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Ascension Class September 2016

This is the class for Wednesday, September 21st, 2016. 


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  1. ADAPTATIONS: The planet has just completed its Magnetic Peak cycle, which discharged a massive amount of magnetic force into the earth. The subatomic particles of elemental matter are rearranging to support the planetary body shift into the next harmonic universe. All communication systems connected to these levels of planetary architecture are undergoing fluctuation, reconfiguration and potentially re-building interstellar links that reconnect earth portals to realign into multiple star systems and celestial bodies. This massive shift at the quantum scale is changing the laws of structure in the architecture that governs function over our matter body, as well as our consciousness bodies .For many multidimensional people on the path of Ascension, how we connect into many levels of the consciousness structure has radically changed, our lightbody is radically changing, and our physical body is undergoing a series of Adaptations in order to meet the new energy requirements. Our previous ways of consciousness connection and communication are in fluctuation, while our lightbody is being reconfigured to accommodate the changing planetary architecture, solar architecture and beyond. Essentially, we are the last generation of people that were born into consciousness slavery on the third dimensional earth. We will have known consciousness slavery, and will have put an end to it in this lifetime, while in this physical body. Ascending humans are evolving into developing new abilities that change the characteristics of what it means to be human, from Dreamwalking, to Transfiguration, Translocation and Transfiguration. These are revealing more of the Diamond Sun templates function as a consciousness transport between time fields, and what true freedom is. This month's newsletter will attempt to bring awareness to these multi-dimensional changes, and the opportunity we have to consciously participate as the living expression of the changing laws of structure. (1:34:31 minutes)
  2. Q & A: Discussion on Polaris as the North Star during the current end of the Precession of Equinoxes, how this is relative to the timelines of the first seeding of the human race on Gaia, and the subsequent Electric Wars that created the destruction and Fall of Hyperboreans, Polaris also holds an access point for the Polarian Gates and Polarian Buffer field that connects to the earth body that is important for its role as a transit gate for humanity at the end of the Ascension Cycle, as the Mother Arc Hubs or Ark of the Covenant gates and the Polarian gates are what interface into the Aurora time continuum. Many Indigos carry these memories and keys from Seeding One Root Race and they are activated to help open the passages on the earth called RA-MA that help link into the Polarian Gate from the earth body. Community should re-visit RA-MA mediation if feeling connected to Polaris timelines. Discussion on heroic probability being 100% co-creatorship with beliefs, thoughts, and actions to partner with our god self to and actualize our godhood on the earth, the necessity to work with making the mental body and emotional body congruent and able to communicate between each other in order to hold matched vibrations, and how only after this happens can emotional healing, HSP and spiritual development can really begin, discuss the complexity of the science of the rays, and how ray identity is expressed through the chakra system in both positive and negative polarity which has multiple influences on us, how some awakening people still on the fence with their intuition or higher self-communication, are being pushed to spiritual maturity to acknowledge what is really happening to them, which can appear like psychic attack when it’s really to get them off their duff and moving forward spiritually, discussion around the increasing number of people who are now noticing "Mandela Effect" type of observations in their outer reality as the causality in the cause and effect records is currently being shifted, which impacts timelines, timeline trigger events are discussed as example, how the false crucifixion stories got placed into the books of the New Testament, from holographic inserts placed into the planetary collective mind by Jehovah entities who wanted to play intermediary Gods to humanity, thereby enslaving them to the Armageddon software and its narrative. (1:26:23 minutes)
  3. Dark Matter Template Krystal Encryption: In this meditation we will intend to connect to and correct the function of our Rasha Body to align with Aurora Krystal Elements and God Flows. Our Rasha body is our dark matter template body that connects to the core levels of the lightbody. The dark matter template has a gel body that contains 15 layers of spaces and lines that function to activate encryptions of the new elemental command, the Aurora elements via magnetic sound forces. When the dark matter template gel body layers start to activate it builds life force energy into the quantum layers, and begins to circulate more prana energy throughout the entire body. Through the love, light and power of God that I am, Beloved, I call to mind the crystals that activate my Prana seed, with all of the love in my heart, I ask to access the core tones and sounds that align the dark matter template crystal sets to resonate with the heart, mind and body of God, the Krystal flows of our sacred heart of one. Please run the harmonic keys that may be needed or necessary to run encryption through each of the rings of my gel body to activate into the fire chambers of my Rasha body. Holy Presence of God, Ascension Host, may each being receive the harmonic keys that are needed and necessary for the highest expression of their spiritual self-actualization and higher purpose in fulfilling their divine destiny path and Krystic mission, may the sacred heart of one be remembered through each harmonic tone now – Beloveds Run the Harmonic Keys required to activate all encryptions in the Gel Body rings of the Rasha body – as God would have it be! (26:50 minutes)

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