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We have had a lot of confusion in the new age with so much talk about twin flame and masculine and feminine imbalances and the emotional work so many of us have done towards the process of embodying sacred union within us. Lately, I see that this divine union template has been upped into a different level. There really isn’t’ a lot of divine union templates that are available as models in our social system and so there has been a transition process noted recently. Many of us on the ascension pathway have been extremely accelerated into the embodiment of the “whole” female principle. I am mostly surrounded by the ascending female bodies and their experiences and interpersonal communications. I notice that the galactic female, is really starting to become integrated and embodied in a new way as this is becoming more apparent in physical manifestation. As a result, we are confused as beings, as we have no idea what it is like to have the female god power principle in this world navigating around. There has been a lot more rift and conflict and jockeying around for healing opportunities to heal gender beliefs and gender relations. This makes our relationships very challenging now. We have been forced to exist in a patriarchal system for a very long time.

The agenda of male dominion and male energy control, but that view and its mind control has enslaved both feminine and the masculine. This is not a putting down of the masculine at all, there is the female god principle and the male god principle, together as equals, and we are coming out of an age of darkness where the masculine god principle has really been abused and enforced the enslavement of all of us, as men and women. These deeply embedded schisms and mind control implants have been surfacing in the mix of gender relationships.

There is so much distortion and painful confusion in our view of relationship, marriage, mixed gender relationships. We are reviewing all of these things now and discovering new ways to be in honest and loving relationships. As an example, there was a male friend of mine who is on consciousness path, and through a very advanced lens, he came through a massive realization that during all of these years that he had fantasies that were sexual in nature, these thoughts he had maintained certain images and were only contained in his head. He started to realize over the last week, the whole bowl of astral energy he contributed to by being into pornography and holding sexual fantasies of women he didn’t know. And literally this is a new revelation for him and he has traced it back to his father and the men in his life. This has been a perfectly acceptable behavior that if you didn’t act upon it, this pornography was not a big deal.  A guy could look, fantasize, and that was not contributing to anything negative. In his advancement, this is a complete revelation that pattern was operating in his subconscious, impacting his sexual relationships and that had been a distorted thought pattern. It took him this long to see that this was a mental implant and belief structure that he was contributing towards, of which he had no idea was creating schism in all of his relationships, pain in his female intimate situations. He had no idea he had that pattern until he looked at this particular implant honestly and removed it from controlling him into addictions. 

We are responsible for all of our thoughts, emotions, where we place our energy. This makes it clear to us that if we want to accept our sovereignty as free multidimensional beings, we will have to accept this responsibility at these sexual layers and they are core parts of us. It is these behaviors and addictions the controllers use to keep us in that unconscious state, wounded or implanted in certain ways. So this is what I mean about masculine and feminine reconciliation and there is a lot more of this coming up for review in all ways we relate, our intimacy, our sexuality. As the female god principle is becoming embodied on this planet as the prophet of the ascension cycle, the female is the main ascension forerunner at this time.  For those reasons respectful and honest dialogues need to be initiated and confronted between the male and female, in a safe and calm environment. (Source: QA, April 2008)

Transcribed by M. Chae