Shifting Timelines
There are many subtle force reconfigurations occurring at the quantum level of the planetary mainframe that are changing the way the external and collective energy fields organize and manifest into the world. When the collective fields shift in this way, it means there has been a frequency shift in the collective agreement that impacts the overall consciousness evolution on the planet, therefore, the Timelines Shift.
We have to move through the series of Timelines in each dimensional octave and reclaim our identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth. As we clear false and inorganic architecture from suppressing and impairing our consciousness, we are extracting the alien enslavement programming, AI Implants and Mind Control in order to embody our true inner Christos spirit and return to the Zero Point Field, the heart of the God Gateway leading into the Seven Higher Heavens.
Bifurcation of Time
Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts.Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, which is the nature of Bifurcation of Time.

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SphixthumbDear Friend,

As this summer has involved a heavy travel and workshop schedule for Lisa, the decision was taken to skip the usual July (2010) article.  The next regular newsletter will come out in August.

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July 2007

Dear Family,

Looks like we are on the Four R Plan! The Two sets of “R & R” ‘s will be the more definitive theme for our next coming cycle. There will seemingly be two sets of our Lightworker group pulling off and pairing into teams that are more mutually supportive and in resonance with their current functioning. The first set will be paying more attention on their physical Recovery and personal Reorganization while the second set will be more about Refocusing on the next tier of their spiritual work and/or getting a mission Reassignment to a Leadership position.

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