Ascension Classes
These classes are fundamental to Ascension Theory and building the context to comprehend the nature of the changing physics governing our reality, as well as the spiritual awakening process that all planet earth inhabitants are undergoing now.
Clearing Treatments
Here are some basic spiritual housekeeping tools to explore and experiment with. Everyone is unique and must learn what works the best for them in a variety of circumstances.
Krystal Aegis
Sometimes we need some help getting ourselves back to clarity and balance. Krystal Aegis (KA) is a Self study Guardian support program to clear out negative energies. KA Meditations are in the Shop.
Psychic Self Defense
Psychic Self Defense describes the various phenomena related to psychic attack or energetic drain. See the PSD Classes in the Shop.
Planetary Emancipation Gridwork
These are areas of the planet where massive trauma has occurred and as a consequence has deposited huge amounts of blocked/dead energy, as well as trapped many levels of being that exist in those time and spaces. When we feel guided to participate we can bring our compassionate witness and loving heart to help neutralize incredible pain and trauma, not only within ourselves and other human beings, but for the planet itself.

Reuniting with Holy Father

We intend to Identify, Locate, Remove and Repair the subconscious mind aspects which inflict negative ego delusions, inflict mental bondage of pain and suffering.
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REUNITING WITH HOLY FATHER: We intend to Identify, Locate, Remove and Repair the subconscious mind aspects which inflict negative ego delusions, inflict mental bondage of pain and suffering in any part of the spiritual and energetic layers from the False Father (FKOT) mind control programs through the entire course of this treatment. We bring to our immediate attention the Heart of Australia, in your inner vision, see yourself travelling to the center of the Australian continent to the large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia called Uluru. Intend to ask permission of the Gatekeepers to enter the Mother Arc Gates of the Alpha and Omega, the place where time has no beginning and no end. Beloved Father God, through your compassionate witness and hand, I ask to be reunited with you in perfect trust, perfect faith and perfect virtue to reflect the Holy Spirit and the virtues within your highest expression and image. Beloved Holy Father, please help me to know of you directly in my heart and mind, to gain trust with your true presence, please help me to heal my spiritual fears, from the pain I have endured in my mind, in my heart, in my body and in my spirit, on this earthly plane. Holy Father, all deceiving and interfering spiritual oppression or demonic essences and their impostor spirit structures and programs are cast out of my body in your Holy Presence and Christ Name permanently completely and totally, I accept and allow the power and healing of Father Gods eternal light as the plasmic spirit of Christ to unite me with the Holy presence of Father God. (54.16 minutes)

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