Introduction Audio
Hieros Gamos is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with Divinity (the Inner Spirit) and the Unification between all life expressions and its levels of opposite.
Introduction Audio
Required Reading
Much of this knowledge has been esoteric and hidden for centuries in many Mystery School teachings and Ancient Wisdom philosophies that carried down this knowledge through certain blood lineages.
Required Reading
ES Core Triad
Build the spiritual house for your highest consciousness. Practice ES Core Triad Daily to build spiritual strength.
ES Core Triad
Spiritual Maturity
To stop the dark from manipulating your energy and influencing your body, you have to stop it in its tracks and in all ways refuse its authority or control over your being in every way.
Learn Spiritual Maturity

Connect to your Inner Core:

  1. Authentically declare your Intention from your Heart, to resolve Authority issues. Defer your Ego to Serve God/Oneness
  2. Activate your Inner Spirit and Core Shield (12 D Shield Technique)
  3. From within 12 D Shield, create the Hub Handshake with Unity Vow
  4. Boundary Test (I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free)


Foundation Overview — How to Connect to Your Inner Core

The Energetic Synthesis Community Suggested Basic Core Technique comprises all of the below steps (a. through d.) as a daily spiritual practice whether you perform HGS session work or not. After this becomes a daily dedicated technique, the light-body foundation is firmly set to connect to your inner core and inner spirit. The foundational practice alone is extremely fortifying and strengthening to the individual with regular use. For those enterained to this daily spiritual practice and feeling confident and strong in their core connection, focus on each item (a-d) briefly to amplify frequency, and then move to the next section to continue – Prepare for HGS Energy Session Calibration. Connecting to your inner core is suggested as follows:

A.  Authentically, Declare your Intention from your Heart to Resolve Authority issues.
      Defer your Ego to Serve God/Oneness:

“My declaration of intention is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power, fully completely and totally, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!”

Feel the presence of your energy and as you say the above declaration– feel the conviction of your inner spirit to protect and listen to your heart.

B.  Activate your Inner Spirit and Core Shield (12 D field Shield and Hub)

For beginners, this is learning the 12 D shielding technique. For others, this is amplifying the protection of your shield with your inner focus and intent.

C.  From within your 12 D Shield, create the Hub Handshake with Unity Vow.

The Defenders of Truth, Sovereignty and Liberation, the Guardian Families, Serving the One:

From across all the multiverses I call upon my Guardian families to join me now. My unification is demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love - I sound my heart tone to you now.  My energy template updated, renewed and forever perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. My Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and I endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God.   Please sustain me in the Eternal Power of my Consecration. I have asked for Gatekeeping in order to hold my mission, my mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. My intention is Unification - The Cosmic Christ Principle - as an Energetic Reality, here and now. I request the handshake to fortify my spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of my genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into my created form. I set my intention now to remember that which I AM, fully completely and totally. I state my mutual purpose as One, please resurrect all inorganic patterns to organic Living Light Now. And to that I Say, Thank God I AM the Living Eternal Light. And so it is lovingly decreed.

For those new to the “Unity Vow”, repeat this command with every session to entrain your field and create the handshake hub of direct communication with Unity intelligence of the Krystal Star. When feeling the need to strengthen or amplify session communication links, repeat this Unity Vow. When proficient with regular energy session work, and by holding down the field, the Unity Vow is entrained with your nervous system, by saying “Unity”. This statement of intention will sufficiently activate the handshake hub to Krystal Star. 

D.  Boundary Test (I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free)

From within your 12 D Shield, see the three frequencies of God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) written in language or symbol code to encrypt your 12 D shield to boundary test with the combined GSF triad of frequencies. You can state it out-loud or focus on your GSF triad of 3 Founder Flame frequencies encrypted directly into your 12 D shield. See the GSF Triad for suggested use for visual symbol code work, or simply use the written language of “I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free”, written in the shield itself or written on the inner screen of your forehead.

This accomplishes a boundary test within your shield that is encrypting your personal field based on the resonance of these 3 flames, and only accepting communication from sources who agree to these resonances. When approached by entities, make the command “GSF” to boundary test the nature of communication. A negative entity will be disarmed or refused access to your nervous system.


Please be aware that as another wave of interest in the HGS Manual began in Fall 2016, to help people be better informed and prepared, we suggest using the below list as a guide. The entire 200 page HGS Manual is not offered to the public because the proper context, spiritual self study, ethical conduct, self responsibility and committment to harmlessness to serve the Law of One must be in place before embarking on HGS Manual session work. Essentially, this is a person who is completely aligned with the Christos mission. 

In order to begin to move towards gaining access to the entire HGS manual, it is expected that you will have worked through all of the material in ES community, starting with the meditations and Ascension class archives from June 2009 to the present. They build the foundation REQUIRED and are a pre-requisite before moving on to study the HGS manual. 

It is also expected that:

-You have been an  ES member for a minimum of 6 months, preferably a year  

-You have consistently worked with the ES Core Triad Practices

-You have calibrated with the HGS Calibration Manual

-You have worked through the Psychic Self Defense Classes

-You have disciplined your mind and emotions to hold Neutral Observer

-You feel confident in your ability to open, hold and close a session field

-You have developed discernment to identify interference, and clear it

-You have worked with the AIM module for at least a month, or 20 sessions

Thank you for your understanding.

-GSF Steward, Lisa Renee