Ascension Classes
These classes are fundamental to Ascension Theory and building the context to comprehend the nature of the changing physics governing our reality, as well as the spiritual awakening process that all planet earth inhabitants are undergoing now.
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Clearing Treatments
Here are some basic spiritual housekeeping tools to explore and experiment with. Everyone is unique and must learn what works the best for them in a variety of circumstances.
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Krystal Aegis
Sometimes we need some help getting ourselves back to clarity and balance. Krystal Aegis (KA) is a Self study Guardian support program to clear out negative energies. KA Meditations are in the Shop.
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Psychic Self Defense
Psychic Self Defense describes the various phenomena related to psychic attack or energetic drain. See the PSD Classes in the Shop.
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Pushing for Timelines

Timelines: what they are and how is this powerful tool being used to direct energetic fields and levels of consciousness.

These are the recordings for the monthly teleconference class for May 2012. 

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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3) Pushing for Timelines - During the May electrical peak cycle, Pushing For Timelines, is the discussion of timelines, what they are and how they are used to direct energetic fields and levels of consciousness. Comprehending and achieving awareness with timeline structures has an extremely powerful impact for serving earth, and humanity to release mind control enslavement and achieve biological-spiritual freedom. How all physical manifested events start with the energetic architecture field recorded as a timelines. Discussion of trigger events and how catalytic events are used to manifest sequences in timelines. Timelines are a natural mechanic of creation, however, because of outside alien (extra-dimensional) interference, timelines operating in the planet are both inorganic or organic structures. Alien machinery has created artificial timelines in order to hijack natural progression and organic evolution. Be proactive in the ascension process and support freedom by learning to discern machinery and inorganic structures. (1 hour 41 minutes)

  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3) Q&A: Questions included the Negative agendas that are used to create fear around planetary changes of cataclysm, such as solar flares, etc., Discussion around Indigo 3, Polarity Integrator contracts and how they are being released earlier than planned as our Ascension Plan B mission is consistently accelerated to keep up with planetary dynamics, Some discussion on the templates Indigo 3s are working to create, More about Ascension Plan B and the mission upgrades to reach multiple platforms of support for a variety of humans existing at multiple vibrational scale. (53:09 minutes)

  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3) Quickstep PDD: is a Guardian Mentor Assisted Healing Program for Chronic Physical Pain, Spiritual Disconnection or Energetic Disease. This evening, for the first time, we are first utilizing this Hieros Gamos template for our group meditation purposes. The architecture of this system is a Holy Trinity united as ONE to weave all component parts back into wholistic unity. We address the Holy Mother to heal pain, pain that is held in our bodies, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. We then address Holy Father to heal disconnection from any body part or parts of our multidimensional selves, and then to complete our trinity - we address Holy Christos , the Sun of Mother and Father God - to heal all disease patterns held as memories of the bodies, genetically or ancestrally. (27.26 minutes)

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Ascension Class May 2012


Ascension Q&A May 2012


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