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Violating Laws of Nature

Ascension Class December 2016

This is the class for Wednesday, December 21st, 2016.


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VIOLATING LAWS OF NATURE: This month we are attempting to comprehend the social engineering that shapes earth based human culture into an anti-human, anti-life or death culture.  Until we have an accurate assessment of where this is coming from, we cannot take responsibility for our part in it, or shift out of it into true freedom and conscious co-creation. If the human population could comprehend that repeatedly Violating the Laws of Nature is directly associated with the destructive consequences of the long-term cause and effect of co-creating with the anti-human or death culture that currently displays the massive pain and suffering in our world, would we take steps to stop it? Re-educating people to recognize human value, virtue based ethics and to have respect for life, means that we also reorganize the social structures that shape our culture to support life by following the Natural Laws. The current global society is founded upon the anti-human ideology that originated from the reptilian mind, a mind of selfishness, greed and instant gratification that is Violating every Law of Nature. Imagine we lived in a world where all people wanted to live in harmony with the Natural Laws. Therefore, all people were treated with love, dignity and respect, to be equally educated in creating balanced and holistic lifestyle with others. Others who also choose to live in a world based in love, peace and unified cooperation, where everyone is supported to actualize their greatest evolutionary potential and inner creative genius. When we develop the strength of character in which we are in the process of fulfilling our purpose, we can more easily perceive the right or erroneous actions of our behavior, through our intention to not harm others. Gaining discernment about our ethical conduct is to take right action in the world and that we consider the consequences of our actions on the short and longer term. What is the consequential impact of our actions on the people around us, and the natural environment? Are the actions we take of benefit to the people, or a detriment? Inquiring on the consequential impact that our actions have on others is taking personal responsibility and being accountable to our actions. People should realize that the origin of virtue based ethics or concepts of morality are not based in the judgments and biases of religious interpretation, but is the ancient knowledge based on the natural interpretation of the Natural Laws. (1:37:12 minutes)

Q & A: Discussion on the bifurcation of time and entry into Harmonic Universe 2 (4-5-6 D) and how this relates to the 5D false ascension matrix (the scrapped Ascension Plan A). The fact we may see many New Age people like astrologers still talking about the old 5D ascension, which is the hijacked timeline, they are unaware of the Incension, which is the pathway to the Inner Worlds and connecting to the 5D time vector codes from the inner world timelines. How this shift may change Indigo 3 contracts, and discussion on the refugee races that were a result of the wars between the Pleiadians and Reptilians, that led to invasion into our planet by ripping holes in the 5D timeline to invade through Sumeria, Egypt. Discussion on the ramp up of AI transmission with the mainstreaming of the Satanic agenda, to be aware and careful in heavily populated areas and big cities that are more problematic, rolling out of more aggressive AI and data profiling and collecting in smart phones, computer, devices, apps, etc., turn computers and phones off when not using them. Discussion about the energy signatures of land/locations and how the same land mass (city/country/island) can cause a very negative reaction with one person, while causing a very positive one with another person at the same time. Based on a variety of factors like 12 Tribe affiliation, genetics, other lifetime history of events, creates very different experiences and feelings for people connected to land mass, the necessity of visiting areas like Stargates or important historical places to recollect soul aspects and integrate and heal timelines, to not be afraid to address and ask why you may feel bad, because it may be a previous consciousness memory you can heal and integrate if you allow the process to happen, discussion about the difference between the Satanic and Luciferian origins and the key differences in the signature, discuss the recent impacts on the 6th, 9th spheres in the embodiment process, and how getting the spiritual energies into the physical can feel hard on the body, the wing points are prone to dark attack because once they are anchored into lightbody, core strength and spiritual strength is greatly magnified. (1:13:37 minutes)

Recalling Long Term Memories: The purpose of this meditation is to make the intention now that You alone as a God-Sovereign-Free  Being are in full command of your thoughts and direction of your mind and are mentally open and willing to see, feel, sense and know the truth in order to reclaim all longer term memories and aspects of the spiritual selves into unity and wholeness. I am the Master of my Mind, Brain, Emotions and Behaviors, therefore I am Master of my Soul-Sprit which I dedicate to Christ. “Learning how to think” really means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think. It means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experiences. This important kind of freedom of learning how to think involves attention, awareness, discipline, and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and living things. Our intention in this treatment is to command our divine right to reclaim our mind, reclaim our mental cohesion, reclaim our mental health and wellbeing to be restored to balance through congruent organization of long term memories.  At this time it is important to be aware of all of our thoughts and memories that shape our belief system and inform and influence our behaviors. With all of your heart, mind and soul, monad and Krystic intention decide to reclaim your right to own your thoughts , to command your brain, and devote your mind, brain and nervous system to the purposes of the eternal divine mind of Christos-Sophia.  (32:31 minutes)

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