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Question: So many changes, I want to ask you to comment on intuition. How one can know what is real. What is the meaning of true intuition and what is manipulation? How can we best differentiate between old hologram stuff and what is coming in as a part of the pure real energy paradigm.

A: I think actually this is a very good question and something that each of us on the spiritual ascension pathway no doubt undergo our own process with this in terms of determining what is the best way that we develop our relationship with our inner spirit, and as well in that companionship relationship with the god source and we start to increase our trust and start to feel cellular knowingness which is really the highest expression we would want to achieve in our sense of intuition, in feeling within us the direction, or if something is aligned to us from personal resonance, or not aligned to us, which is when we would feel a dissonance. So as we develop on the spiritual path it is very clear that in order to develop a clear intuition there has to be a deeper knowing of the self.

To develop better discernment and personal intuition:

  • develop mental discipline
  • develop witness/observer state
  • notice reactive states

Intuition is equal to the ability to have quiet stillness in the self. It is very subtle and is the subtle movement of energies. To develop cellular knowing one must focus and listen to the inner voice. Learn how to come into stillness with the self. The more chatty the mind – the more off your intuition and discernment will be. This is why one must meditate and learn how to turn mind off.

Common level of dark force manipulation used to interfere with intuition and discernment:

  • Dark forces – primarily use manipulation from the astral plane 4/5/6D,
  • Using voices – audio insert,
  • Visions of movies – visual insert,
  • Projected images audio/visual can be manipulated,
  • Witness and inquire if this visual/audio has a manipulation frequency to it. Your body will respond. Ask the right question to get the most accurate answer.

When you are hearing/seeing something be careful about the messaging that you are receiving. Ask point blank, to identify and challenge its energy signature name, while in 12D shield.

HSP Technique:

Expand 12D shield out, invite whatever you are hearing/seeing to test it against the GSF frequency. The answer will be a feeling/sensation. This is cellular knowingness or direct cognition. What does it feel like? Make notes on the sensations. Ask the questions. What does it feel like? Is it soft? Is it hard? Does it have a colour? Develop your intuition by asking the questions in the presence of the object/decision. What am I feeling here? Try to describe it to yourself even if it doesn’t make sense. Such as, I feel the number 7.

Discern what it is that you are feeling. The intuition does not come from the mental body. The intuition comes from the soul-spiritual body and is translated to sensory perception and feelings.

Generally, you will not hear a voice or something very literal. When you are in contact with spiritual energies and subtle frequencies from other dimensional states, the way messages will be communicated is not verbal. You learn how to feel it and understand it is another language. When you receive a message call it out and ask the question. Does this message have manipulation?

Understand the dark forces will tend to manipulate from the astral plane. They will project holographic insets into the mental or emotional field during the dream state to manipulate the being. You may have an experience in your dream state and when you wake you bring it with you in to the awake state. Manipulation on the astral plane does not feel good.

For those with addiction problems, its where the pain-pleasure state resides on the astral, and so some of the astral energies may feel pleasant to those recovering from addictions.

The dark will use painful memories from other lifetimes to create pain or fear, to stunt you and keep you confused. If you keep using your mind to work out ‘what is that’ we can become overly fixated, say on a painful memory. This can create obsessions or looping, when one needs to let it go and find neutrality.

The dark will also use isolation techniques – victimising or defamation of character. Fear of persecution or crucifixion if we talk openly about what we are perceiving. Someone will be sent in to bully you with that specific fear. Be neutral to witch hunt and persecution energies as the predictable method of NAA manipulation.

We don’t want to misplace our trust. At the same time, we must come into acceptance with who we are on this earth.

The dark is fantastic at finding weaknesses inside us and then exploiting and manipulating them on the external. We can use these as lessons, as we can see our weaknesses, locate our vulnerability and participate consciously with it by surrendering, and calling out imposter spirits.

Understand that this how the dark force use the astral plane to manipulate:

Astral infiltration – some lightworkers have got stuck in this plane, its not an enlightened plane. Strange creatures that may be seen on the astral are the collective emotional body, from people that are not aware of their thought forms. Full of astral debris and garbage. The lower astral is a repository of garbage.

HSP Technique:

So meditate, come into a higher state of understanding, use the 12D shield and bring consciousness into your heart, breath out 12D energy, exhaling out expanding in an anti-clockwise circle, and then you can invite whatever the person/place/thing/symbol into the shield and look at it. As you bring it into the shield you can say GSF encrypting shield. Ask that which you brought into your shield to illuminate the truth of whatever you have brought in. Ask, "I want to see what this is."

This is not for ‘looky looing’. This is for a situation in your life that you really need deeper information on. Every being on this planet has a sovereign right to exist as they are in the moment. We must never impose our will. However, when that thing is infringing upon something in your life, or something is confusing, then you have every right to inquire about that. Sometime one may place bans of interference to determine what it is that is interfering.

Act in alignment to Law of One, this is not about psychic peeping. Its about getting answers for what is right for you in your life to be informed and clear. The information you get is for you alone. So you can make an informed decision. We have every right to consciously participate with what is going on in our particular lifestream. But we do not have a right to superimpose on other people.

Devote your life to serve god or your highest spiritual expression. Do not attach to an end result of an answer.

Another HSP method:

Take a ball of light white golden light – basketball size, imagine it around your brain/cranium, take the white ball, move it down to your heart, whatever you have in your mind that you would like intuition/detail about it, bring that in front of you in your inner vision, with eyes closed, and from your heart push out the white orb. Take the orb and place it so it is illuminating the issue in front of you. You may see light in front of you to see issue, gently focus there, soften your focus. You want to be relaxed, deeply breathing.

Now look at the object, you may see black energy, the light is showing you the blockage, or cracks, see where the blockages are in your own body or other objects. Focus on the feeling and discern it from that level whether it makes sense to your personality or not. 

The Goal for improved discernment and intuition: 

  • The goal is to move away from clairaudience and clairvoyance dependence,
  • The goal is developing the sensory ability to feel and to build upon those feelings,
  • Ask, is this information interference or does it have a manipulation signature?

(Source: Ascension Q&A Dec 2013)