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Solar Sacrum

Ascension Class January 2014

This is the class for Wednesday, January 15, 2014. 


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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): THE SOLAR SACRUM:  Discussion on the upcoming gridwork project in regards to Lisbon, Portugal. Since the bifurcation of timelines began, the Universal Cosmic Clock is undergoing a Zero Point recalibration throughout each of the planetary chains that are a part of our Solar System’s evolution. The Solar System recalibration to Zero Point is changing the four main directions of the true North, South, East and West nodes as coordinate location points within the constellations. This is saying the constellations that are directly apart of the multiple millions of stellar bodies that interact with our planet are changing distance and moving position from what may be considered a gravitational “fixed point” in time. These constellation coordinate points are time vectors responsible for electromagnetic energy placement within spin points (counterclockwise, clockwise) and rotational axis. This controls the rate of spin of electrons, protons, neutrons that exist in both matter and anti-matter. The rate of spin and axis of rotation at microscopic scales are the quantum mechanics which govern the measurement of time and space in our harmonic universe. This year our planet will access sequential spirals of zero point consciousness sourcing from the corridors of the God Worlds, the Seven Higher Heaven Universes. The Universal Founder Gold Ray (The Rishic Suns) is sequentially merging into the 2nd dimensional gates and timelines of the origin of the planetary consciousness field.  The Universal Gold Ray is a Solar principle which is completely shifting these areas from the control of lunar based forces (Moon Chain lineages) into Solar based forces. As the quarantines are lifted beyond the Solar System “ring-pass-not” in the future time fields, those holding enough light quotient are undergoing a complete reconfiguration of their sacral energy centers from lunar influences to solar influences. This is the beginning stages of the birth of The Solar Sacrum for human beings on the earth. (1:51:12 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3): Discussion on the recent planetary upgrades and digestive issues that create impact on our Liver, how we can support family members that have issues or mental imbalances, discussion of the impact of the changing guard from Melchizedek hosting to Krystal Star in 2012, description of the Rama and Ramayana forces involved with the violet ray reconfiguration on the earth and the protection of Monadic DNA at 24 strands and above. Protector of the Sacred Blue Cow and Magenta-Violet Ray and Gold Ray Ascended Masters, preparation for the evening meditation in building the Ra-Ma shield. Discussion on the Fukushima radiation and emphasis to protect the body through increasing immune functions by supporting the liver and blood strength, discussion on the collective ES community field as a microcosm of macrocosm of the collective planetary consciousness, how members influence the whole community field and the importance of respecting sovereignty of each being in (Cosmic Sovereign Law). (58:09 minutes) 

  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3): SOVEREIGN SUN RA-MA: We are now going to call in the Universal Gold Ray in its Solar light principle of RA. Ra means Oneness in its tonal signature. Focusing above your head onto the platform of the horizontal shield, we will sound the tone of RA to call in the Solar light forces of the Universal Founder Gold Ray or the Rishic Suns spiral light. As we tone RA see the spiral of plasma light from the Solar Rays of the Christos Sun emanate from the Centers beyond Andromeda from Deepest Space region, let it be attracted to your horizontal platform, call forth the Solar Light principle to ignite the Personal Plasmic Sun of your personal Avatar Christ consciousness, as we ask the Cosmic Rishic Sun to become known to us now. In your heart intend to greet the Sovereign Sun and Daughter from the God Worlds, being reflected from your own Solar Image. Invite the Sovereign Sun and Daughter, the Plasmic Sun to reside on top of your outermost horizontal shield, see the Small sun as it comes to you connect into the top of your horizontal shield, as it integrates the Golden Rays of its radiance moving through the filaments of your light body, all light fibers being lit from the innermost Solar Panel of this Plasmic Sun. Allow the waves of plasmic light to run through your lightbody pillar and throughout your entire being. The Sovereign Sun in the bloodline of the Maharaji or Maji lines. This tone is represented in the earth chakra as MA. As we tone the sound MA, hold in your consciousness the Maji Christ lineages, to be cleared of distortions,  resurrected and reborn through this horizontal field and its timeline on earth through God perfect will.  (47:58 minutes)

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