Ascension Classes
These classes are fundamental to Ascension Theory and building the context to comprehend the nature of the changing physics governing our reality, as well as the spiritual awakening process that all planet earth inhabitants are undergoing now.
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Clearing Treatments
Here are some basic spiritual housekeeping tools to explore and experiment with. Everyone is unique and must learn what works the best for them in a variety of circumstances.
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Krystal Aegis
Sometimes we need some help getting ourselves back to clarity and balance. Krystal Aegis (KA) is a Self study Guardian support program to clear out negative energies. KA Meditations are in the Shop.
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Psychic Self Defense
Psychic Self Defense describes the various phenomena related to psychic attack or energetic drain. See the PSD Classes in the Shop.
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Preserving our Sacred Heart

VIDEO CLASS (very large files) Discussion of Recent Field Updates, Changes to ES Monthly Class Format to Krystic Campire Gathering and Group Prayers.

This is the recording of the live video class for August 2021. Please note that the discussion themes were being addressed to the ES community and the content was different than the monthly newsletter topic that was made available to the public in August 2021.

This video class has been divided into 5 parts of about 30 minutes each. Additionally, there is an audio only file of the class included. Please note that these are VERY LARGE FILES and as such, must be downloaded to a COMPUTER. After downloading them, it is possible to sync the files to a phone or tablet IF the device has enough free memory available. 

Discussion of Recent Field Updates, Changes to ES Monthly Class Format to Krystic Campire Gathering and Group Prayers.

Preserving our Sacred Heart: In order to destroy the crystal heart center and empathy of human beings, the negative alien agenda targets all of us with spiritual betrayal and betrayal traumas in order to get us to doubt God, to reject God, to reject spiritual principles, to reject humanity, to reject all of this mission in order to lure us through our pain and broken heartedness to be used as pawns in the dark agendas. And further for even some of us if we reach that level of despair and engage and indulge in negative actions that are rejecting our own spirit, we can actually be possessed by these antichrist or demonic forces. These methods are used to incite betrayal traumas with the express purpose of breaking human hearts. This is intentionally used in mass mind control. It's happening now and this is what we’re living through. Every effort to break our heart, every effort to break our spirit, to break our humanity is intentionally being directed to us now. Our monthly themes are to pray together, stay strong and stay unified.


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Ascension Class August 2021 Full Audio


Ascension Class August 2021 Video Pt1


Ascension Class August 2021 Video Pt2


Ascension Class August 2021 Video Pt3


Ascension Class August 2021 Video Pt4


Ascension Class August 2021 Video Pt5