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Extra-Dimensional Vs. Multi-Dimensional

Multidimensional Consciousness is the ability to be conscious of more than one dimension. To be multidimensional in our consciousness we must remember that we have within us the potential to expand our perceptual awareness to the dimensions above and below our physical plane.  The term “extra-dimensional” and interdimensional was recently incorporated in addition to the term multi-dimensional to help us better describe the source of reptilian invasion that this planet has been subjected to. Many people when at various stages of considering this terminology in regards to learning about the exopolitic agendas, such as the negative alien agenda,  have a very challenging time mentally comprehending how the invasion transpired becasue they do not comprehend multidimensional consciousness. In the earlier stages of being introduced to the Negative Alien Agenda, even people that are very familiar and comfortable with the UFO and ET movement, have difficulty grounding this fact of multidimensional consciousness and potentially even shapeshifting, as being the convincing reality of how the control mechanism on earth is kept in place.  The majority are still not seeing the underlying mechanism of controls from the global elite, and believe that the crimes against humanity are related to human error and human cause and effect, alone. This is partially accurate, and heavily misunderstood in the New Age population.

 Most people when getting introduced to the idea of the Negative Alien Agenda, will then ask the question, “Well, if we have been infiltrated or invaded, if our government is controlled by an alien force, why can I not see it with my visible sight Where is it?” Because people are programmed, mind controlled and unable to perceive multidimensional realities,  and with heavy mind control it is difficult for the brain chemistry-pattern to see the blaring signs hidden in plain sight everywhere in human society. Human beings have adopted and progressed into an alien controlled ( anti-human) society, and have been tricked to believe its organic and based on human free will and self-determination.  It absolutely is not.

As a means to explain and understand the Negative Alien Agenda, these entities and the forces it incorporates are extra-dimensional and interdimensional, they do not source from the visible light spectrum. Most people have a hard time grasping that concept, as what they cannot see ( in visible light, the eyesight) they have a hard time understanding its state of existence beyond the 3rd dimension of physical matter.

Negative Aliens operate in and from extra-dimensional realities, they project their consciousness body in and out of multiple dimensions. They are sourcing their control outside from human sight, and controlling what humans can see within the visible light spectrum through holographic inserts and their off planet technologies. They direct ELF forces of mind control, enslavement, alien machinery, to serve their parasitic nature and build their replicates.  As we know they are bullies, elitists and war strategists, as their main concern is to rule others to serve them, as well as provide energy for siphoning. 

NA’s operate ” extra dimensionally” and travel interdimensionally to control matter forms in the lower dimensions which make up the 3D earth reality. Most of them are not capable to live on the surface for long periods of time and  DO NOT physically occupy this space/time. If they do, it’s for very short periods with precise measurements. Humans OCCUPY this space, and are not aware of these extradimensional forces controlling them extra-dimensionally.  Humans and these Aliens both simultaneous exist multi-dimensionally, the capacity to exist in multiple spaces of time, except many humans still have the god spark which allows them to connect to organic timelines and not the replicated timelines of which the NA’s are forced to live in. Which means their capacity of multidimensionality is inferior to humans, based on the genetic template. They hate us for knowing that and even saying that, and tell themselves it is not true, but it is true. They say they created us and its hogwash. They genetically messed with us, that is hardly an manifest creation. They desire to destroy that capacity of god spark attainment and organic timelines, which they cannot access, and have been working that agenda for 10,000 years specifically.

So in these definitions, Humans and ET’s are capable of Multidimensional intelligence, even though the spectrum of multi-d capacity is extremely varied. NA’s cannot connect to a organic timeline, they can only destroy it through leeching onto it and sucking out all the quantic field of its mass of energy. When they do that, they destroy time fields or maim the future probabilities based on the fact that the consciousness of humans are enslaved and spiritually oppressed. If we do not access our multidimensionality and align to the organic fields, they can “consume” them. Clearly that’s why they do not want us comprehending this fact. Naturally this is a directive of Guardian Forces, both human and nonhuman that are stopping the destructive result of such actions, as its very harmful to not only the earth and her creatures, but many other worlds.

(Source: LR forum discussion)