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Pituitary-Pineal Unification with Sapphire Body

To connect directly with our pituitary and pineal glands and then unify with the sapphire body.


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1. ES Ascension Meditation – March 2023

Pituitary-Pineal Unification with Sapphire Body: In this meditation, we intend to connect directly with our pituitary and pineal glands, and then unify with the sapphire body, as well as sensing our inner landscape and strengthening our spiritual vision.

Beloved family now is the time to ask: “Beloved Godself is our meditation and group exercise today in alignment to my highest and divine expression in this moment, yes or no?” If you received a no answer please turn this audio off for now and come back later. If you received a yes may we please continue.

For a moment, focus upon the location of your Pituitary Gland, bring a gentle attention on feeling into the inner landscape with a soft focus made upon the pituitary gland. Sensing the bridge of nose right between the eyes, and follow into a straight line in the direct center or midline and then slightly drop down into the small pocket seating the pituitary gland. Now, For a moment, focus upon the location of your Pineal Gland by bringing a gentle attention on the inner landscape with a soft focus made upon the pineal gland. Finding your pineal, you may drop down the high point of your head from the crown and stop in the middle of the brain, under the third ventricle into a small void space in which the pineal gland is seated. The pineal gland sits just above the thalamus. (30:24 minutes)

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