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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Q. Question about the shadow process of feeling shame and unworthiness more than ever?

A. When we're talking about continual collapsing of these consciousness fields, intersections occur as a result of this that have an impact to our changing consciousness, or sense of self.  There are mind control programs such as the cycle perpetuated between the VICTIM and VICTIMIZER which is designed to cellularly embed energies of unworthiness, shame and guilt. Predator and Controller forces propagate these energies as a type of bio-warfare into the masses as a means of controlling them. These are implants that have been in place with many lightworkers to fuel persecution via victimization or victimhood. It’s very common that any time we are going to be expanded into a new level of our spiritual evolution, into a higher frequency, there is an equal amount of resistance that comes in like gangbusters. Certain implants or accumulated negative emotions (that remain un-cleared) will broadcast particular feelings and emotional states in your body. Once an implant or dysfunctional pattern is recognized it is able to be removed. Being able to dis identify with this as part of your real identity, is the number one and most important action one can take. The first thing in looking at these patterns is realizing they are “recorded programs” and implants within your consciousness. The next step is to not identify these programs as the real YOU. These are constructs of ego distortion and mental dysfunction. Relable these thoughts and reassign their value to your mind. The suggested mantra is to declare your intention fully that you are God-Sovereign-Free. (GSF) The three frequencies around this intention are extremely powerful in repelling negative thoughts or attack energies. Set your intention that nothing less than the GSF field is around you, and that the unworthiness and shame are programs that are being used to control you from moving into the next level of your wisdom and spiritual intelligence. Because of the intensity of the polarized energy amplification, ( a result we are sensing from the collapsing time fields), and because so many of us are being accelerated into a new level and being implanted with distractions such as this, this “shadow” process is extremely common and you are not alone with this.

It is a result of the dark night of the soul, and we must surface the dark vibrational density we are carrying in our bodies and minds, in order to transmute and release old and dark patterns that have haunted us for millenniums. Become present to these ego distortions, acknowledge them as not the real you, and reassign the value you have given them to have power over you.  (Source: QA June 2008)


The main goal of the Victim-Victimizer mind control and software is based on intentionally programming humanity to think thoughts of violence and hatred to believe the Archontic Deception Behaviors and their AD Strategies as a fear based control human belief system. As humans feed their power into these AD systems and hierarchies based upon violence, lies and deception, the deception is covered up and its fabricated reality becomes a anti-human value system. As long as humans think thoughts and maintain belief systems of the Predator Mind, and feed into the alien software programs, they create victims and victimizers and spread more hatred and violence. Humans exchange roles between acting as the archetypal victim, and then because they do not want to be a victim anymore, they switch their role to become a victimizer. Both are forms of inner and/or outer violence.

When we undergo the Ascension process, we undergo the process of Ego/Personality dismantling and a continued transformation to align our Consciousness to our spiritual self or Higher Self. During Ascension Stages of development or Kundalini awakening we undergo a form of psycho-spiritual crisis called the Dark Night of the Soul. During a variety of encounters of the "Dark Night" we will face issues of being a victim, or being a victimizer, or have either of these roles projected to us from other people or groups. As we develop personal discernment and gain clarity with these Imposter Spiritforces, we are able to synthesize these forces into harmonious patterns thereby neutralizing them. However, these victim archetypes are deeply enmeshed in the human psyche and Unconscious Mind which form the Negative Ego and are a Mind Control program that is operating in the world today.

The goal is to free one's mind from bondage to these Imposter Spirit forces as well as free one's thoughts, therefor freeing the mind to focus on the light of the soul.

One may see these patterns carry over with child sexual abuse, which is an Archontic NAA Strategy developed to traumatize humanity. A child who is sexually abused, grows into an adult who abuses children. The role of the victim and victimizer is interchangeable and promotes violence, hatred, trauma, abuse and misery which set the person up into Addiction.

This is a no win situation that is anti-human belief system, and is a Mind Control psychotronic warfare that is designed to spread hatred, division, and self enforcement of human enslavement set up by the Controllers. Educate yourself.

Victimizer Programming

Victim-Victimizer or VV programming, the unfortunate result is that unstable people that have not done much mental or emotional clearing, have built up hidden pain and trauma, that are easily controlled and manipulated by dark forces to play out their fears in the 2D or lower mind. These kind of people go unconscious and flip out very easily, are very weak spiritually, have low Impulse Control and are at high risk for dark portal use or Possession. The NAA and dark forces will groom and manipulate these unstable people to attack you directly. We all must be aware of this and take steps to defend ourselves by not allowing these kind of people to get too close to us or in your home (when possible). The problem is they will find ways to infiltrate peoples weakness, and work them slowly to flip out, without any kind of apparent reason. Recently, we had this happen in our community, and over the last week I had a Black Faced Reptilian with Yellow eyes showing me that it was he that was responsible for creating all the recent energetic chaos in our group, they tend to be incredibly arrogant and they like to leave their mark, which is a way to say F-you. So it is good to remember, these unstable, confused and weak people are used as pawns in the larger war game, and its not the person most of the time consciously understanding what they are doing, but these forces manipulating the person to act totally bizarre and even insane. I have had these experiences happen so many times, that unfortunately I do not think this dark strategy is going to end anytime in the near future. So as we gain more experience with dark attack and accept it as a reality on his earth, the process actually gets easier. The biggest challenge is the energetic drain and diversion it creates from taking you off course (timelines), which is their primary motivation.