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Tree of Life

Ascension Class December 2013

This is the class for Wednesday, December 18, 2013.


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  1. Ascension Class recording (mp3):TREE OF LIFE (RETURNING TO FATHER): As we make progress in clearing energetic blockages into increased self-awareness and self-realization, we ascend upward on the branches of the Tree of Life which hold consciousness experiences in time. These timelines are in the many branches which hold instruction sets traveling between and within the dimensional spheres located in the Tree of Life. This is how we gain self-knowledge as a multidimensional and spiritual being; we travel through the spheres of time held in the holographic layers of the Tree of Life. It is this spiritual journey of gaining self-knowledge traveling through the Tree of Life which is used to persecute and terrorize the human race through victim-bullying archetypes. This False King of Tyranny archetype (False Father) uses intimidation tactics of bullying and victimization to enforce oppression through circulating spiritual fears in the masses. This massive mind control program used through the patriarchal domination agenda is called the Victim-Victimizer software. Those combinations of forces that are in matched vibrational resonance with each other will continue to harmonize and therefore, synchronize together in time. Those combinations of forces that are in dissonant with each other will split, fracture and be moved into an alternative area of choice to better find improved resonance and therefore, evolve into harmony. This is relative to the experiencer and as such the vibrational match will match the frequency quality of the conscious and unconscious thoughts, behaviors and actions. If a person is comfortable being a victim, or scared for their safety, that person will be matched to that frequency experience, with a potential to exponentially magnify their focus on that experience in order to grow past that experience. If a person has grown beyond victimhood and feels safe with God, they will be synchronized in time to continue to expand their consciousness peacefully. (1:15:36 minutes)
  2. Ascension Q&A recording (mp3):Discussion on the soul as the source of strengthening intuition and the pitfalls of clairaudience and clairvoyance in accessing intuition, learning about the process of developing cellular knowing and sensory feeling, how to discern dark manipulation tactics versus one’s intuition, exercises to discern energetic signatures when accessing information for one's personal resonance, discussion on the next five years window during this Ascension cycle, the termination of instruction sets that eliminate certain species of Reptilians from the field in future time, how time and space change the fixed point of the north pole calculation that is relative to the individual spiritual embodiment and planetary position in the Universe, how we share multiple timelines in the same earthly space.(1:28:06 minutes)
  3. Ascension Meditation recording (mp3): REUNITING WITH HOLY FATHER: We intend to Identify, Locate, Remove and Repair the subconscious mind aspects which inflict negative ego delusions, inflict mental bondage of pain and suffering in any part of the spiritual and energetic layers from the False Father (FKOT) mind control programs through the entire course of this treatment. We bring to our immediate attention the Heart of Australia, in your inner vision, see yourself travelling to the center of the Australian continent to the large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia called Uluru. Intend to ask permission of the Gatekeepers to enter the Mother Arc Gates of the Alpha and Omega, the place where time has no beginning and no end. Beloved Father God, through your compassionate witness and hand, I ask to be reunited with you in perfect trust, perfect faith and perfect virtue to reflect the Holy Spirit and the virtues within your highest expression and image. Beloved Holy Father, please help me to know of you directly in my heart and mind, to gain trust with your true presence, please help me to heal my spiritual fears, from the pain I have endured in my mind, in my heart, in my body and in my spirit, on this earthly plane. Holy Father, all deceiving and interfering spiritual oppression or demonic essences and their impostor spirit structures and programs are cast out of my body in your Holy Presence and Christ Name permanently completely and totally, I accept and allow the power and healing of Father Gods eternal light as the plasmic spirit of Christ to unite me with the Holy presence of Father God. (54.16 minutes)

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Ascension Class December 2013


Ascension Q&A December 2013