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Divine Infinite Calculus

Ascension Class January 2015

This is the class for Wednesday, January 21, 2015. 


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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): DIVINE INFINITE CALCULUS: Spirit Intelligence manifests itself through any form or structure projecting itself through the same math, symbols or archetypal expressions. Calculus is a process of calculating or reasoning through the use of symbols and their application to solving equations. Nature wants to return to energetic balance and that occurs through the process of solving equations with the Divine Infinite Calculus.The truth that Divine Infinite Calculus governs earthly structures is revealing itself for those with the eyes to see. For those who do not recognize the necessity of the false ego identities being destroyed, this is a painful and confusing time. Moving through the recent Sagittarian energies, many of us are enduring forms of spiritual healing crisis. This is similar to the spiritual bonfire of the lower self, burning away old attachments and energy parasites. Once the higher Divine Infinite Calculus and Mothers Cosmic Aether are introduced and connected into the planetary body, massive healing crisis begins. The physical conduit of the Divine Infinite Calculus was anchored in the planetary core the last days of December through early January. The Four Living Creatures (Lion, Eagle, Ox, Man) are God Force Guardian Consciousness Networks of the Planetary Grid Networks. They also resonate with the Four Royal Stars in the heavens and connect the stellar consciousness they are a part in the Precession of Equinoxes. As we move into the 11th stage of Capricorn, the main alchemical themes are fermentation of the flesh with the source energy inside the mitochondrion of our cells, which excite themselves, causing divine illumination. Synchronically, the name “cristae” has been given through scientific discovery when its direct implication is related to the activation of the crystal gene(1:51:27 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3): Discussion about the changes of Holy Mother’s spiritual substance returning to the earth since December 2012 in the form of Cosmic Aether and how that impacts the amplification of Dark Mother reversals purging, sexual misery programming and supports the shifting mitochrondrial record to help support the Hierogamic field on the planet, discussion about when we enter integration stages of our spiritual initiation into higher frequencies we enter a void space, and that may shift our 12D Shield process in how our personal shield feels or may appear, Discussion on the importance of learning how to assess trustworthiness through observing ethical conduct, learning how to identify healthy spiritual behaviors and trustworthiness, how building trust is related to building self-esteem, as we are able to love and accept ourselves, we are able to love and accept others, the importance of assessing trust and not misplacing trust in those who demonstrate weak moral character, discussion on breaking spiritual bondage loops from medical psychiatric protocols, when hearing negative voices, to refuse to listen to what the voices are saying, challenge the voices in the name of Christ and demand a name be given, cast out the name of the group entity in the name and authority of Christ, the importance of intent, consent and authority with God and Christ. Discussion of the different disincarnates, how some show up in 3D bodily form in their lower etheric body and others are capable of shapeshifting. Earth-seeds have been subjected to entering the astral plane over many thousands of lifetimes over reincarnation on earth may have lost their connection to higher spiritual bodies, those that are capable to shapeshift ( Such as Starseed beings) have retained connection to their higher spiritual bodies (Monadic completion and above). (1:06:32 minutes)

  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3): Clear Attachments to Consciousness Traps: In this meditation we will address the attachments to our ego personality filter that may skew our perception and connect us to Consciousness Traps. There are spaces that are used as soul traps or Consciousness Traps, which are used to keep a person’s consciousness stuck like a hamster on a wheel, going in circles and not moving anywhere. False White light and consciousness traps are like machinery, they are not fully sentient and they are inorganic to our higher consciousness. It is artificial intelligence, which may be cognized when one has developed higher sensory ability and feeling through heart consciousness. When one has a heart connection with the 12D Shield and Spirits of Christ, you will feel the harshness of non-sentient or alien matrices immediately. They feel machined, artificial, metal like, sharp, may feel or sound "tinny" like an aluminum foil. When one is active in the pursuit and dedication of expanding ones consciousness, knowing these consciousness traps do exist, you can avoid them. To dismantle consciousness traps we will need to ask ourselves what we are attached to and what we may still blame others for - as a result of our condition in this material world. We set our intention NOW to know our unconscious attachments, and to release ourselves from any consciousness traps that have been set to bind us to enslavement.  (48:07 minutes)

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