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Angelic Mind: 2010 Timeline

In 2010, the Guardian Host project was to work with healing the Angelic Mind, there was Indigo Wave transmissions to planet earth to override Sirian and Blue Ray family trauma, as well as Solar body trauma from the Giza Gateway. In the planetary consciousness field, 2010 began building new architecture for healing the Indigo Family, Angelic Mind to help clear out the static nets, to prepare for the 2017 shift. These 2010 broadcasts are specific themes to laying the foundation for the Galactic Wave of Starseeds to help them better understand their mission and function in participating with the Universal Ascension.


Jan Year of Indigo 3D Sun Star Crystal Seal Adjustment
Feb Rite of Passage Removing Crucifixion Implants
Mar Code of Blue Nile Alpha/Omega Clearing
Apr The Mother Arc The Universal Laws of God
May Transparency Maharata Combo Clearing
Jun Choice & Commitment EMF Recalibration Command
Jul Summer Solstice in Egypt 12 Tree Grid Integration
Aug Shockwave Brain Integration Treatment
Sep Opening of a Seal Inner Child Healing
Oct The Reality Check Mother Arc Integration Package
Nov The Restoration Spiritual Triad Integration
Dec The Fine Print ES Core Support
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Timeline 2010 - Angelic Mind


Inner Child Healing

To be applied when the body is in shock, trauma from emotional grief, to feel safe and supported in spiritual connection.


Year of Indigo

We are undergoing a "factory reset" that is restructuring our body and energy foundation in every way.


3D Sun Star Crystal Seal Adjustment

DEEP ETHERIC SURGERY!!! - Upgrade and release of the mental body harness, to repattern electrotonal programs.


Rite of Passage

The paradoxes of Polarity forces and what is required of us to Synthesize polarity into Unity fields of intelligence.


Removal of Crucifixion Implants

Remove Crucifixion seals and command to return all fire letters, jewels, wings, energies and parts of bodies that have been misdirected and return them now to the Rightful Owner.


Code of Blue Nile

Humanities Collective Emotional Body and more on the Planetary Astral Body and Giza Stargate relationship.


AoA Alpha/Omega Clearing

Reverse Armageddon software and NA agenda implants from your auric layers. May require repeated use.


The Mother Arc

Humanities Collective Emotional Body and how energies released into the mass field creates more unconsciousness and reactive behavior in the environment Midpoint cycle of the 6th night of the ...


The Universal Laws of God

It's necessary to expand our consciousness in temperance with the universal laws of God.



Buried pressures are erupting around us, both in our planet and lives. Learn how to be transparent within these environmental energies.


Maharata Combo Clearing

Learn how to reinforce the Christ frequency with the ma-ha-ra-ta mantra and clear vesica pisces, Thothian reversal black magic, sexual ritual and implants, distorted mystery school teachings, ...


Choice & Commitment

How the annual Electrical Peak on our planet is impacting us and moving us into a new timeline.


EMF Recalibration Command

Anchor Aurora and New Earth elemental commands to recalibrate our bodies to be in attunement of core essence.


Summer Solstice in Egypt

Update of Species memory returning to our planet from the intersection of portals in the Solar Gate/Egypt.


12 Tree Grid Integration

Harmonize the chakras that correspond to the planetary grid points in our body for perfect integration within our divine blueprint.



The amplified energy impact creates more surreal polarity and extreme circumstances, both in people and organizations in our environment.


Brain Integration Treatment

Brain balancing treatment to connect with the three levels of the Central Nervous System to integrate the hemispheres of the brain into a unified processing pattern.


Opening of a Seal

In order to be free we have to know that we do indeed have EVERYTHING we will ever need inside of us.


Latest Products

The Fine Print

Cultivate and strengthen our waking relationship to consciously connect with God Source by understanding the Natural Laws.


The Restoration

The beginning phase of the Time of Restoration and the New Physics of Consciousness.


The Reality Check

Nothing is left uncovered, blind spots and weaknesses are brought into open awareness for resolution.


Mother Arc Integration Package

The intention of this meditation is to repattern our merkaba and aura field, to align ourselves with the Mother Arc geometries.


Spiritual Triad Integration

Learn how to command space and resign from programming. Then Integrate the four triads of your spiritual anatomy and track for any negative interference for all 12 christ bodies.


ES Core Support

A primer of ES core spiritual practice to strengthen and support aura,spiritual homework to set daily intention and resolve authority between your ego and god consciousness.(24 minutes)

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