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These classes are fundamental to Ascension Theory and building the context to comprehend the nature of the changing physics governing our reality, as well as the spiritual awakening process that all planet earth inhabitants are undergoing now.
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Externalization of the Krystal Star

Ascension Class January 2013

This is the class for January 16, 2013.

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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): EXTERNALIZATION OF THE KRYSTAL STAR: The Christ family is beginning to be safe now which means that it is time to reveal your true nature to the world. Many of us have not been able to freely share with others our role with this planet. This runs the gamut of planetary light-working, extra-dimensional contacts and communication, awakening experiences, other worldly experiences, developing healing and teaching modalities, soul retrieval and transiting, designing new blueprints, planetary grid-work and etheric surgery. We finally have a frequency support grid of Krystal current which allows those of us with that role to exist more comfortably on earth. The time of the promised return of Christ, the externalization of the Krystal Star presence (Cosmic Christ Unity Consciousness) is beginning now as an Ascension timeline made for the planet earth. Beginning to explore what this means is that each of us have a requirement to place an internal and external dialogue to explore the profound change that this places on our own personal values and personal lifestyle. What we value, what we place importance upon is undergoing fundamental changes because it has to change. That fundamental change is requiring us to be Reeducated to Value All Human life, and to promote All living things for a true humanity to be restored to this planet. The only way to value life and create societal structures that value life, such as our ES community is an organization and consciousness container that is intended and designed to honor and appreciate LIFE, and all people. Basic discussion on core ethics through the Golden Rule, and practical application of the Golden Rule in our day to day lifestyle is emphasized. (1:12:34 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3): Q & A : Discussion on the recent frequency changes to the body that are related to upgrades to the endocrine and hormonal system, spleen and blood and nervous system, discussion on the spleen crucifixion implant and how it was used to “taint” the flesh to superimpose karmic loads into the blood stream of humans from the collective miasma and race mind control programs, discussion around the Jesus figure being a part of an Extraterrestrial Christ Task force that came to the earth to bring the highest crystal blueprints, DNA imprints and education towards the Cosmic Sovereign Law, how this Christ group had to balance magnetics and frequencies on the planet to make it possible, description of the NAA and why they wanted to use cataclysm through the Armageddon program (911 timeline) and how they used the False Ascension Matrix by creating false white light to trap being’s undergoing the death process, answer for how one can use the Safe Passage meditation to help beings pass over into the Guardian Christ teams through the Aqua portal even after they have been “gone” for a long time, or may have been directed to the False White light system and how that can be corrected by participating with the Aqua Portal now, discussion on how figures like the Ascended Masters, Lady Nada are used as false holograms to capture and reverse life force by the Orion groups to be used as a part of the manifestation and control of the Negative Alien Agenda, discussion on the King Archetype influences on both ascending males and females, how the Defender Forces have returned to protect the Cosmic Sovereign Law to ensure planetary ascension status, the moderation and balance required to embody the Divine Father presence to override the False Tyrant King. (1:12:29 minutes)
  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3):PREPARING FOUNDATION FOR HGS CALIBRATION: This audio meditation is purposed for preparing the foundation required for connection to the inner spiritual core and for learning the preparation procedure for HGS Calibration as required with the continual use of the HGS system. This can be used as an audio introduction to help support and assist with learning how to connect with the HGS Calibration. Learn a quick boundary test you’re your 12D shield with the GSF three fold flame. To entrain the Axiatonal Alignment code to neutralize polarity: refer to the Axiatonal Alignment Chart and place palm of hands on top of Left and Right Hand Graphic. Reconnect body parts through the Physical Matrix Reconnection checklist. Set Personal Space and protected session field in home or office, when opening an energy session or creating a protected and clear energetic container at home for your family to set the space for your consciousness intention. (48.19 minutes)

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Ascension Class January 2013


Ascension Q&A January 2013


Ascension Meditation January 2013