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Welcome to our Energetic Synthesis Ascension Class, “Humanity as Energy Beings” - Introduction to Multidimensionality. This class is discussing the basic level of comprehending the particle layers of our station of identity in the first seven layers that exists in the third dimensional layers of our being, with the primary focus on what we call the Three Layers of Ego. So this will be more of a basic primer of understanding our 3D consciousness state that exists multidimensionally that interfaces with the planetary body, and is what we identify as our self in the material world. There will be a lot of standard information interweaved with some newer information to help give us a multidimensional primer and a greater awareness of connecting with the aspects of our mind that function in our multidimensional energetic self.

In my journey as an Ascension guide and through my own direct experiences and processes, I have found that there seems to not be enough information available on this topic to help people truly understand that we are not only energy beings, but we are multidimensional beings. We have levels and components that exist on a multidimensional level that connect with conscious energies that interface with the planetary body. As we start to expand our consciousness, we start to have a better understanding of our multidimensional and energy selves, and we begin to perceive the larger energies in the collective consciousness that we connect with. In order to utilize our multidimensional body, we have to understand that it exists. Then we will start to be able to utilize our multidimensional layers, by even connecting just to the mental processes that are involved in knowing they actually exist and are connected to the planetary consciousness body. In the process of focusing our attention on higher knowledge of our Multidimensionality, we direct our energies into higher frequencies, and this takes place on levels of awareness that are beyond our conscious mind view. Our consciousness travels beyond the third dimensional conscious mind station of identity or view, when we begin to perceive Multidimensionality.

Just starting to begin to understand some of the workings of our multidimensional structure and the anatomy of the Soul, allows us to start to work and connect with these levels of being. And begin to consciously direct those energies in terms of our own alignment to divine will and soul purpose.

One of the things I have said repeatedly, is that if we are not aware of certain components of our energy fields, or if we have no understanding that our consciousness body is what holds our true power, we will have no way to access it. That is what it means to anchor our consciousness inside our body and hold our spiritual power as multidimensional beings. First, we need to have an understanding of our structural anatomy, our energy anatomy and how those multidimensional layers are comprised. As we start to work with this multidimensional context more and more, we start become more in command of ourselves, we gain self-awareness, we begin to sense our own vastness, and to be able to utilize those energetic levels of ourselves in service to our soul’s growth. Also, our personal sphere of influence increases in service to the greater good and we evolve to be a force of goodness in the world at large.

It's really useful to have a basic model of our multidimensional identity in order to gain sovereignty over the processes that are associated with the levels of our multidimensional mind. For this reason, I'm providing a basic model which will be using primarily the base model of seven that was used in the first dispensation of Ascension material on this earth, at the turn of the century, as hosted by the KumaraDragon lines. Most of you that may be more familiar with our work know that we use the Guardian Host 12 base math or 15 dimensional-based model, but for right now and for this evening in terms of our introduction, I want us to get much more familiar with the seven primary layers, as that is the first stage of comprehending multidimensional anatomy. This first seven layers are the particle layers, which are the first human physicalized layers that include the basic seven primary Chakra system. Most people in the New Age will have received information about these first seven primary chakras, the 3D chakras that we are all born with in the first density. I'd like to then connect each of those chakra layers, to the levels of the mind matrix that exist within each of those chakra patterns, so that as you are working with your chakra, then you take the next step to connecting that chakra to the frequency of that mind matrix. The mind matrix is an intelligent force function that particular chakra literally has recorded with the characteristics and attributes to connect with your unique energetic signature.

As you connect to this information, you become more empowered with knowledge of how your minds actually work. I feel this is the important point of exchanging knowledge and sharing the dialogue of this information. The beginning of developing self-sovereignty in the human being starts with the comprehension of these forces and how it's possibly being manipulated or controlled by other forces in the environment. If we do not know how our own bodies work, if there are energies and aspects of our own identity that we are not aware exist or know we have connection with, then there are other energies that surely become aware that these particular aspects of our consciousness body we are not using. As we well know, we become subjected to energy manipulation or siphoning and it takes us out of our spiritual center, it takes away our internal vital force and consciousness energy, that is given to us in our divine inheritance to utilize for our highest soul purposes of creative manifestation in service, not only ourselves, but to our also our planet.


Spiritual Bodies are Consciousness

Spiritual Bodies are Energetic Bodies which are Conscious.

This is a brief introduction of which I am starting with just the basic level in terms of the understanding that we are spiritual beings, and that we can always interchange the world spiritual with energetic. Spiritual, energetic and consciousness are interchangeable in their true meaning. For centuries, at least in our written record, human beings have really known very little about the human energy field. I will use human energy field interchangeably with Aura and Lightbody, it is really all the same thing.

For a starting point, humans do not simply have a Soul. We are embodied in the multiple layers and vehicles that is the structure of the soul, and that is connected to the God consciousness. At this level of our 3D consciousness, sometimes it is challenging to look at the layers of the bodies and really feel that emanating from our core and inside of our being. That is the process that we are underway during the Ascension Cycle, to remember that we are actually the embodiment of God consciousness in a physical form and consciously connect to higher and more refined vibrations of our Divinity. In order to truly embody the massiveness and the vastness of our God self, what we really are when we gain access to the Monadic level of being and beyond.

To understand our multidimensional anatomy and to also understand the Ascension process, we really must proceed with the assumption of reincarnation for humanity. I refer to the word “assumption”, as that we must discover for ourselves while in this process of our own journey of self-discovery. Personally, for me this is an experiential fact. I think that for many of us, we may have a core belief structure and the understanding of sequential or simultaneous births. Reincarnation tends to talk about past-life or future life and that is not entirely accurate. It's really happening all in simultaneous time, but for us to be able to grasp it, we tend to say the word reincarnation to refer to the past timelines. Understand that we are here on a path of soul evolution and the process of sequential birth is interwoven with our greater development in all of the layers of our bodies, the physical, etheric, emotional, astral, mental bodies and our spiritual body.

Another interesting point is that as we connect to each level of our Chakra energy system, there is the holographic identity that is connected to our other Root Race memory that is also embedded in there. Another topic that I will hopefully get to this evening is that through each of our chakras, is the full and complete history of a particular root race memory that we are participating in, at some simultaneous time event. As an example, in our second chakra, was the timeline of Mu, the Lemurian root race cycle. Many of us that are accessing multidimensional memories and starting to feel those aspects of ourselves, it is very common for lightworkers to feel their connection to that Lemurian root race cycle and having experienced some trauma at that particular lifetime. That is one reason our second chakra tends to be very problematic, as it is our pain body and this area needs a lot of TLC and emotional clearing. Additionally, in this particular lifetime on earth, humanity is largely manipulated by second chakra imbalances, as the second chakra is our instinctual body, desire body and houses sexual energies. Hence, it has all the housings of the Addiction matrices, and this area of emotional trauma that leads to addiction, which tends to be largely controlled in the human race. So in addition to what we're dealing with in this current moment of self-evolution, the second chakra also houses the connection to our Lemurian root race cycle, of which many of us had pretty intense lifetimes of explosions, implosions and Traumas that went on during that particular cycle itself. This timeline hold the collective memories that annihilated matriarchal society and generated imbalances that led to the current state of Patriarchal Domination on the earth.

Understanding the sequential birth and our simultaneous lifetimes is also very important in understanding ourselves as multidimensional beings. This is certainly comprehending that we exist way beyond this particular 3D personality as an identity structure. We are a part of a larger and larger family of SoulsoversoulsMonads and it goes on and on between the layers and levels of dimensions and Harmonic Universes.

At this particular awareness of Ascension, our basic goal for humans at this level is to be cleared of the planetary Frequency Fence and NETs. Clearing the frequency fence is what allows the seven chakras to be united and unified, so that we can be freed from the cycles of forced reincarnation and released from the oppressive energy vibration that is used to recycle souls in the planetary solar plane. In addition, once we process our planetary ascension, we then move into the solar levels, the solar race, the solar memory, and the solar logos. Then we move into the universal matrix and its logos memories and then finally we move into the cosmic consciousness, which is really the center point of our core self, the still point of all creation.

This time of Ascension is really an amazing time when you think of the opportunity of leaving an individual personality matrix and individuated type of consciousness at a personality level, to actually be in touch all the way past the planet, solar, universal layers and into cosmic consciousness. There are really no words to truly describe this amazing time of higher consciousness opportunity.

For purposes of this class, I want to start with an understanding of our 144 soul extensions. Understanding that we are so much more than an individuated consciousness, we exist in a soul family that is ever expanding.

At the ascension level, each of us has a Monad that created 12 oversouls or stations of identity. Through those 12 oversouls, 12 soul extension were created to exist in the lowest density of creation. We are at the soul extension level. The soul extension is also considered to be connected to the personality matrix. Down here in this density, with spirit having a material type of experience, a part of the ascension process is the collection and reclamation of these levels of our soul identities that are existing in simultaneous time, in all kinds of other time-space locations.

The first level, as we are moving up the chakra column, recognizing these are connected to other times, spaces and other identities, we are working to integrate our soul family. These would be our other identities existing on the fourth dimension, which is our heart chakra. Within our throat, which is the fifth chakra. Then in the sixth chakra, sixth level of our identity. So the heart chakra, the throat chakra, and the third eye all comprise the three layers of our Soul matrix identity.

It's important to understand the first level of our personality identity that we are talking about right now is the first, second and third chakra, the Ego/Personality. As we move out of the ego-personality identity, we start moving into soul level identity. Once we move out of the three layers of the soul identity, when we move past the sixth chakra, we actually hit the oversoul energy which interchangeably connects with the planetary mind level. We now move out of the race memory of the human being connected to the soul, and we start to be able to tap into the Monad body and access planetary memory. That is what the seventh chakra and beyond is all about. Of course, we can keep expanding and going further and further.

Right now, we are on an accelerated ascension course and there are many different levels of initiation depending on what Lightbody we are working with and what our plans are here, in terms of our individual soul agreements. We are all different and may have unique soul missions, yet all of us are sharing the process of Ascension.

Right now, recognizing ourselves as spiritual beings. Understand that at the level of ascension and working with the seven main chakras represents just the level of the planetary ascension. I briefly mentioned that we can go beyond that solar plane, but in this class we won't be going past the planetary levels, just you know that there so much more beyond this. It’s pretty unbelievable how much we are expanding, but this is just to give us a foundation and a primer on the basic seven layers, which also correspond to the seven layers of Collective Consciousness in the planet Earth. When we complete and work with those seven main planetary energies, this represents our liberation from the reincarnation wheel on the planet. We also start to tap into the Universal divine plan for the planet Earth and become much more privy to understanding the movement of what's happening on the planet in terms of its creational blueprint and its purpose in the Universe.

Understand again, that at this level each one of us is a monad with 143 other soul extensions, 144 total. Some of us are doing the ascension work for the whole monadic family as well. Something I want to share briefly, is a process that I did early on in my ascension awakening and that was I called in my entire monadic family, the 143 other soul extensions. Through meditation I said listen, let's all get on board with spiritual evolution and let's work at the higher selves level to really collaborate and intersect, to make this all happen in the most cohesive way. I did want to share that if you haven't done that already, as it might be something that you will be called upon to do in meditation to truly get all aspects of your Multidimensionality to unite and work together. I know for linguistics sake, speaking of it as a separate thing from you is not entirely accurate. When you're talking about your Soul extensions it's working with a Group Consciousness that is you and at the same time isn't you. You have the availability to have an individual understanding of who you as a personality, and yet there are other levels of your identity that are existing in another time space at the same time that are all impacted by the choices and the things that you are doing in this lifetime.

Another important thing to emphasize is that this identity, the one that I'm speaking to you right now, the Lisa that is here, is the identity that is processing the ascension for the entire group. When we are doing clearing, upon clearing, upon clearing, those that are healers certainly know what I'm talking about, you come to understand how profound it is that we are working so much further in excess of just our personal lifetime. We process way beyond the personality matrix or your personal life. This clearing of ancestral and genetic Miasma goes far beyond. We are incorporating the spiritual healing from all of our other soul extensions and spiritual family as a Group Consciousness.

Monadic integration begins at the level of the sixth and seventh plane where you start to be what is considered a kindergarten planetary ascended master. Many of the Kumara groups that brought in the Ascension material at the turn of the century, are operating form this plane of existence in the future. What that means is that you are starting to unify your chakra column into one light field. The chakras membranes that exist in between the chakra cones actually dissolves and turns into a unified light channel. This action in your light body starts to put you in the vibrational resonance at the planetary fields and beyond. You start to actually leave the planet Earth vibrational Frequency Fence that has kept the souls here in reincarnation or sequential births in this particular system.

Part of our ascension and understanding of our multidimensional anatomy is to understand that it is all intertwined. It is all intertwined with our spiritual initiation, with our soul evolution, with our growth as people, as a species moving forward. The more we understand the multidimensional structure, the more our Conscious Mind seems to bring into the awareness. Maybe it is not productive for you to know the complex mechanics of the interworking layers, but miracles occur when one starts to focus upon connecting with that higher spiritual level of your multidimensional being. Even just with the awareness, as you connect into your root chakra and start to see or feel the red energies that comprise your lowest point in the light body, this frequency of energy starts to come into your light body it actually start emanating in a portion of your light body. It enters into your field about 12 inches beneath your feet. As that red energy comes up and moves through your body it moves through layers of meridians that conduct that frequency through all of these energetic rivulets and Nadial Structures that lets you, as a being, actually function within the first dimensional root chakra quality. It is our divine destiny to recode the color of the lowest chakras, as in this example, the red Chakra Wave Spectrum will be obsolete on the earth body and on the human body in the future timelines. Red wave spectrum is the lowest frequencies where negative emotions like anger and fear exist. As we clear anger and fear from our body, we will cease to connect to the red wave spectrum, and the color will be replaced with a higher vibrating color of greens and blues, even pastels, which will form the base of our spiritual body.

Another interesting note is that on your left hand index finger is your axiatonal line for your first dimensional frequency. That frequency comes into your lightbody, and it is a part of your consciousness structure. Back to the ribbons of colors, the beautiful light is coming into your lightbody, beginning into your light field about 12 inches beneath your body, it connects into these axiatonal lines. The first dimensional frequency, this red frequency, (or later it turns into a higher vibrational color) comes through your index finger, which is your vertical line or axiatonal sequence. It is your index finger and also your second toe on your left side. These energy rivulets come up on your left side and actually make their way all the way through your body, out the top of your head and actually plug into your soul star, an energy center above your head, and the vertical lines move out even further.

To understand how you are comprised in terms of your structure, really helps you to spiritually heal yourself. This is the beginning of becoming your own spiritual housecleaner by doing your own Etheric Surgery, when you actually start to connect to these pieces of your Hologram, and how you are actually comprised in multiple layers of being, you can heal these aspects of yourself in an amazing way. By focusing your Consciousness there and actually seeing or sensing it, intending to make all of the lines of energy very clear and strong, removing any dark spot or cords.

Further, you would see it coming into your chakra or energy center. After the Axiatonal Lines, it moves through and out the side your body it actually connects into the chakra or energy center itself. We are quite complex organisms of spectrums of Light, sound and electromagnetism. As this comes into our light field we can see these processes and start to work with correcting and healing them when we are called upon to do so. This is just another level of being empowered to be given the tools to understand and work with your own Lightbody.

Clearly, humanity is at a crossroads of evolution. Most of us here know that. We are attracted to the ascension material. We know some incredible things are happening on the planet right now. My personal view and obviously my passion is to bring this information out to the public, and share that the ascension is in process and is coming to transform humanity, because I feel that these dramatic shifts and this rapid acceleration of energy makes it more and more important for humans to be able to understand their personal energy field. Without this knowledge, people are more prone to be in fear because they do not understand what is happening to them. Understanding our personal energy field, understanding our Multidimensionality at this level really assists us in becoming more spiritually mature, and more responsible as a part of what you are choosing to co-create as a manifester on Earth. A part of our spiritual growth is evolving past the Law of Reaction and moving into the Law of Creation. The 3D earth system has been a controlled reality where humanity is so disconnected from themselves, disconnected from the Source that humans are very reactionary and impulsive, not looking at the consequences of actions in the longer term. The lack of awareness of what has been produced by anti-life values, feeding the forces of maya, wondering what these world of forces were about. They seem like uncontrollable forces of chaos and darkness that were brought upon our lives, that many humans at this level of consciousness could not comprehend they were creating them, and didn't know how to tame these forces or work to neutralize them.

Beginning to understand your Multidimensionality also gives you the tools to begin to understand that you can control the hologram of your own energy field. Once you understand your personal hologram, the layers of Multidimensionality that make up your lightbody that is a Holographic projector of consciousness, you will understand the larger hologram that we co-exist within. That gives you a lot of personal power as a multidimensional being, in terms of developing what you're here to co-create at a faster rate, but also understanding your larger place in the picture, your purpose or mission on earth. I think it really eliminates fear, it eliminates that limbo or feeling confusion about what you are supposed to be doing with your life, in a lot of ways. You become truly understanding of a purpose and a spiritual core that exists within you, and as you connect with that core self and develop yourself spiritually, your core becomes unmovable and unshakable. This the greatest piece that I would love to give everyone, especially during these times that are becoming uncertain and unstable, where people are confused and suffering. It is possible to really feel and connect to that inner peace and core self, no matter what is happening. Comprehending your layers is one pathway of knowledge that will help you find more peace, if you are not at that particular stage yet. This is the level of starting to understand your multidimensionality that gives you the tools in your own hands so you can start understanding the levels of how things are working in your own personal hologram. This helps the mind start to become more detached from some of the emotional or mental responses and programs that we've been programmed with in the 3D personality functions.

Naturally at this time we are seeing a lot of 3D structures and paradigms that are being dismantled in preparation for the new template and new models of living that are more harmonious and balanced. It starts with us, at the microcosm level we change our lives, to help build a new model for the macrocosm. Certainly a new era of massive transformation is coming. At this particular time, we can really see the alchemy of the darkness coming up to be seen, the darkness amplifies to the surface for us to see what it is. These dark energies and the structures they use to proliferate, need to be dismantled and annihilated in order for the next level of higher consciousness and self-awareness to truly emerge. From now on, we are going to really need some assistance, support and more spiritual tools to be centered within our own being and connected within our own spiritual being, because the external is going to get pretty wild and surreal. Having points of inner spiritual connection, finding calm and peace in the chaos, and understanding how energy works will help you to understand that you are going to be creating your own universe from your personal microcosm, and you are completely protected in that little universe, while you are still watching the external dramas go on in other people. It is going to be pretty surreal. I think we are already starting to feel that frequency split in the reality, and by the Guardian standards they are saying it's going to increase and get even more intense in the future. So now is the time for us to really get into our core, get stable and spiritually centered, and have an impenetrable connection to God source.

The human energy fields also interact with the vertical spiritual currents. Understanding that our various layers of our bodies are a result of an interaction with spiritual current and life force. When you understand everything is energy and we have an individual matrix, our own personal Blueprint and as we connect to the various layers and bodies of our own individual blueprint it starts to merge with larger and larger levels or expansions of the spirals of the unified field. Our goal as Consciousness in a physical form, attempting to make its way into its higher evolutionary journey, is to bring in higher and higher vibrations of frequency and get them anchored into our physical identity. As we do this, we leave an individual consciousness and we start to become larger and larger in a group focused consciousness. That's truly a part of the divine destiny of humankind and the ascension process now.

In understanding that as souls on a journey of our own Self-Realization, we created these personality extensions to experience many incarnations for the purpose of integrating lessons and gleaning knowledge throughout our personal evolution, while simultaneously contributing to creation as a whole. At some level we are also exchanging with major feedback loops of information, memories and consciousness experiences. Everything we've ever done, experienced, said, felt, anything and everything within the record of our soul has been recorded and it is sent back like a feedback loop into the larger unified field. Nothing is ever lost permanently, in terms of our consciousness expansion, when we go back to Source. Through this process of consciousness learning and expanding we are consistently expanding our energy field. The more compassionate and in alignment to the natural true essence of our loving Source, who we are at the core level, the more that we are in alignment to expressing that inner purity that is our authentic divine essences, and the more expanded we become in our energy field. Naturally, during such times of expanding consciousness during the Ascension Cycle, this takes a lot of self-inquiry to know thyself. At this time, there is some discipline and investment involved in really making the declaration of your intention to serve your soul as your highest priority and prerogative in your life. The distractions and mind control is very intense on the earth. This is designed to stop us from expanding our consciousness, so we will have to find the inner will to dedicate to our true purpose for being on the earth now. No one else can do this emotional and spiritual healing for you, we all have to make the effort.

The path of conscious evolution or Ascension really requires us to be masters of our energy field so that we can start to act as co-creators with God. We are creators ourselves, however, we must reflect on what this really means. Rather than reacting in impulsive ways at the victim level, because when we react it is bringing out the Victim-Victimizer archetype, and as we react this puts us into the lowest consciousness possible. When we feel powerless and a victim, we feel that we have absolutely no control of what's going on in our individual life. We must shift that perspective, and clear our Negative Egofrom persisting in the lowest thoughtforms, which in themselves, trap us in cycles of pain.

A different perspective, the ascension process is really a decension of spiritual current into physical matter, we are conduits of higher frequency and we are bringing this consciousness intelligence into the human body. But we have to realize that this higher consciousness exists, in order to connect with it and allow our body to be a conduit of higher frequency. Ascension is really about bringing and anchoring the highest divinity of ourselves down into physical matter in our body. Humanity is at a point now, where many souls are raising their frequency in their energy field or Lightbody. We can also see in the external fields that people’s spiritual bodies are growing radically but their mental, emotional and even physical body is really not prepared to understand the forces of evolution itself. This creates energetic imbalances where people are getting activated in one layer but not in others, which makes that person imbalanced in their behavior. If you have a person getting activated in their spiritual bodies, but they are emotionally traumatized and not aware of how to clear out their Pain Body, this can make them appear incoherent and fractured. Spiritual energies will flush our energy imbalances to the surface, so whatever was hidden, hidden pain or unresolved conflicts that person has not dealt with, it all comes to the surface of the personal life throwing them into great turmoil. More and more of us are going to be called in the future to bring a lot of this information forward because as we go through this some kind of basic model to help people know how to integrate themselves. All people on the earth, awake or sleep, Starseed or Earthseed, as long as we are here we are definitely a part of the ascension process.

I want to talk a little bit more about the incarnational process. Understand that incarnating into physical body is about the soul’s progressive movement into higher and finer vibrations, until we finally get into higher levels where we are merging into other creational realities. This time of time ascension actually gives us an opportunity to leave this level of the planet Earth’s creational field. From the Guardian's point of view, planet Earth in the third dimension is about as dense as one can go in terms of maintaining a soul matrix connection and having a physicalized experience. Some people have been disconnected from their Soul at this density. Many of us as Starseeds have definitely known and felt that, and at times we have not been too happy about that. The density on earth is in very dense energies of darkness, and as we are moving forward we can feel the amplification of that density increasing even more. This is a part of that polarity amplification experience that we are having as more and more expansion and new frequencies are introduced into the collective fields, we are seeing frequency split off. It’s very uncomfortable to be in a body on some days. Right now we are in a transitional time in terms of we are still in the third dimensional structure, and yet we can feel there's something else that our soul and consciousness being is longing to reconnect and experience as a part of our true authentic expression. 3D earth does not allow an easy time to be as you are without getting persecuted. Many of us are feeling an intensity in dealing with the 3D density at the level it’s become, as the density and darkness surfaces and we can feel and sense it more around us. Certainly those in more metropolis and busy city areas are having more of that dark field amplification rising from the unconsciousness in the masses.

Understanding the chakras or energy centers in the human energy field is also important to know the colors, the tones, the vibratory qualities of each body, of each chakra, of each ray that surrounds and inner penetrates the physical body. All experience and expression that is gathered in all of your soul identities incarnations across time and space are imprinted and woven into the fabric of the divine essence of your soul and manifested into a very uniquely patterned Aura and energy signature.

When working with the primary aura at the level of 3-D we are dealing with the aura when it is an ovoid shape with layers, some of the layers can be static, not circulating energy like it should be, and disconnected between the layers. Our goal is to always interconnect all of our spiritual layers and body parts so they communicate together as a unified whole. Once you go beyond the planetary ascension level you start to leave the level of third dimensional being, chakras dissolve and your auric field completely changes shape and color. The lightbody becomes a travelling orb body.

We are still talking about the seven primary levels of ascension. At that level the aura is divided into seven layers and these layers are referred to as bodies. Each of the bodies inner penetrate and surround each other in successive layers. Each succeeding body is composed of higher and finer energetic vibratory quality than the body it surrounds and inner penetrates. A way to understand this is very much like tones in the music of spheres. For those that are musicians and understand the octaves, our root chakra is at a more dense vibratory quality than our third chakra, fourth chakra or beyond. As you go up the scale of energy, it becomes even finer energetically in its vibratory quality. This goes on infinitely. For each layer of this higher energy vibration, while it is occupying the space of vibration below it, it is also extending beyond it.

It is important to understand the nesting part of the layers, they are light holograms nested in light holograms that make up your consciousness intelligence, and to which the goal is to get all these layers connected and communicating together. As an example, we want our ego mind to be subservient to listen to the guidance of our soul, and to be able to link communication from our spiritual bodies into our body parts and brain. Sometimes when we think of our auric field we think of these layers coming out in separate bodies, but that's not the way they exist. They are actually inner nested with each other but until you've developed your spiritual body you have membranes in between each of the bodies that keep them separated. Each of those layers dissolve as the spiritual bodies are developed, and this allows better communication between the layers. It’s like expanding the awareness so that conscious mind knows what the unconscious mind is doing, the body is able to communicate with all layers of the mind, body and spirit to function as an integrated whole.

As a good example, for many of us and it depends where you are in your development, most of humanity at the time are only working with their first three chakras, which is their personality program. Most of this personality program has been formed by the reptilian hive mind to form a profile for false identity. So most of these people, let's say they haven't gotten their call to awaken, saying it’s your time to start evolving, most humans prior to their Awakening are dealing with only their first three chakras. In each of those three chakras, and all the way up there are membranes that exist between those bodies that keep the energy bodies separate even though they’re inner penetrated. In a sense, this is way to understand why at this level of consciousness we are not aware of our subconscious mind or our instinctual mind, even though we are working out of our conscious minds, which is centered in our solar plexus. Most people are only aware of their Conscious Mind because the function of our conscious mind is stationed at the broadcast of the Solar Plexus, which is the third dimension. To connect with our soul broadcast, we have to open our heart center and be willing to allow feelings, and emotions. If we block emotions, we shut down our heart and shut down our soul communication.

1D Frequency – Root – Subconscious Mind

Again, using the chakras and their numerical sequence we can go one, two, three and that is three dimensions that exist in time. Most people that are born into the third dimension come in with those three energy centers working and the rest of them are usually pretty dormant. Today, we are getting more evolved souls such as Indigos and they have other color light bodies that are awakened. For simplicity, we will go back to most of humanity at this particular time are dealing with the three chakra levels. Most of them are not aware that each of those chakras actually house a mind matrix that is connected to how we think, and what our preferences are as a personality. Our root chakra is connected to those levels of our identity in our Root Race cycle that existed eons ago. If we were talking about the first chakra we are probably dealing the level of human evolution of the Polarian and Hyperborean root races, that had the event we call the Fall of Humankind into the lowest density of matter. This area holds the consciousness experience of a spiritual being coming into matter for the first time, and the trauma that was generated to feel separate from God. On the earth, this trauma was harnessed in the Victim-Victimizer programming used by the NAA, to capitalize on the historical events that humans had forgotten happened to them. Also the hidden history of humanity in relationship to the Atlantian and Lemurian types of Seed Fearconflicts, are important themes that we are healing in this particular timeline.

Back to the root chakra, it connects to an entire body which is known as your etheric body. Your etheric body tends to be considered almost like your physical elemental vehicle because it's the energy matrix upon which the physical matter of the body tissues are shaped and anchored. The etheric body is an exact replica of your physical body, it is the blueprint of how it’s manifested in the physical. If you are working with your etheric body at this level, you may start to sense web like structure and be able to strengthen it. We are going to do an exercise at the end of this class so I can help you go through strengthening your etheric webbing. I hope for you to have the tools to be your own etheric surgeon and so you can do this for yourself, but when you're working with your etheric body, you can generally start the see imbalances in there. If the imbalances are not cleared out, they will come into physical manifestation. If you deal with imbalances at the etheric body level and start to heal your etheric body and you start to work with your ascension medical teams, your gen tech healers, your guides or your higher self, you can start to fortify and strengthen your etheric body. Which is also your first layer, your first body, which is also interconnected with the subconscious level of mind matrix and is connected and is your first chakra or energy center.

Again, that energy is in most 3D people in a red particle spectrum. As we clear fear programs, the red color will lighten and evolve. The etheric body that is connected as a part of that chakra or energy center, the root chakra that comes out is your etheric body and within the etheric body is your intelligence which exists at subconscious mind matrix level.

I think it's very important to understand the components of our identity in terms of our mind, its aspects, their functions and how they work together. There are mind matrices that form intelligence for us and when we connect to them we can heal them, and heal how we think. We can utilize more power for ourselves in understanding how these components of ourselves work together and function as thoughtforms, belief systems, and qualities of energy driving thoughts.

Our subconscious mind that exists in the first chakra system in our first light body, its main function is data storage. This is really important to understand because so many times we get caught up in emotions, belief systems and thoughts that can be destructive or harmful to us. When we start to become aware that we are operating like very complex biological computer programs, it really helps get through some of the challenges that we are facing during the healing cycle to really be able see the thoughts for what they are. When you can see what it is, it is impersonal to you, because you realize that you are not defined by your thoughts. You do not have to feel pain because of your thoughts, because you can choose which thoughts you want to own, and which thoughts you want to discard. When you have this power, then your emotional body is not at the whims of your negative thoughts because you can hold more Neutrality and peace of mind. This state is called Engaged Detachment through the Observer Point. Everyone can learn how to develop this and feel more peace every day.

The subconscious mind exists in that first layer of your etheric body and its key function is to only store data. It's important to think of the subconscious mind like a hard drive. Because the subconscious will store memories that you may not consciously remember, but they still impact your body and may control thoughts or other impulses, until you learn to communicate with your subconscious mind. Many times, people that have intense trauma that they need to heal, will accidentally encounter these memories in their subconscious mind that were recorded there from their youngest childhood, and even other lifetimes. This is very common for people that suffered Satanic Ritual abuse as babies or children, or alien abduction type of scenarios. The conscious mind has been wiped of the memories, but the subconscious mind can be stimulated through triggers or injury to remember what really happened. Hypnotic regression can bring these memories up from the subconscious to be reviewed by the conscious mind, which can be important for spiritual healing.

We know in dealing with our spiritual healing that so much emotional pain and trauma has been embedded not only from childhood, but also from other lifetimes deep within the subconscious mind levels. These perceptual imprints from various components of the mind source store impulses from the superconscious mind through which the body receives its operational orders from the soul matrix. That function of the subconscious mind is what the autonomic body structures are. The subconscious intelligence is what controls all of the body’s involuntary functions through the central nervous system. The subconscious level controls bodily functions like breathing and working with the levels of the automatic nervous system functions in our body. It is important to recognize that the subconscious mind is a non-reasoning mind. It is only data storage which means you have to program what you want recorded in there, and discern if that content is in alignment to your soul’s purposes and in harmony with your true nature. Once you start working with the subconscious self and start to actually use your own inner vision, you can reprogram the subconscious mind to listen to your higher self. It needs to be assigned a governor, and not operating as a storage device, running any program when you get triggered emotionally. In the early stages, starting out with using your imagination, if you haven't developed the sense of having inner vision or higher sensory ability. That is not a problem at all, it is about intention. Remember, the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between states of imagination bring them into pictures in your mind, and what the mind thinks is in the manifest reality. As you just intend that's just the powerful. You can co-creatively work with all components of the mind, but for now we’ll start with the subconscious level by understanding that you can change and play with what you are downloading and holding as data storage in your subconscious mind level. This is important in clearing out negative or destructive programs that are running in your subconscious that you were not previously aware that were causing you mental pain or emotional trauma.

The subconscious mind is the portion of your personal identity that manifests as the physical body form and is the blueprint within your molecular structure.

It represents the body’s consciousness. It is the portion of identity that is accessed when using techniques such as hypnosis or going deep into meditation.

The subconscious mind translates energy signatures from the larger unified fields of energy into the perceptual data such as light, sound, taste, smell, touch, temperature, form and passage through time.

The subconscious mind is the part of our mind that works with the holographic illusion of the 3-D matter. This is the part of us that is in our component of our body so we can function is the third dimensional matter structure in the hologram and it is the part of us that gives us our perception of experiencing linear time. Lately, we have been going through a lot of changes and upgrades in our first chakra and subconscious mind, so we've been seeing that time and space is really changing in terms of what we perceive time and space to be.

Some other functions of the subconscious mind in terms of its cellular memory’s abilities and that the subconscious is our body’s consciousness. Working with this level of the body in healing, can heal the body physical. If there's something going on in your body like a pain or illness, something feels unbalanced, some of us can feel or sense that imbalance as energy blockage, and we've become more aware. For example recognizing when our liver is talking to us or we have an ache in our kidney or something is going on with an organ, we can work with the subconscious level and through the etheric matrix of your blueprint to go in there and redesign, heal and use the structures in the etheric body to be redesigned into the higher blueprint. Allowing that new energy to be merged and healed into the physical, by changing the energy to matter manifested. The etheric body is just a data storage at this level, and it is possible to edit out and clear the negative data stored.

When you're working with higher blueprint, we call in the 12th dimensional archetypal body of the Avatar Christos, because that is the blueprint of our divinity. The etheric body represents our physical body and is what you came into the 3D incarnation with. So, the snapshot of the karma (cause and effect accumulation) and everything that is your third dimensional blueprint is in that etheric form and it is governing how your physical body manifests. At this time, you can go in there and work with your body etheric body structure. You can do re-upgrading and re-templating, though your intention and communicating directly with this part of your body. You simply have to communicate with this aspect of your body, beam light to it from your mind and see it perfect and healed. Visualize anything that is heavy, dark or blockages in there dissolving in the pure white light of your consciousness. For others, the violet flame can be used in there as well, feel what color your body wants and direct that color to it for best results, if you are feeling that another color other than pure white is needed.

The first dimensional body, is a lot more than just your root chakra, it does a lot of things. The subconscious mind is even more than a data storage facility. It works on impressions and stimuli. It is the memory bank and file of thoughts, feelings, memories, imagination, habits, pattern, impulses, desires, and instincts. It operates the physical body’s involuntary and autonomic type of reactions by impulse sent to the nervous system and brain. This area generates dreams in many people, especially those not awakened. It depends on where the person is located in the spiritual body, but the dreaming faculty for most people is coming out the subconscious mind level. So you can communicate with the subconscious through the contents of your dreams. It also creates vital force that is connected to the body’s energy reserves.

The Ka body, the electromagnetic battery body is also attached into your etheric structure. A lot of the frequency and vital force as it is modulated through your body is coming through this in the etheric body functions. So the etheric body has a blueprint but it also has an electromagnetic battery body function of which we call the Ka template body. There are probably many other words for it. You can connect with your electromagnetic battery body and adjust your electromagnetic battery body to increase more vital force to circulate for energy reserves. Which is another great tool in becoming your own etheric surgeon and your own healer.

The subconscious mind functions according to the law of attraction. It examines, classifies and stores information just like a hard drive, it does not discriminate the kind of data that is stored. This area can also play a key role in the prayer process. Certain times in my journey I have found decrees, affirmations and invocations powerful for using them for directing positive energy into the unconscious levels to reprogram my conscious mind. There are still times that I feel prayers operating in the background of my mind. I have my own prayer wheel running in my subconscious mind even though I'm doing all kinds of other activities. Invocations and prayers that are just on going in my thoughts. The subconscious mind also creates threads of energy that contact both objects and people. When we are talking cording, energy attachments and this kind of thing, a lot of it coming from the subconscious level and layers.

We can obviously get cords on all levels of our chakras and energy body but it's important to note that a lot of this is coming when we are not aware of our data storage and that our subconscious mind can generate a lot of threads, connections and cords that are formed on those particular cords of threads of energy. We may want to check in and make sure that we are not cording to someone from over emotional attachment, or that someone else is not cording into us and vampirizing energies. That is a good place to feel into and sense for that kind of phenomena because these threads of energy can send vital forces and thought forms along those threads of energy connection. They are very much like telepathic phone wires passing energy and information between the parties, at that level. If we are not in command of the energies in our body this is where human beings are really absorbing external field collective consciousness energy, the mass consciousness energy programing, or absorbing negative energies in a group, this is coming from these subconscious mind threads. These thought forms and threads that are coming into subconscious mind can be very energetically draining to us.

I think it's important to understand the process of the subconscious mind and its connection to our first chakra, our etheric body blueprint and the ways we can work with that. Understanding that all components work together.

2D Frequency – Sacral – Instinctual Mind

Let’s go into the mother of all chakras. I say that with much affinity and love, just knowing that the second chakra as the main pain body, has been tough for many of us.

If we are looking at the 12 Tree grid of our core manifestation body, which is different than the second chakra itself, it is actually in about the same area. We are dealing with orange ray particle wave spectrum, and this second ray is the second dimensional energy and how it comes into the body. The first point of connection that it actually comes into the body is in our reproductive organs. For the female it is in the vaginal area around cervix and in the male it is around the prostate gland. This is the second chakra energy center frequency, the orange ray and it first enters the body in the holographic template in that area of the hologram in the body. Also, this area will enlighten its colors and move away from the orange wave spectrum, once the sacral areas are healed of sexual misery programs and lunar forces. The color wave spectrum moves into what is known as the vertical axiatonal lines. These axiatonal lines are the vertical lines that move up and down our lightbody that work with all of the levels of the universal frequencies. These axiatonal lines come up through the body and our second dimension of axiatonal line is on our right index finger. So, on the left index finger is one dimensional frequency and on the right side of the body is the second dimensional frequency. It is on that same finger but on the right side. This is the second dimensional orange ray wave spectrum. The orange ray comes into those axiatonal lines through the index finger and the second toe on the right side. Connect to your body for a moment and you see that line of light coming up on the right side; coming from your index finger, coming from your second from your big toe, see that color wave spectrum like axiatonal cable coming up thorough your body. This is how that 2nd dimensional frequency comes in and illuminates the grid of the second chakra energy center. The second chakra then illuminated as the cone about one or two inches beneath the navel in that area, which later expands into the lower dan tien energy center, which is the seat of the monad when it is embodied.

This 2nd energy center operates as the chakra which is an opening to your lower emotional body. It operates as the instinctual body and contains the aberrant emotions in the pain body, which form into the lower emotional body. The higher emotional body is really in our heart center, and until we open our heart to the force of love, we do not know what love really is. This is an important distinction to recognize that many people who have not developed the heart chakra or have not developed their soul and connecting soul energy, they are experiencing emotions through this instinctual body, which is devoid of love. In fact, most of the human being on the planet experience most of their concepts or experiences of love through their second chakra. For many of us, we can understand that is a very fulfilling place to experience a sense of what love is as an energetic force. Most of us can remember our second chakra initiations, because it is the most pain we will ever feel. It generally is involving a member of the opposite sex, lover or partner that really set us up for those relationship lessons with sexuality that can be very intense.

Our second chakra influences our inner relationship to how we interact with others. Not only in terms of a partner/lover or sexual situation, but it holds the first layers of the integration of poles of opposite in the masculine/feminine energies, but it's connected to all of our relationships. Our relationships of mother/father, brother/sister, friend/family, social/work, you name it, every relationship is recorded or has had influence in this energy center. This is why so many people get stuck here, because to evolve we have to get over the pain lodged in there around our relationships. We must bring the pain in the second chakra up into our heart and dissolve the pain through forgiveness and unconditional love.

The second chakra contains the instinctual level of our body function. It is our second body or second layer, and it vitalizes the chakras and brings in the orange ray (or higher color waves beyond orange for higher initiates) for those qualities for our being to experience relationships with others. We all have a lot of healing here in regards to sexual misery programs and healing our gender confusion and sexual issues. If this area is not healed, we will not have healthy relationships and healthy sexual relationships. Most of us know a lot about the sacral chakra so I won’t dwell there much. We know it has a lot of instinctual level impulses that we need to get control over. It is the seat of addiction, when the pain body is not addressed, and emotional conflicts have taken over. There are a lot of addictive possibilities that can exist in there, if emotions are not properly addressed and expressed. The subconscious and instinctual body work together which can increase the addictive tendencies for beings that have those particular emotional problems.

The emotional body, the second layer, is a higher more refined type of frequency than that of the subconscious layers. It is the next octave and is finer substance than the etheric body and of course is associated with instinctual feelings and drives.

It roughly follows the outline of the physical body. This body is more fluid than the etheric body. When you look at the etheric body it has a more type of look of a grid line or blueprint type of look, like a network of lines moving through the body. The emotional or instinctual body is more fluid and has more color splashes to it depending on the state of the person's emotions. It tends to be more fluid and change suddenly, without the lines and grids.

This body inner penetrates all of the bodies it surrounds. It surrounds the etheric body and the subconscious mind, and it surrounds the root chakra layers of that subconscious body. It usually extends between one and three inches from the physical body.

When you look at it, for those of us that are clairvoyant or you can also imagine, they vary from really brilliant and beautiful hues of color to really dull gray ones. It depends on the clarity or confusion of the feeling that produces them. When you're scanning people or seeing other people’s energy field and you sense gray or dull kind of film around this body, this signifies depression, sadness or spiritual suppression in the body. Clear and energized emotions such as love, truth inspiration and joy brings really bright and clarifying colors to the emotional body. This body contains all the colors of the rainbow and each chakra within that body looks like vortex of different colors. This is where the rainbow body connection comes from the higher emotional sensory experiences or more refined higher frequencies.

The emotional and intuitive facility of our second chakra and its relationship to the second layer of our body, its function is that of data relay. So what the emotional body does is relay directional electrical impulses and information from within the soul matrix into the cellular memory storage within the subconscious mind. Understand that everything we experience is about sensory feelings. The emotional intuitive facility of our body is the data relay center so as we hold the process of feeling what it feels like, it reprograms the storage in our subconscious. This is important to understand in order to transform negative energies lodged in the subconscious mind.

It's also important to understand that the soul doesn't speak that storage language in the same way that our mind processes it. That's one of our big challenges right now as we are learning a new language, the language of the heart which is about feelings, and sensory perception, intuition and energy. The way that we have been trained in our culture to understand linear language, we think in a linear process, of perceiving time and space, in the material three-dimensional world. We are programmed to believe what is required of us to be in alignment with three dimensional world, and this linear perception of the intellect, is in direct opposition to how the soul actually functions, how the emotional body functions and how we connect with divinity. This means that the superconscious self, the universal mind or Divine mind structures, work on sending impulses within the feeling senses of the emotional self. Spirit communicates through feelings and sensory experiences. When clearing and working with creating the realities we want to co-create, we really have to master the choice of thoughts and emotions that we allow ourselves to experience and learn better discernment of personal resonances. Setting intentions to live in alignment to our authentic self, which brings more love, more joy into our life, as we live in alignment to our highest purpose and spiritual expression. Even through all of the intensity that is created form deep and powerful transformation and change, it is very important for us in order to reprogram all these other mind matrices that intercept with these levels of our mental body functions.

The emotion and intuition represent translations of information from the superconscious mind, or higher aspect of self, as they are relayed to the subconscious mind from the instinctual mind. Be aware to know the second chakra instinctual mind is relaying the data to be recorded in the subconscious mind. So a lot of what gets programed in the data storage area is coming from the experiences that we have had through our emotional relay system. How we emotionally cognize events is how things get stored in our subconscious mind. Let’s say the original human instinctual mind was intended to hold the individuated identity in place while keeping the identity intimately connected to the soul matrix, and the guiding impulses of the higher self or superconscious mind. This was originally a part of our consciousness function to keep us connected to our original source, and to actually understand that feeling, our feeling, our happiness, our joy, our expansion, was really our ticket back into source identity, once we were done with our experiences in physicalized matter.

It is important to note that this level of our bodies have been manipulated in the human genetic code and this has created disorganized or chaotic energy build up in between the bodies. That chaotic energy built up into the second chakra, into that instinctual faculty and it created a lot of distortions in there. The accumulated emotional aberrance is what produces the pain body in people. We were actually meant to have full conscious awareness of our instinctual mind functions, and our subconscious mind. We were intended to understand how these levels of our multidimensional being work, but over time we had DNA distortion, that generated impairment and emotional dysfunctions. We were interfered with by interdimensional entities that spliced in their genetic codes, and mental belif systems, and we became cut off from our inner intuitive awareness and this prevented us to spiritual evolve and merge with these higher spiritual levels of our identity. Obviously, if all of us were aware at a conscious mind level of our instinctual mind the subconscious mind contents, and how they function as aspects of our mind, and that these layers are actual levels of identity existing within ourselves, humanity would be responding a lot differently to the things that manifest in our world. We would have manifested something else entirely. In truth, there has been a lot of alien manipulation of the human species coming from the second chakra energy centers, because it is a level of our identity that most humans aren't even aware exists. Because it directly connects to our sexual and creative energies, and these centers yield a lot of energy potential, this makes this area of our lightbody very easy to manipulate from external forces and entities. This is why we want to be aware of this energy center and protect it and fill it with light directed from our mind.

3D Frequency – Solar Plexus – Conscious Mind

Let's move up into our solar plexus area. This is the level of the third dimensional frequency that we work with that is the yellow color of the particle wave spectrum.

We are familiar with it coming into our solar plexus, but when it first enters the body is actually in the ovary area, which is interesting because we tend to think of the solar plexus more in the stomach but that is where the chakra is. The energy first enters our hologram in the female at the ovaries and in the male it is at the ureters. It makes its way into these axiatonal lines that go vertically up and down in our body. The third dimensional axiatonal is on our right side and is where our small toe is. It is the pinky toes and pinky finger. That is your third dimensional axiatonal line and that is how the frequency comes into your body to then go into the chakra or energy center to feed and nourish your glands and organs. The chakra or energy center nourishes your organs like your stomach and your liver. When we have problems on the right side of our body, a lot of it can attest to that third dimensional masculine type of energy imbalance. When you start to know more about the structural anatomy you start to see all these correlations and they start to make a lot of sense for you.

As the third dimensional energy comes up your small toe and your pinky finger, it moves its way up and down to your body in a vertical movement and it feeds into your solar plexus which is in the stomach area. That body then feeds into a light body, a golden gridded body and that has your conscious mind matrix in there.

Our solar plexus is our reasoning mind. It is our ego mind. It is the logical and rational facility of the mind matrix and of course you can see that is what we are primarily using in human consciousness right now on this planet. The mental body extends way past the etheric and emotional body and it is composed of higher frequency. It extends about three to 8 inches from the body.

The mental body is a structured body, it has a lot of grids and forms in there and it contains the structure of our thought forms, beliefs and ideas. So within this field are thought forms that appear in various brightness and form. Many of these thought forms have additional colors superimposed upon them that seem to be related to the emotional quality or tone associated with the thought form. We enhance these thought forms by focusing on the thoughts that they represent. Repetitive thoughts become very powerful forces that shape and affect our lives in what manifest in our holographic reality. One of the things that Edgar Cayce said is thoughts are things. So it is important to remember that thoughts, even though we cannot see them at that level of our awareness, they are actually frequency and energy, they are things. There are negative thought forms as well. Those of us are that healers and use techniques to heal negative thought forms or negative elementals know that the thought forms can take on an actual identity, thoughtforms can turn into thought possessions, and are pretty bizarre. When thoughts are given enough obsessive or repetitive thought or given enough emotion they can actually become animated in some really interesting ways. So, it is important to understand thoughts are things and that all things start with a thought. Everything that manifests starts and proceeds from the mind and is then acted upon by taking solidity and manifesting upon the physical plane.

This is the part of us now that we start to leave the kingdoms of animals because this is where we have a mind matrix that the kingdoms of the animals don't have. This energy body is the first layer that defines us as different from the animal kingdom. Animals have more of a group mind function that is instinctual, but they can develop and evolve just like we are designed to. They are growing into more like we are but this is the level where we are now separated from animals, because this is a new level of ability of conscious reasoning thought that humanity has in order to make a human being distinctly human. It is noted, that the NAA wants to dehumanize people to make them behave like animals, which is effectively taking this higher function of the mind away, by keeping people focused lower, on their pain body.

The first three layers of the first, second and third body are associated with the physical world. These three chakras are our primary physical energy centers because they metabolize the energies that relate to the physical world of matter. When we get beyond this level, we start getting into the spiritual bodies that metabolize energies from the soul and spiritual world.

A couple of points on the reasoning mind in terms of the ego mind and what its functions are. Most of us know this because we use it every day, at least some of us do. These functions are data assimilation, translation and manifestation. The key function of the ego mind, reasoning mind, solar plexus mind is, to assimilate the electrical impulse data. So all of the data that is coming in from the other components of the mind and it translates these impulses into patterns that are recognizable to us at the personality level. It is literally assisting in the holographic projection manifesting those codes from the cellular memory into something that we can externally perceive as a reality. This is what the ego mind’s function is. It is very important to understand. A lot of modalities or beings, such as the Buddhist teachings talk about completely losing your ego. I don't feel that is quite correct, as many people go insane without it. Obviously, we have to honor all components of our structure but to understand its function is certainly helpful.

The ego mind is literally the portion of us that allows us to exist in this hologram to perceive a conscious filter of this reality system and to be able to navigate through it in a linear timeline. It's literally that projector that allows us to sense linear time/ space when there is really no linear time/space outside of this creation. It's a synthesizer of energy and a projector of holographic imagery.

The reasoning mind utilizes the physical brain and the neurological structure. Portions of our ego mind also exist within the structures of the body consciousness because it works co-creatively with the subconscious level of our mind. The portions of the reasoning mind also exist within some of the instinctual mind level and can connect with the super conscious mind or soul matrix.

The ego consciousness personality is needs you to discipline and tame it in order that you can utilize it in service to divine will, and in service to the superconscious mind. As you make the conscious mind subservient to the higher self, the bigger and more developed the mental body actually becomes, until it merges with the spiritual identity. The thing that's interesting about this level of mind is that it can grow beyond what we would consider the ego-based functions of what we see in many people using ego-based functions in an extreme way or in an imbalance. Once you learn to sublimate the function of the ego to that which is in higher connection to your superconscious force, God force, the ego mind actually starts to expand into a new intelligence. This is amazing about this level of conscious mind matrix is that it actually shifts out and becomes connected into the higher universal mind matrixes so that we can literally have a function that allows us to exist in a holographic reality, but we are now connected to the universal mind in such way that we sublimate the basic or lower expression of ego functions to that which is a higher expression of using the ego in service to Divine will, in service to the superconscious self. The ego mind now does not have the control over your personality that it did at one time. So, before we became conscious, awake or aware we thought the ego was running the show. And of course we know that many people on the planet still believe that the reasoning mind, the conscious mind, is the captain of the ship and is running the program and at a certain level that is not true at all.

Again, the conscious mind function is for data assimilation.

Obviously it is the decision maker, it is what we employ as our willpower, our discipline, discernment, discrimination, concentration, and all of our reasoning functions are coming out of the ego mind.

It is a very powerful tool and it is something that we need to embrace as a part of all of our multidimensional components. Once we can use this level of our ego to serve the superconscious mind, it's really serving to assimilate the higher dimensional experiences and information into some kind of terms that are comprehensible to the ego identity. Obviously we need that, certainly I need that especially. This is a great example in terms of the work that I do in going way, way, way out there into the multidimensional fields and going my God, how am I going to extrapolate that into some kind of cohesion that makes sense into a linear time/space or make sense to the ego mind, where it is going to actually perceive and understand the data. So the personality and the ego mind function are very important to us. We want to utilize it in service to the super consciousness self.

In the completion of looking at our first three bodies, we are running out of time. We’ve got four, five, six and seven. I think I'll briefly go through our soul body with not as much detail. At this level of using our conscious mind to assimilate the higher frequencies and direct our focus at a conscious mind level to bring in frequencies because the focus of our mind is what is helping us to perceive and comprehend these other aspects of our multidimensional structure. Hence, it is really important to be able to understand how to use it correctly where as these other bodies are our spiritual and soul body.

4D – Heart – Soul Matrix

As we leave the physical bodies and we start to move into the heart chakra. The heart chakra is connected to the astral and intuitional body. This is where we start hitting the soul level of our body. It is interesting to note that the dimension of souls in the parallel or in the simultaneous time universes, would be the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension, all three first tier chakras. That means there is a part of your soul matrix that exist in the fourth, fifth and sixth chakra. This is your soul, not your oversoul identity. These energies are coming from the fourth, fifth and sixth dimension of the next harmonic universe.

When we start getting into the heart body, this is your first layer of your soul body. It is the first of the spiritual self’s body. The heart is obviously really one of the most important bodies because it serves balance point between the personality, the physical self and the other spiritual bodies. It's the vehicle for contact with the superconscious mind and brings the insights and understandings to our human level of perception.

Our heart really works as a synthesizer in a lot of different ways. It is the beauty and the harmony of being able to experience love as a force of action, the transformational forces of love through the heart center. It’s pretty much where feelings of joy exists and where we get to bring up joy into our body and truly experience it from our heart center.

The astral body is similar in that it has a higher refined energy than the emotional body. The chakras within this body are also a similar color as the instinctual level of the body, yet much more refined.

A great deal of interaction happens on the astral level, and some of you may have had some astral relationships and have seen relationships and cords that grow out of the chakras at the astral level. This is another highly corded area from the astral field and astral plane. The astral plane is very problematic for cording and implants. The more connected or the deeper the relationships are created from that heart center these energy cords can actually come into the heart. As some of us can attest from the past when we've had a torn cord in our heart, it can create emotional pain at that level. When we get into the higher spaces of unconditional love with more of the detachment, then that isn't as much of an issue. But a lot of times on our spiritual journey, we will experience that cording within the heart and that is used as a precursor and catalyst to really jumpstart us into our spiritual evolution.

When we start working with the fourth dimensional and astral body we start moving into the soul matrix. This is defined as the Dark night of the Soul, as this layer when awakening can bring a lot of emotional pain to the surface to be cleared out of the newly awakening heart center.

The fourth dimensional mind is considered more of the astral mind and because we have many deceptions going on in the astral world, when we develop the higher spiritual bodies it becomes a lot easier. We see a lot of people that move into their awakening process and just when they are newly awakened and just starting to hit that soul matrix level of their fourth astral body, a lot of these beings go into love and light syndrome because they are feeling blissed out. Sometimes this goes with feeling a new love connection, an alchemical union which is something that you've never experienced before. Sometimes your feelings and experiences are so extreme, and it is a whole new way of experiencing emotion and feeling the spectrum of emotion.

A lot of what goes on in the astral plane is illusion, trickery and a lot of just plain dark manipulation. Even though the astral can be beautiful in a lot of ways, it has a massive dark side of delusions. Once our illusions are dispelled, if you didn't see it from the beginning, this process can actually be quite shattering to your ego and create a lot of pain for you. When we see truth after we have been deceived, it can hurt.

The astral plane isn't an enlightened plane, it has a lot of trickery and false light holograms. In fact, the alien invasion history and those events that have transpired with human kind and the root races, the astral plane tends to be where a lot of implantation and mind control. In this area, there are many negative entities that mask themselves as Ascended Masters. This is the realm of illusion, delusion and deception. Every thought, every fantasy, every emotion that has been recorded on this plane is projected in there, so there is a lot of bizarre and dark types of emanations on the astral plane.

Our goal is to really develop our higher spiritual bodies to synthesize with our heart center because then we become a lot more balanced. Coming into the heart obviously is our first foray into soul consciousness and our first foray in starting to connect into what is called the collective race mind memory. We become more aware of others, and of humanity in general. We may be integrating our soul levels of other identities, it is not just about us at an individual level. We start sensing and feeling more of the collective race energies that we are connected. I would say if the oversoul is the planetary mind, this level is the human race mind. The collective human matrix starts being assimilated at the superconscious mind level as we start hitting this first layer of the soul body. The astral mind is the beginning of that in the heart center.

5D – Throat – Archetypal or Mentor Matrix

After that we move into the fifth layer which is our throat. That energy is the blue flame energy.

The fifth dimensional layer is actually a very important body because it also contains an archetypal body of which I have found you can supersede your third dimensional body with your fifth dimensional archetypal form. So, in the early stages of the spiritual journey, to help transcend the ego programs, it is really great to work with your fifth dimensional archetypal body. Because this is literally your higher etheric mental body that is in a more perfected form to function to synthesize the mental processes with the spiritual layers. It is a template form.

The fifth dimensional layer moves into our body, and the blue flame is called the Seed of Amenti. It starts coming in the body at the navel at the center of vertical column level, right at the hara line. The blue flame comes into the hologram, it then moves into your axiatonal lines on your left side. This is your big toe and your thumb, this fifth dimensional axiatonal line energy that is a blue line of light that comes through your thumb and big toe, moves all the way up the left side of your body and moves out the top of your head in a big holographic grid. That fifth dimensional frequency then comes in and forms a grid in your chakra. Then it is what is transduced at the throat level. The throat level contains the archetypal body layer. It is blue in color.

This layer contains all the forms that exist on the physical plane in a blueprint or a template form, in a more perfected form. This is a template for the physical body, the fifth dimensional blueprint. Many of us have heard that before.

When the etheric layer becomes distorted disease will result. When you work with this template you can work to repair this level.

This is the level that sounds. This is a sound tone body. They call this the electric tonal form. This is the level that sounds creates matter into form from the sixth layer which is the point of the idea to create. At the six dimensional level we actually have the idea. At the fifth dimensional level it’s the sound of the light that is created as the energy into the matter into the form. It is our template for our existence on the physical plane.

Again, this body's is sometimes referred to as the etheric and so is the other one that is closest to the first dimensional body. It is interesting to note that the first and fifth chakras actually have a correlation which I'll talk about another time. But they do connect into each other. The fifth dimensional body does have an archetypal blueprint. It is another level of your soul matrix and is called the archetypal mind or archetypal blueprint body. It’s the fifth layer and it comes into the throat chakra to start speaking truth, or in alignment to your spiritual purpose.

This is one of the big heavy initiations when you start working with your fifth body, as it is where your job, your money, everything starts changing because literally your throat chakra represents, not your personal will but Divine will. When you start working with the integration of the fifth light body, this is generally where you will find people losing jobs, losing relationship, losing shelter, home, money, everything starts falling apart about here because your soul is now expressing that it is taking over this vehicle, and you're not going back to the old ego constructs. Those obligations and things that you thought you had to do because now, you have soul work to do. That is really indicative of the fifth dimensional initiation when we start building our fifth light body, and this is one of the transformations that goes on.

6D – Brow – Celestial or Angelic Matrix

We now move into the sixth body which is our brow chakra.

The sixth dimensional energy actually comes in on the shoulder indent. Interesting that the sixth and seventh dimensional energy is referred to as the wings. If you look at your scapula from the back and then to the front where the shoulder indents are, this is with the sixth and seventh dimensional energy comes in the body. On the right side is the six dimensional energy and on the left side is the seventh. We are going to work on the sixth dimensional wing that is on the right side of your body, on the masculine side on shoulder indent. That beautiful indigo light, as it comes into the hologram, this is where it enters. It comes into the right shoulder indent area, which is where the inner template of your hologram first manifest. It then moves into the axiatonal lines. Your sixth dimensional axiatonal line is right next to your third dimensional one. The Sixth one is the second to the pinky toe and a second finger to the pinky fingers. It is not the middle finger but the one next to it. If we were looking from thumb to pinky this would be your fourth finger, this is the sixth dimensional axiatonal line. It is interesting to know this because if there is anything going on in these sides of your body, a lot of the time you can work your axiatonal lines or bring in frequencies and you can more directly heal or work with energies in your body that will help heal whatever your physical problem is at the energy level.

The sixth dimensional energy, the indigo flame comes into the axiatonal line on, the second toe from your small toe and comes up all the way vertical from your body and again your forth finger on your right hand and then goes up to the top of your head and plugs into a larger matrix. Before it does that it feeds energy into your brow chakra, into the third eye. Again, the indigo energy is sixth dimensional energy. It is the completion of the soul matrix so together the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional energy, all of those levels of your body make up the entire soul matrix. Once you complete the sixth dimensional accretion of that energy into your chakra, energy centers, then you start moving into the oversoul matrix of identity. That means the whole soul matrix is now embodied and anchored in your physical and you're now expanding outside of that. This is the last body of your soul level before you move into oversoul.

This is described as the Angelic or Celestial body or the angelic mind.

Collectively, all of that is called the soul matrix for the superconscious mind and it represents the entire mind of the human species at this level, the race mind matrix is now connected through that soul superconscious mind level. All of this soul body memory is connected into the planetary body through the collective race consciousness.

This body, the Celestial body at the sixth layer and body level is described as the as an emotional level of the spiritual plane, This is more about another level of unconditional love and where we start to know the connection into the universe and group consciousness. We start to feel more of the experience of oneness and our direct connection with source energy, with God energy.

It is important to note that the sixth chakra starts to express the unity of polarity and allows the merge of the masculine/ feminine within the left and right side of the bodies to start to emerge through to the sixth chakra. This is one of the functions of the sixth layer. It synthesizes any karmic energies and it starts to express the unity of wholes. The first layers of sacred union start happening when you start getting into expanding this level of lightbody.

The celestial body synthesizes those energies and starts to allow the soul to express itself in the body. At this level you start to become a soul infused personality, your soul is now anchored inside your body. At this level to you pretty much can’t do anything else. You get to a level where you know that you're being animated by Source, and there's no going back into the third dimensional world at this level. At this level of source you do not want to return back to 3D. Your soul awareness at this level is very strong and you really start to merge and experience both states of an individual state of being and a collective or group state of being.

That is what the sixth dimensional brow chakra is about and of course the standard chakra attributes are our higher senses, inner vision, sight and clarity. This is the beginning of starting to read or sense light language that is coming through this chakra or energy center.

It has the color of indigo and is the chakra that is active in a lot of our new indigo souls that are getting activated on the planet to help with the ascension, the fresh and new recruits coming in. This is the level of their body that is generally active at birth where as many of us did not have that active when we came, we had to activate it. It was dormant and plugged-in but we had to actually activate it. Many of the beings that are being born now have an open third eye. That is pretty exciting that we are seeing that kind of evolutionary shift already happening.

That is the sixth body and now in completion we will work with the seventh.

7D – Crown – Ketheric Matrix

The seventh chakra is the area of planetary function and this is where you start to now connect to the over soul or monad matrix and the planetary mind matrix. I am going to stop with the seventh dimensional level but each of these bodies are triads, they are groupings of three. The focus is now, building the lightbody to the point of the seventh dimensional liberation and ascension from this planetary field.

The oversoul matrix is comprised of the all the frequencies of seven, eight and nine dimensions. When you hit the seventh dimension you start hitting the first layer of the oversoul or monadic matrix. This is called the Ketheric or planetary logos mind, we used to call this the causal mind. This is where you start merging with the planetary body at the mental body level. It’s mental not an ego sense, it is mental in terms of information being transmitted. When I went through this suddenly, I became aware of the plan of what was going on the planet. It just became very clear to me at a cellular knowingness level of what was at the planetary body level in terms of the group soul, what we were doing, what was planned, etc.

The seventh dimensional energy enters the body on the left side in those wings areas at the shoulder indent. It comes in kind of a beautiful pale violet light. This is the seventh flame, the liberation from Karma, the transmutation flame. This violet flame energy coming through the left side of the body, your female side, in your shoulder indent, it comes into your hologram from that station, from that sphere. It then moves up into your axiatonal lines. This is again, the seventh dimensional axiatonal line that feeds your crown the ultraviolet color, it is on the left side of your body and is right next your pinky toe. It is similar to the sixth axiatonal line which is the fourth finger on your right side, this is now going to be the fourth finger on your left side. Looking at your left female hand, not looking at not your pinky but looking at the next finger, the fourth finger from the thumb. This is your seventh dimensional meridian. It comes all the way to that finger, goes all the way vertical up your arm and vertical through your body at the top of your head. It stops to illuminate your body that basically inner penetrates all of your other bodies at the top of the crown of your being.

The crown chakra, as we know it's really the crème de la crème connection into the oversoul energy and connection into our higher self-matrix at that level. The planetary body level or the Ketheric mind level, when you start to come into this mind matrix level it is the described as the mental level of the spiritual plane. It could be likened to standing light wave forms of intricate shapes and forms that vibrate at a very high rate. This body also has tiny threads in it.

It is the last layer of the third dimensional particle energies in the human auric field and contains the life plan in the last level related directly to this incarnation. Once you leave the seventh dimensional body, once you expand and go beyond it, you actually start merging with more of your monadic levels and all these levels of identity. The seventh plane level, when you're in that level, it has all of your life plan data in there at the planetary levels. So it is your last layer of your third dimensional incarnational field that contains your life plan, your soul agreements and everything that in that blueprint as it's the last level related directly to your planetary incarnation. Once you actually leave the seventh dimensional field that you may start hitting ET lifetimes or other types of lifetimes, like remembering Galactic history or Galactic identity. This is where memories of intergalactic connections may start to be remembered, because beyond the seventh layer, you are leaving the planetary consciousness fields, now you're leaving that particular level. This area is the planetary logos body, the seventh dimensional oversoul body. Further layers of our body exist outside these seven planetary planes of reality so once we go beyond this we go into multidimensional aspect of self that are experienced in other time/space continuum completely and have experiences in those lessons of identity.

Those are the seven planes, the seven bodies of our chakra system and how they work.

I hope this information has been helpful and supportive for you. What was more important to me was actually to have you understand the first three levels of the mind matrix and how that level of intelligence is literally connected into your chakras system, so that you can work here and not get stuck in the mind. When you're working with your chakras that you are literally considering it an intelligence, a consciousness that has certain levels of components in how it works with you. As you understand this it makes freeing your mind from the ego programs so much easier, to use tools that support what you're doing here on earth during the ascension cycle. During times when you don't know what's going on, there are certainly times when we all go through spiritual expansion and the most challenging time is when we do not understand are we are confused. When we do not have proper evolutionary framework, we don't understand what's happening, then we are just frustrated and it makes us feel disconnected. So, when you start connecting to these multidimensional parts of yourself, it gives you another whole tool in the spiritual ascension tool kit to expand into your ascension process and really achieve the self-sovereignty and freedom by understanding your own power as a multi-dimensional consciousness being.

I want to thank you so much for attending this class. Thank you. (Transcript generously provided by Kimberly)

(Source: Ascension Glossary, Multidimensional Class Youtube 2005, Levels of Energetic Being Ascension Class 2007]