about are probably more in the advanced Lightworker and Starseed family; those beings that are consciously working with the Stargate systems, the timeline grids of the earth, and the planetary ley line matrices. And so this message is pertaining to that particular group.

So, we have actually come to a Multidimensional Intersection where they are showing me that there have been two timeline grids (that I am aware of in the 3D reality) and that we have incarnated into to actually experience, work with and heal. That was Timeline Grid 555, and Grid 553. It looks like last November, 2006, a part of the 555 grid was dismantled and now just recently, during this last week they are showing me that grid 553 has started to be dissolved and extricated from those of us who that have been working within and completed our experience with those third dimensional grid timelines. So, again these timelines still exist for the beings that are still at the 3D consciousness level and they are deciding to be in those particular time/space vectors. But for those of us as Starseeds, (or Multidimensional Humans) that are moving through the multidimensional timelines we are starting to be disconnected from the old reality 3D grid structures and our soul agreements with them. So this is important to know at this time during the period commencing March 6 through March 11 and completing through the Spring Equinox, many of us may be going through this timeline grid dissolution and experiencing very heavy physical or emotional symptoms.

So what this means is that the particular timeline/ grid is collapsed in your holographic memory within the cellular and energetic field of your personal energy biology, which means this timeline is collapsed through all of the layers of your spiritual anatomy. So as we are moving forward, which is coming to a head on the Equinox of March 21st, is an Multidimensional Intersection or Stellar Bridge Intersection between the parallel realities of the anti-particle earth, the particle earth, and at another level of the Timeline, which is called the inner earth. So the particle earth is the timeline of which we are at in this level of consciousness and is what we are consciously participating in at the 3D level.

I am noticing that many of us that do have these soul contracts and agreements to dissolve huge amounts of density are working intensely with this NOW - with the dissolution of these particular grids as it occurs within our own energy field, as well as connecting to these new Intersection points with our various families of light that exist through these multidimensional timelines - that are just now intersecting!

We are starting to intersect with the anti-particle and the inner earth axis points. Apparently we are coming to some kind of intersection or convergence between these various reality structures and that is creating a whole plethora of intersecting multidimensional timelines. And what this is doing is securing the 3D reality structures into the twelfth dimensional or New Earth spaces that we are moving toward in human evolution. They have given me the word Chitaya or Eartha as the 12D and beyond earth realities anchoring in at new blueprint levels.

And this event all relates to the information that I had talked to you as a group earlier about, in speaking about the New Elemental Command and the New Races hosting us into Ascension, and how we are being introduced to the new elements from the New Earth that are specifically here to begin to assist in redesigning our current biology. So not only our physical selves are being rewired now but our energetic template selves are to be re-encrypted with master key codes that access upgraded fire letter instruction sets. Now what that means is that the fire letters are key codes at our DNA structural level, that will be re-keyed to have access into these newly accessed higher reality light fields (multidimensional timelines) and this is starting to occur in our subatomic layers; starting to drill down into our molecules and into our physical cellular form. This is something obviously that is very hard to have any empirical data behind. I am just sharing with you my truth over these last 5 days because personally I was completely laid out in a very intense way and was told that I was dropping tremendous amounts of density of which I could feel seeping through my pores. And yet at the same time I could also feel that we are really moving into a whole new level of our reality system and its structures and really feel the joy and excitement about moving into this new space. I wanted to share this with our Soul Family to hopefully assist those who have felt very ill or odd over the last few days.

Specifically, I would say March 8th through March 10th was the pinnacle, Thursday through Saturday there was a feeling of disconnection, interrupted sleep patterns, kundalini flu or glandular fever, and a lot of buzzing energy. I have gone through incredible amounts of spinning and vertigo like no other time I can remember. Today was really the first day that I felt stabilized in the vertigo spins of which my body was going through as my toroid shaped energy body was starting to spin in these new directions. We apparently are now beginning the time of anchoring these new encryption codes into our cellular biology that will change the chemical processes of our DNA. This is referred to as some kind of master code re-encryption process that has to do with the DNA key coding that allows our genetics to be again coded and keyed to the new grid structures and time matrices governing these new spaces in the New Earth multidimensional realms.

So at this time, many of us are going through some reorganization and retooling. Not everybody is at this time, but I do want to alert those particular family members that are going through this specific change in their biology right now and really feeling this disruption happening in their physical self. There will more and more waves of us that do this process throughout the year. However another important thing to note is that on March 21st there is going to be some kind of completion in the multidimensional intersection point is taking place which has been referred to as the 12 Pillars of the Guardians coming together through the three parallel reality earths. So within each of these three time matrices there is actually a parallel earth, the inner earth, and the Earth itself. Within each of these particular reality structures there are the four consciousness substances that form the elements of earth, water, fire and air (The 4 Pillars) that make up the constituents of all life forms, all chemical DNA, every single life stream, everything that exists within these time matrices actually stem from these substances, these four core substances that are made of the earth and made of us, as it IS US! These Four Pillars are now intersecting with these other three realities, so there are now 12 pillars that are coming into union as this time. (Four Pillars in each level of the Three realities equals a total of 12 Pillars)

This represents the 12th Dimensional Blueprint of the Divine Plan for the Planet Earth.

I hope this has been clarifying to those of you at more advanced levels of your light work and more consciously working with the timeline grids. You may have felt lots of density and lots of shifting over the past few weeks. This will settle down and apparently the convergence point will be March 22nd where we anchor that more into our biology. Many of us are being called to hold these particular energies on the equinox to fully assist the Guardian Races and the New Elements- these new elements (particles) in intersecting with us. Thank you so much for being apart of these amazing times!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul plan.
We are here as One!

2007 Lisa Renee, www.EnergeticSynthesis.com

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