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Revealing the Impostor

Ascension Class October 2013

This is the class for Wednesday, October 23, 2013. 


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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3): REVEALING THE IMPOSTOR: Everything we have known to be in our physical world is undergoing rapid shifting to Reveal the Impostor spirit energy that has remained hidden inside our own bodies, minds and perceptions. The impostor spirit is also synonymous with false light, dead energy and unhealed negative ego architecture having the authority over the direction of one’s body, mind and spirit. An Impostor is defined as any entity or human being that is saying words or expressions, or making representations that it does not embody, nor comprehend, nor behave or act in accordance with. An Impostor Spirit is the Luciferian or Satanic Spirit which promotes false light authority and anti-life architecture through deception, lies of omission, manipulation with malice to promote intentional harm, death or destruction to serve its personal agenda. This Impostor spirit energy was inserted and imprinted as our False Parent, and the spiritual betrayal we have experienced in our heart and soul due to this fact has been crushing for many. Because of the timeline of the Impostor invasion, the False Parent has manifested physically, ancestrally, genetically and energetically (spiritually) throughout our sense of identity. Without our true spiritual identity and being incarnated into an enslaved reality deception, humanity has existed in a severe identity crisis, unaware of its purpose, unaware of being interfered with in its inner source connection. We were tricked into believing the Impostor spirits values and purpose was one of benevolence and love for humanity, when its overall hidden motivation is to enslave and harm us. We will see this revelation of the impostor spirit and false parent ripple throughout all aspects of our societal leadership, and we will need to be strong spiritually and in our personal faith to be able to see the authentic truth. (1:33:31 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3):Q & A: Discussion about the Guardian Host rehabilitation with the Golden Eagle Grid and how this process involves the Restoration cycle from the pattern of 10-10-10 which returns annually the Monadic spiritual body parts back to the rightful owner. This is a wave of repair to the Monadic parts that had been abused or damaged through the NAA abuse on the Seraphim lines that captured or impaled these bodies through the reversal electron process and conquering the 10D Stargate in the Middle East. By promoting deception and inciting warring factions in the middle east through domination, control and misogyny they capture souls for blood sacrifice on the GEG. The process of reclaiming and returning these parts is the “Restoration” of the Monadic bodies, the Michael Consciousness and Seraphim lines during the Ascension cycle. Discussion and Prayer for those at this time impacted by Impostor Spirits revealing in the family dynamic with spouses/parents where underage children are involved, the propagation of the Breeder programs as an agenda to enslave humanity in their weak spots to open themselves to debt, credit and financial enslavement. Guidance on how to navigate these difficult family conflicts with acceptance and forgiveness with an emphasis on spiritual dedication on the children as a method of spiritual advancement. The necessity of strengthening the mind to enhance session work and meditation through the practice of devoting oneself to increase the power of concentration and direct focus of the mind. (56:48 minutes)
  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3) BREATHING IN SPIRIT OF CHRIST: Our Intention is through our breathwork to create the internal house for the Spirits of Christ to reside within our heart, mind and body and in all ways. In perfect alignment to the Universal Law of One, the perfect Law of Structures; in divine alignment to our highest expression and spiritual purpose in God-Sovereign-free. We ask for help to build our internal house in so that the Christos spirit may reside within. Beloved God we request in my heart and prayer to create a House for Christ and to purify our mind, body and heart for the Spirit of Christ. Further, we request to dismantle the houses of ego, and to evict the Impostor Spirits and replace them with the Houses of Christ. I state my authority and intention to be of service to God and to build a strong relationship with my Inner Spiritual Light and Christos. For a moment allow yourself to visualize and feel the quality of these Seven spirits of Christ, feel each one of them as a white garment of flowing light that wraps and surrounds your entire body with peace and love! The Spirits of Purity, Generosity, Patience , Kindness, Discipline/Conservation, Diligence and Humility. (37:08 minutes)

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Ascension Class October 2013


Ascension Q&A October 2013


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