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Dear Ascension Family, 

I thought it appropriate to share kundalini resources as we go through this evolutionary phase. Many times my physical body is undergoing a very intense kundalini release with activated ascension symptom response and it has phases that it lasts for a long time at peak levels. Attempting to find nourishment is extremely difficult to frustrating, and I do not generally feel the ecstatic bliss states or vital energy.  I am dealing with day to day commitments while my kundalini is burning out toxins and whatever else it is finding deep in the cellular material. Since western city life does not really support kundalini awakening or have any awareness about it, we have a challenge in that we are here to integrate into this contemporary society all the while with intense kundalini activations, transpiring simultaneously. This is one of the greatest challenges as an ascending human to find the balance in our lives as we are ascending. I am sure this is why so many of us undergoing kundalini activation isolate themselves, as the energy it takes to answer a simple question from other people, such as,  how are you? What are you doing? can become a mind boggling proposition! 

This Kundalini website linked below, is the first time I have found someone else expressing the digestive distress we have in the midst of heightened kundalini releases, such as spiritual ascension light body and EMF activations. I have found it to be an excellent resource on the topic of kundalini symptoms and hope you find it helpful. 

Kundalini and Diet

For those of us without personal raw food chefs and the time, energy and resources of raw and organic foods for nearby access, sharing some tips and support that may help keep those of us undergoing intense activations feeling more supported. I admit many times I feel grumpy dealing with the trial and error process of trying to comfort and nourish my body in the midst of roman candle like frequency explosions, has not kept me cheery.  We can have long periods of extreme discomfort, with the internal pressure of kundalini release, making day to day funcitonign very hard. As the planet undergoes ascension frequency shifts, this kundalini activation is definitely accelerating in the public.

I have been using Agricept L, Silica drops, Chorella powder/Perfect Food, Wormwood Oil Drops, Maca Drops, Swedish Bitters, and a liquid system or brain andf pitituitary balancing called Secretagogue Gold.I found the secretagogue supports brain and liver which are my most troubled issues now, along with not been able to get the bloated fermented blockage out of my intestines fast enough. Solid things or my vitamin system is not accepted as I get extremely nauseated with solids now. I seem to be gaining fat mass which does not please me, however worthwhile to report since I am not eating much anything only drinking sparking lemon water all day long. On the good side, I hope I will be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Some superhuman skill to ignite the Liquid Light and have some vital energy to get our tasks done would be appreciated.

Happy Frequency Explosions,

Love, Lisa


Kundalini and Diet

Digestive system problems are common with kundalini awakenings because the energy and enzymes are being diverted away from the digestive system and into the transmutation/substantiation process. So it is harmful and counterproductive to overburden the digestive system during the years in which metamorphosis occurs.

Some reasons for digestive disturbance during kundalini are:

* Metamorphosis is largely an immune activity, thus the immune system is not as available for digestion (leukocytosis). Immune system is compromised by the stess hormones of the peak.

* Kundalini initiates radical sympathetic/adrenal activation, while digestion is a parasympathetic activity. Even hyper-parasympathetic phases upset digestion.

* Extra stress hormones, and sex hormones and growth hormone are pumping through and need to be conjugated by the liver.

* The liver has a lot more work to do with recycling cells, and from the disrupted digestion.

* The demand for the antioxidant Glutathione steals glutamine from the small intestine thus thinning the GI tract.

* Overworked immune system allows candida yeast over-growth that can cause irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut.

* Direct blissful flow of kundalini through the neurons of the GI tract creates fermentation. This is probably due to activation of the histaminergic and serotonergic activation of GI tract nerves.

* Kundalini may also alter friendly bacteria populations due to pH and EMF changes.

* Changes in nitric oxide production may interfere with peristalsis and gastric secretions.

* The huge demand for enzymes during kundalini no doubt reduces the enzymes resources available for digestion and allergen control.

Occasionally kundalini energy moves directly through the digestive neurology causing digestion to becomes gurgley and bubbly with fermentation. I find this happens around the full moons of September and October. When there is bliss in the lungs and digestive system and your lips start tingling during an awakening it's best to just revert to fresh squeezed juice. Any food you eat while kundalini moves through the digestive system will just ferment and won't actually provide you with nutrition. Once the food is fermented it will require extra resources and energy to protect the body from toxicity and eliminate the useless food. Antiseptic and antibiotic herbs and spices like those listed for candida in the "More Supplement Suggestions" section at the end of this book will help reduce the fermentation and toxic load. This condition of kundified digestive system only lasts about a week so it's the perfect time to go on a juice fast.

White blood cells have the most enzymes of any cells and if one eats cooked food leukocytosis occurs. That is white blood cells rush to the digestive system to protect, clean up and digest the heat-damaged molecules. Thus leukocytosis takes energy and enzymes away from the metamorphic process and so evolutionary progress is disrupted by eating heavy cooked food during active kundalini. Stimulating the immune system with every cooked meal means that there is less cleanup, repair and regeneration going on. Most people's bodies don't even clean up between meals let alone repair and regenerate. But one of the main problems with cooked food is the radical overworking of the poor liver, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas etc...It's just a lot of extra work for "nothing"--whereas that energy would have gone into the development of the spiritual body. Raw food however and especially sprouts provide adequate enzymes to ensure proper digestion while supporting the metamorphic process itself.

Although adopting a largely raw diet will tend to bring on a kundalini awakening, converting to such a diet while in the process of an awakening might cause digestive disruption if a lot of bulky fibrous material is eaten when the digestive system is not used to such cellulose intake. By use of raw juices, raw soups, wheat grass and careful use of high antioxidant fruits, we can avoid the problems that chowing through pounds of vegetables and unsoaked nuts and seeds will inevitably create. The fact that the digestive system is already compromised by the kundalini itself means that we have to be twice as mindful and intelligent about our diet.

Adopting a raw diet often brings on a kundalini awakening through derepression of vital energy. Whereas the cooked diet usually usurps most our energy in the digestion and detoxification processes, and so we have little energy and materials for repair, optimization and for building the spiritual-body. When we go raw this suppression is lifted and nature suddenly brings us up to the speed of our more Universal Self. Since we often use food as an escape mechanism to reduce the vividness of reality, returning suddenly to our full physical and spiritual senses can be extremely disorientating. It can take many years to integrate greater aliveness and to embody our full Presence and full senses. Because a kundalini awakening is already destabilizing I would not advise people to suddenly adopt a 100% raw diet during a full-on awakening...the adjustment would be too great for most people and negative coping mechanisms or digestive imbalances might result.

Raw food will cause the fastest evolution, however you may find winter to be a challenge on raw, especially for the first two years. Sensation really increases, and that includes the sensation of pain as we emerge from the numbness most of us live under. A good all round book is Living Food For Optimum Health by Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Institute.

Metamorphosis must indeed be the highest energy function in human experience. Because metamorphosis demands energy and enzymes and because the body's elimination channels must be free to enable a high degree of detoxification during the changes, it is advisable to not weigh the body down with a lot of heavy cooked food or substance addictions. A "quality" light, raw-sproutarian type diet with superfoods instead of "quantity" is advisable.

"When the inner nectar travels down to the gastric fire in the solar plexus, it spreads through all the nerves. This nectar nourishes the body so that it is not necessary to consume much food." P.40 ~ Swami Muktananda, Kundalini, The Secret of Life

The quantity of food one consumes need not return to normal until the anabolic or building phase of substantiation. In fact the transfiguring body needs less food because the senses are fulfilled with bliss, higher energy and consciousness is conveyed and the body is catabolically recycling its own tissues. It is advisable to maximize metamorphosis and assist purification by eating a diet of high nutritional and life-force value.

If we are in fear and resistance there may be a tendency to try and maintain continuity with one's former self, and to put the reigns on the transmutation process by overeating. Over filling the stomach to may tend to dampen the intensity of the awakening, but it will also create dullness, unresponsiveness and generally make one ill equipped to handle the alchemy and one's life. Also belly breathing is one of the best adaptive tools to use when kundalini is heightened and a full stomach prevents this deep and natural breathing.

Because metamorphosis assumes precedence over other life processes it will continue by drawing energy from other functions. Thus we are our own worst enemy if we try and put reigns on the process by eating heavily and using up our energy in excessive sex etc...The ego will tempt us with these consolations and comforts, because the alchemy can threaten the ego's sense of control and the known. Until the ground of the Self is well established, the ego feels threatened by the sense of groundlessness that emerges as the dissolution of former conditioning proceeds.

If kundalini is out of control and there is a need to slow down the process because it's too intense, then it is suggested that a cup of food be slowly eaten every three hours. This takes energy away from its present firey purification function and into the digestion of food. Gobi Krishna who awoke without the aid of a teacher resorted to this method to ease his distress from an extreme extended awakening.

In my own experience, after the bulk of the "message" had come through in July 2000, I chose to come down, so I ate a bagel with cream cheese and coffee each day. This brought me down from the stratosphere. But had I been stronger, supported and more informed as to what was happening, I would not have reduced the fire in this manner. In the end this kind of avoidance results in the creation of a mere mortal who had a "spiritual holiday," not a transformed being. Thus I am not as advanced and transformed as I would have been had I truly surrendered to the process with no resistance, inertia or control.

Since girls are more likely to choose passive modes of coping behavior in response to stress and trauma, their nervous systems are more likely to be set toward learned helplessness. Boys are more likely to resort to vigorous exercise, fighting and proactive aggression which would diffuse the traumatic charge and prevent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with its hypertonality of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. PTSD whether it be from a traumatic event or a dysfunctional family of origins leads to inevitable problems with digestion by causing the ongoing hypertonality of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic sides of the nervous system...which is a permanent subtle flight/fight/freeze. Ways to remedy this include yoga, meditation, breathing, toning, discharging the freeze through dance, shaking, vocalizing, pushing limbs and back against walls etc..., aerobic exercise. This will help stabilize blood sugar, stop cravings, lift depression and reduce pain. But we have to work at it daily in order to reset our nervous system, and thereby prevent secondary complications like chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, diabetes, hyper/hypoglycemia, obesity-insulin resistance-lack of growth hormone production, fibromyalgia, cystitis, yeast infection, ADD, sleep disorders, allergies, asthma, psoriasis.

I would say that if you simply cannot endure kundalini, and can't find the methods to work-with and work-through the current symptoms, then a more solid diet is an answer. Providing one is still eating that which is slightly more complex, but not clogging and toxifying. Sugar will increase adrenaline and cortisol at a time when these are already high. It will degrade protein strength, compromise the immune system and increase pathogen growth.

Avoid sugar at all costs or your kundalini will burn too hot, leading to neuro-emotional weakness, instability, rapid burnout of neurotransmitters and oxidation damage to tissues, as well as build up of metabolic toxins. A sugar-carbohydrate quota of two pieces of fruit a day should be ok for most people. Sugar leads to free radicals and inflammation, insulin resistance, canadia and bacterial growth...which produce toxins that itch, complexing of proteins and sugars, breakdown of collagen and protein in the body, mineral loss, nerve sheath loss, excess adrenaline and cortisol, adrenal and thyroid exhaustion, fatigue, memory loss, disruption of intestinal flora, fermentation of stomach contents, damage to blood vessel walls and cell membranes, production of toxins like alcohol and acetylalderhide, aging and contributes to all the degenerative diseases etc... etc... etc...

Try going supergreen to compensate for sugar addiction.

According to Stanford University Prof. Reaven studies best results are attained with a diet with 40% of fats, 40% of carbohydrates, and 20% of proteins. Fiber intake needs to be at least 25 gr. each day, fiber consumption is inversely correlated to insulin resistance. It is best to split food consumption to several small meals a day to avoid hypoglycemia and hyperglycemic peaks. Avoid foods with high glycemic index such as: potatoes, carrots, bananas, grapes, pineapple, watermelon, melon, refined rice, cookies, honey, jams, refined cereals, sugars and all foods rich in carbohydrates and poor in fibers.

Dealing with Constipation— During kundalini we have to be conscious of preserving our intestinal lining because sympathetic activation can lower immunity and peristalsis and there is the potential for the intestinal lining to become more porous during the intense changes going on with metamorphosis. I tend to think colonics damage the colon, and allow toxins to enter the bloodstream. Instead of a colonic during the intestinal-contraction phase, or the constipation that sometimes comes with the heating of the body it is best to just drink more water...around 5 liters a day with a 1/2 “unrefined sea salt” (Utah) in it. Massaging the solar plexus, sacrum and belly with 1 teaspoon of caster oil will help release the intestines. Tap the kidneys/adrenals, spleen, liver and belly with light rhythmic thumps. Also go for at least an hours walk, preferably in nature, (and especially down by a river or the ocean) and do deep breathing into the solar plexus as you walk...also growling, humming and toning with a focus on the belly will help.


After 10 years of awakening I realized I had lost the nutritional reserves necessary to fuel metamorphosis. For an extended period I noticed that around full moon my arms would get weak, my glut muscles sore and I would be hit by fatigue. Because the heart was literally pulling amino acids out of my skeletal muscles in order to feed its expansion. So I decided to start using smoothies to build up skeletal muscle reserves of glucose, and protein (aminos arginine and glutamine etc…). Food sources of the amino acid arginine include spinach, spirulina, sesame, sunflower, nuts, chocolate (raw cacao), alfalfa, wolfberry, and papaya. Food sources of glutamine include cabbage, beets, beef, chicken, fish, beans, and dairy products. Since cooking tends to destroy much of the glutamine in foods, “raw” spinach and parsley are better food sources. Glutamine is muscle building (anabolic); the higher the level of free glutamine inside ones muscle, the faster the muscle grows, because water, ions and amino acids enter the cell under conditions of high serum glutamine. 



"The greatest patience is humility." ~Atisha (11th century Tibetan Buddhist master)