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Multidimensional Trauma: The Crown of Thorns and Crucifixion Implants

Session Transcription

As we open the field the first thing that is brought forth which was reminiscent of last night is that this is a construct that is part of the aura, part of the light body and also part of the larger macrocosm and this is connected to the microcosm  When we understand what has happened to the 3rd dimensional reality and the means of which distortion and sort of an infection of an imbalanced attitude towards a over mentalization and a Patriarchal Domination, we know that that has been a part of not only an infection in the system, meaning the Social and Governing authorities, and in this case, the legal systems that are governed within a certain parameter where that is a tangible control architecture. Understanding this is much larger than thought forms and belief systems, this is something that is actually a tangible structure ( in the collective mental fields) that is related to in the False King of Tyranny at it's multiple levels and forms. What we are looking at and what it feels like and we are coming together today to do as well ~~as you know each one of us we live the consciousness experience of whatever the event is, in order to experience it through consciousness in order to shift and change it, to override it. This stops the pattern from repeating itself. 


Within this construct that we are working with today within the alchemy of our container there is a lot of cross references that I am seeing in terms of the multiple layers that you are feeding into and interlinking into, but again I am looking into the construct that is tangible. This is much larger than thought forms and belief systems and archetypes that are being held in place. We are now looking at the walls that hold this  architecture in the mental field~~this feels like we are looking at the walls of Jericho.  The walls of energetic architecture that have been built with the construct of human enslavement, that which have been designed to hold certain systems in place.

So in terms of the system in place which is represented as one point of light through you, meaning that this experience that you are having in your life that is coming through the personal vehicle, the personal body of (person name withheld) is having this specific lens of experience that is definitely focus within the legal construct . Again within the legal, the justice, the money system,  it keeps going and spreading. I am seeing all these constructs are interfered and intermingle within each other. They're all being used with in the same kind of seed construct, meaning that there is a source that is feeding it all but it has layers upon layers and layers. So in the human world, when we see all these layers we don't see them connected. We can't. see them physically, most human beings can not see how all these multiple structures ~~ whether, lets say... its the financial, the banking, the legal system, the corporate and bureaucracy of Government, the Corporate giants that control and move economies they are all intertwined and feeding off of each other. You already know all of this.

I am looking at this big sort of multiple layers of construct of which we are at the level of architecture that feeds it ~~ Seeing it like these are corridors that link to each other that are multiple constructs that ultimately feed the same thing. So becoming aware of that, I am seeing the architecture and when I am seeing architecture we are able to witness it, participate with it, and what appears as well is the change and influence it has. Which is a natural or organic part of the energy system. Again understanding what our ultimate purpose here as Spiritual beings having a earthly experience we are ultimately here to no doubt have to deal with the challenge of cultivating faith and trust in our connection with Source and supply and in that which is certainly moving us through an extremely tumultuous time on planet earth where a new process of growth and expansion is beginning.

No matter where in the universe, we have beings that are very smart at a certain level and not so smart at another level because they are not understanding the natural cycles. Five thousand years sounds like a very long time but in the world of eternity it is not. Within the evolution of where this planet and reality was moving within a certain position some entities took advantage of this is a very negative way and they're used to this because when they took advantage of this planet and took advantage of the knowledge that they knew without any consciousness of what they were using, they were able to get a result for a short period of time. What is happening now of that result, is it is ending.

The bent systems, distorted systems that have been represented in the systems of the earth that have been perpetuated by the ignorance of man, not from a judgmental state, but from an understanding that humans at this time on this planet are not privy to understanding the natural laws of creation because this is similar to understanding nature, when you look at the force of nature, nature has patterns and there are patterns that if you study those patterns you will learn the nature of the cosmos. You learn the nature of the Universe. Humanity in this last cycle has not being paying attention to these laws of nature otherwise known as the laws of God, and these cannot be trumped. 

What we are seeing is that we are on the planet reincarnated at a time where we are in that very strange cycle of time where there has been a small window, this five to Ten thousand period... even though there has been multiple distortions back into the hundreds of thousands of years the extreme darkness the extreme Patriarchal distortions, the enslavement with frequency fences and the level of it today, really began its process about five thousand years ago in Egypt at the time of the reptilian invasion. What we see today is really a result of the choices of Atlantis and the Atlantian kind of construct that has kept us locked in this mental body.

So what I am seeing is that construct you have had an interface with meaning that you are a human being, you are here in the physical body. You have been undergoing Spiritual development and light body expansion. The Monadic and the higher aspect of yourself is coming into alignment with you and as you have been developing the embodiment of that consciousness again as we know is part of the Avatar and the Mother frequencies,  the Mother Arc energies that are coming through. There has also been a systematic alignment to these corridors that I am seeing in these constructs and again the construct that I am looking at is the Architecture which holds the False King of Tyranny. There are multiply layers and multiple complexities of how this feeds and intermingles and interconnects with all the different arms so to speak. You have this core energy that is being fed it is like a energy battery hub , like a nuclear power plant with all these arms that extend out of this power plant that are culling energy and collecting it, collecting energy on the external and bringing it into the core hub and we know that the core hub is being used by dark sources meaning anti light forces, reptilian force.

This is one of the subsidiaries structures in terms of the Architecture and we are understanding as part of your life experiences again a part of your spirit having a human experience ~~ all of us to some degree are interfacing with these constructs in some way. At this time in your development even though it is excruciatingly painful it has been part of this plan of the extraction. Extracting you out of that system. Moving you into the corridor which aligns you into a passage way out of this false King of Tyranny and away from the enslavement of the system.

You have done a lot of that where you were able to hold that self awareness and participate with the consciousness of witnessing and now at that level where you finally became able to hold in a lucid way. Meaning, that you are present to the witness when it happens . Meaning that part of your God Spirit, when you embody it , you become a part of the witness at a level , where you were not as, lets say skilled or embodied maybe a year or two ago. It is an ability to hold witness because that as we know that is a point of power, the neutral witness is that point of power that allows the shift and change in time lines. I am seeing that this construct that you have been involved in and we are talking about the legal the marriage all that ~~ because I am seeing it as one big tentacle, like multiple arms of tentacles that are related to these legal systems and other social duties and expectations. I see that you are breaking out from this which is directly related to these other structures that we have on planet earth.

We also know that this year is the year of the 7th ray of the female logos returning, the beginning of the massive removals of the crucifixion implants, right now we are in that period. Where we get pushed into another time-line. What I am seeing once again you got pushed into the next time line because it is more congruent with your Avatar Spirit path. Part of our ascension is about embodiment, the more and more we take frequency and because our body and nervous system and our own identity has to have a pace with this, we know that you have been shot out of a cannon with this respect. It was because you have had a short period of time in relativity in how much energy and frequency you were willing to carry in terms of your spiritual development. It was like boom boom boom, you have just been pummeled to the extremes to grow extremely fast. 

Yet at the same time I know this as well as you do, from one portion of looking at it from the other side and saying this to you as a Sister and also giving you appreciation and comfort for this mission. I know that those of us that are having to get up to speed really fast have extreme experiences to catapult us into these massive places of change. At the time that you are undergoing it its extremely difficult... it can be isolating and painful ... its just a constant pounding there is no other way to say it and yet that pounding in a sense is that polarity integration that we are talking about, it creates the volcanic movement which catapults you out of that space and into something else. Understanding that this is the purpose of it and also knowing that there is an end to that cycle. There is a level where the challenges change. There is a process we go through.... the pushing, the pulling the pushing the pulling not landing anywhere, it is like silly putty. It is our bodies right, the substance of our body is getting pushed and pulled and pushed and yanked and its really uncomfortable and in the meantime your supposed to try to exist in 3D world and it is not easy. I know this on an intimate level seeing it and recognizing the signature, I know what is happening to you is that and I know that it is going to have an end. At the same time this entanglement is a super big construct that was reinforced in your life for many years because your marriage, your children, your 3D life, that has a lot of accumulated memory because you have spent most of your life on this planet married, that is what you were doing and now your not. This is a completely different life that you are leading and living, and you have been extracting yourself from that memory.

As you become more and more embodied and your able to stay within that foundation as much as you possible can with in all of the situations and circumstances with people that interface with you, you are getting strengthened even though you don't feel it always. There is a forging of the diamond, there is a strengthening that can not be penetrated through you, meaning that. which is what is real can not be threatened. Meaning who you really are is becoming more and more transparent because it is always that understanding of the falsity of what we have been dealing with in this environment of planet earth, is our fears and our self torture and all the stuff that we have been dealing with down here. The pain and the suffering is really the layers of stuff that have clouded our direct relationship with what is really "the real" because this is what is real ...the exchange is real now, but the architecture, if we understand planet earth was not connected to that organic source architecture. It is again understanding why the planet has been the way that it has been and why your experience has been the way that it was also.

It is only recently that we have had the ability to interface with these constructs and bring the organic source light into these corrupted systems,  We are starting to learn that when we hold the witness and when we get to a certain level of our spiritual development to exchange with the source light... this is why we have been breaking through the frequency fence. It is like being in contained place where there is no further energy coming in, it is like being in an air conditioned car where there is only recycled air...which is exactly what has been happening on planet earth. We have not been getting any additional life force from the God Head. We have been in a planetary Kundalini, in a closed system where the only energy supply is coming from the planet earth. We are now in a kundalini supply that is coming from the core of the universe, and this has never been here like this before.

What is happening in that closed system without the additional energetic supply there was a certain law down here ~~ it is like saying the architecture was infiltrated at a certain level that supported that and the beings that supported that did and are coming to an end. But they do not understand that they are coming to an end and are still pushing it ... they are still attempting to use the laws like they did in the past. Meaning they went against the natural laws of God and got a result. We are now in the beginning of a period where this is going to radically change on earth, meaning people, organizations that have been operating this way, consuming others,  are systemically being taken down.

These structures are so huge and have been built up on so many different feeding grounds. The ones that are controlling the money supply are all sitting on top like 200 layers of structures all feeding the top. We are dealing with the dismantling of a 200 floor skyscraper. We are systematically taking the floors out and once we do that the top isn't getting fed. The people up there in the penthouse,  that like the view ......but they have been doing it at the expense of others. Meaning the raping, pillaging and killing of others so they could stay in the penthouse. Those people don't understand that the laws are changing.

So now that we understand this larger construct that is a form of which you have been interfacing with and there has been an alignment which is a corridor that lines up with a direct exchange. That is coming and that is what is happening to protect you. Blessing it and understanding it is the best possible thing that you can do. The second you have walked into a locked door, you have been moved into a different part of the time field. And I can be seen that is what is going on.

At the same time this complex construct is part of the false King of Tyranny , there is an actually construct in the light body that is called the Crown of Thorns and the Crown of Thorns is a part of the crucifixion energies. It is an enslavement device. Something that is in our bodies energetically when we come to this planet. It is part of the layers of the crucifixion implant and what it is designed to do is to suppress the crown, the third eye. Our inner vision our alignment, all of that. What I am understanding is the crown of thorns is systematically being removed from the architecture, so I am looking at the architecture of the crown of thorns  as it is connected to the false King of Tyranny. 

In order for there to be patriarchal domination and a propagation of feeding that energy, this exists in the planetary field. What is happening on earth is to understand parasitism and vampirism meaning darkness exists through the consumption of others it cannot exist any other way. So how it consumes others is through these crucifixion implants. It is a way of taking a person's energy or life force. One of the levels of taking energy that is being removed from your body is the Crown of Thorns. This is a crucifixion construct around the head and literally impaling the Crown Chakra. As the crown chakra is being replaced, repaired,  what they are showing me is that the Crown of Thorns was feeding the false King of Tyranny, as long as we are wearing this implant,  a part off our energy is going else where. As our energy is being used elsewhere, who ever is using it is using it for their benefit. This is stealing life force energies. 

This began a process of understanding that there are multiple floors of Consciousness that have different names that have been feeding the false King of Tyranny through the Crown of Thorns. When we understand male constructs we are talking about group consciousness fields, were talking about the reversal Michael consciousness, Thothian consciousness, Yawheh consciousness. These are all masculine energies feeding in the multiple layers that go all the way to the top floors. Remember when we were talking about the Skyscraper that has 200 floors. It is like saying Yawheh has a floor, Michael has a floor Thoth has a floor....and they're all stacked on each other feeding each other through these constructs, it is like a symbiotic relationship, where they are feeding on each other.

Now we know as a part of collapsing these siphoning fields, there is systematic collapses happening. You have this humongous construct and through your lightbody,  the construct is being systematically dismantled. So what we are understanding is there is another level being dismantled through your experience which is all being shared in something that is a larger global construct. Meaning that it is something that is planetary, because the planet has crucifixion implants just like we do, what the planet has what we have. What we are seeing is at this time-line interfacing with this particular construct which is a subset that feeds this larger one. Understand Legal, Justice, Patriarchal,  all this stuff is related to the false King of Tyranny and what is being reinforced and fed through those false laws that have been on the planet for the past Five to Ten thousand years. As these natural laws are changing on earth, the systems are collapsing, but they are doing it in layers because again we have multiple, multiple, multiple layers. 

It is like saying even though I could not list them all, there are certain constructs like Merlin. Merlin is a masculine archetypal energy that is used to manipulate financial markets. So when we think of Merlin energy it is a type of construct, it is a matrix that is Patriarchal Domination mind control, that is using a certain kind of characteristic of energy in order to manipulate markets. Merlin energy is like manipulating and changing something. Taking nothing and making Gold out of it or what ever. So you have men on Wall-street using Merlin energy that feeds the system. We have seen a lot of people taken down recently that have gotten too greedy, that have actually gone to jail, multiple billionaires for insider trading that is the corrupted energy, all of these different levels. So your ex-husband, the embodiment of the masculine,  is like a lot of men on this planet. They are a part of feeding and reinforcing that enslavement and feeding system. 

As the Crown of Thorns on you which is part of the crucifixion implant in your light body is being removed. What I am understanding is, if you have the Crown of Thorns and it is a suppression on the Crown, the real Crown has lights on the top of it which connect to the various lights of the new Ray system of Aurora. So it is like saying that each of the points ~~ we are looking at the light body, what the light body organically in its crystal body formation is supposed to function as, the crown is not there that is an implant. Without the Crown of Thorns what happens is the Crown, the real Crown is built and when the Crown is built it opens up into seven different layers of the Ray structures that allow a connection all the way into the core of the Universe. So what we are understanding is, I have never seen this before but the Aurora lights come onto the Crown, meaning the Crown Chakra turns into Aurora lights and when the Aurora lights are on, the Crown of Thorns is not there anymore. You are going through that removal of the Crown of Thorns, which is a part of the crucifixion constructs and the replacement is the Aurora Crown which connects to the Aurora colors.  Which aligns you into the crystal star colors, the matrix of the Christ the intelligence of the Aurora, this is all the next Universe energies of the crystal consciousness, of which we understand that the Cosmic Christ consciousness is not from here.

So I am seeing that process began and in talking to you I started to get the memory back because it happened in sleep state and time. There is something being cleared in terms of a roping construct between yourself and your ex-husband that was reinforcing the Crown of Thorns architecture  It is like saying that he does not know, right, he is not doing this on purpose. He just doesn't understand but he is feeding into that matrix and unfortunately again like a lot of humans are. Because it is a patriarchal domination matrix and that certain level is more difficult for men to try and transcend in their consciousness, because they truly have to become aware that this structure is operating or it is manipulating them.

So this construct of change feels like a final release from something that is both a part of your spiritual fulfillment and destiny, meaning being cleared of these structures in your light body is being cleared of these karmic structures, being cleared of these enslavement structures, because what is more enslaving than crucifixion implants, releasing the crucifixion implants.

Now generally what is interesting this is the first time I have seen the construct of the Crown of Thorns so clearly. Generally when I am looking at the crucifixion implants it is on the left side of the body but more like the neck down I've never really looked at it this way, I haven't seen it literally around the third eye almost like you had a band around the top part of the Cranium that came across and it is horizontal. Literally a Crown of Thorns like barbwire around the head.

Looking at that and seeing what it was doing and the reason why I didn't see it till now is that now because we have been under going systemically destruction of these reversal architectural fields. Like the distorted Michael fields, the Yahweh fields because what has been happening in these collective consciousness. The Metatronic bodies ( reversal electron in Reversal Monads) have been taking and feeding off of these energies in various forms. This session I can see how that is being used with the Crown of Thorns. Meaning the Crown of Thorns was a crucifixion implant that was yielding seventh dimensional energy reversal in the person and the planet.

This is part of the enslavement of the Logos of planet and if all of us down here have this crucifixion on our Crown it maintains control for the controllers who use the seventh dimensional Logos of the planets brain,  it is feeding that. When we don't wear this anymore and when we don't have this on our bodies anymore what happens is they start loose the ability to manipulate the Logos. The Logos of the planets brain because through us humans, millions of us have this enslavement device we're connected to the planet and don't know it. Its a part of our Crown Chakra which connects to the Crown of Planet earth, the Logos which is female. They have been using the Logos ~~the Logos controls everything on planet. It controls the mineral kingdom, the nature kingdoms, it controls the weather it controls everything. Everything is like a control panel within the brain of the planet. They invaded the planetary brain and we are seeing that the Crucifixion implant is one way they did it.

This Crown of Thorns is a crucifixion implant that through you today I am being shown how it is being removed and it is being replaced with Aurora lights. The Aurora Crown of lights and each of these lights go all the way into the seven higher heavens of the next Universe, meaning, that is the lights of Aurora are coming from the crystal body of literally the crystal star that is connected into, apparently, the next Universe. We are understanding that this is the Christ consciousness and not as we know a planetary consciousness It is a cosmic consciousness and it exists also beyond this universal matrix because that is what the Aurora are, they are part of the Christ families which are in the next Universe.

So the Aurora lights are part of the Crown that is being replaced on you now. At the same time when you recognize that the crucifixion implants are being released, a lot of the internal pain and angst that you may have been experiencing is mimicking a sympathetic resonance to the act of crucifixion. Because whenever we are having these particular implants removed or we're going through a shift of consciousness in the structure of our core manifested Auric body ~~because that is what this is,  it is a change in your core body, your light body ~~when we are going through a change and we are releasing and removing crucifixion implants, memories and energies involving crucifixion become in our awareness. And this situation has been very much a mimic to that pain. Given what you are going through in this situation it could feel similar to being crucified, to not be able to be who you are in the pain of the inner Christ crucifixion. When you are releasing crucifixion implants, the emotions of the cellular body releases ~~because the body has to find a way to heal it. It has to find away to heal the feelings of being crucified because that is what has happened to all of us down here on earth. But as we go through this process there is obvious great sadness and grief because we are feeling in our cells, in our bodies, we are feeling this event when we were crucified.

So the issue is that the contemporary circumstances that you find yourself facing are not actually the causation of the immense pain that you are feeling. The immense pain of it is being amplified by your body's attempt to recognize, witness and release crucifixion implants and with the release of an implant comes the memories and emotional feelings that you have when undergoing that process.

So again the timing of this feels ~~even though I have the hard task of bring words to something that is almost inexpressible, I really feel the timing of this and what that means is, there is an orchestration. This isn't random.... this is how it needs to be. When we are faced with life circumstances that we don't understand and many times we can't understand from the vantage point we have in that moment, we can draw incredible comfort from understanding the profound nature of something higher being moved on our behalf that is of benefit to us here. Spiritual benefit to actualize who we really are ~~ that it is not something arbitrarily placed in our lives that is an dark interference.

To release this, because I have noted with my own experience, to release a crucifixion implant you kind of relive a crucifixion. It is the feeling of that. The energy behind it. I actually had the direct memory of it, it was very difficult but once I understood what it was,  I was able to shift out of the grief of it. The biggest challenge was the sadness that overcame my body,  felt overcome with grief. However, you cannot heal this if you don't feel it. 

On one hand there is something very beautiful happening in the midst of all this, but there is a bit of a white knuckle that you have in this next while as you go through this process. Again know that you are supported and you are connected and you're being held up through this,  even when it doesn't feel like it. Because this is literally the removal of that construct which continues that enslavement here on this planet. Because it is those constructs in our body that create the Karmic interfaces where we are constantly being put in the enslavement structure. Apparently we will be experiencing a way of being here on this planet without the enslavement structure pounding us like it has in the past. Again I am seeing that we are just starting to experience that releasing, but I know we are still learning how to work with it. 

Session Transcription October 2011