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Ascension Class October 2016

This is the class for Wednesday, October 19th, 2016.


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  1. BIO-NEUROLOGY: When we look at the larger Galactic picture of consciousness enslavement, we see the NAA's many pronged agenda to target the brain, CNS and thought forms of every person on earth.  Through the agenda of Transhumanism, we see the promotion of hybridization and synthetic integration with artificial neural networks for control over the CNS and brain.  What is starting to surface with more clarity is that our human neurobiology is wired for empathy, which connects us to higher consciousness and has a spiritual function.  The NAA and their minions of soulless AI infected synthetic beings do not have the bio-circuitry for empathy.  We are in essence, in a struggle between human EMPATHS, and alien hybridized humans and extra-dimensional aliens that are NON-EMPATHS. This month we will look more deeply at Bio-Neurology, and the bio-circuitry of empathy for another layer of reveal.  How chemical agents and ELF are used to target the CNS, and are actually destroying the human capacity for empathy.  To understand how the stages of Ascension and bio-neurological expansion increase the capacity for empathy, aligning us to be of Service to Others and Planetary Gridworkers. Neurobiology and Neuroscience are used interchangeably to refer to the branches of biology that focuses on the structure and function of the nervous system and brain. The field of Neurobiology includes the study of biological neural networks, in order to replicate their functions in the production of artificial neural networks.  An artificial neural network is an artificial intelligence network that mimics the functions of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and brain of living things, like people and animals. (1:48:54 minutes)
  2. Q & A: Discussion on the role of the gut as the second brain, important role of the second brain in providing neurotransmitters that regulate wellbeing and brain chemistry, problems with leaky gut producing systemic toxins in the bloodstream, making the body hospitable to pathogenic microorganisms like Candida, and parasites, discuss candida plague relationship to the decay of the mother principle body on the earth, ways to heal the gut and detox candida, discuss co-dependency that is common in relationships, spiritual co-dependency in male-female relationships, how its common and the reasons why, the necessity of self-love, self-acceptance and self-esteem to build a strong core self to generate more energetically balanced relating, discussion on the histories/timelines that connect the Family of Michael and Tiamat and how the Fall of Tiamat is connected to the Fall of Michael, the relationship of Tiamat to Maldek, and the Iran Gate as the source of both the Tiamat phantom wormholes populated by Leviathan entities, and the Blue Sword construct used to broadcast False AA Michael, as well as enforce the wings cut off trauma known as the 666 Seal or Curse of Yahweh, which became a curse on the genetic lines that are connected to Plantagenet branches involved in the War of Roses that are still in conflict over who controls the UK Stargates and Landmass as the epicenter of the original Atlantian colonies. The current escalation of the Satanic Agenda to take over Michael bodies for soul transfers, such as key Satanists in the history of earth being given male bodies to come into this realm to carry out the Black Sun Nazi Agenda, or the 4th Reich. How we can bless others to help strengthen their spiritual light with GSF Blessings.  (1:13:02 minutes)
  3. Neuro-Endocrine-Immune Network: In this meditation we will connect the atomic body structure with the neuro-endocrine-immune network and align it with the correct sphere of consciousness. The endocrine system produces and secretes hormones which are chemical messengers for coordinating all physiological activities. Now bring to your mind the intention to connect with the base shield of your lightbody and the foundation of your physical atomic body and atomic body regulator. The first sphere of consciousness of your atomic body is can be accessed by in the same area as your solar plexus. Bring your attention to your solar plexus area, your midsection. In your mind eye see a small crystal knob inside your lightbody, that is the atomic regulator knob, this directs the amount of energy reserves that are available to nourish your body organ and gland system. It also connects into the bio-circuitry of light energy within the soul, to help circulate the soul energies throughout the atomic layer of the body. Imagine that you are turning the crystal knob in your solar plexus area, and allowing an influx of light energy to flood into your physical body atomic layers, and that light flooding into your atomic body is from your soul and inner spirit, see the spiritual light traveling into your physical cells… now intend to connect every cell in your body together, cell to cell, with soul light, see that light glowing out of every pore in your physical body. Now we will move through each of the glands in the endocrine system and intend to circuit them into the proper alignment which allows for the highest functioning and optimization of their highest purpose and expression to serve your body and highest consciousness. (52:12 minutes)

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