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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
Temple of Loving Kindness
Connect with your Heart and practice Loving Kindness every day!
Love Yourself
PRACTICE TWO: LOVE YOURSELF – Apply the practice of Unity with All-One as an extension towards loving, honoring and respecting yourself. Acknowledge the precious life force within by holding reverence and respect for yourself in all ways. Loving yourself is the action of Self Sovereignty, which is the natural state of embodying God’s Eternal Love.

For purposes relating to taking back control over one’s own mind, body and spiritual consciousness, from those humans and Negative Aliens who have abused the Law of Structure on this planetary body, we are discussing the foundation of the Law of Consent and it's critical importance.

What we hold as our intention in our personal thoughts, is what we hold as our Consent towards that thought-form and its vibrational quality and force, as well as the energetic consequence of the thought-form substance created which impacts the self and others.

  • What we think is what we create through Intent, Consent and Structure.
  • The sum total of the energetic intention behind the accumulated thoughts or words that we have said in the now moment, is more important than the verbal language used to establish intent, consent and authority.
  • The fact we think the thought automatically under Mind Control programs, means we have given the thought consent even without our conscious participation with intent. This is the main factor in NAA human exploitation by Mind Control. By taking away knowledge of personal Intent, they remove personal consent in the laws.
  • The sum total of our accumulative vibrational thoughts and expressed words will override a persons choice.
  • This means a person who has not consciously participated with giving personal consent and authority makes the choice through accumulative frequency resonance. This is the weighted average of the sum total of the individuals, body, thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviors which equate into an overall frequency resonance. This overall frequency resonance is what decides Intent, Consent and Structure for that person.
  • This means that disciplining and controlling our inner thoughts is extremely important, as these thoughts add accumulative energies to form intent, consent and authority made under the Law. 
  • The Laws of Intent, Consent, Authority and Structure, are purposely hidden and manipulated by the NAA in order to control humans who are not aware of these energetic laws, nor aware that they can gain personal power to regain control over their spiritual and energetic consciousness through the obeyance of these laws.

Through the exploitation of these Laws the NAA and the False Father Gods have manipulated humanity to be in consent and authority with their forces, as intermediary, through shaping the Predator Mind in the human culture, through the many Mind Control programs that humans are given as a false history and false reality. Based on these many lies and deceptions, humanity holds belief systems of the Predator Mind thought-forms, thus, naturally becomes in the consent and authority of that same Predator Mind in the NAA groups. This is how the NAA control humanity by manipulation of consent in the mind, by removing intention of thoughts and making them automatic reactions in the Unconscious Mind, further, which manipulates the Soul. This makes the NAA False gods an intermediary source field (Imposter Spirit) for many unsuspecting humans who cannot discern the difference between lies and deception, and the truth.

Those of us committed to the Law of One, to promote sovereignty and freedom for this planet and humanity, have more grid and energetic support than we ever have. If we have had possession, implant and entity harassment, the following techniques should offer relief with some level of commitment to the process. We must remember we have returned to this earth to master ourselves and master these entities and the negative energies here. This requires we learn exactly how these entities think, what their strategies are, and where they came from, why they may be attached to us and how they infiltrated this planet. We are in a war over consciousness that requires we master the psychological-spiritual warfare being directed to humanity. In many cases, this will require we directly experience implants, entities and psychic attack and forms of alien aggression. We cannot heal the consciousness of our planet until we understand exactly how our body and the planet became corrupted with the reptilian virus and synthetic alien machinery. Please have patience with the process of Spiritual Deliverance and command your space as a God-Sovereign-Free being. It is suggested to have a firm grasp of using the 12D shield before moving into these exercises. The 12D shield will provide a much easier extraction process. 

Spiritual Bondage Discussion: This class is a primer for the Clearing of Spiritual Bondage meditation treatment that is dedicated to the release of the bondage loops that binds us to personality behaviors or wounded-ness that further bind us to the essence of demonic or alien spirits. We cannot release our bondage until we can identify that which causes us deep pain or suffering or that which has been inherited. I ask you to bear with me with any language that may find "religious" triggers within that are mind control programs designed to reject the inner nature of God, this is exactly what we want to find. Identify, locate remove and repair, any personality or area in your energy field that has housed the essence of the pain of which you carry that had allowed a demonic sprit to use this part of our body. We cannot have a divided house within our body, the same principle of our body as a house dedicated for the Christ to live within, cannot exist if there is a part of the house used for demonic essence or negative hidden spirits. The level of pain one has surfaced will determine the need for this spiritual intervention of breaking bondage loops in the safety of God's unconditional love. Recommended to listen to this discussion before the treatment, Breaking Spiritual Bondage Loops. (46.28 minutes) 

Breaking Bondage Loops: This introduction meditation is intended to greatly support the reintegration and wholeness for the inner core spiritual being through breaking personal and ancestral hidden spiritual bondage loops. Through accepting Gods love for us, which is accepting love in ourselves, and asking the right questions, this exercise is to help identify hidden personalities in the unconscious, or split personalities (alters) that have resulted from personal trauma and abuse. Alters may split from the mental body in order to protect the body or spirit when forced into survival mechanisms brought on through trauma and abuse. Alters may have demonic spirit attachments from their painful wounds. This exercise is suggested for repeated use to discover and explore hidden parts of the psyche in order to reclaim memory that has been hidden through "amnesiac barriers". Amnesiac barriers are created by personalities to "wall up" and contain certain spaces in the body to protect the person from pain. This exercise is designed to identify and cast out any deceiving spirit or demonic essence that may have been trapped or bound to parts of wounding that has occurred in the physical, mental or spiritual being. This is designed for repeated use as necessary to open dialogues with aspects/alters and focus on deeper and deeper healing issues safely. It is suggested to listen to the class discussion on Spiritual Bondage as a primer to this exercise.(40.37 minutes)

When astrological alignments occur through major conjunctions between planetary and stellar bodies, forces of alchemy occur which alter frequency current and manifest new creations. This new cosmic alignment changes the stellar architecture of how the Sun transmits the influences of the Zodiac in the Ray System throughout our Solar System. These stages of transmitting alchemical forces to aid consciousness evolution are qualities of which have never been previously exposed to this planet. This is allowing the Alchemical Laws of Universal consciousness evolution to be transmitted through the constellations of which are inherently a part of the organic processes of planetary biological ascension. This begins to collapse artificial intelligence used to control the planetary brain since the NAA invasion began from timeline of the Luciferian Rebellion. Previously, most of the stellar transmission from outside the inner Solar System was obstructed. Our planet was unable to receive these transmissions of intelligence into the lower atmosphere of the earth via placement of NETs, frequency fences and an assortment of Alien Machinery. 

The Auroras are the plasma light fields that appear as Plasmic Colored Orbs, and are a part of the Master Christos Collective from other Universes. These are extensions of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness families which are building the Galactic Zodiac stellar architecture to support the planetary ascension for the earth body. The movement of stars, planets, comets and asteroids through space affects the solar magnetic field; which in turn impact the geomagnetic field influencing collective and individual electromagnetic, chemical and biological systems on the earth. The 13 sign zodiac informs us when the alchemical principles are being transmitted during the actual phases when the Sun spends time in the constellations. 

The Earth’s Magnetosphere and the Solar System’s heliosphere are getting exponentially weaker. These alterations to the magnetic field allow an increasing saturation of cosmic rays and opening portals of consciousness to access into our inner solar system. When the Christ Consciousness is descending its Diamond Sun body pattern and will begin to embody and contact a few more members of the human race. This is the attainment of those on the ascension path who have achieved the power of spiritualizing the body and know how to transmute the corruptible physical elements into the incorruptible truth spirit. As the Cosmic Christ Consciousness frequency descends into human beings, there is a meeting between the Cosmic Christ and the fallen hierarchies in the Portals of Consciousness that are located in the physical world. This is a spiritual battle between the Cosmic Christ Spirits descending into the earth, where a dwelling has been prepared, and having a confrontation with those human and earthly bodies that are possessed and used as dark portals. This meeting place reaches its pinnacle point on March Equinox to Easter Sunday, where several confrontations between these spiritual forces will commence on the earthly plane. Some will leave easily through transit portals, while others attached to the earth that do not want to leave will fight for territory. These spiritual forces inhabit human bodies, and it is within the human bodies on the earth plane that these spiritual forces battle for people’s consciousness on this earth.  

The following content is for the dedicated Christ Galactic Warrior who is clear that is their role and is completely dedicated to serve God and Christ, with every fiber of their mind, body and spirit. We will bring forward technique for spiritual deliverance to be applied to a person, groups, organizations, cities, governments in this upcoming cycle. This is for the use of supporting the advanced spiritual warrior that is free of fear and is not yet able to use the HGS system. This planet has basically two main categories of light-workers, those that volunteered for energetic placement to hold as much love, light and high frequency in their body as possible, and those (like myself) that are Galactic Warriors that go into battle. This next section is for our Galactic Warriors that serve and defend the Christ Consciousness on this planet. Do not use these techniques for anyone except yourself, unless you are clear that this is your mission and job description on this earth.

Breaking Spiritual Bondage Loops MeditationTranscript

Now let us prepare for our evening exercise and meditation. Say outloud or in your own words as guided. 

Also, as we do the run through for this evening you may or may not want a pencil and paper to write down some of your feelings, intuitions, and the information that you receive.

As we call upon our Krystal Star Family we also call upon the Krystal Aegis. Beloved Family we welcome You and Thank You for your support, protection. and foundation for each and every Being representing our field.

Beloved God, in pure Love open all channels of Light, clear all Light fibers to be fully connected and resonant with the Living Light Code. We ask for all reconnections as need be to develop and strengthen the Spiritual Communication Links with the Heart of God itself. We set our Space with the Group Avatar Christ Self, the Guardian Families, Guardian Mentor Band, those that serve the Krystal Star Matrix aligned to the Law of One, to work together in the Highest capacity of exchange of God's Infinite Light, Love, and Power, in servicing human Ascension, Sovereignty and Freedom. We command this Space Sacred in the name of the Eternal Light of God and Consecrated to the Service of One Source Light. Again your Intention is to connect to your Inner Core.

My declaration of Intention is to serve my Core Spirit. I Commit to Serve my Highest Power in God, Fully, Completely and Totally.

Now, fortify your 12d field and shield. Close your eyes focusing on your Personal Pillar of Light, your Personal Shield. Imagine and intend filling yourself with the Liquid Silver White Light. Spend a few moments focusing on that feeling, shielding your Body.

From within your 12d shield, now intend to create the Hub Handshake with Unity Intelligence of the Krystal Star. Bringing your focus upon your Heart, and pushing out the energies, now boundary test the entire Personal Space, of your residence or your room, where you find yourself now. Boundary test with GSF, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free.

Beloveds please open our Group Krystal Aegis Double Diamond Field, to expand in the Celestial Krystal Force. We ask to flood our Being with each breathe, taking into our Body,Rainbow Cleansing Light.

Holy and Divine Mother please grid our Space to the Transharmonic Pillar and 13th Gate to manifest and lockdown, to extend and encompass, protecting our entire Group Field and Shield. We ask that any displaced visitors or energies use this Transharmonic Gate to exit as required. Within your Space at this time, please Dedicate a Shadow Vortex for any entities or releases that are required to exit in your Personal Space. For a moment please strengthen or amplify designating a Shadow Vortex as an Exit Point, Exit Portal, in your Personal Space, now.

We hold the Intention to build strongly the Inner Foundation and Core Spirit to House the entire Inner Spirit of our Christ-Light Presence. In your own words, or repeat after me I Command this Space in the Sacred Self Sovereign Power of the Eternal God Spirit in Christ.

Beloved Guardians of the Christ Force, please assist each person's integration process in Divine Perfection and sequence of God's Will for each Beloved Being. Our Intention is to break the bondage and bondage loops to free the Core Spirit to unite with God's Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Christ in Love Peace and Harmony.

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