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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid. Using the instruction sets from Morphogenetic Fields, dimensions are composed of stationary points of the vibration of sound and light, which together form a fabric of tone and into which smaller morphogenetic fields are woven. From each fixed point of sound vibration and within each dimension of manifestation field, an electrical current of Consciousness emerges. There is layer upon layer upon layer of morphogenetic fields and dimensional reality systems. A dimension is a full frequency band: repeating sequences of waves flashing on and off (particle/anti-particle universe) and it’s what we’re existing in space with.

• 12 Dimensions of our Universe (also known as Planetary Lightbodies).

• Each Dimension corresponds with a Dimensional Layer of our body, a strand of DNAand a Fire Letters that will sequentially increase as we absorb frequencies from the next dimension and expand our Consciousness.

• Each Chakra on our lightbody corresponds to a Lightbody layer both existing (personal and planetary).

• 13, 14, 15 represent the Trans-Harmonic Universe, outside of space and time and holder of the Holy Trinitized Form of Mother, Father and Christed Son whom exist as One.

Cosmology of Dimensions

So, our actual goal is to connect with higher, more refined vibrating aspects of ourselves through the intention of communicating with our personal Lightbody and through committing to expanding our Consciousness in Meditation. So, when we think of our Soul, our Oversoul and these aspects of spiritual-energetic identity, this is where the understanding of the cosmology of dimensions, and dimensional spectrums are brought to awareness. (see Universal Time Matrix)When we understand the color wave spectrums of each dimension and use our Chakras as a foundational model, that again helps us to understand what the seven primary chakras function actually are. We can start with those seven dimensions of which there is a plane of reality that we as a soul/God being, multidimensional God Being actually have an intelligence and an aspect of our Self in simultaneous time that is existing on that particular plane of reality. So the Ascension is a Descension or collecting of those fragments or other identities of ourselves, as we merge them into this moment of self that we’re sharing now. We are now moving into the end of an Ascension Cycle, which in the timeline… (And what a timeline is goes back to the Ascension concept. The easiest way to equate Timelines or a time grid is also to recognize that is also a dimension.) The Higher dimensions that we are moving into represent future time and space. As we move through progressively refined and higher fields of energy, we move through each of the subharmonic frequency bands within each dimension. 

Dissolving Lower Dimensions into Higher Dmensions

The process of dissolving the lower-dimensional energy layers within the Consciousness Field and transmuting their particle content into the next dimensional band of frequency is referred to as a Stellar Activation and is a part of the mechanics of Ascension. As the planetary body or human body evolves through these multiple levels of frequency accretion, the energetic layers within the Auric Field progressively undergo transmutation of form. Once a personal energy or Auric Field has accreted most of the frequency bands from the dimensions that compose one Harmonic Universe, (i.e. The Earth's Field) the energy layers that correspond to these lower dimensions begin to dissolve. The particles contained within the dissolving auric layers open into the auric layers of the next highest dimensions, in the next Harmonic Universe up. This is the energetic Ascension Dynamics by which forms and Consciousness progressively evolve from one dimensional span of experience to the next.These Stellar Activations are a natural part of the light accretion/evolution process, and occur as the pulsation rate of particles in the lower dimensions speeds up into the rhythms of the next dimensional frequency bands.

  • "Dimensions" are a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension.
  • "Consciousness" represents awareness. The inhabitants of each dimension function clearly, easily, and with a minimum of resistance within that plane because their consciousness vibrates in resonance with the frequency of that dimension.
  • "Multidimensional Consciousness" is the ability to be "conscious" of more than one dimension. To be multidimensional in our consciousness we must remember that we have within us the potential to expand our perceptual awareness to the dimensions above and below our physical plane.

Welcome to our Energetic Synthesis Ascension Class, “Humanity as Energy Beings” - Introduction to Multidimensionality. This class is discussing the basic level of comprehending the particle layers of our station of identity in the first seven layers that exists in the third dimensional layers of our being, with the primary focus on what we call the Three Layers of Ego. So this will be more of a basic primer of understanding our 3D consciousness state that exists multidimensionally that interfaces with the planetary body, and is what we identify as our self in the material world. There will be a lot of standard information interweaved with some newer information to help give us a multidimensional primer and a greater awareness of connecting with the aspects of our mind that function in our multidimensional energetic self.

In my journey as an Ascension guide and through my own direct experiences and processes, I have found that there seems to not be enough information available on this topic to help people truly understand that we are not only energy beings, but we are multidimensional beings. We have levels and components that exist on a multidimensional level that connect with conscious energies that interface with the planetary body. As we start to expand our consciousness, we start to have a better understanding of our multidimensional and energy selves, and we begin to perceive the larger energies in the collective consciousness that we connect with. In order to utilize our multidimensional body, we have to understand that it exists. Then we will start to be able to utilize our multidimensional layers, by even connecting just to the mental processes that are involved in knowing they actually exist and are connected to the planetary consciousness body. In the process of focusing our attention on higher knowledge of our Multidimensionality, we direct our energies into higher frequencies, and this takes place on levels of awareness that are beyond our conscious mind view. Our consciousness travels beyond the third dimensional conscious mind station of identity or view, when we begin to perceive Multidimensionality.

Just starting to begin to understand some of the workings of our multidimensional structure and the anatomy of the Soul, allows us to start to work and connect with these levels of being. And begin to consciously direct those energies in terms of our own alignment to divine will and soul purpose.

One of the things I have said repeatedly, is that if we are not aware of certain components of our energy fields, or if we have no understanding that our consciousness body is what holds our true power, we will have no way to access it. That is what it means to anchor our consciousness inside our body and hold our spiritual power as multidimensional beings. First, we need to have an understanding of our structural anatomy, our energy anatomy and how those multidimensional layers are comprised. As we start to work with this multidimensional context more and more, we start become more in command of ourselves, we gain self-awareness, we begin to sense our own vastness, and to be able to utilize those energetic levels of ourselves in service to our soul’s growth. Also, our personal sphere of influence increases in service to the greater good and we evolve to be a force of goodness in the world at large.

It's really useful to have a basic model of our multidimensional identity in order to gain sovereignty over the processes that are associated with the levels of our multidimensional mind. For this reason, I'm providing a basic model which will be using primarily the base model of seven that was used in the first dispensation of Ascension material on this earth, at the turn of the century, as hosted by the KumaraDragon lines. Most of you that may be more familiar with our work know that we use the Guardian Host 12 base math or 15 dimensional-based model, but for right now and for this evening in terms of our introduction, I want us to get much more familiar with the seven primary layers, as that is the first stage of comprehending multidimensional anatomy. This first seven layers are the particle layers, which are the first human physicalized layers that include the basic seven primary Chakra system. Most people in the New Age will have received information about these first seven primary chakras, the 3D chakras that we are all born with in the first density. I'd like to then connect each of those chakra layers, to the levels of the mind matrix that exist within each of those chakra patterns, so that as you are working with your chakra, then you take the next step to connecting that chakra to the frequency of that mind matrix. The mind matrix is an intelligent force function that particular chakra literally has recorded with the characteristics and attributes to connect with your unique energetic signature.

Morphogenetic Field is a form-holding Blueprint that stores information for how that "form" of consciousness will manifest. Morphogenetic Fields are comprised by templates of conscious light and sound which serve as the blueprints on which matter and conscious identity will then manifest. This occurs at a microcosmic and macrocosmic level and is a part of the mechanics of all creation. All matter forms and forms of consciousness, including planetary bodies and human bodies, are manifested through these morphogenetic imprints. The architecture of that manifestation template is the 12 Tree Grid. Layers upon layers of morphogenetic fields exist at every level form has manifested at each dimensional plane in the Universal Tree of Life. Our personal blueprint is known as our personal Morphogenetic Field, and it expands to exist at a planetary level, the Galactic level, The Universal Level and Multi-verse levels. All of the levels of the manifestation templates, the Personal, Planetary, Galactic and Universal 12 Tree Grids are nested together interconnected as what manifest within our holographic reality.

To describe the antiparticle layers that exist in the higher Chakra system, these higher chakras 8 through 15 are called anti-particle chakras or Morphogenetic Chakras.

Almost all forced ego identities are based in heavy 2nd Chakra (Sacral Chakra) addiction programs lodged in the Pain Body, as these identities are clearly intertwined through an addiction pathway that is easy to energetically control and manipulate human beings. Addiction programming is the primary use of enforcing Mind Control. The Archontic Deception Behavior and their strategies are to set up humanity for serious addiction programming through unhealed trauma made by Soul Fragmentation.

Addiction in Mind Control Archetypes

Addictions are coping methods and defense mechanisms resulting from the severe trauma of ancestral issues and a variety of inherited genetic miasms that deposit dead energy in the bodies. Dead Energy miasms are similar to a toxic waste product. This Dead Energy miasm originated from the abuse and damage of soul bodies, the hidden alien invasion (anti-human forces) of the NAA and the impact of its result which is the disconnection from the inner self and one’s spiritual energies. Addiction is that which the fragmented ego personality and its wounds resort to in obsessing on external fixations or substances. Focusing on external things to cope with life is a method of self-soothing one’s attention away from the painful void of inner shadow. The pain and suffering from inner shadow will find addiction in order to stop feeling the dead energy spaces in the bodies. This is achieved by altering the messaging of the Central Nervous System (CNS) relaying its impulse to the Brain that tells the body and body parts that it is in “pain”. When we understand the Soul’s Nadial Plexus is the blueprint to the physical CNS, it is clear that deep emotional pain, shock and trauma are directly inter-related to Soul Damage. Dead Energy can consume the soul energies and this process feels painful, creates suffering and disease in the body.

To numb, shock or alter the neurological system and stop its message to the brain, addiction matrices are manifested in the 2nd Chakra through implantation, programming, siphoning or direct trauma damage. Dead Energy is the sensation of an unspeakable vast hunger that rips through your flesh and bones to “feed” it, and is understood through the Satanicarchetype of Vampires needing to satisfy their never ending hunger or thirst. The NAA Controllers exist in a state similar as the archetype of Vampires and intend to create more humans to be as they are. (This is why glamourizing hungry Vampires and Zombies in the media and movies are so popular.)