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Extreme forms of Lust is stemming from Mind Control miasma that was programmed into levels of the human genetic material from many hidden histories of forced Breeding Programs with reptilian based races or Refugee Races. This is related to both distortions of Blood Lust and Sexual Lust genrated by the vampire species. These forced breeding programs initially were attempting to create attraction to have sexual relations with a species that was not desirable to your own race in addition to creating hybridization races. In the ancient days, on other planets, in many cases people were not sexually nor physically attracted to a being that was not of their specific race or genetic material. This was not necessarily discrimination, it was the natural energetic composition that existed (or differed) between the gene pool, which is a form of collective Consciousness. The consciousness of specific genetic material was not designed to hybridize with other species and would naturally repel itself from the desire to do so. This is similar to understanding that a human being would not want to have sex with animal species and procreate with that animal. So the answer was to combine genetics in a laboratory setting in order to continue the experimentation of interbreeding with different species for a range of enhancements designed for specific purposes. 

It is similar to say that the Royal Lines of Humans from the times of Lyra did not have any attraction or desire to have sex or children with invading reptilian races. Timelines of this related trauma around breeding programs, forced sexual relations and the problems with hybridization, are all entangled in the Sexual Misery programming. This posed a severe problem on earth with Moon Chain lineages, the creatures that digressed into the energetic fields of lusting entities in the earth, and the demonic hierarchies that feed upon them. These multiple hierarchies are used by the NAA off planet to enforce, promote and spread the NRGsexual distortions. This manifests in forms of deviant, disconnected, violent sexual relations connected to lust, which leads to sexual addiction. Any person who is controlled by lust will be a hand puppet for the NAA.

Lemurian Holocaust

The Dracs sought out revenge and went to the Lemurian continent to finish out the genocidal massacres in Kauai later 22,000 years ago, to kill off all the Lemurian Race Matriarchal influence and Essenes, Christos Templars influence on the earth. They took some of the women for their forced Breeding Programs. This was the final genocide of the Lemurians, that was aided by the Annunaki negotiations and agreements, and the last stage of the Lemurian Holocaust

Eieyani or Essene Massacre

During the Eieyani Massacare the female high council members and females that had higher DNA codes were taken to Nibiru by Thoth and Annunaki for forced breeding. This was the time Thoth broke the emerald covenant agreement with the Guardians and stole one of the cd plates; he translated the cd plate and wrote the well known (distorted) emerald tablet.

These female were blackmailed in to believing that if they willingly go with them their partners would be saved.When they arrived in Nibiru they realized that they were tricked and their male partners were already killed. When they learnt of this they rebelled and some killed themselves and others were captured and forced to have children with Annunaki so they could harness the Eiyani or Essene DNA.

These females were chained and were continually forced in to having children till they died, this made the females hate themselves as well as hate their own children and wanting to kill them. This was a huge trauma to divine feminine and many females on Earth hold some part of this trauma.Hating themselves, feeling not good enough or hating their own children were some of the problems and the rest manifest in the forms of issues around the female reproductive systems.[3]

Lemurian Massacre

According to Morenae, the first thing this Draconian-altered Orion Group did was slaughter almost all of the females of the captured race in order to control the birth process. They then genetically altered the remaining females, so that all the children born after that were genetically altered. The males were enslaved, made to work in mines and slaughtered by the Draconian-controlled Orion group, who had absolutely no regard for life. What we know now as the Greys became a natural resource.

Breeder Implants

Identified NRG and Alien Implants: Archon genetic engineered entities or Suppressor Parasites (SPE’s), Variation of small black shapes ( some with attached wiring), Chest/heart harness, Dodecahedron mind control harness, Fleur de lis artifacts, Distorted DNA seed artifacts, Distorted Arc Codes, Vesica Pisces implant, Solar Cross, Breeder Implants.

Fleur de Lys Implants

In Calgary Canada there are particular circulatory systems that were feeding these main grid systems all the way back in the horizontal grid lines that go back into the UK. These implants that may take various forms but the breeder implants primarily were made in fleur de lys geometry and these implants were placed in the wombs of women. These implanted women are being used as breeders on other planes, alien abducted or tracked for certain energies for their reproductive DNA and sexual energies. These reproductive energies are actually stolen from them and that is filtered in through Calgary to Quebec and going all the way back into the UK. This understanding is that the UK is the hub central of NRG where these sexual energies are harvested and where these energies are re-circuited for use by these NAA groups.

Hybrids and Refugee Rehabilitation

So understanding that breeding programs is a extremely long history with planet Earth and with the human race. This goes back for many millennia; but understanding that today many of these breeding programs are about creating hybrid races. Again there many extraterrestrial races that are interested in it for a variety of reasons because planet Earth and humanity here, the 3-D Earth, has the most incredible genetic library that one could actually do genetic testing on. Unfortunately the issue with that is that it's done in secret and in many levels, the person that they are genetically testing is not in a conscious consent with actually participating with that. However breeding programs tend to be with reptilian-based races or what we call the Refugee Races that came to this planet that suffered a lot of genetic digression.

So the Breeding Programs that happen on our planet and that which you may have either genetic record, or some sort of soul history with; when I feel into your situation I do feel more connected with the Atlantian cycle when there was a certain ‘royal’ class of genetic experts which were designing different programs for actually rehabilitation of Aggression. So there were, I would say, positive forms of attempting to heal where the soul split had created emotional levels of deviance, or as we've talked about many times before, there are many races that do not have a Soul body, they do not have emotional faculties. Those beings, that level of existence, you cannot heal or evolve or align to the Godhead without an emotional body.

So there are also some valid reasons for assisting certain races like the Refugee Races to be able to, in a certain incarnation or timeline, to be able to inhabit their consciousness within a body and experience the range of emotion of a human being.