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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Question: So many changes, I want to ask you to comment on intuition. How one can know what is real. What is the meaning of true intuition and what is manipulation? How can we best differentiate between old hologram stuff and what is coming in as a part of the pure real energy paradigm.

A: I think actually this is a very good question and something that each of us on the spiritual ascension pathway no doubt undergo our own process with this in terms of determining what is the best way that we develop our relationship with our inner spirit, and as well in that companionship relationship with the god source and we start to increase our trust and start to feel cellular knowingness which is really the highest expression we would want to achieve in our sense of intuition, in feeling within us the direction, or if something is aligned to us from personal resonance, or not aligned to us, which is when we would feel a dissonance. So as we develop on the spiritual path it is very clear that in order to develop a clear intuition there has to be a deeper knowing of the self.

To develop better discernment and personal intuition:

  • develop mental discipline
  • develop witness/observer state
  • notice reactive states

Intuition is equal to the ability to have quiet stillness in the self. It is very subtle and is the subtle movement of energies. To develop cellular knowing one must focus and listen to the inner voice. Learn how to come into stillness with the self. The more chatty the mind – the more off your intuition and discernment will be. This is why one must meditate and learn how to turn mind off.

Q. Question about Alchemical Union?

A. Because of the macrocosm impending particle and anti-particle timeline merge, many people in the microcosm are having unusual types of relationships between gender right now. Many types of people are coming together in a variety of ways to explore different and unusual relationship patterns, many of which are not currently socially acceptable or may be extremely challenging. This is related to spiritual growth and coming into contact with beings you have shared past or future memories with in one’s soul group, or oversoul group. We come to meet again in the ascension timeline to have completion with unfinished business or resolve painful issues. This helps us to reclaim our pieces for healing and many times the person in that relationship has shown up for a mutual exchange for learning and spiritual growth.  This helps us to reach polarity integration through the process of experiencing relationship alchemy, hence the name alchemical unions.  As this becomes more solidified, as we are moving into the critical mass of female principle (proton) coming back into the earth, we have been gradually embodying more of the feminine principle and this creates shifts in our female energies.  When a massive power of female (spiritual source) energy is coming into your body, the inner archetype of your male (mental principle) can feel threatened. Many of us as autonomous independent women on the spiritual path have been working with healing the inner masculine energies. We have had to address and change our behavior in terms of what we did thinking we needed to be polarized in our male energies to survive on planet. We were programmed that we had to always be action oriented, make it happen, make it manifest for our survival. These are action principles of masculine energy and now all of a sudden a massive influx of female energy comes into the planet and it is a fully present and receptive force. It is not a thinking process, it is a feeling process. The masculine part of you may rebel and reject what is happening to you in the ascension process. This is happening within and also is projected into the external in your environment to play out in interpersonal relationships. Have some patience with the process and apply the relationship mastery principles.

Q. Pain in neck and nervous sensations in hand and cranial nerves?

A. All this information about the changing magnetics in the global brain means that we at the individual level will experience nervous system changes as the brain neural net changes.  I hope this comes clear to you, that you are right on schedule and that you can release fear around these areas. it’s important to note that the atomic doorway of the ascension, the 9th dimensional chakra, is right directly on medulla oblongata on back of cranium where the cranium and skull meet the top of your spine. This area has been very problematic and why people are having neck pain, tension, headaches, dizzy spinning, etc. This area sometimes can be manipulated or adjusted, and when it is, will bring great relief. This is because many new energies are attempting to move through what have been dormant energetic centers in your light body. As these frequencies come through or are exposed to your body it can be like “rusty pipes” in your house. If you have not turned on the water, the house has been abandoned and you are trying to turn on the plumbing, it’s a little creaky, there’s a lot of debris coming out of the pipes. We have a lot of similarity as these new energies come back online in our bodies. There are channels attempting to re-circuit, orbit, plug in to circulate these energies and this is a common emanation. Some of us notice temporary numbness and tingling, some odd sensations moving into the thoracic level on up to the base of the neck and head. 

Adrenal fatigue is very common during exposure to high frequencies when we may be undergoing “downloads” or activation.  When we work with these frequencies, our adrenals and thyroid are first parts of our system that get exhausted and possibly fried. Beings that do spiritual intuitive or energy session work, also have higher tendency to have adrenal-thyroid burn out. This tends to be a foundational guideline that you may want to add dulse, iodine, seaweed, working with protecting your thyroid and the adrenal glands which need mineral composition. Minerals are the substance required for the conductors firing between nerve synapses. So when the nerves are firing really fast, it’s conducting it through a mineral base, so certain things like mineral salt, brain tissue salt, homeopathics that support neural net and nerves will help soften that nervous exhaustion and fried out feeling. Please see the EMF overexposure article in the newsletter here.  Hyland’s Bioplasma is a highly suggested Starseed supplement to help with the nervous system.

(Source: July 2008)

Q. How do we know when our soul fragments have returned?

A. The process of ascension is basically never ending in terms of our constant evolution into the central point of union with the Source. A good indication to know if you still require reclaiming fragments is the level of inner peace you experience. When you are still feeling deep emotional charges in relationship to things, when you are having certain things triggering you; that is the reclamation of parts into wholeness that is still required in order to achieve freedom from emotional suffering. What really is a beautiful indicator of balanced centered completion is an inner/outer manifestation of that balance. Through the experience of your own perception when you come in contact with things in the external, are you still reacting? Do you have instinctual and lower emotional responses? Are there things working within you that you feel are chaotic? When you come to levels of integration of soul fragmentation, there is a freedom, liberation, emotionally and physically that you can feel as a completion within your being. There is a level of uninterrupted peace that is experienced within. The life questions, What am I doing, Where am I going? These questions cease to be an issue for you because you can feel your relationship to the greater whole. Many people do soul retrieval on personal level which would spend more relationships at soul level consciousness and then there are beings who have agreements working with holographic bits that have to do reclamation of whole monadic streams of consciousness. The issue is, the larger you grow in consciousness, you move beyond individual identity and start to merge with higher vibrating and larger more complex systems. There is soul retrieval at individual level, at the planetary level, at the soul, avatar, galactic, consciousness levels. So when you come into a certain level of completion with you being what happens is now your consciousness starts working with larger planetary bodies. Now you are leaving individual human bodies and now working with stellar bodies. There are fragments at stellar body levels. In terms of all of us, at any level, we are working and contributing to the overall whole.