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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Q. I had a horrible experience in astral, this huge machine looking tech transformer entered my room; the g force effect on my energetic body, was terrifying and deeply ungrounding. This form of technology sent out a huge probe and scanned the entire front and back of my body. I was terrified I was going to be penetrated by this probe but it seemed more like a scan. Can you help me understand what this was?

A. I am sorry this was scary. I have seen these and actually what I was aware of working with these transformers on the astral plane is that we have been preparing and reconfiguring the astral layers to be able to handle the energetic exchange for when the phase lock occurs.  One of the realities or holographic tanks that was at risk, was the astral plane because of the level of distortion, during February mostly, when I was working on it, there was  a complete clean up going on, consciousness being rehabilitated, it was really like trudging through the mud. It was very dirty work and what I was aware of is we were building levels of transformers designed to buffer in these astral layers so certain field levels would not collapse. It was like buffer fields were being generated by these particular transformers in the astral plane. When I feel this for you, I don’t feel anything negative implanted here. I actually feel that there was a check in on your body and that because we are being accelerated really fast, there was like a portal opening coming in from astral and in through a temporary portal opening in and out of there fast, that wasn't there before and this was so other entities and light family members that were here and helping us to get this layer of the astral reconfigured. The false matrices, false navel webbing, in the astral must be removed from our bodies that impact our direct connection.  I feel like your light families or team was attempting to see your energetic matrix so they could give you any bio encodements you need as we go through the Andromedan exchange and galactic core phase lock. A lot of us have been working on our bodies or have our teams working on our bodies, as an etheric surgery, and that is what I feel in that situation, by them scanning you, they are able to study it and figure out in terms of upgrades, that would make your body more functioning at the level it must embody. In my experiences no one really knows what this is going to take, we are all working together in consciousness on many different dimensions to experience this event of ascension. (Source: QA, April 2008)