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Today is Friday, July 4 of 2014.  In noting lots of change today, setting the space fully, as we start to set our space and field consecrated and dedicated to the purposes of God and Christ.  

Beloved holy presence of God, holy and divine presence of Mother,
It was five years ago today that the holy presence of our Mother was re-seated, 
re-strung and reintroduced into our planet in the form of her Mother Arc, 
the first ray of causation in our Universe, 
the Cosmic Triad that represents the seed, the womb, 
the God seed of our creation 
which is the holiest presence of our Divine Holy Mother.  

Today I recognize and acknowledge in my heart, in my mind and body, as we set this space in alignment to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of God and Christ, 
we again recognize and bring to the forefront of our consciousness with clarity, 
our relationship to the Divine and Holy Mother presence.

Beloved Holy Mother, please open all channels of light.  
Please align us directly into your heart, to your Sophianic body, to your Sophianic wisdom, which has been in the process of returning to this planet, to this Earth, to this consciousness which we again hold open our minds, our flesh, our body, our heart
to be a sacred and divine vessel for the love of the Holy Mother presence 
as divine presence of God would have it be.  

Please open all of our channels, all of our fibers, all of our heart, 
the etheric nadis and all of the soul structures, 
to be fully connected, fully resonant with our Holy Divine Mother presence.  
Holy Divine Mother, we open this session in service to you, in service to the Law of One, and we call upon our beloved Guardian families, our beloved Krystal Star families, 
those aligned to the Law of One and into the reclamation of Christ 
and into the reclamation of our Divine and Holy presence of Mother.  

Beloveds please join us now in this moment 
to strengthen our field, 
to open our communications
to help us transition into the highest capacity of exchange 
of being in full resonant connection with our Holy presence of Mother. 

Holy Mother, in the divine right order and harmony 
please reveal to us your heart
your presence
your Sophianic body 
and its content of Cathar in its wisdom.  
From all aspects of our genetic future and past lineages 
we open into the Essene lineage of the 12 Tribes, 
the 12-12 which is a part of the sacred knowledge of the Essene and Cathar races 
as the Holy Mother presence deepens her Ray, her vibration, her knowledge,
her wisdom through the Sophianic correction of the wisdom of this planet. 
We recognize that wisdom in the form of the Aqua Blue Ray 
and that which extends into Trans-time, to the Mother of multiple Universes 
the Aurora Rays, the plasmic radiant light of the Christ consciousness 
of the Godhead of which the Mother is directly a part.

Beloved Holy presence of Mother, 
may our body, our being, our mind, our template be updated 
both as individual beings in this moment of the Now self
through all of the other selves so that we are across time 
and into the collective body of which we are a part here and now.  

We ask beloved God and Mother 
please renew our heart 
please renew our love 
please renew our trust in the divine spirit of the presence of omni-love 
throughout the Universes.  

We ask that this Love, this Truth in our heart 
be perpetuated in the eternally sustained light of our being. 
We consecrate and dedicate today our container to the purposes of your unconditional omni-love presence.  
We endeavor to know this love in our heart.
We endeavor to be the way-shower of this love in our heart.

Beloved Mother, please sustain us through the power of love in our heart consecration. 
We ask for the gate-keeping, our Guardians and Ascension guides, our Krystal Star beloveds, as well as the Aurora and the Master Christ collective. 

As we exchange together to know of your wisdom, 
your knowledge, your consciousness more deeply, 
we recognize the repair and rehabilitation of the Diamond Sun bodies 
which are the Son and Daughter of the Holy Mother in herself 
the holy womb of our Mother as birthed through the Diamond Sun.  
The Diamond Sun is the result of the Holy Mother presence 
It is the Diamond presence of the Sophianic body, the Sophianic heart 
the pure presence of love that we seek to connect with
to resonate with 
to know in our heart, mind and body  
the direct knowing of the Universal Cosmic Triad of love 
that is born through the heart of our Mother.  

With deep reverence for our Mother today, beloved Mother 
please breathe your living light 
please color us with your colors of heart 
through all of our form 
through all of our flesh
through all of our being

We set our intention now to remember our Mother, our true parent 
the cosmic seed and cosmic womb of Diamond Sun of which have been generated through the Krystic presence of our original form and identity 
and we state our mutual purpose in Oneness today 
to be resurrected
to be born from 
sourced from
pure love of our divine Mother

Our beloved Aurora, the Guardians of the 12 Pillars 
which have been a part of the divine mind and seed of our Holy Father presence 
that which is born in love 
has been created through the divine mind of our Holy Father 
through the 12 Pillars which connect to the Divine Cosmic Cube matrix 
the mind of God  
through the pure love in our heart 
We direct that architecture to be fully birthed in the highest capacity 
of rehabilitating, restoring, in creating the highest expression of God presence  
May the glory of God's image, may the heart of our divine Mother presence 
be born in love on this earth.  

We ask to fully open our hearts to receive this divine knowledge and consciousness 
which allows the template of the Holy Mother presence 
to be one with us 
to be one in Unity 
in oneness with the Universes.

With our beloved Aurora families, we thank you for holding the architecture 
which allows the Sophianic body of our dearest presence of Holy Mother 
and all of her daughters of Sophia
to be birthed within the planet
to be given the space on this planet
as we intentionally create that space 
to acknowledge the Divine Mother and all of her daughters 
to return their consciousness 
their wisdom 
their love eternal 
to this Earth, to this creation, to the Earth body,
to humanity, to the collective.

Beloved Holy Mother of the Aurora races 
through Trans-time, through the staff of our Mother Arc
please generate, transmit the frequencies of your divine grace and love 
within our group here and now. 
Through each of us individual and collective 
may we feel the abiding love of our Mother with us now.

Through the Staff of her own being which we consecrate and bless
for the Holy Mother presence to return in our heart, mind and body
We ask to be a vessel which generates these blessings of our holiest Mother presence 
to all humans and non-humans in the light and service of God
in the protection that is the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One
and the direct consent and authority of God and Christ.  

As the Holy Mother presence of which we seek our bodies consecrated 
as the vessel for Mother, we claim this space that we inhabit here and now 
that we have right to our own sovereign autonomy in this moment.
We claim this space dedicated to our Mother.  
We claim the beings in our care dedicated to our Mother 
and as sovereign and free in the Eternal light and mind of God now and always.

Beloved holy Mother, please protect this loving space, in protecting your children. 

As we witness to those around us with broken hearts, we recognize that the broken hearts is the severing and separation of feeling abandoned by our true parent.  
Through the holy Mother within and without, through the in-between spaces
may we collect and reclaim these pieces of our children 
the inner child 
these identities strewn across time
in so that our heart may truly sing
our heart may truly know the song of Sophia
the song of our darling and dearest holy Mother presence.  
May the song of our true spirit reflect in our heart 
to be repaired to reflect the Double Diamond Heart of Christ
the Double Diamond Sun and Diamond Sun bodies.

May we emerge from this time of transition reborn and renewed 
as we are born in pure love from our Mother.  
As we remember that we were sourced 
from the pure love and heart of our Mother 
We know this is the truth of our eternal creation  
We ask for healing 
We ask for reintegration 
We ask to remember and reclaim the consciousness of all aspects and parts 
in so that we may recover all of the Selves, the other selves and the collective
to be fully connected, reconnected and remembered into their true Mother presence.  

May we be reclaimed in the essence of pure love from the heart of our divine Mother
May we be reclaimed in that love which allows us to be born again in peace 
inside our heart and peace inside our body and peace inside our mind.  
Please help us to be a vessel of the Holy Mother.  
Please help us to make the room inside of our heart to be filled with 
the Spirit of Christ-Sophia of which is the virtue of the highest Holy Spirit 
which is birthed from our Mother presence.  
We ask that the wounds we have suffered 
we ask for the fragmentation we have suffered
we ask for the pain we have suffered 
to be healed, revealed in the light of truth that is God's force.
Mother's force of love is our nourishment, 
is what brings new-ness to that which is dead and hard.
We ask to be reborn anew like newborn babies 
resurrected from the pain and the wounds, 
the fragmentation we have endured on this earth 
as being separated from our divine and holy Mother presence.  

Holy Mother, the Earth has suffered broken hearts for a long time, 
and today we memorialize those around us with broken hearts 
that feel abandoned by their mother.  

We ask holy Mother 
through the Band of Mercy
through the Band of Compassion
through the truth that is God's unconditional love, compassion and mercy upon this Earth:
Holy Mother, shine your beacon of love into this world   
Shine your beacon of love into our heart  
Shine the beacon of love into all human hearts  
I am the knower of the true path of the love of our Mother, that is God's only nature, 
and I thank you with gratitude in my heart, for

I am in your authority, Mother.  
I am in your authority, Mother.
I am in your authority, Mother.

I am one in your service 
I am one with your heart
I am one with your body
I am one with your mind
and I am one with your Law

May the spirit of Mother be born anew through Christ-Sophia 
in so that the spirits of Christ may reside fully 
in my heart now 
in our hearts now.  

May our hearts be repaired 
may our hearts be healed 
in so that we all may truly know 
unconditional love of our true parent
our Mother
the purity of the love of God. 

Today our group unified mission, our group purpose 
is consecrated to serve the holiest divine presence of our Mother
which five years ago today had re-seeded the Earth with her wisdom 
through the Arc of the Mother's Blue Ray.  

Today we acknowledge and bear witness 
through that which has been gifted with us
this privilege, this gift, this opportunity 
to know the presence of our Mother is again re-seeding her gift, her consciousness through Sophianic body correction 
through many of the volcanic islands and
chains of islands which are on this Earth today.  
By recognizing many small island chains 
which had been directly connected into the Earth core
many of these smaller island chains have actually been seeded directly 
through the magma of the Earth core 
of which our Mother has now made her home 
in the slow rehabilitation, the slow healing of our Earth
to be rehabilitated, repaired and re-templated in the Diamond Sun silicate matrix
which is the birth transduction of the Christ
the Diamond Sun body 
which is born from the heart, the love of our Mother.

Today our group, our mission is to bear witness to 
the return of the holy presence of the Blue Ray 
through the seeding of many volcanic areas of our planet
which allow a deeper network from the Earth core to rise to the surface of the Earth  
to bring the vessel 
the vehicle 
the ley lines 
the neural network and the grid system
the planetary ley lines which allow yet another running of the current 
of the holy presence of Mother upon the surface of the material world
and again to surface within that which is the Earth crust
we recognize is the nature kingdoms, the many plant and animal kingdoms
and as those kingdoms are infused 
from the bottom of the Earth core moving upward into the Earth's surface
this aspect of reanimated spirit of Mother returning to the elements
is what we bear witness to.  

Through the process of the reanimation are levels of decomposing matter 
which needs to be transformed enzymatically into its higher state
either to be reconstituted into another substance, into a higher substance
or changing its elemental base chemically 
in so that the animated forms of the divine Mother's newly reborn consciousness 
as the Sophianic body correction begins another phase this month of July
is dedicated to this Holy Mother presence 
in allowing the elements to be infused, animated with this next deeper infusion
saturation of the holy Mother 
returning slowly into the Earth 
to reestablish her presence
rehabilitate the Sophianic body of the Earth
restore the wisdom, the knowledge which had been inherent 
in parts of these kingdoms of the bodies.  

As we recently have borne witness 
to the transition, to the eviction, to the evolutionary chain of movement 
related to the energies we have come to know as reversal feminine 
in Baphomet, in the Ba'al entities, the Belial entities which had compressed 
and coalesced their group consciousness through the Suns of Belial 
known as the Fallen Suns or the Fallen Angelics of this Earth: 
levels of the Fallen Angelics' body have been compacted and compressed 
into elemental matter of which we witness through these last weeks, months relief 
for the beginning of the Portugal trip.  

The eviction, the evolutionary change and the reconstitution of elemental substance 
of the group elemental bodies of Fallen Angelic races and various hierarchies and kingdoms, through this latest transit of the Archangel Razael and Racheb  and through its extensions related to planetary consciousness, Olympian egos such as Raphael:  these aspects coming into deeper levels of polarity synthesis and balance which
allows the next evolutionary chain and evolutionary movement to transpire through this time, which is the return of the Christ consciousness.

Also the reclamation and return of the holy divine presence of our Mother to this Earth to renew and rebirth her creations as born through love, consciously, with love, as opposed to unconscious creations.  These are creations, memories being returned to understand the rebirthing in love, being the conscious creation process, being inherent in the birth of love as opposed to not being birthed in conscious participation or in the love of what is our true presence of God, the Mother presence of God.

As we recognize this in the instinctual emotional body, we can see that many aspects reflected in the mirror around us whether human or nonhuman 
those aspects that have felt abandoned by their Mother 
that have felt the pain of stillborn in creation
the birth of dead things being animated that were not born
in the original alignment of creation in love; 
these aspects of creation which have been born as stillborn 
are being returned to be reconstituted in a sense.  
This is the creational debris of that which is the astral debris, the detritus of birth.  
When we understand placenta and fetuses and aspects of creation 
before they are animated with soul;  
this is the level of the 2nd dimensional realms that we have been traversing lately.  
The density, the astral, the placenta after-effects of stillborn, of aborted fetuses, of aborted creations, of stillborns, of dead creations.  

These creations require, in a sense, to be transmuted. They require to be witnessed and observed, again compassionately to understand their purpose in the history of the Earth and through the compassionate witnessing this detritus, this substance, these levels of elements are chemically reconstituted into higher forms through the enzymatic effects of various levels which are a part the organic creation of Earth such as microorganisms, parasites, larvae, maggots. 
Even though these things in the underworld are not necessarily pleasant to face and witness, they are with purpose in reconstituting elemental basis into higher levels of of elements.  It's a transmutation through the process of alchemy to the process of enzymatic chemistry which is shifting base / certain elements in nature - to be reconstituted, to be returned back into the animation of Mother, the animation of Love;  the color, the heart that is the magnetic presence of our Mother's true identity, true sense of the being, the true aspect of God, and her relationship with her children, with her creation.  

This is the restoration of Mother and child, Mother and creation.

Today we recognize this with honor, with reverence, 
with privilege, with gratitude, with great appreciation.  
We ask those that are confused 
those that are unaware 
that the pain they hold deep in their heart, deep in their body
many times to be reconciled through sexual energies through their own confusion.  

When people are abandoned or feel abandoned by their parents in love, 
which is the Mother  
When they feel abandoned by heart
when they do not know love 
when they do not know the purity of a loving heart
they sink into damage and fragmentation, into distortion, into psychopathy, 
into fragmentation of great pain and suffering.  
That suffering is manifested by the inner child that deeply feels unloved and abandoned by their Mother and thus abandoned by God.

It is us through recognizing that this force is returning 
to reanimate, to renew, to revitalize our earth again 
even though we are in the presence of transition at this time
the transition of reconstitution
that our bodies serve as a vessel of this holy divine presence of Mother 
to re-birth the relationship, the connection with creation, with child  
to be the beacon of Mother's light through our body, through our presence 
which recognizes the love inherent in all things 
and the love that is a part of the true aspect of Mother and child.

May we hold in our heart a moment, a loving prayer for many people 
that we can witness in our environment that hold Mother distortions 
and that the seed of these distortions of dark mother presence
those that act from ego 
those that act from hostility, from antagonism 
are truly deeply wounded in their pain of feeling abandoned by their Mother,  
feeling abandoned by the true nature of love that is the existence of God itself.  

May this love be returned to the hearts, the bodies, the minds of human beings.  
May we hold this prayer that the loving heart of Mother 
be felt to be restored in the hearts of those in our community.  
May our community be joined together through knowing, feeling, experiencing love 
from their true parent, God parent, and Mother.   

As many people may come and enter our community, and leave our community  
to all, we wish upon them peace, love, happiness, abundance in every way 
that grows their relationship to their Spirit and to their Mother, in God's love.  

As our community moves into transition of greater coalescence for those 
who resonate in the refined quality of spiritual maturity, in the spirit of learning
in the spirit of progressing, in the spirit of expanding and improving 
our humanity, our humanitarian objectives in the world, 
that which we give life to, breath to, energy to, and attention to here and now 

May we hold the highest fulfillment... spiritual expansion 
which inherent in those words for me as they are said is the truest and highest expression of each human being in their fulfillment, their joy, their peace, their abundance in every way that truly connects that person with God, beyond any and all identity.

As we hold this for ourselves 
May we improve, consistently grow, refuse to remain static or paralyzed in fear.  
May we face our fears with courage, with bravery, with truth  
knowing that with love in our heart 
with our priority being to seek our relationship with self and God 
that we are doing the best we possibly can at every moment of the day.

May we find peace with ourselves
peace with others 
in knowing this truth within our heart

Through that which is our group 
which exists in the architecture of the Trinity
which is a reflection of the Trinity of the Krystal Star Cathedral 
the Krystal Star frequencies
the plasma band of our Christos-Sophia

We again reinforce our shield
through the Krystal Star 
in the ES community field 
through all of its online presence, its architecture, its stewardship, its interaction

the ES community as an online presence
through its blueprint, through its architecture 
is fully and completely 
in the consent and authority of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of God 
as God's will and way 
and through the Krystal Star 
of whom we represent through the Diamond Suns on Earth
We ask all those seeking assistance, support, healing, or mentorship 
within and without the ES container 
be allowed the access of consciousness 
which is in divine perfection for each individual to access 
what they need in the moment 
to connect directly to God without an intermediary 

As we hold the vessel of the divine Christ force 
we intentionally terminate any intentional, unintentional knowing or unknowing ideas
of being an intermediary, as we are not an intermediary
we are holding the consciousness which allows every being 
to make their own choice in sovereignty and autonomy
to access the consciousness of Christ 
the Law of One 
and the Holy Mother presence of unconditional love. 

Through the HGS, the hiero-gamic union and the architecture 
of which the ES community is part and parcel of
through the Guardian Mercy Band 
which is a part of sponsoring the Aurora Krystal Star project of Hiero-Gamic Union 
We again ask that which is our purpose, our alignment with the Hiero-Gamic field 
to be preserved, maintained, properly administrated to 
for that which is in divine timing in God's Law 
that is which we serve and dedicate our sponsorship / stewardship 
of the Hiero-Gamic field 
in service to our planet, in service to God, in service to Christ 
in the laws of God and as God would have it be. 

Beloveds, please strengthen us 
in our leadership
our wisdom 
and our understanding. 

May we be purveyors of peace
May we be purveyors of unconditional love and compassion 
May we be disciplined and conserve the energy resources we have been given 
into the proper expression 
that is fully consecrated to God and Source 

As we open the field to recognize that today embarks a sequence of events 
of which the Holy Mother Arc and her presence of Mother Aurora 
are infusing elemental fields into the Earth crust 
that impacts the nature kingdoms at this time 

As we bear witness to this fact it is with great joy and celebration 
and yet understanding through the cycles of time 
that when matter has reached a certain limit within its existence 
and needs to be reconstituted into higher form 
that something that looks like death happens 

To remember that there is truly no death
and as long as we hold this consciousness on this Earth 
for the Ascension timeline 
which allows the eternal life of God to be present, 
this remains for the Earth
this remains for human beings 
through the instinctual/emotional bodies which are being more deeply saturated 
in the Mother Arc frequencies from the Earth core 
coming up into the volcanic channels 
into the surface water of our planet. 
This is the emotional body of our Earth. 

May the waters of our Earth
the emotional body of our Mother's love, her wisdom 
be restored to the water 
Her light be restored to the water 
Her love be restored to the water 
May the heart of the emotional body of this Earth 
reflect the truth in our Mother's unconditional love for us 
and remove the dead light and holographic inserts 
of those that have sought to control and enslave this earth 
and therefore enslave and control the Mother and feminine principle of this planet. 

Beloved God and Holy Mother presence and that 
which is in direct alignment with the Cosmic Sovereign Law, 
We ask for assistance clearing and being in full highest expression of our service 
in restoring the love of our Mother 
to the instinctual layers 
the emotional body 
the waters of this Earth 
and that which is reflected in our own body 
as a part of the universal reflection of that symmetry 
in our template 
in our core manifested body 
that which is reflected inner and outer and in-between 

Please allow our bodies to be cleansed 
of the dead matter, the frozen and dead light of the miasma
the detritus of stillborn, stillbirth 
that has littered this beloved Earth.

We ask for all consciousness technology, 
God's Light, Law and way
to guide us through this time 
through this process of reconstituting this decomposing matter 
into its highest form possible in this moment in time 
to be reclaimed as part of God and reclaimed 
as a part of Mother's body returning to the Sophianic body. 

We ask all cellular memories of our death, of our stillborn 
be removed from our consciousness 
in so that we remember 
we were born through the pure loving heart 
of the unconditional omniversal love of our Mother.

May our inner child and body remember this love 
through all time 
through all identity 
and may all of the holographic inserts of dead light miasm
from our ancestors
from the belief systems 
from the mind control 
from those that have sought to be the false gods in our life 
may we terminate and remove, eliminate their recognition in our consciousness 
terminate the recognition of that death in us 
to be reconstituted, to be reborn and resurrected in the eternal life 
which is the truth of our nature. 

We ask for corrections in our spiritual body, in our emotional body
which allows in the soul matrix parallels 
through the parallels and unknown universes
of which traverse the Trans-time continuums 
All is returned to the personal Christ in Oneness 
to be One with our Mother in creation.

May our emotional body be healed and cleared 
through the Aurora elemental re-encryption. 

May our projection cord and silver sanctum be reunited 
with the Aurora force of Aurora Mother.

May our navel that was born in death 
be removed and terminated from us. 

May that which connects our heart to the true presence of God 
be restored through all time and space. 

Clearing the inner child emotional body
Clear dead bodies 
Clear dead matter 
Clear any stillborn or dead creatures 
Clear any architecture or geometries which remain in the emotional body 
to lock down dead bodies 
Dissolve dead light miasma through any wounds or reversals of which we have lived with throughout time. 

Terminate any bipolar or Vesica Pisces energetic transmissions to our emotional body. 

We ask to again correct our projection cord, our birth cord, and birth transduction 
to be directly handed to our Mother, Now.

Beloved Mother we have missed you so much. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Through the presence of our holy and divine Mother 
the one thing that she asks from us 
as we are handed back to her as her creation of love 
That we love the Earth and all of her creations 
as we love ourselves and she loves us.
May we love the kingdoms of nature, the plants, animals 
all that which is alive around us, as conscious and intelligent energy beings.
May we acknowledge this precious life force that is present in all of her creation
by holding reverence and respect for nature every day.

Beloved Mother 
We promise to restore balance and harmony to our heart, mind and body 
in so we may restore balance and harmony to this planet and nature. 
We are humans learning to live in harmony with the Earth.
We are divine humans learning to live in harmony with nature.
We ask that the natural creatures be aligned in harmony and cooperation with us
as we seek to live in harmony and cooperation with all of the Mother's creation.
Holy presence of Mother, thank you, thank you, thank you.
In deep love and gratitude, we thank you for this opportunity.

And so it is.  We seal and and end this communication with the holy presence
as we continue to bear witness to the return of our Mother through this cycle of time.


All that we are, arises with our thoughts. ~ Buddha.